Urgent Message: Dr. Roger Hodgkinson Calls For a Halt to the Experimental Vaccines Causing Serious Complications including Heart Problems in Teens: “None of the So-Called Mandates is Supported by Any Scientific Consensus Whatsoever”

Video Post & Note | Ramola D | June 12, 2021

In an urgent message podcast released June 11, 2021, Dr. Roger Hodgkinson, Cambridge-trained retired pathologist who reports he has been Assistant Professor to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Chair of the Examination Committee at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ottawa, CEO of a large commercial laboratory, and now the Chairman of an American company engaged in molecular diagnostics, doing DNA sequencing for early diagnosis of cancer, discusses his frustrations with what is going on with the experimental COVID vaccine.

Speaking with Anna Brees, former BBC journalist, now of the independent Brees Media, he states he is “extremely frustrated with what is going on.”

The very urgent message he wishes to share is: “This is an experimental vaccine which should never have been released –there was never an emergency which predicated the development of this vaccine–there was never enough time for the clinical trials–and now we are seeing complications, which were predictable. Now we are seeing complications which are very disturbing.”

“The CDC is calling this occurrence of a large number of adverse events unbalanced–well, you’re dam right it’s unbalanced–It’s the CDC which is unbalanced. Myocarditis is never mild.”

Referring to the news now from Israel and elsewhere that myocarditis is the latest reaction being reported in young teenagers, he says this is an extremely serious development. “When the heart muscle dies it’s dead, it’s never replaced. Myocarditis means a general inflammation of the heart, the muscle cells of the heart will be dying.” He also says he is informed by Professor Peter McCullough, a preeminent cardiologist, that myocarditis is totally unpredictable in terms of long-term consequences and may only present 20 years later with arrythmias and heart failures–“that makes this very serious.”

Dr. Hodgkinson also describes several doctor groups he is in touch with around the world, with Professor McCullough’s group, with the doctors in Doctors For COVID Ethics, the group PANDA in South Africa, whose viewpoints he represents.

“I suspect–and it’s impossible to confirm because of the intimidation that colleges across the world are putting on individual physicians including me, I can assure you there are a vast number of physicians who do not buy into this idiocy, physicians who are well trained can see through this immediately as so transparently stupid, it’s medical idiocy of the most grotesque degree that’s going on.

None of the so called mandates first of all is supported by any scientific consensus whatsoever. And if there had been one we would have used them in previous flu epidemics and we never did. You simply cannot solve these things by any control– you cannot solve the spread of a pandemic with an upper respiratory tract virus with any known means to medical science, it is simply not possible.”

Anna Brees notes that doctors previously recommending the vaccine have changed their minds completely in the last two months and are saying they do not recommend this for their patients, given the information that is now becoming undeniable regarding the high numbers of adverse reactions being reported.

Dr. Hodgkinson recommends the letter and analysis published by Dr. Tess Lawrie (Director, Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd and EbMC Squared CiC) and echoes her advice that the vaccine be stopped immediately.

In that letter (posted here at In a Sea of Lies: mRNA Vaccine Truth, COVID Truth–Resources to Inform Yourself), Dr. Tess Lawrie analyzes the numerous adverse events recorded and writes: “The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans. Preparation should be made to scale up humanitarian efforts to assist those harmed by the COVID-19 vaccines and to anticipate and ameliorate medium to longer term effects.”

There is much more of great import in this critical interview below, please watch and share widely. Anna Brees notes she (like many in alt media especially those publishing the facts about vaccine injuries and deaths) is deplatformed on all major social media and requests that others assist by posting it themselves on social media so that the message Dr. Hodgkinson has for all particularly for government misleaders can be heard worldwide and be acted on immediately, to save the lives of children and adults currently at great risk for grievous harm from the experimental vaccines.

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  2. I agree with Dr Hodgkins. This is an EMERGENCY because of the CENSORSHIP surrounding Doctor’s who’ve came out from the beginning in relation to this COVID19. I personally felt within myself that there was something strange about this COVID19 (I don’t watch TV, and haven’t done for years), I get my info from videos online.
    My 1st video I watched was from Judy Mikovits (Who called out Dr Fauchi), and what had personally happened to her because she is a “Whistleblower “. She was given a gag order and much more happened to her as a result!
    My 2nd video was from Dr Buttar (Who called out propagadized fear surrounding this COVID19), Which he stated was more likely a bad flu. Many of his videos have been CENSORED!
    I watched quite a LOT of Doctor’s who have been written off as a result of coming forward and giving their honest advice.
    They ALL have lost their jobs for coming forward with their concerns.
    There are many of them!
    The latest video I managed to watch was by Doctor Charles Hoffe a Candian Doctor who had his own practice for 28 years. His patients mean a LOT to him. He was talking about a few of his patients who’ve had complications since taking the vaccination. Even one of his patients died not long after vaccination. He raised concerns about it, and was told that he shouldn’t speak out about it to cause fear within the public?
    He was removed from his clinic as a result! WHY? When he was only speaking the TRUTH?
    This is why the majority of Doctor’s and people in the Medical Profession will NOT come forward to speak out, because they know they will put themselves and their families at RISK of harm, by way of firstly being removed from their jobs, and further harassment to NOT SPEAK UP.
    This is ABSURD, RIDICULOUS and an outright Human Right’s VIOLATION.
    Q – Why are these very knowledgeable Doctor’s losing their livelihoods and getting struck off for telling their TRUTH? Their video’s are being censored. They are undermined, and threatened. WHY?
    Q – WHY are we being stopped from listening to a debated issue surrounding this COVID19 (Which none of us know anything about), from EXPERTS in their field?
    Q – WHY are we just listening to Doctor’s or whomever who are scaremongering the public to take a vaccine that hasn’t been properly clinically trialled? Is NOT approved by the FDA? Has complete IMMUNITY from any backlash for liability if any people die or have serious medical issues as a result of the vaccines? Also we have been told that you can still get COVID19 (Even if you’ve been vaccinated)? You still have to wear masks? And social distancing is still recommended?
    WHY would anyone (if they knew this information) want to take a vaccine if it has not been proven to give full immunity from COVID19? That you can still get COVID19 even if you are vaccinated? That you have no comeback to the bodies who provided the vaccine because of their full immunity from LIABILITY?
    This is my opinion based upon what I have learned from professionals in their field.

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