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Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny: Democracy In A Transparent World

Source: Democracy In A Transparent World

Re-posted (in part), with thanks, from Our Greater Destiny (link above). Please visit Our Greater Destiny for the whole discussion on democracy and on the current state of our republic, held in the vice of a corporatist oligarchy.


*In spite of millions of humans coming together, government representatives ignored our voices and secretly finalized text for the TPP trade deal Oct 2015. http://sumofus.org/


Nov 30 – Dec 11, 2015 is the next UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Now is the time to ‘pull together’ and become a Powerful resource to our Creator, Earth, self and family.

Voting is ‘consent’ to more of the same. Silence and doing nothing are ‘implied consent’. The master mind ‘needs’ our collective consent to sustain power and control. Rather than be dumbed down let’s wise up to the Power of freewill, reclaim our lives and Earth.”

Please visit Our Greater Destiny to read this whole, excellent post.