Rosa Koire Spells it Out: Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 is the Blueprint for High-Tech Concentration Camps of the Future

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“The War on Terror is the War on You. We all know this.” –Rosa Koire

Agenda 21 is a plan to inventory and control All land, all water, all minerals, all food resources, all food production, all medicines, all production, all transportation, all consumption, all activity, all labor, all humans–Rosa Koire spells it out, without euphemism–are you worried yet? I have to say just learning about this is upsetting. 

Hijacking Environmentalism/Our Concern for Our Environment

green maskIf you are new to the whole concept of Agenda 21/Agenda 2030–what the UN is currently pushing, and what the Pope will be recommending apparently next week, please watch this powerful six and a half-minute talk by Rosa Koire on what exactly Agenda 21 /Agenda 2030 is (video link below). It’s a French video–shows the talk in English with French subtitles and goes on to cover Smart Meters (in French) which segment shows how the concentration camps of the future–as envisioned by the globalists–will be regulated via technological surveillance and monitoring of all consumption, by all people.

Rosa Koire is extraordinary because she spells out in completely plain English what exactly “sustainable development,” and “high-density development” means: Highly surveilled, highly monitored, highly dense living, where neighbors will spy on neighbors (Sound familiar? We’re already living this nightmare.), and people are forced to live in closed-off urban areas in the soup of EMFs, Wifi, nanotech, mind control, AI, and hived-mind supercomputer directing which hi-tech surveillance will facilitate-this is the vision for our children’s future, in the UN Agenda 2030–which is nothing but Agenda 21, re-packaged for 2015, given that many activists, like Rosa Koire have been speaking out for years and educating people on Agenda 21.

Rosa Koire, ASA, is the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute, author of BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21, public speaker, activist, and blogger at her website Democrats Against Agenda 21.

SleuthJournal has an article today by Rosa Koire: Are You Confused About the “New” Agenda? Agenda 2030 and the MDGs? Don’t Be.

Excerpt: UN Agenda 21 is the Agenda for the 21st Century.  We are in the 15th year of the 21st century.  There are and have been Millennium Development Goals over the last 20 years or so, beginning with the Sustainable Development Goals just after the 1992 agreement.  They are details on the overall Agenda 21 plan.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive blueprint for the entire world that covers all aspects of human impacts on the planet.  This includes poverty, race, gender, population, technology, land use, water, food, plants, animals—everything on the planet.

The Millennium Development Goals — both pre and post 2015 goals
— are mainly focused on the green mask of alleviating poverty and elevating the rights of women and children.
These are the green mask goals that are the focus of the overall UN Agenda 21 program.  They are designed to eliminate any objections you may have to total surveillance and control of all aspects of human life.  How could you object to the alleviation of poverty and the rights of women and children?” See the whole post at SleuthJournal: Are You Confused About the “New” Agenda? Agenda 2030 and the MDGs? Don’t Be.

And if you have the time, or can see that this issue of our common future–and really, a future that’s almost on top of us–unfortunately calls for the time, please check out her other videos on Youtube, or from her website.

This one is eye-opening and energizing, and quite comprehensive; she discusses many aspects of Agenda 21 in great detail, in terms of what it translates to on the ground, in our neighborhoods, in America, in real language–including the hijacking of environmentalism/our concern for our environment, and the community-policing initiatives already underway:

Buzzwords, Codewords, Euphemisms, Lies, Deception

Sustainable development, millenial development, community welfare, reproductive health, eradicating poverty, wildlands, biodiversity, Smart Growth, wildlife migration corridors--these are the progressive, comfy-sounding codewords Americans and intellectuals everywhere are being lulled by, and apparently they conceal a terrifying reality. As Rosa Koire points out, setting out the new concentration camps for our children–and for all those compliant and docile and unquestioning adults who will be permitted to survive into this intended new age of concentration camps and hi-tech slavery–is being done in ways that are a whole lot more subtle and sophisticated than the Nazis, deceptively using manipulatory language, using institutional facades (ICLEI), using Federal grant money to persuade local state and city/county governments to buy into the plan. 

I also found this conversation between James Corbett and Rosa Koire from The Corbett Report helpful:

UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire

The Horrors of Agenda 2030/Agenda 21: What Can You Do?

Rosa Koire has a page on her blog for action items, among which she advocates:

Up above we said that UN Agenda 21, communitarianism and sustainable development/SmartGrowth don’t show up much in the paper, but they do, every day.  If you’re paying attention and reading intelligently.  Articles about redevelopment projects, bicycle boulevards, neighborhood summits, neighborhood elections, neighborhood revitalization projects, neighborhood stabilization projects, visioning, local boards, smart growth projects, low-income housing subsidies, transportation grants, green building retrofit programs, well monitoring, SMART electric and gas meters, Common Core, and the people who object to them come out every day.  Connect with those people.  Tell them about UN Agenda 21.  Be a bridge.

Some other action items:

Here’s a way for your voice to be heard in every newspaper and magazine in the nation:  Go on their online sites and comment on articles related to UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.  Most sites will allow anonymous posting, if you wish to be anonymous. 

Do you subscribe to a newsletter?  Write something for it.  Go ahead!  Do your best and don’t worry if you don’t get it all in there. 

Start a blog.  Just do it, it’s easy!  Weebly is a terrific web-building site.  It’s free and you can easily have a website and blog in about 5 minutes.  As you learn more, post it.  Link to others.  Get support by finding others, like us, who have awakened to UN Agenda 21 and Communitarianism.


Host a Movie Night! There are lots of great movies that you can buy on the internet or just show from your computer, such as Invisible Empire and Inside Job. Show my videos (take a look at the Video/Smear Article page and the What is Agenda 21 page for the videos).

Please see more at her website.



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