Report 209 | :David-Michael on Quantum Grammar Protocols, Common Law, Flags, History, More

Notes & Info from the Interview

Educative conversation with David-Michael who is convening a common law court in Pennsylvania and has studied both common law on his own and quantum -grammar from a student of David-Wynn: Miller’s, on details of quantum-grammar to heed when creating documents such as live-life claims, and covering aspects of writing in plain English, autographing stamps, etc., while also delving into the history and significance of the Military Title 4 Flag, what :Russell-Jay: Gould accomplished by registering the flag at the UN, how the East India Trading Company morphed into the US Post Office and how to step away from Maritime Jurisdiction—via live- life-claims.

Most freeing about David’s information is that anyone can create their own live-life-claims and use their own seals and flags: He explains what can be achieved with these new forms of identification in FACT (versus the fiction of private government corporation or Municipal Ids) and who they should be filed with in order to let the FICTION world know who you are and claim your sovereignty or Suveran’ty.

Report 209, Posted here at ECC
Form of Writing in Quantum/:Russell-Jay: Gould

: David-Michael explains the choices :Russell-Jay: Gould makes in his writing of Parse-syntax and shows examples (Please watch the video for explanation)

Form of Writing in Quantum/:David-Michael

:David-Michael explains his own form of writing in the video, watch to understand these choices.

His Quantum Notes below:

Not all those who wander are lost.


Contact :David-Michael for further information and help with documents and common law ids: