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Criminal & Unethical TORTURE Ongoing in Non-Consensual US DOD/CIA Neuro Experimentation–Ramola D Reports: Report # 98: Phillip Douglas Walker AKA Omni Reports Neuro-Framing, Bio-Robotizing, Extreme Neurotech Torture

-Ramola D/Posted 12/4/2018

I am making a special report today on the situation regarding Omni or Phillip Douglas Walker. I have been in touch with Omni/Phillip for about two years I think, and was introduced to him, if I recollect correctly, by actor, filmmaker and activist Ahmad Enani, with whom I ran a few podcasts last year under the header Real Talk True Media. Ahmad is also reporting aspects of non-consensual neuro-experimentation which defy imagination and sound absolutely extraordinary to the regular reader of Science news put out by such mainstream and CIA-controlled publications as the New York Times and the Washington Post, and will, I hope, publish his own testimonial and story with me in a print interview and podcast soon. 

Omni98coverI have covered non-consensual neuro-experimentation as reported to me by various people, both here in the USA and in the UK and in France, and elsewhere.

I have listened to the testimonial of many others who are not keen to publish their names yet or who shrink from publicity.

I recently wrote about my exposure to and understanding of ongoing covert neurotechnology operations on world populations, with whistleblower and documented military evidence of DEW bio-effects on humans in my Investigative Reporter Statement for Frederic Laroche, a human rights activist in France who is reporting criminal entrapment today in relation to his own activism reporting current-day neurotech crimes.

Make no mistake, the military and Intelligence powers who are running these unethical covert sacrifice-torture operations on humans today appear to see their experimentation as precious, legitimate, and justified under the covers of “National Security” they are using as blanket cover worldwide, or are perfectly aware they are committing crimes–these neurotechnology/AI/Robotics experiments involve Trauma-Based Mind Control and nonstop physical, brain, and psychological trauma being meted out to their victims, AKA Non-Consensual Human Test Subjects, and every single victim of these Mil/Intel/Mercenary crimes reports Torture, Extreme Bodily Invasion & Privacy Invasion, Trauma, Social Isolation, and Psychological/Spiritual Attack--and are acting to cover up their crimes of Torturing Humans by seeking to frame and suppress all activists and victims via Incarceration/Criminal Entrapment or Incarceration/in Psychiatry or both. Every activist working in this area in particular reports one or both of these, and is familiar with these sorts of entrapment and psych-commit attempts being run on them.

Phillip Walker/Omni has also reported psych-commit attempts: this is the way in which the black ops agencies running these ghastly programs of major neurotech torture seek to control the public image and public profile of their victims. As long as the average Joe thinks someone is “schizophrenic” or “paranoid delusional” or “having hallucinations,” they are easily convinced that person needs to be medicated or force-medicated as the case may be and, most importantly, must needs be dismissed each time they mention anything related to the neuro-experimentation they are being subjected to non-consensually.  This is standard military and Intelligence practice; I will dig up some references and post them shortly; I have personally read about “destruction of reputation” as being a necessary factor and SOP in non-consensual experimentation in a military manual addressing military research.

My previous print interviews with Omni can be found here:

Counterintelligence Crime | American Activist Filmmaker Reports Extreme Military/Intel Agency Neural Abuse with Covert Ops Brain-Computer-Interface Weapons

Omnisense/ Speaks Out: “Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society Oversees the Targeting of Individuals”

This is the list he sent on in June 2017, enumerating the torture he has been subjected to:

Omnisense/Long List of Tortures/Targeting Injustices Endured

Because I have been in touch with him on Skype for so long (we text frequently), I can attest to the fact that Phillip is careful with the truth and reports what he experiences in the most truthful way possible; he is quick to correct misunderstandings or misperceptions and has in the past always sought to clarify what he is reporting such that I can understand exactly what he means and transmit what he means, rather than putting an overlay of meaning or personal interpretation over his reports that might misrepresent his reportage. 

Phillip has recently been reporting attempts to “neuro-frame” him. He, like others, has spoken extensively about bio-robotizing and neuro-invasion technologies taking over his bodily and brain functions; currently he is reporting 100% bodily control and total takeover. This kind of total takeover, via EEG cloning and BCI technology (Brain Computer Interface) has been reported by many others; please visit the videos at Ramola D Reports and the print interviews listed here at Ramola D/Reports to see reports here; also see Dr. Robert Duncan’s book Project Soulcatcher. 

This is obviously an extreme situation–and what it basically means for all of humanity is: we need to step forward and take some immediate action to stop these barbaric experiments on those reporting them. We need to pay attention to the cries of people in our midst reporting such extreme and invasive takeover. For what can there possibly be in our future if we do not? Are we prepared as a species to permit a small group of insane neuroscientists and AI scientists and supercomputing scientists/no doubt working at the behest of Luciferian bankers with world-control aims and agendas totally take over our human bodies and brains, one by one? 

Phillip Douglas Walker is currently in desperate need of media coverage, rescue, and restoration to his own authentic intrinsic human self. Please watch the podcast report below, share as widely as you can with everyone you know, and please call out for help to the very same military neuroscientists who are wreaking this unconscionable torture on him. I thank you all very much for whatever act of attention, media coverage, information dissemination, and restorative action you take, on Phillip’s behalf.

CLASSIFICATION TO CONCEAL CRIME: These experiments are most probably falsely being named or hidden under classification covers as “important for national security,”; I strongly disagree, and will be publishing further my own views regarding these massively unethical and criminal Torture operations on human beings flying undercover of classification soon. Suffice to say for now Neuro/Bio/DEWs should be banned.

Phillip has over the last few days relayed to me on Skype exactly what he means when he reports that he is in dire straits currently. I have included screen footage of our Skype text conversations with his own testimonial in this video report, Report #98, made last week, and I will link to his very important testimonial and Affidavit below:

Phillip Walker’s Affidavit/11/29/2018 (PDF): 



NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton Stewart – Murdering Americans, a Secret Make-Work National Industry

Murdering Americans, a Secret Make-Work National Industry

I think anyone with an open mind, a logical thought process, and a respect for truth above comfort or identity politics, knows that a significant number of illegal aliens over the past few decades have simply been predators looking for easier, more abundant prey. The grass is indeed greener over some borders. Culture does count in the creation of and maintenance of civilizations that prosper. Many who are dedicated thieves, rapists, drug dealers, and murderers – whether incidental to their other activities, or for the love of murdering to murder, have found the US a fertile game sanctuary. And many take the easy criminal route rather than trying to reform a failed culture in their own countries. After all, why go to the trouble of hunting down prey that only nets you a few bucks, when you can rob some people for hundreds of dollars at a time through the credit cards of your dead prey and have use of a very nice car for a while. Former Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal once said, “Immigration without assimilation, is invasion.” He was spot on in his assessment, and he is a shining example of a legal immigrant family who came here to be American, like many others who we are indeed lucky to add to our ranks as cultural heirs to the genius and aspirations of the Founding Fathers, when many genetic progeny are not.

Despite the erosion of our civilization over the same decades, with lax border and immigration policies, (designed mainly to change the voting demographics of a party desirous of subverting our government and way of life), that often bring people into the US with little to no skills or adequate education to function, and no similar cultural heritage by which to gage acceptable behavior or a path to success, or who do not even have coping skills to fit into such an advanced society, many Americans retain a deadly false sense of security. Statistics from the Justice Department show an alarming number of murders of Americans by illegal immigrant predators who had extensive criminal records before coming here, and who add to the numbers of our own home-grown criminals, who also similarly see the easier route to their survival as preying on the hard-working and successful, rather than pursuing an education and engaging in hard work themselves, which indeed are the real equalizers, as proven by people like Dr. Ben Carson and his meteoric success as a brain surgeon and well-respected public figure.

But add to this “open season on Americans pursuing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, yet another predator, but a much bigger, much more ruthless, much more coldblooded behemoth though simultaneously, much more cowardly and duplicitous, and even one that is über-formidable, arguably omnipotent, also omnipresent and omniscient, and you have a civilization extinction level even in the making.

One predator which has over the decades, covertly perfected an endless and accelerating conveyor belt of seemingly sanctioned, “lawful”, psychopathic, covert mass murder committed one by one by one, steadily and stealthily, by means of human trafficking done using covert technology and high tech weapons unfamiliar to most, by design… the United States Federal Government.

Meet the post Constitution, predatory, Department of Homeland Security Amerika and its branches (FBI, Fusion Center, innumerable Private Contractors, secret, unconstitutional civilian standing armies and death cults like Infragard) and its tributaries (NWO-loyal, CIA, NSA, NGO, US Military, NIH, Big Pharma, MIC, etc.). Through the Terrorist Watch List scam, where the vetting of those put on the Watch List is mere pretence for culling the herd and asset-stripping the victims and any means to leverage their identities, the Department of Homeland Security, has perfected a stealth Predator vs Prey parallel society and introduced a caste system into the nouveau American society of accelerated decay. DHS Overlords and sycophants now target and label routine Americans along with those secretly adjudicated as citizens who are “too aware”, or “too patriotic”, or “too independent in their thinking”, “too honest”, or even “too healthy”, an attitude reminiscent of one which first appeared in the Intelligence Community years ago in regard to those employees whose first loyalties were to the US, not the agency when conflict in purpose arose, and now this my-kingdom-before-my-country, feudal mindset has poisoned our society.

Citizens now are regarded as expendable chattel. The altruistic and individualist traits of the newly targeted innocents are the human traits now found unacceptable by the self-proclaimed elite and which have been deemed necessary to purge from a global intelligence community-supported and elitist-planned NWO utopia (post humanity dystopia). It is a shockingly barbaric concept like, but much worse than, the Communist purge in Cambodia decades ago, which declared that anyone wearing glasses must read and be smart, therefore they had to be exterminated as a threat. So right now America and much of the world is being covertly destroyed by the unelected, mentally and morally rabid within the Deep State holding our government hostage with their secret army of hand-picked civilian sociopaths and “extermination technicians” from the utter dregs of humanity, hired and trained under the guise of National Security.

This predatory alternative society, was arguably created originally by our own tax monies, which were stolen by the Deep State to set up an alternative, parasitic society, the main monetary basis of which likely came from the 9/11 false flag stolen monies and State Department mega-embezzlement ruse and perfidy. This parallel predator society is further augmented by tax-payer money ironically earmarked for our protection as a nation. Amerika is now comprised of 1) super predators, 2) active prey, and 3) future prey still trapped in the somnambulant mirror of hedonism and normalcy bias – which should be described as the anti-self preservation instinct of a doomed species.

Any society that becomes complacent about its freedom and integrity, is certain to lose it, as history shows. We are at the fruition of our ignorance of our own history and identity, as well as apathy and even negligence due to unbridled hedonism and intellectual denial, but for the possibility of quite undeserved Divine intervention.

“Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”
– Benjamin Franklin

”Loss of freedom seldom happens overnight. Oppression doesn’t stand on the doorstep with toothbrush mustache swastika armband – it creeps up insidiously… step by step, and all of a sudden, the unfortunate citizen realizes it is gone.
– Baron Lane

“The freedoms of a people never were nor ever will be secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”
– unknown

Longer ago, another sage warned,

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banner openly. But a traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that appears deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. A traitor is the plague. – Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman Statesman and philosopher, 106-43 BC)

When a country strives to rewrite its own history as if facts were optional, contumaciously acts to its own detriment to spin a fantasy identity in a fantasy world, preaches that the tolerance of evil is one’s greatest attribute, then those awake must rally as never before no matter the cost, or call in the tombstone maker.

Karen M. Stewart
Intelligence Analyst, ret.
National Security Agency

NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton Stewart – Letter to SAMHSA on behalf of referred Targeted Individual(s)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
5600 Fisher’s Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

Dear sirs,

I understand that you have totally dismissed without the slightest investigation, a complaint of vicious, coordinated harassment lodged by ____________ ________________ which qualifies as prosecutable crime under RICO law as well as 18 US Code § 241, conspiracy to deprive of civil rights, because your education, experience, and intellectual depth is sorely lacking and in its place you are relying upon your limited and rigid professional knowledge and closed-minded bias as if nothing new or different could possibly exist. You have instead, merely assumed that your lack of capacity to read and understand new information is someone else’s problem with substance abuse or mental illness. I assure you, one person’s ignorance, or one groups’ ignorance does not induce mental illness upon another, never has and never will. And a brain addled with substance abuse could hardly produce accurate reports of a very real social phenomenon and criminal program being reported by potentially hundreds of thousands of others across the nation, who come from all walks of life, all ages, all ethnic groups and both genders. Mass delusion is after-all, not exactly a medically sound occurrence nor viable diagnosis especially within these parameters.

At one point in time, “state of the art science” scoffed at the “round earth” notion. Everyone “just knew” if you sailed too far, you would fall off the earth and dragons would gobble you up. Later, “state of the art science” told us the idea that things smaller than what we could see, and therefore invisible, made us sick (germs) was utterly preposterous and the proponents of such ideas were laughably delusional. During colonial times everyone “just knew” tomatoes were poisonous too. Yet, those not blinded by arrogance, did some actual research and found out conventional science of the era was contemptibly wrong.

Let’s examine the supposed “preposterous” notion of stalking perpetrated by multiple persons, first of all, an exposé called “Cause Stalking” on multiple person stalking in the US was written years ago by a Private Eye in Florida named David Lawson detailing how rich and powerful people paid dregs of society to stalk and harass people the “boss” did not like, for whatever reason. History shows that the mob was known to do this, the KKK was known to do this, fringe groups like PETA were known to do this, the corporation NESTLÉ was even accused of doing this to disgruntled employees. The Communists fully engaged in doing this to dissidents, in fact, the East German Secret Police (STASI) are credited with “perfecting” a heinous and viciously effective methodology of psychological destruction of dissidents, their version of today’s targeted individual, called “Zersetzung”, a noun that means de-construction, as in deconstruction of a victim’s life, every single aspect (job loss, family break up, destruction of reputation, destruction of emotional and physical health, etc) until the goal to push them into suicide was realized, without overtly tainting the entity which ordered the lengthy, slow-kill “hit”.

Coming from an Intelligence Community (IC) background, I can assure you, that Federal agencies and military as well as specifically the Department of Homeland Security, which relied on Markus Wolfe, former STASI official and Yevgennij Primakov, former KGB official, as “advisors”, know and practice this type of psychological operations today, within the USA. They will tell you that this is done to “enemies of the state” in the aftermath of 9/11. This however, is largely false.

In order to create and grown a Police State, which was the intent of the 9/11 false flag ( I worked at NSA during 9/11, it was indeed an inside job ), one needs an enemy. You may assume that the vast number of “enemies” on the Terrorist Watch List resemble those credited with carrying out 9/11, Muslim males; they do not. The DHS, crafted by totalitarian-minded proponents, and headed by… a Muslim male for 8 years under Muslim President Obama, have created the narrative that Americans are the real terrorists. Are you a veteran? You are a terrorist. Are you a Christian? You are a terrorist. Are you a Constitutionalist? You are a terrorist. Has your family been here decades or Centuries? You are a terrorist. Do you like coffee more than tea? You are a terrorist. Hopefully you get my drift, the Terrorist Watch List is a total scam, but a means to an end. Worse than that, it is sedition in the guise of “protecting the homeland” when it is actually a ruse to eradicate a growing number of Americans by various covert technological and asymmetric warfare means… at the hands of “useful idiot” Americans fooled into thinking that their fellow Americans are somehow “threats”.

Did you know that the IC has purposely misinterpreted post 9/11 law that declares those listed as terrorists, as targets who can be killed with no due process? Did you know that once placed on the Terrorist Watch List, by means of secret, unvetted accusations, you are secretly stripped of your Constitutional, Human, and Civil Rights in line with the previously mentioned legalistic sleight of hand misinterpretation? President Obama lowered the criteria needed to be put on the Watch List to less than probable cause in 2013. That means there is no criteria and no vetting of any worth. The Watch List is essentially, a “national security good old boy’s club” personal enemies’ list, being used to fraudulently bloat the numbers of “perceived terrorists” in order to bilk the government out of a fortune as well as building personal kingdoms within government and the military industrial complex and related private security companies, but it is also a non-consensual human experimentation subject list, and a human-trafficking list. You see, once falsely accused victims are declared non-citizens and non-humans, DHS/FBI/Fusion Center and their sycophant civilian Infragard (and other faux community watch groups) and “business partners” as well as other cronies in other agencies, sell contracts on the victims to various entities. The victims are then terrorized by 24/7 relay-stalkers (multiple mercenary stalkers surveilling and stalking in highly coordinated shift routines) using a methodology known as cast-iron targeting in the IC. This protocol also involves break-ins, vicious slander, vandalism, hacking personal accounts like email and bank accounts, theft, etc. essentially, 24/7 harassment on every level possible, continuously. This keeps the victim stressed, off balance and easily dismissed by ignorant authorities.

The stalkers’ salaries come from Homeland Security budgets, filtered through Military Industrial Complex shills, such as Lockheed Martin, which launders the under-the-table tax money by turning it into gift cards, products (riding lawnmower, new roof, etc.), services (carpet cleaning, landscaping, etc.) to pay the organized stalkers in order to hide the obscene abuse of tax-payer money to pay Americans to attack and kill other Americans for a false narrative that serves the growing Police State. The stalkers are too gullible, greedy and unsophisticated to know they are subverting their own country and freedoms. And often even criminals are actually hired to commit the worst offences against the innocent victim, such as pet mutilation and murder. But contractors generally carry out covert assaults using high tech weaponry, such as war grade poisons, gasses, high tech weaponry such as nano dust, weaponized medical chips, and Directed Energy Weapons akin to “non-lethal weapons” (which do kill) given law enforcement.

Police are generally actively or passively complicit. Actively, when a Fusion Center tells them to help harass the person and try to set them up as the perpetrator not the victim, or purposely misreport facts to portray the victim as delusional while coveting for the criminal stalkers. They are told it is “for national security” and “there are things they do not know”… yes, like the Feds are lying. They are passively complicit when their mediocre minds fall for the play-acting by the Fusion Center run civilian domestic terrorists, and the police cannot be bothered to make an effort to do their jobs or “think outside the box”. Again, another example of 1-dimensional thinking, and arrogant ignorance playing to their desire to put the least amount of effort into their jobs until their shift is over.

Now, who am I that you will not want to dismiss me and my previous testimony because your ego will not allow you to believe your knowledge is so lacking? I am a retired National Security Agency, Intelligence Analyst, who held a Top Secret clearance for almost 30 years. In order to be hired, I had to pass a psychological battery, in order to retain my security clearance, I had to pass routine psychological testing about every 5 years. I had a thorough base-line redone in 2005 by the former head of NSA Security Psychological Services, Dr. Paul Clavelle, who pronounced me one of the strongest people emotionally and psychologically he had ever met. I also have been retested and evaluated by an independent senior psychologist (2009) in Columbia, MD., and then re-evaluated later by a second independent senior psychologist (2015) in Tallahassee, FL. All tests and all evaluations were strongly normal.

Have I become suddenly “delusional” in the last ten minutes? Highly unlikely. And I think real professionals must admit that a person who has been so thoroughly vetted over a lifetime, has shown NO signs of mental illness, is no more likely to “suddenly go crazy” and “imagine” the aforementioned real but covert scenario, any more than they are likely to suddenly become a unicorn.
And I have never indulged in alcohol or drugs of any kind.

I would remind you that Mark Twain astutely said that, “It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.” This is of course due to ego ego ego.

You need to come out of the Dark Ages and reassess what is possible. Stop blaming the victims of heinous and monstrous psychological abuse that you yourselves could probably never hope to weather for a day, much less 24/7 for years, with gratuitous abuse heaped upon you by ignorant and lazy or complicit law enforcement and mental health “experts” who are using petrified criteria in an elastic world.

Karen M. Stewart
National Security Agency,
Intelligence Analyst, ret.

NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton Stewart – Hallelujah Revisited, February 2018

This week, many wrongfully targeted Americans were filled with all but tangible hope when Congressmen, such as Ohio’s Jim Jordan, Florida’s Matthew Gaetz, and North Carolina’s Mark Meadows publicly announced the existence of a memo they had just acquired in their duties in intelligence oversight that was so troubling, that they wanted it immediately declassified to inform the citizens of the U.S. of its contents and inferred intentions in regard to sedition. At that point, before its declassification, they could only refer to the topic in terms as “troubling” or “alarming”, with mention of “Gestapo” to characterize shockingly un-American activity by government insiders, insisting that the American public had a right to know what certain elements in their government, specifically the upper echelon of the DOJ and the FBI, had been up to to America’s fundamental detriment.

Those thousands of Americans who had found themselves fraudulently denounced on the Terrorist Watch List from its inception, finally had hope that their duly elected representatives… let me repeat, their DULY-ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, might indeed find the impetus to look down from Mt. Olympus, to see the chaos their somnambulant status quo had created for the mere mortals who had elected them, now that crimes the same nature of which had been plaguing the citizenry for too many years, had been discovered in the palace on Mt. Olympus itself, the White House. Oh the shock and horror at the unthinkable, draconian and oppressive and repressive nature of the crimes being perpetrated in a Constitutional Republic in the guise of Homeland Security (Sicherheit des Vaterlands), where every man is equal and law, not status and position, reign supreme. The lawmakers were outraged and shocked and were rushing to do something. They were “surprised” and taken unawares by such perfidy.

Yet, while many rejoiced that the sleeping beauties had gotten a small kiss of awareness… finally, many questioned how, these representatives of the people, had somehow missed the years of letters, emails, phone calls telling them that our freedoms and rights were being undermined in what was clearly a concerted effort by criminals and seditionists within the government for decades, that had deleteriously affected and even gratuitously destroyed many lives of completely innocent Americans, thousands, who asked, begged, pleaded for help from their local authorities, the police, their city counsels, their mayors, Attorney Generals, State’s Attorneys, local FBI, National FBI, Department of Justice with its myriad Divisions including Criminal, Civil Rights, Homeland Security, and Inspector General, as well as from their own Senators and Congressman, the latter which are now in hyper-responsive “the Republic is in danger” mode, as they should be.

Sure, each of these entities has a “contact me” protocol, which no matter what you report to them, from mundane request to screaming bloody murder – “there’s a mushroom cloud coming from the next town over”, all seem to get the very same form letter acknowledging “something” from you got to them, but little else. Many people with serious issues and serious concerns, who describe matters that their Federal representatives indeed should look into, get blown off as if to say, “You’re only one person”, we are working for the greater good, our time is much too important to waste on one person.” Yet, is American Democracy not founded on the principle that if and only if the rights of the individual are protected, then the rights of all are? I suspect the real issue is the vote of the individual is but one. His or her life and death situation satisfactorily dealt with, theoretically, garners only one vote as where the demands or even frivolous whims of a group, garners many. Imagine, in these representatives, the desire for re-election trumps basic vigilance in guarding the viability of the Republic and our nation’s freedoms. Nevermind the precedent set or left unset in that one constituent’s life or death predicament for which he is petitioning his sworn protectors; one that predictably might eventually affect many, many more constituents, or even undermine the very foundation of democratic rule if left to fester. A true sentinel of freedom would care at the first indications of trouble, an officious potentate with little courage or fidelity would not. Injustice can be considered a virus that if not dealt with in a timely fashion, can become plague… and it is now that rampant, untreated injustice is just reaching America’s Mt. Olympus. Finally, “the people’s representatives” are sounding the alarm over what had been an ever-increasing din of voices already petitioning them for help for years with the same National Security tyranny and terrorism program afflicting the masses through the fraudulent FISA and DHS/FBI/Fusion Center Terrorist Watch List scam, that no one seemed to notice was such, despite how many hundreds or thousands of citizens were reporting the program was itself state-sponsored terrorism with a nefarious agenda that endangers everyone but the supposed terrorists.

How is it that the “people’s representatives” missed all of the tips and clues from their constituents called in, emailed in, faxed in, and mailed by U.S. Post Office for years, even decades, warning of these growing abuses? Falsely accused Americans describing being set upon by cold-blooded, state-sponsored predators run by these DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers and other entities such as NIH and others following secret or little known directives purporting to strip Americans of their Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights in defiance of the Constitution, to use and abuse them as property of Corporate or Military Industrial Complex America. And what of the Congressional and Senate Oversight Committees? Do our representatives know that “oversight” and “overlook” are NOT synonymous? Those lawmakers who are incensed right now about the newly discovered heretofore classified memo indicating an ultimately subversive agenda by the Deep State and other traitors within, to label (insincerely) the American Democracy a now feeble, albeit beloved watch dog that has lost its bite and is in need of secretly being put down before the children know, do they not realize that it was on their watch, their deaf, dumb and blind watch, their impervious-to-constituents-opinions watch, that this 800 lb gorilla, wearing a neon orange jumper, while sitting in plain view (to everyone but them) in the rotunda, was “discovered”?

Clearly the contact information, the contact protocols are ineffectual and must be by design or they would have been corrected a long time ago. Is this far too close to apocalypse wake up call enough to change that, to make “our” representatives people who actually listen to and look out for us? Or will “contact information” remain synonymous for “round file” for the wanna-be gods of Mt. Olympus whose narcissistic obsession with their own images in the mirror, almost lost them (and may still) and everyone else, the mountain?

My personal purveyors of impotence and indifference include:
Local police and sheriff’s departments in two states*, States Attorneys in two states, Federal States Attorneys in two states, Congressmen and Senators in two states, Governors in two states, Attorney Generals in two states, County Counsel Members in one state, State Police in one state, legislators in many states (blitz emailing), the head of the National Guard, Fusion Centers in two states, FBI in two states, and including Washington D.C. Headquarters, the House Intelligence Committee (2x), the DOD Inspector General, the former Director of National Security, the former head of the FBI, the Commander of the Naval Security Group in Pensacola, Florida as well of the head of the Nav Sec Group HQ, in Maryland and of course, quite ironically, the NSA Inspector General, fired in the Fall of 2016 for illegal persecution of internal Whistleblowers. And more main stream newspaper and TV journalists including Fox News, than I can count. Perhaps if any could see beyond their own noses, and could actually be contacted by those outside their cliques… there would never have been a “surprising” and alarming memo to declassify and quickly make public on the brink of the take-down of America.

*Maryland and Florida


Karen M. Stewart

NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton Stewart: As America Slept

Dear American Citizen,

Congratulations, while you were asleep at the wheel, indulging a fantastical sense of denial, your country became a Police State.

Under the Bush and Obama Globalist and Seditious regimes, laws were purposely and calculatedly subverted and unconstitutional ones created to forever erode your rights as citizens and human beings. You now belong to the Global Corporatocracy. Your “rights” are an illusion.

Oh, you are told, everything is the same, but it is not. If you dare speak up, ask a question, or God forbid, exercise your Constitutional rights, you will be declared a threat, a trouble-maker, a mentally ill person, a terrorist and put on a no-proof-required secret watch list.

Then the Fusion Center (FBI created under Bush) will disseminate to various covert, mercenary “Neighborhood Watch” organizations which you had no idea even existed, that you are a pedophile, a psychopath, a terrorist sympathizer, a terrorist, and therefore need to be eradicated. They will say, “Alas, due process is lacking in its ability to handle immediate threats, so the citizen heroes (really, Neighborhood Nazis) will have to take a more direct approach.”

So, these covert armies of snitches and harassers spread vicious lies about the intended target, thereby fear and hate monger, then enlist gullible and panicked neighbors and others to augment their illegal, secret standing army, in a conspiracy to deprive the victim of his/her Constitutional Rights (18 US Code §241), and ultimately either

a) drive him/her to suicide,

b) drive him/her to lash out (mass shooters sound familiar?),

or c) outright murder him/her,

d) use the concerted 24/7 group effort to frame the victim to get him institutionalized or put in prison on falsified premeditated group accusations which police are not bright enough to see through. Thus giving the gullible and now criminal group of neighbors gleefully trampling the Constitution, a “sense of accomplishment”, that they as a large group of sociopathic and sadistic bullies, often hundreds strong, were able to do grievous harm to one baffled and innocent neighbor through vast numbers and high tech weaponry… for money. Yes, they gladly sacrificed someone else’s person’s rights and safety, and destroyed a productive, decent person, for under-the-table tax money, in order to feel “safe and empowered” themselves.

Oh, and by the way, the people organizing such covert atrocities (see “Zersetzung” in Wikipedia) across the nation, are indeed pedophiles, criminals, and traitors.

Good job America! You fully deserve the totalitarian hell you are ushering in.

Or will you finally awake?

Karen M. Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

California State Senator Jerry Hill Informed about Organized Stalking/Torture and Dr. Tomo’s Bill Proposal

-Ramola D/11/28/2018

State Senator Jerry Hill, listening to BASG

A small group of human rights activists familiar with the phenomenon of current-day extreme targeting and extreme surveillance with “non-lethal” and “crowd-control” dual-use anti-personnel RF/sonic neuroweapons and concomitant crimes associated with these recently made dramatic headway in informing elected officials at a public meeting in San Bruno in the Bay area, when they spoke to State Senator Jerry Hill about these matters.

The Bay Area Support Group, which comprises Constance Rose, Michelle H., Bob Chandra, Carolina F. and others are currently working to assist Dr. Tomo Shibata, author of a new bill proposal outlawing organized torture, in educating California residents about these ongoing crimes and seeking their help in informing senators so the bill proposal has a good chance of being sponsored and introduced on the floor for a vote. Senator Hill, who has become known for seeking accountability and transparency via legislation efforts regarding Surveillance technology used by Law Enforcement, was receptive and asked to speak further with them.

The brief recording of this event is below:

Constance Rose, Michelle H, and Bob Chandra spoke with me on Newsbreak 11 last night, describing this meeting, the general purposes of their group, and aspects of Dr. Tomo’s bill proposal they found significant.

They also described the basics of “targeting” which includes organized torture and a tortuous program of COINTELPRO suppression which attacks the lives of targets, rendering their work, home, social, and psychological lives ruined. These barbaric and inhumane crimes are crying out for attention–but media is silent, or follows the lead of mainstream propaganda-disseminating media which names reporting victims of these silent-weapon crimes delusional and dismisses them as unreliable witnesses. They also discussed ideas for support, connection, and the importance of speaking out together to help stop these crimes.

Many thanks to BAFG members for their actions of outreach, public-education and support of all those who are targeted.

Contact Information for BAFG, Bay Area Support Group: Please contact Constance Rose at


Groundbreaking Bill Proposal Prohibiting Organized Covert Torture Effected With Electronic Weapons & Organized Stalking Under Review By State Legislators In California; Support Needed


Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower: FACT-FREE THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS Starring Katherine Horton

Re-posted from Barbara Hartwell‘s website, BarbaraHartwellVsCIA, with permission.  Many thanks to Barbara Hartwell for her unflinching and piercing insight, intellect, candor, forthrightness, and integrity in the face of extraordinarily malicious, slanderous, and juvenile behavior from Katherine Horton directed against herself, myself, and others recently, online and in videos, in a flurry of written and spoken insanely over-the-top attacks which appear to be actively and desperately seeking to establish a false and defamatory narrative about us, and apparently succeeding among at least one coterie of her less-thoughtful supporters and followers, if harassive emails and Youtube comments are anything to go by. My own responses to Katherine’s latest salvo (she doesn’t seem able to stop) in her dedicated Lie-Slander-Smear-Attack Defamation campaign against me, along with my work-in-progress discussing the insidiousness of infiltration, counterintelligence, entrainment and domination as expressed by agent provocateurs, saboteurs, and activism disruptors–where she occupies a starring role–will be posted shortly. 

-Ramola D/11/27/2018



Barbara Hartwell

November 23, 2018

Katherine Horton runs a website called STOP 007.

I first learned of the existence of Katherine Horton and her website when I was invited by Ramola D/Dharmaraj as a guest on her podcast, Ramola D Reports, to do a series of interviews. Horton was a member of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum, a weekly podcast which presented information on various issues related to the targeting of individuals via directed energy weaponry and other means.

In August of this year (2018) the forum ended, a result of the decision of the other members, including Ramola. I am not personally acquainted with any of the former members, including Horton, with the exception of Ramola. I will not include their names here, out of respect for their privacy. I speak strictly for myself and my purpose is to address Katherine Horton’s defamation against me, in connection with her defamation against Ramola.

I should make it clear that I am not, nor have ever been involved, in any organizations or groups which address issues or conduct activism for what they call “targeted individuals”, nor am I in any way connected to what is called the “TI community”.

I am an independent investigator, intelligence analyst, journalist and government whistleblower. I do not join groups. As clearly stated in notices on this website, my reports are for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of the material on this website what they will.

As brief background, I have been a political Target of retaliatory counterintelligence operations for a quarter century and have published reports on the Internet exposing numerous perpetrators by name, since 1995, as well as on radio and video podcasts.

This report specifically addresses the defamation of Barbara Hartwell by one Katherine Horton, on her website and on video podcasts, which has recently come to my attention. My purpose is to refute the false accusations with facts, of which Horton is clearly in short supply.

I had viewed a number of the podcasts of TCFF and made my own independent observations and analysis, on which I published a report on August 16, 2018.


I did watch a number of the podcasts of Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum. And I did observe the behavior of Katherine Horton, on more than one occasion, as openly advocating violence against specifically named persons, such as Gina Haspel. A “bullet in the brain” was one such statement. The dropping of F-bombs accompanied these rantings.


Shortly thereafter, I published another report naming Horton, after some defamatory comments against me by one of many anonymous cowards and morons, a supporter of Horton, appeared on a You Tube podcast on Ramola’s channel.

THE MOB: A Morality Tale


Fact: I do not know Katherine Horton. Anything I have said, in writing, or on video with Ramola, was based on my independent observations and analysis of a very PUBLIC issue, that being the words and actions of Horton, in calling for unlawful violence, even murder, of public figures, while ranting, dropping F-bombs.

My analysis of this behavior included what I deemed a sort of “theatrical production”. A woman hunkering down in what she described as a “bunker”, crawling under a desk, surrounded by tin foil walls, while advocating “bullets in brains”.

No, I see no “dignity”, nor “integrity” in this behavior. What I do see is that those associated with Horton will be tarred with the same brush of lawlessness, thus not in any way helping their cause, or serving the cause of justice.


Next item: Katherine Horton defames Barbara Hartwell by listing my name in a section of her website, titled:

The criminals and people who chose to do nothing when victims begged for their help.

Horton names Barbara Hartwell in her defamatory article which makes many false accusations against Ramola D:

“Barbara Hartwell, CIA, wades in”
(link to my report on TCFF, given above)

Note the sinister and incendiary title: “BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS”
So, Horton accuses Barbara Hartwell of being CIA, apparently parroting the longstanding party-line of controlled opposition. Nothing new here. And lists me and Ramola as two of the “criminals and people who chose to do nothing when victims begged for their help.”

This is one of the most stupid statements I have seen, especially regarding Ramola, who has done more to help many people suffering from persecution than most anyone I have ever known, not only as a journalist reporting on their cases, but with material support as well. As for me, Horton has access to no information whatsoever about anything I have done – or not done. It is simply a malicious, sensationalist fabrication, in an attempt to discredit me.

Then, the most recent slander in a video podcast, titled:

Dos & Don’ts – Holocaust Working Group 2 (Stop 007)

I did not watch the entire video, which was over 4 hours long. I don’t have that kind of time to waste, listening to the malicious nonsense and filth spewed by this woman. I was told of the video by Ramola, who gave me the time markers of Horton’s defamatory comments. I took notes and will address Horton’s defamation, which I will show to be FACT-FREE, nothing but name-calling, erroneous assumptions, wild speculation, fabrication. As usual, she drops the F-bombs liberally. Horton’s comments are in quotes.

Horton begins with this statement:

“The CIA’s Barbara Hartwell wades in. She is a bitch. I’ve never met the bitch. This woman is off her rocker. Personally I think she is a f—ing fraud, I think she is a CIA plant.”

How very original…nothing that has not been promoted in a massive defamation campaign for two decades by my enemies in the intelligence community and their minions, lackeys and stooges. And for which none of them has been able to produce any evidence, ever.
Addressing BH:

“I laughed my ass off. You are against the crown corporation, my dear. Why the f— do you have a snake, logo of the Vatican/CIA. Why the f— do you show yourself with gangstalking sunglasses, which indicate you don’t want people to see your face that well?”

FACT: I have never named any “crown corporation” in my written reports, nor in any other venue. As will become clear, Horton is putting words in my mouth, and making false statements about things I never said.

Gaddsden Flag

FACT: The flag displayed on my website is the Gadsden flag:
The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words “DONT TREAD ON ME.” The flag is named after American general and politician Christopher Gadsden, who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution.

As used by me, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Vatican or CIA. Horton is clearly ignorant of the true symbolism and of American history.

As for the so-called “gangstalking sunglasses”, just another stupid, erroneous assumption. I wear sunglasses year round, due to extreme light-sensitivity of my eyes. If I wanted to hide my face, I would have no photo at all.

And don’t call me “my dear”, you foul-mouthed creature, you loathsome servant of the devil.

Again, she brings up the snake, and the Vatican with another false statement:

“You claim you’re suing the crown corporation?”

FACT: No, I have never made any such “claim”, about suing the “crown corporation”. Again, she is putting words in my mouth, which I never spoke, and citing claims I never made.

“Are you off your rocker? And then you are wading in ten days after this woman makes an announcement that she’s trying to look in to the financial, a leading financial expert on the space-based economy and black budget. F— don’t tread on me. She deserves the Nobel prize.”

FACT: I do not know the person she mentions (Catherine Austin-Fitts). There is no connection between anything I have ever said about Horton (or on any other topic) and this third party. Horton is commingling issues which are in no way related and which have nothing to do with me.

“Ten days later this woman who claims to be suing the crown corporation who has never met me adds shit to the situation. Really? Is that the most f—ing productive thing you can do if you’re claiming to be against the CIA? Two days later Ramola publishes Hartwell’s musings about free speech and if you should swear and advocate violence. Knowing that the whole f—ing thing wasn’t about advocating violence to start with.”

FACT: Once again, the false statement about a “claim”. Never have I made such a claim of any such lawsuit. Which again, has nothing to do with anything published by Ramola. And no, I do not advocate promoting lawless violence and murder against anyone, as does Katherine Horton. In my considered professional opinion she is a liability to anyone associated with her. An opinion I am free to state. I do not presume to tell anyone what they “should” be doing, nor have I ever tried to police anyone’s free speech. And I “know” no such thing. From my observations, promoting violence was a major issue, as clearly stated by Ramola and others.

“Before Barbara Hartwell pulled this thing, I already had issues with her. Issues are, go to my website. All of you need to learn discernment. Do you believe Barbara Hartwell? Do you believe me? I don’t care as long as you start thinking about it.”

What nonsense. Now, Horton presumptuously takes on the persona of a school teacher, an instructor of all others. Considering the fact that I am not involved in her “community” of followers, it is not my concern whether or not any of them believe anything I say, nor have I ever sought their opinions.

Next, typically, Horton brings up former FBI chief Ted Gunderson, a known former colleague, and later, adversary of Barbara Hartwell. And, as I will make very clear by stating the actual FACTS, Horton knows nothing about Gunderson, just as she knows nothing about Barbara Hartwell.

She cites the “high profile affidavit” of Ted Gunderson, published on her website and a number of others.

“Ted Gunderson, who was murdered in 2011. In fact he was murdered in such a way, his personal physician said he saw Gunderson being murdered over a period of 8 years, where he was poisoned with arsenic.”

Now, Horton parrots the “murder” plot, which has been all over the Internet since 2011. I have not seen any evidence from any trustworthy source, such that I would believe that Gunderson was murdered. He was nearly 83 years old at the time of his death, and was being treated for cancer. But I have certainly seen all kinds of conspiracy theories promoted by some very UNtrustworthy sources, the same minions and stooges of Gunderson who have carried out his dirty work of stalking, threatening, libeling/slandering Targets of Gunderson’s COINTELPRO. Including Barbara Hartwell. What a coincidence.

And then, Horton makes this statement:

“The man who was in line to become director of the FBI was poisoned by the FBI.”

Horton does not know what the hell she is talking about. But for those interested, here are some FACTS.

Ted Gunderson retired from the FBI in 1979. Before his retirement, he was considered as a possible candidate for Director, but the position went to William Webster. Gunderson retired from the FBI nearly FORTY YEARS AGO. At the time of the supposed “poisoning”, even if it began in 2003, 8 years before 2011, when he died, he was certainly NOT “in line” to be Director of the FBI. This is a FACT anyone can easily check from the public record and Gunderson’s FBI file.

Then, she further states:

“Ted Gunderson blew the whistle on pedophiles, pedophilia, satanic pedophile rings, satanic ritual sacrifice, the mass theft of children by none other than the FBI. Special Agent in Charge, in line to be the next director of the FBI. Then the FBI poisoned him. Why would someone who is in line to be Director of the FBI shoot his entire career prospects? He knows how COINTELPRO works. FBI cointel annihilates entire social circles.”

FACT: By the time Gunderson began publicly discussing any of these issues, he was already OUT of the FBI. Again, he was NOT “in line” to be Director. As far as COINTELPRO, Gunderson was Hoover’s right hand man, the COINTELPRO Kingpin. Of course he knows how it works. He continued as a perpetrator of counterintelligence operations for decades after he retired. Gunderson was no whistleblower. He in fact ran containment operations to neutralize genuine whistleblowers, former military and intelligence professionals.

Horton rambles on, showing her profound ignorance.
Again, she continues to repeat the falsehood that Gunderson was “in line” to be director of the FBI.

“Why would somebody who is in line to be head of the FBI do all this to get himself killed, if he weren’t genuinely shocked? If Gunderson was just a crook, like Hartwell likes to say, you could be a crook for free. If he hadn’t done that he would have been the next director of the FBI.”

FACT: I first met Ted Gunderson in 1997, when he was planted on me. I got to know him very well. I worked with him for three years before I broke off my association with him, for cause. I have done my own thorough investigations of Gunderson’s criminal activities, which I have exposed, on this website and in other venues, since 2000.

Katherine Horton is a pretentious poseur, who makes claims which cannot be verified, just shooting off her mouth about issues of which she knows nothing, which only exposes her ignorance. She did not know Gunderson, nor has she presented any facts. She has only parroted the Gunderson COINTELPRO party-line promoted by his minions and stooges.

It’s all been said hundreds of times, by hundreds of belligerent ignoramuses, of which she is only one of the latest.

“How exactly does the evidence stack up with what Barbara Hartwell is saying, because in my reading it doesn’t stack up. Not the f— at all. Harebrained shit that I don’t know what. This is just the facts.”

Facts? What facts are those? Horton does a great job of managing to be FACT-FREE, while claiming to know things for which she can provide no evidence.

Then she comes out with this, about how she knows the “facts”:

“Female intution otherwise known as deductive reasoning…inductive reasoning…whatever.”

FACT: “Female intuition” is a vague concept which is not based on logic and which cannot be proven, and has nothing to do with deductive reasoning.

Deductive reasoning is a logical process in which a conclusion is based on the concordance of multiple premises that are generally assumed to be true.

And more than that I won’t bother to say, except that maybe Horton could benefit from taking a course in logic, which it appears plays no role in her thinking processes.

“What that tells me about Barbara Hartwell when I hear her voice and just close my eyes it just sounds like f—ing lies to me personally. My personal assessment of this is I don’t believe her f—ing fake cough. I don’t believe a single word this woman says.”

Well, bully for you, Katherine Horton. Your “female intuition” must be in overdrive. What kind of person would ridicule someone’s medical condition calling it a “fake”? Your little gaggle of followers, I’m sure, will hang on every word you say, despite the fact that you can furnish not a scintilla of evidence, for the simple reason that none exists.

Horton then adds this:

“I never mentioned Barbara Hartwell once. I respect her right to put her view out there. I applaud Ramola for bringing it to the fore, this way I could decide if Barbara Hartwell is a fraud. It reassured me to put Ted Gunderson’s work out there. I’m all for collection of data, I’m in favor of having Barbara Hartwell on so we can all decide.”

Apparently, Horton, in her arrogance, believes that Barbara Hartwell is on trial and will be convicted in the court of public opinion, as she expresses her fraudulent and insincere sentiments regarding Ramola.

“Her facts are bullshit. The fact she’s talking sounds like one hundred percent lying and fakeness.”

So, she talks about “facts”, while presenting not one verifiable fact in her tirade of invective against Barbara Hartwell.

“Just happens to have cartel signalling that meets you when you go to her website. Somebody who fights the CIA having been in CIA, knowing their internal coded language, you would not put the image of a snake with the tagline Don’t tread on Me. So nothing makes any f—ing sense.”

Cartel signalling! Coded language! And snakes! And she actually thinks she knows what someone would put on a website, and why. No, I’m sure it makes no f–ing sense to Katherine Horton. With every word she speaks she reveals her profound ignorance, along with her malice.

“This is evidence that people should take whatever she says with a pinch of salt or pepper.”

What evidence? Katherine Horton has provided no evidence whatsoever, only easily refutable defamatory falsehoods.

In summary, I can only say that from my observations, Katherine Horton is running a theatrical production for the purpose of propagandizing those persons foolish enough to follow along on the road to the death and destruction she advocates. And she solicits money for her “cause”, as advertised, putting “bullets in brains”.

If she is in fact some sort of operative (as some have suggested), those who have hired her have made a poor choice indeed, and must be desperate for cheap labor. She behaves like a rank amateur, even in her theatrics, and especially in showing her ignorance of real counterintelligence operations and those who run them.

Katherine Horton: FACT-FREE and evidently proud of it. By her fruits shall you know her.

Barbara Hartwell, November 23, 2018



From The Every Day Concerned Citizen

Joint Public Cease and Desist Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton

Date: 11/21/2018

In light of Dr. Katherine Horton‘s recent inflammatory, defamatory, and libelous online publication