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Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS)–Acoustic, Radio Frequency–Sought by the Department of State for “Protection” of Diplomatic Mission Compounds

RAE (Report Analysis Op-Ed) | Ramola D | October 29, 2023/Updated November 2, 2023

Compound defense systems aiming to employ “Less than Lethal” technologies to secure the compounds of diplomatic missions worldwide are being sought in a new call for proposals by the US Department of State, citing international threats to diplomats.

“Systems of interest include, but are not limited to acoustic, radio frequency (RF) energy, static energy, chemical, pressurized water, food-grade irritant, laser, fog, foam, and others not identified herein.”

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS) – Product and/or Engineering Services/Contract Opportunity/

Less than Lethal technologies inclusive of Acoustic Neurotechnologies, Radio Frequency (RF) Millimeter wave, infra-red, and magnetic surveillance and metal detection systems have been acknowledged by DARPA and the National Institute of Justice to have been developed and tested in the United States of America, overtly or acknowledgedly from 1994, according to declassified document reports released by DARPA in 2018 including this one, covered here earlier:

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996

These are counter-personnel technologies, specially aimed at people.

They are also the very kinds of technologies avidly denied by the CIA, mainstream media, and Intelligence agencies worldwide, all rushing to name reporters of such technology-use on them “mentally ill.”

Kept secret for many years, rolled surreptitiously into police arsenals worldwide, tested by NATO and the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, in numerous weapons-testing programs which mainstream media just forgot to cover, and surfaced continuously here, including here and here, “Less than Lethals” are apparently now being nudged as extant into plain view by strategists and arms manufacturers revolved-well-into the US Government via publication of contract opportunities such as this, as if desirable, and necessary. Where is the Human Rights arm of the Department of State or GAO or the Pentagon to keep such contract opportunities in check?

Is the Bureau of Diplomatic Security the Global FBI?

(To Be Further Investigated)

The “Bureau of Diplomatic Security,” a police arm of the Department of State reportedly responsible for the protection of 275 State Department missions, is keen to “detect and mitigate terrorist threats to American lives and facilities” and is now “developing innovations in security training, cyber security, and physical security engineering.”

Checking the Department of State website briefly, one finds the US Govt has become the British Empire by stealth and is sending missions to UN and NATO bodies, all corporations, in regions apparently formed by the Club of Rome and Bilderbergers’ Agenda 21 UN in inexplicably intricate ways involving Mens-Club Diplomatic mayhem:

DOS Facilities and Areas of Jurisdiction

[Screenshotting stopped by obvious Cyberhacking–possibly Data Interception from a British Bureau zooming up and down outside.]

(All emphases below in quotes mine)

“As the law enforcement and security arm of the U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy.  DS is the most widely represented U.S. law enforcement and security organization in the world protecting people, property, and information at 275 DOS missions around the globe.  Every U.S. diplomatic mission operates under a security program designed and maintained by DS.  To achieve its mission, DS is a leader in detecting and mitigating terrorist threats to American lives and facilities, mounting international investigations, and developing innovations in security training, cyber security, and physical security engineering. 

To promote the safe conduct of U.S. diplomacy, the Directorate of Security Technology (DS/ST) deploys agile TSSs to match emerging threats.  ST employs courageous professionals and insightful leadership to accomplish this mission at operating locations worldwide.  The Office of Facility Security Engineering (DS/ST/FSE) develops, supplies, installs, and maintains TSSs to help ensure a safe and secure environment.”

—-Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS) – Product and/or Engineering Services/Contract Opportunity/

Disappearing Testing Operations While Revealing Them

It appears therefore that the long Cover race to simply roll these electromagnetic, acoustic, and other named-as-less-than-lethal weapons systems into use bypassing the requisite public comment and review process and not quite discussing the pros and cons and in fact inhumane aspects of using Radio Frequency technology on people’s bodies–ignoring the numerous reports of absolute torture, cruelty-in-use, abusive and inhumane effects (masked in Air Force, Navy, Army language neutrally as “bio-effects”) from all scientists, whistleblowers, journalists, authors, physicians, everyday reporters of this weapon-use on their bodies, disappeared as “Targeted Individuals” [a CIA-CFR term for Acceptable Pariahs in Democratic but Secretly Communist-Nazi States probably invented by Machiavellian Psychiatrists-playing-Pharaonic-Prison-Guard (Knighted by the Pope and Venetian Black Nobility both)]–has resumed.

“The current international environment presents significant challenges for the conduct of U.S. diplomacy abroad with terrorist attacks and civil unrest directed at U.S. diplomatic facilities even in friendly countries.  Moreover, DOS increasingly finds itself conducting diplomatic missions not only in combat zones supported by the U.S. military, but also in failed states where terrorism is an ever-present fact of life.   

To defend its compounds against intruders and other unauthorized activities, the DOS employs a tiered system of physical, technical, and personnel security measures.  The tiers start outside the perimeter walls and end within the secured spaces of the compound, with each tier adding to the overall defense.  Some of the security measures are intended to deter, detect, and delay perpetrators of hostile or clandestine acts, and to provide notification and response time for security personnel; others are intended to suppress or disable potential attacks.

Scope of Services: A future potential contract is expected to encompass companies with subject matter expertise in LTL compound defense systems, and in identifying commercially available systems and components; also, emerging technologies that meet crowd control and deterrence requirements

LTL Compound Defense Systems:  DS currently employs several legacy LTL compound defense systems.   TDB requires identification of new and/or emerging LTL technologies that may, or may not, be presently commercially available.  These technologies should offer improved performance and new/enhanced capabilities to meet DS’s LTL requirements. 

Respondents are encouraged to respond to individual system categories.  It is important to note that a respondent does not need to have a solution for every system category mentioned in order to submit a response.

If a requirement cannot be met in full, the respondent shall state as to what extent a particular requirement can be met.

TDB is not interested in fences, walls, barriers, or turnstiles as part of this RFI/SS.

Systems shall not use an explosive charge to deploy irritants.

Systems of interest include, but are not limited to acoustic, radio frequency (RF) energy, static energy, chemical, pressurized water, food-grade irritant, laser, fog, foam, and others not identified herein.”

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS) – Product and/or Engineering Services/Contract Opportunity/

“Others not identified herein” as well as the languid construction of this sentence, typical of much militaryspeak, suggests possibly ledgersful of undisclosed patents and systems. Over 5000, by Paul Baird’s estimates from a couple decades ago, as noted in his website, possibly double to triple that now. “Such is the extent of US National Security law that over 5,000 classified devices are currently covered by the US Inventions Secrecy Act.”–Paul Baird/Surveillance Issues: Covert Oppression Using Classified Technologies

[Others have been disclosed, patents for stealth neurotechnologies like methods for altering consciousness exist, corroborating reports from the field of their use, but because what appears still to be called The Press doesn’t cover any of it, they are neither known nor tracked; as a consequence, the industry has expanded.]

Systems of Interest Intending Further Expansion of Dubious Military Tech into Daily Commerce

“Food-grade Irritants”: Does this imply Slight Poisons exist, and are acceptable, as “Diplomat/ic mission defense?”

“Static Energy”: Might this refer to Standing Waves/ELFs necessary for scalar radar transmissions, and acoustic spy technologies such as Synthetic Telepathy using AI neural network mapping?

“Chemical, Laser, Fog”: Possibly aerosol-induced, large scale DE-run?

Clearly, a whole industry exists now, as “commercially available systems” imply, and a whole new generation of continued expansion, development, and further weapons-testing of these so-called Less Than Lethals is being planned here, as also by the intended DETER efforts reported here, all apparently to protect Diplomats–the sons and daughters of fabled bloodline AristoCats steepling fingers as they stumble out of Cobalt 3-2-2 coffins in Yale and Princeton dorms and reach for virgin bloody-marys to return to their Cover lives of covering up Daddy’s daily LTL, NLW, IFC Crime against the citizenry, perhaps?

November 2, 2023/Note: The DOS Less Than Lethal Defensive System Requirements Matrix document provided as an attachment to the published Less than Lethal contract opportunity announcement was repeatedly frozen out as I sought to access and examine it for commentary and possible posting here the day of publishing this article. What this document confirms is that Less than Lethal systems have now reached the level of COTS–Commercial Off the Shelf–systems, they are intended to be electrical and electromagnetic in nature, they have a software component, they are required to be installable outdoors as well as indoors, employ concealment for “low visual impact” and clearly are weapons systems intended to impact the human body.

These are Human Control Weapons Which Need to Be Stopped

“Less than Lethal” weapons as “Non Lethal Weapons” as “Intermediate Force Capabilities” as “Counter Personnel Directed Energy Weapons,” all Cover for Neuroweapons, Nerve Weapons, Microwave Weapons, Acoustic Neuroweapons, Radar Guns, and Conducted Energy Police Weapons–now extending further into Public Safety, Public Health, “First Responder” EMS, Homeland Security, and “Behavioral Health” vibrational and pulse-wave technologies, all for Behavior Modification–have been and continue to be used in acts of terrorism against the citizenry in the name of “counter-terrorism” in “Operations Other Than War” as the famed but unrevealing Reno-Deutch memo from 1994 implicating both the DoD and the DOJ has documentedly permitted.

This essentially means we are being Warred-On, and have been, for a long time. People occupying elitist niches they’ve reserved for themselves alone [“Thinking belongs to Us Alone”] need to start speaking out about this invisible Human Control Electromagnetic Radiation and Sound Weaponry in every arena of their conceptualization, development, manufacture, testing, and operations. [Weaponry I’ve been cautioned against speaking about for a decade (of speaking) now, by those clearly inside this rigged power game–and yes, as an unfortunate First-Line Trench Cowerer here, I’ve been pulse-struck with neuroweapons and energy weapons as I write.]

The full solicitation posted on October 23, 2023 may be found here.