Information Sought on Calls, White Papers, Proposals and Human Rights Responsibilites & Protections from US AFRL on Announcement of New Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER)

Report | Ramola D | November 5, 2023

A request for information was sent in by this writer via email and a Freedom of Information Act request seeking further information on the nature of calls, white papers, and proposals as well as human rights responsibilities and protections to be provided under any new DETER proposals accruing from the call for proposals and white papers made on the open ARA–Advanced Research Announcement–reported here earlier.

“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

DETER stands for Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research and seems to encompass both heavy-duty DE weapons systems as well as tech-transferred systems and new technologies envisioned for future use in a variety of spaces inclusive of Public Safety, Public Health, and others.

Information Sought on Technical Proposals, Ombudsmen, Human Rights Responsibilities and Protections

The Importance of Informed Consent

The hope always in querying the US Air Force for further information especially on technical proposals and on ombudsmen, human rights responsibilities, protections, and enforcement of same is to ensure all Americans and citizens worldwide are equally protected in all ventures undertaken by the Air Force including in experimental research and no waivers of Informed Consent are made in any form of experimentation involving human subjects. Perhaps this will narrow the field of programs used or being contemplated for future use, but surely all civilians, active military services, and veterans in this country and worldwide will agree their, their children’s, family’s, friends’, grandchildren’s lives and bodies and brains are sacrosanct, and not to be experimented on remotely by anyone under any aegis, any “authority,” without consent.

“Vulnerable” and “Unable to Consent” populations in particular–as maintained in extant categorizations which require human rights questioning and change–would need to know how exactly their rights and privileges as human beings and lawful persons are being protected. The notion of “Unable to Consent” as well would need closer scrutiny, both in these forums and others, including that of Psychiatry, whose intrusion into human subject experimentation, curious at best, needs open address and ending.

Protections for Animal Subjects, Countermeasures for Humans and Animals in Experiments in Interests of Providing Remedy at All Times

Information on countermeasures to Directed Energy technologies, always necessary to include in any scientific experiment conscious of needing to provide Remedy–a particular interest of Government–is also being sought. Information on protections also for animal subjects, along the same continuum of human subjects, in the case of Bio-Safety and Bio-effects testing is sought.

Human rights, animal rights, and animal protection advocates, activists may also wish to query the US Air Force for further information.

Air Force Research Laboratory/Directed Energy Directorate, Experimental Development, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Requests were made to the Air Force Research Laboratory, named as the sub-command and responsbile institution on this ARA–Advanced Research Announcement–which also names the Directed Energy Directorate associated with the AFRL. Also named is Kirtland Air Force Base as site of development: “Federal Agency Name: Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy, Phillips Research Site, Kirtland AFB NM (AFRL/RD).”

While further detail on this announcement is under enquiry currently, it appears that this research announcement is part of a larger Defense project to engage contractors and industry heads as per the “Product Service Code: AC33 – National Defense R&D Services; Defense-related activities; Experimental Development.”

The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code on this announcement is 541715, which is listed as “Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)”. The NAICS page for this code offers further insight into the breadth and depth of this research initiative:

“Place of Performance” on this contract opportunity is stated to be Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Given the seemingly immense scope of the DETER announcement, all details of intended projects may be of interest to all in local governments, cities, and counties. Those aware of Directed Energy experimentation projects run by the US Air Force and concerned about human rights protections for all may wish to also peruse the ARA announcement further and question the AFRL for further information or stay tuned for any further information from the AFRL as provided here. [Links to obtaining any and all FOIA-provided information to this writer will be posted.]

Requests posted below, and to be maintained further at the ECC-FOIA log, under continuing construction.

FOIA Request for White Papers, Proposals, Calls, Notification of Calls, Requests for Proposal and Other Solicitation DETER Documents, November 3, 2023

Earlier, information was also sought on presentations and talks at the DETER Industry Day conference held in New Mexico at Kirtland Air Force Base on October 19, 2023. All FOIA requests may be followed at the ECC-FOIA log, to be updated as information comes in.

FOIA Request for Overview Presentation and other DETER Documents, October 24, 2023


“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

Declassified US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research (DEBR) Contracts Reveal Weapons-Testing on Humans Using Counter-Personnel Radio Frequency High Power Microwave (RF HPM) Weapons

Documents Obtained on FOIA Request/USAF General Dynamics Contract BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

Claiming Human Rights Protections on US Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research RF HPM Weapons-Testing Contracts

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