Newsbreak 107 | Feb 12, 2021 | Unsafe Vaccines in Light of Vaccine Injuries: Focus on COVID Vaccine Adverse Events & Deaths with Dr. John Reizer

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WATCH AT BRIGHTEON: Unsafe Vaccines in Light of Vaccine Injuries: Focus on COVID Vaccine Adverse Events & Deaths with Dr. John Reizer


Newsbreak 107 | Feb 12, 2021 | Unsafe Vaccines in Light of Vaccine Injuries: Focus on COVID Vaccine Adverse Events & Deaths with Dr. John Reizer

A wide-ranging conversation on the nature of the worldwide deception regarding the COVID “pandemic” Psy Op and the dangers of the mRNA vaccine now causing multiple vaccine injuries worldwide, this conversation covers:

  • Adverse events and deaths reported on social media and at the CDC/HHS web site as well by PHE/MHRA in UK.
  • The nature of these adverse events which include Bell’s palsy, convulsions and strokes.
  • Pathogenic priming and cytokine storms due to previous vaccinations, a consequence of lowered immune systems and previous vaccinations.
  • The fact that these vaccines have only been granted FDA EUA or Emergency Use Authorization: They have had no human clinical trials of the normal length and are investigational or experimental vaccines.
  • The fact that Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, hospitals and state and city and federal governments have not told their constituents or media that this is an investigational or experimental vaccine: all indications suggest people believe the vaccine’s safety has been proved when this has not occurred.
  • The fact therefore that Informed Consent is being prevented, given that media and mayor and governors and the US Surgeon General do not acknowledge the experimental nature of the vaccine publicly but push the lie that it has been “proven safe and effective.”
  • The fact therefore that this is Deception and Informational Fraud.
  • Language on the Brigham Women’s Hospital website, Mass State Government website examined: No evidence of Informed Consent presented.
  • The report from the UK on the Pfizer Vaccine adverse events run Jan 30, 2021 examined: 107 fatal outcomes and over 40,000 adverse events noted.
  • Dangers of all vaccines highlighted since vaccine injuries have been occurring for decades, in connection with other vaccines.
  • The fact that all vaccines contain dangerous chemicals and adjuvants and allergenic toxins; for example, the COVID vaccine has Poly Ethylene Glycol which Dr. Madez says 70% of recipients are allergic to. “Allergies” are the body’s reactions to poisons in vaccines.
  • How health in allopathic medicine has not focused on supporting the body’s ability to heal itself but mistakenly treats the symptoms of the body healing itself, in other words, attacks the body’s healing itself.
  • How health comes from good nutrition, sunshine, exercise, social harmony and not from vaccines.
  • How vaccines are actually bioweapons and launch diseases into the world.
  • Why being Anti-Vaccine is a sane and critical response to the clear dangers and detriments of vaccines which have become a part of “Public Health” agendas only because of profit-centric pharmaceutical companies making billions while not being held liable for vaccine injuries.

Article covering some of this material and highlighting the VAERS reported on the CDC/HHS website here:

Dangers of ALL Vaccines Highlighted as Deaths and Injuries From the Experimental mRNA COVID Vaccines Pile Up

Posted by Dr. Carrie Madej on Twitter:

(8) Carrie Madej, D.O. on Twitter: “Make no mistake. You are the lab rat, you are the guinea pig when you consent to this CV injection.” / Twitter

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