NSA Whistleblower Powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe Stand Up to Support “Targeted Individuals” Worldwide

by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted 10/16/2016

(With information from Ella Free, Cait Ryan, Paul Baird, and other human rights activists)

In a breakthrough historic and supportive move on a Talkshoe call-in show last week—and a first in terms of notable public figures publicly acknowledging covert targeting with electromagnetic and neuro-weapons as real–NSA whistleblower powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe stepped forward to announce their support, concern for, and distinct plans to assist the entire community of “Targeted Individuals” in the United States and worldwide.


William Binney, Retired Technical Director, NSA
Kirk Wiebe, Retired Senior Analyst, NSA

Informed observers will know that “TIs” –often outspoken people of integrity in their communities who become the targets of wrongful surveillance–have long sought redress through civil liberties and human rights groups for their experience of long-term, continuous, and profoundly inhumane remote assault with radiation and sonic weapons, directed-energy weapons (also labeled “non-lethal” weapons), and classified technologies, as well as community slander, stalking, and psychiatric discrediting in what many have suspected are clandestine and illegal programs of biometric surveillance, COINTELPRO, and non-consensual weapons-testing and neuro-experimentation.

(While data continues to trickle in, it is currently estimated by various activists that there are up to 10,000 Targeted Individuals in the US and guesstimates of up to 30 million worldwide.)

The call was hosted and arranged by activist and Talkshoe host, Ella Free, a media-savvy activist from Oregon with training in broadcasting from Juillard, a career background in fashion-modeling and advertising from New York and California, and a warm and generous persona well-suited to putting her guests and callers at ease on the supportive call-in show she hosts twice weekly for those being wrongfully assaulted by classified technologies and radar/microwave surveillance devices.

This particular late night show garnered a lot of interest among TIs nationwide with 211 callers, 87 live participants, and 160 downloads (and hundreds more since the first week) of the nearly four-hour long show, which is still online at Talkshoe and can be accessed here. Ella Free, a long-time foster-mother and currently adoptive mom to three siblings offered an intellectual probing of NSA surveillance and security issues yet projected a warm and nurturing tone to the conversation which felt like it was taking place under mellow lamplight in a family living-room, with both illustrious guests seemingly as candid and eager to talk as the many callers who offered their appreciation and support.

In consequence, both Mr. Wiebe and Mr. Binney offered quite candid retrospectives of their experience at the NSA post 9-11, of uncovering illegal programs of surveillance violative of the US Constitution, more vivid in many ways than previous national reportage on these subjects (more below).

Proving the Reality of Remote Radiation Targeting, Tracking, and Assault

chc_2014_facebookWhen asked how they had heard about the darker programs of targeting, Bill Binney said he had been introduced to the phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” when he was invited to give a talk in Brussels at the Covert Harassment Conference in 2014, by well-known Swedish mind control activist Magnus Olsson, and heard the testimonies and talks there by several speakers. Kirk Wiebe said he was first informed about this kind of abusive targeting by Phil Marie in Connecticut, host of the Wheel of Freedom radio show, which has featured several NSA whistleblowers including Kirk Wiebe, Karen Stewart, and Thomas Drake.


Wheel of Freedom

Mr. Binney, who assured his audience his and Mr. Wiebe’s over-40 years of experience with data analysis, crypto-mathematics, and scientific process is being brought to bear on this task, is seeking to prove to an all-too-under-informed world the absolute reality of assault with remote radiation neuroweaponry in our midst and described his plan to do so.

Kirk and I have agreed to look at data that is being compiled by other TIs–and they’re looking at the community around the world and trying to gather information. Here’s what we’re attempting to do.

We need to have some kind of irrefutable process to prove what kinds of things are happening …and what the consequences are and how it’s affecting people. So we want to collect all the symptoms people have–not emotional or feeling, but just the basic facts–what is happening and exactly what it is, not burying it in any kind of emotion, but assembling the basic facts—on specifically how they are affected.”

The next step, he says, comes from “assembling information from publications and so on from the government—on non-lethal weapons that are being developed, and the kinds of consequences that can accrue from these kinds of weapons–and then we’ll be matching one with the other… putting together ways and means of looking at the spectrum within which these devices operate, and seeing how it will be possible to detect and verify that these things are occurring.

And then finally, we’ll try to put together recommendations on how people should proceed, to try and prove what is happening with them specifically with compiled evidence–in such a way that you can bring the evidence into a court of law, without emotion, a straightforward means of documenting events and happenings and evidence. We’re trying to use the discipline that we use for our data analysis, the kind of process that Kirk and I have experience in for over 40 years–trying to put it in this kind of scientific process that would be demonstrable in a court of law.”

Concealed High-Tech Side of NSA Surveillance: Remote Brain Targeting

Offering supportive responses to the many callers who thanked them for their courage in standing up for TIs, as for instance, a man from Florida, who informed them his teenage sons were also targeted, and said, “It takes courage to stand up to a government out of control,” Kirk Wiebe responded to a question by long-time activist Todd Giffen on what they knew of NSA’s more high-tech satellite tracking capabilities. Todd remarked he had done much investigative research, and had documentation to prove his case yet lacked funding and lawyers, to which Wiebe responded:

We understand the predicament you are in, we have been in similar situations–just because we haven’t seen it at NSA or CIA doesn’t mean a doggone thing…NSA and CIA work in compartmented areas, or on a Need to Know basis. We do know government has a history of experimentation against people, and the DOD has authorization to conduct experiments on people, some with consent, some without consent–they have the power and the money to deliver all kinds of electronic methods against people. We need to do some correlation as a group. Thank God we have people like you.”

us_military_satellite_network2Todd Giffen, who created and runs the informative websites, obamasweapon.com, and drrobertduncan.com, had pointed out that although much information now exists, thanks to Snowden and other whistleblowers about “the low tech side, the fiber-optic bulk acquisition through telecommunications,” we don’t hear at all about the high-tech side, and space capabilities, which he said Russell Tice has spoken about. He mentioned satellite technologies, remote electron spin resonance scans, 3-d holograph scans from military satellites, as well as remote brain scans—described in Malech’s patent of 1974—and through-wall surveillance technology. From his experience of time spent at Oregon State Hospital, he mentioned also that he had seen “security audio and video of staff spying on people, doing a full brain scan.” Bill Binney responded that he could only say he knew of “some of the capabilities they have, but nothing of the nature of what you’re talking about–I’d like to see documentation.”

malech1Todd Giffen suggested they might look up “military radar MRI,” technology which has been around for 40 years, which, he says, is being used now for counter-Intelligence, to torture people who have witnessed Government crimes. In comment, Todd adds, “In fact, military radar does MRI, and all MRI machines are adapted from military radar/satellite tech.”

Targeted Individuals” Call in With Information on Covert Brain Targeting and Directed-Energy Weapons Assault

Other notable callers to the show included David Voigts, former US Navy officer who has been walking across America to raise awareness about Targeted Individuals and the covert human-machine-interface program experimentation he says they are being subjected to, Dave Case, an electronics engineer who said he was targeted following an invention on photonic processes he tried to patent, and who offered a countermeasure to beat the tinnitus and induced brain damage from continuous Remote Neural Monitoring, James Lico, another long-term activist who spoke about radar tracking from satellites and directed-energy weapon use from neighbors, and Rosanne Marie Schneider who has compiled much useful information in a book titled Surveillance, Torture and Control in the Modern World, and offered advice on toxicology analysis and SCADA analysis, methodologies she noted of determining the content of radio-frequency nanotrancievers in human bodies, related to targeting with remote surveillance radar.

51oozfom-zlaAdditionally, various callers called in to report the traumatic and deleterious effects of the abusive targeting they are currently experiencing, with a few in tears as they reported round-the-clock assaults with directed-energy weapons that cause all kinds of damage to health including radiation burns, tinnitus, hypertension, organ damage, electric shocks, painful remote neural monitoring, and EMF attacks on their children. Callers expressed outrage and distress over the use of covert weaponry in a program of 24/7 surveillance which is apparently being hidden glibly by our Surveillance State as rightful “surveillance,” under false cover of a blitz of National Security Letters to communities, local vigilanteism, and wrongful secret charges of Patriot Act/Freedom Act-extended “terrorism” and “espionage”.

Non-Consensual Neuro-Experimentation


David Voigts

Ex-Navy Officer and whistleblower David Voigts, introducing himself, mentioned his Naval training as a systems engineer specializing in Nuclear warfare and Electronic warfare, where he had learned that a covert program of non-consensual neuro-experimentation with brain-computer interfaces was underway and ruining the lives of thousands of people across America and worldwide. As a whistleblower, he intimated, he too had had to weigh his own options of disclosure; the path he chose was to find a way to have himself be targeted or entered into the program, so he could work from the inside to speak out and reveal its existence.

Dave Case, an electronic engineer who said he tries to come on as many calls as he can and offers his invention freely as a countermeasure to help targets defeat the remote brain link and sleep better, explained both his targeting and his invention: “I tried to make a photonic processor and a photonic memory system–I was attacked by an agency with very high technology–ringing tinnitus in my ear absolutely destroyed my life. My countermeasure helped 29 people reduce or eliminate tinnitus.” He said he learned “that a patent on my photonic processor already exists and it’s called National Security, that’s why I was targeted, I have documentation of a NSA lawsuit.”

brain2Describing the system of remote brain targeting, he said:

“NSA Signals Intelligence uses remote brain stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link–what my invention does is jam the spectrum they are using, it’s called a bio-relevant feedback loop. If you target a individual, you have to get their heart rate, their body temperature, brain waves, many sets of data, and I believe they’re using the GPS signal as a main carrier and these photonic processors in a magic tree formation and they’re using this to target a large number of individuals…they are using the skin as a transducer, in other words, the skin is transforming a higher frequency to an audible frequency.”

Questioned by Kirk Wiebe about the audible frequency, he said “it is a range of about 5 khz to 35 khz,” and that his countermeasure created a signal played via CD and headphones that “contaminates the bio-relevant feed-back loop and breaks down the loop and then the brain is free from brain-link and your brain is allowed to heal—because they’re actually damaging the brain, they are interfering with the brain chemistry.” Both Binney and Wiebe expressed interest in hearing more and in working more closely with Mr. Case.

dsm5Other callers included one from Tomo Shibata, an activist in the Bay Area working on setting up class-action lawsuits, one aimed at the American Psychiatric Association for permitting and creating the duplicitous superstructure for psychiatrists to issue wrongful diagnoses of paranoid schizophrenia for all those reporting remote electronic assaults with EMFs. She reported that initial conversations with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group, had been encouraging, with EFF suggesting they might get involved as co-counsel.

Another caller mentioned the need for scientific and technical expert assistance with measuring, documenting, and proving the reality of assaults with electromagnetic weapons. In both cases, Mr. Wiebe was encouraging and helpful, offering advice and contact information for people he knew who might be able to help, and stating that their survey project was intended to lead to eventual identification of the right scientific and medical team, who could assist further.

Notably, one caller asked if Snowden may have downloaded a document covering this EMF targeting, and Kirk Wiebe mentioned the names of journalists Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman among those in charge of Snowden’s 1.5 million-document cache as the right people to ask about this. Bill Binney mentioned the difficulties in parsing through such vast amounts of data, including the need for unique descriptors and keywords. The book, The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic (The American Empire Project) by Chalmers Johnson, a historic treatment of the rise of the US military/Intelligence state was recommended by another caller.

Scrapping the Constitution in Secret and Creating a Secret Government Within the Government”

The framework for this call of course was Ella Free’s interview with both high-profile whistleblowers, whom she had first contacted in relation to possible shows with Sean Stone, actor, TV producer, and documentary film-maker (and son of Oliver Stone), featured in Jesse Ventura’s show, Conspiracy Theory/Brain Invaders, with whom she had struck a connection after reaching out to him on social media.

Re-living their own experience at the NSA just around the time of 9/11 offers startling insights into the atmosphere and secrecy of covert government programs originating at that time.

In describing his own latter work supporting Bill Binney’s efforts to extract “nuggets of Intelligence gold” from the vast cache of data available on the Internet, Kirk Wiebe, retired Senior Analyst at the NSA said he was “appalled that NSA completely ignored what Bill had done in that effort and left the ballgame to private industry, no doubt to curry favor financially after that—it’s part of a normal tradition for senior government workers: they leave government life and take lucrative jobs with private contractors essentially, so money took a fair amount of importance at the cost of American lives–money took precedence over normal lives.”

Turning the System Loose Against Americans

An important question posed by Ms. Felder was: When did these whistleblowers first realize the lack of integrity in the NSA and notice violations of the Constitution?

Kirk Wiebe narrated how a sudden storing of servers in the hallway and being kept out of “sensitive discussions” at a meeting helped raise suspicions that something at the NSA wasn’t quite right. Confirmation came, he said, when the contractor Bill Binney was working with “was asked by NSA authorities to begin using some of the tools Bill had put together for analysis, to look at the private data of American phone calls, in other words, US citizens, even though they hadn’t done anything wrong. And that contractor asked Bill: Bill, do you realize what they are doing…they are turning the system loose against Americans.”

And of course when you hear something like that, that’s the worst thing possible. And it had been drilled into our heads that one does not spy, and turn the machinery of spies against the American people. We had gone through that kind of illegal behavior in 1975. Severe penalties were put against the NSA, two Congressional Intelligence committees were set up to make sure it never happened again—and here we are in the 2000s now, years later, and the Intelligence committees are actually in bed with NSA, they act in concert to protect what NSA is doing, rather than doing the oversight for the American people that they were empowered to do in 1975. What an utter catastrophe for privacy and freedom in the United States.

Bill Binney picked up the narrative:

Of course I discussed it with Kirk–we couldn’t stay there and be accessories to all these crimes they were committing. They were scrapping the Constitution in secret and creating basically a secret government within the government–and they got it by bringing in initially only 4 people from Congress: Chair and Ranking Member of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees; on the House that was Porter Goss, Chair, and Nancy Pelosi was the Ranking Member. And (Bob) Graham and (Richard) Shelby were Members on the Senate side. They brought those 4 people in on the 4th of Oct, 2001, and gave them a briefing on it, they were not allowed to bring any staff or talk to anyone about it and they all agreed to these programs at that time–and at the same time they got briefed on all the torture programs and such out of the CIA. Once they agreed, you see, they were now co-opted in, they had to defend the programs in their respective Houses of Congress.

At that point we decided we couldn’t stick around for all this and we had to get out there as fast as we could. It took us two and a half weeks to get out of the place.”

Bill Binney also notes that since he knew all the leadership at the NSA, since he was, himself, in a top management position, working for the Deputy Director, NSA, he “didn’t think it was necessary to talk to them because they were all committed to this–obviously their orders came from the White House. I mean, Richard Nixon got impeached for a fraction of what was happening today. It was obvious to me it was pointless to talk to them, we had to go directly to the Congressional Committees–it was their job, their charter, the Committees were created to protect against this, but you see, we didn’t know that the leadership of those Committees were both committed to this–so that was a pointless effort.”

And Diane Rourke was the one we went to initially, she attempted to try to get it across to them, she wrote internal memos about it too at that time, this was late 2001, early 2002–but that didn’t work–after that we attempted to go to the third branch, the Supreme Court, get a meeting with Chief Justice Rehnquist at the time.” He details, interestingly, how this effort was conducted through social connections. “We were going outside channels, because we knew that channels would stifle it—but that didn’t work at all either–eventually we complained to the DOJ and DOD Inspector Generals, and also some members of Congress—but after that, that’s when the FBI and the DOJ attempted to falsify evidence to indict us–the only reason they didn’t was we caught them at it, and we had evidence of malicious prosecution, and they dropped us like a hot potato at that point.”

Sabotage, Framing, Fabrication, Blacklisting

Discussing his program Thin Thread at NSA, Bill Binney emphasized that filters it used to detect threats focused primarily on known targets, identified through zone-of-suspicion graphing via specific social media activity, and excluded Americans communicating with Americans unless a known target was involved, but these filters, among others, were dropped, as the more sweeping and less-focused Trailblazer was adopted instead.

Kirk Wiebe recounted how “after we left the building, we decided to get together with Ed Loomis (Senior Computer Systems Analyst) who also managed that research with Bill at the NSA” and use typical court-procedures based on probable-cause information to apply to their own data analysis of high volume digital communications, for clients such as the CIA and DHS, in ways that did not violate the Constitution or the Fourth Amendment.

This was repeatedly sabotaged:

Every time we succeeded we were shut down…even though we were demonstrating success with several clients, including DHS and Boeing Corporation. Contracts were terminated….When I spoke to a senior executive at Boeing and showed him a basic graph (how) we would protect the IDs of innocents, he said ‘Nobody cares about that!’–and this guy had high contacts in government. And Bill and I were appalled to hear that response–‘Nobody cares about that.’ That was a rude awakening for me, finding out that your government didn’t really care about the Constitution and the rights of the people.”

Bill Binney also notes, about the heavily-redacted DOD Inspector General’s report (following whose release the FBI raided the homes [on the 26th of July, 2007], of complaint-signers Binney, Wiebe, Loomis, and Roark simultaneously) investigating their complaints of fraud, waste, and corruption at the NSA: “The IG report is redacted because it catches them in all their lies—the corruption, the fraud, and the waste.”

Then-insider NSA official Thomas Drake, instrumental in the research and creation of the IG Report, was also raided, six months later. In both cases, Binney notes, fabrications and wrongful attempts to tie them to wrongdoing were evident: “It’s framing people. That’s basically what they tried to do to us, to fabricate evidence to convict us, to put us away for thirty-five years just like they tried to do with Tom.”

Binney notes that after three times of being charged in this way after the FBI raid, Binney and Wiebe unloaded all their evidence (on a known-to-be-tapped phone-call to Thomas Drake) so as to inform the tapping-in FBI they would sue them for fabrication of evidence and malicious prosecution if they tried to indict them, not long after which, unsolicited, they were quietly provided letters of immunity by the Department of Justice and the charges dropped.

The point to be made here, Mr. Wiebe stressed, was that the NSA sought desperately to make examples of Thomas Drake as well as these whistleblowers, suspending clearances, stooping to fabricate evidence in attempts to “put the fear of God” into any future whistleblower, and punish them.

Bill Binney stated that taxpayers were being bilked out of hundreds of billions of dollars by the NSA, where a steady pipeline runs from the non-solving of the problem to keeping contractors contracting and profiting. “What they’re doing is cover up the biggest swindle the world has ever seen.” The vision statement for the NSA that Binney provided to Thomas Drake’s campaign ran: “Keep the problem going, so the money keeps flowing.”

Consequences outside these charges also persisted; Binney mentioned being warrantlessly wiretapped and blacklisted, so neither could obtain further employment in their field and continue to use their security analysis expertise in service to the nation. “The FBI would come behind us and say we’re investigating these people,” so job opportunities and contracts fell through. Thomas Drake, as well, was subject to these attempts at complete career destruction.

Were these the country’s most high-profile Targeted Individuals themselves then? Blacklisting and employment sabotage along with character ruination in the community, TIs know, are hallmarks of the inexplicable assault on their character and integrity. Both whistleblowers aver commitment to exposing government wrongdoing. “Now the target is to get the word out on how the government is shredding the Constitution…we’re not even able to get redressal in the courts.” Kirk Wiebe mentioned the case Jewel vs the NSA in the 9th Circuit Court, as the only case that is still ongoing, that might offer some hope.

The recently-released films, A Good American and Oliver Stone’s Snowden, Bill Binney recommended, are means for letting Americans see more clearly “what kind of evil government we really have”.

Intelligence Agency Exemptions from Whistleblower Protections & Government Audits: “A Set-Up For Corruption”

Very relevant to the issue of covert targeting and covert electronic surveillance today are the issues of blanket exemptions for Intelligence agencies, who don’t have to protect whistleblowers, and are permitted to keep all their expenditures hidden, even from Congress, by dodging audits.

Kirk Wiebe notes, “There are laws to protect whistleblowers everywhere in government except the Intelligence Community—so we’re exempted, and I wonder why.”

Bill Binney points out also that “NSA and Intelligence agencies are exempt from auditing by the US government…Which means, as Head of NSA, you get 10-15 billion dollars a year to spend, and no-one checks to see where you spent it…it’s a set-up for corruption and that’s exactly what’s going on.”

Kirk Wiebe marked the inexplicable refusal by Congressional Committees to address NSA corruption, surveillance over-reach, and denial of rights:

While we’re helping educate the average person about these issues, we’re making no headway in the political arena. We’ve been invited to the Hill to talk to Congresspeople but nothing changes, and we’re never even invited–we have testified before the Council of Europe, in the British Parliament, the Austrian Parliament, and other EU Parliamentarians–but not once have we sat down with a Committee of Congressmen to discuss what we could bring to the government in the way of fixing what is now a Constitutional crisis of mass surveillance and denial of rights–never once.”

A rejoinder from Bill Binney caps the irony here of Intelligence Committees failing to gather intelligence:

“I also testified to the German Bundestaag, and the Intelligence Committees of the US government sent representatives over to listen–I looked at them and said, you know I’m only just 20 miles up the road, why don’t you give me a call, I’ll come down. Instead, they sent them all the way to Germany, Berlin to listen to my testimony–that tells you the kind of corruption and insecurity involved in our own government.”

Deeper and Darker NSA Today: “A Raft of Failures”

To Ella’s closing question about their thoughts on the current NSA, whether they think it’s gotten better, or just deeper and darker, both former NSA officials indicated the latter.

nsa-1aBill Binney said “They like to stay deeper and darker…They left vulnerabilities in place in source code for years and permitted exposure of data, leaving everyone in the world vulnerable to attack–and that’s how the OPMs got hacked, millions of citizens applying for clearances…and now they’re using this information that we are being attacked to drum up much more money for Cybersecurity.”

Direct in his assessment, he spelled out: “It’s a process of trying to swindle money out of the population–so it’s been a swindle all along with these Intelligence Communities and Committees. This is what Eisenhower warned about–the Military-Industrial complex—now, it’s the Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex.”

Kirk Wiebe pointed to the inefficiencies of massive bulk collection of data, and NSA’s inability to stop terrorism:

The other thing I would add, Ella, is it’s shocking to hear of attacks in Paris, Brussels, the shootings, it’s been a raft of failures—NSA failed to stop any of them, that is shocking–the only reason NSA exists is to stop threats and they’re failing miserably, and every year they ask for more money, and more access to data, and they continue to argue that they are failing because they don’t have enough, but no, they are failing because they are dying on too much data–they can’t pick out the needles from a monstrous haystack–this lunacy of getting more and more about innocent people is ridiculous; we need to focus on getting data only from those with most suspicion of committing terror on people.”

Care and Concern For Those Being Targeted, Tortured with Remote Radiation Weapons

Outstanding on this call, which commends itself for so many reasons, and should be listened to by any and every citizen worldwide with an interest in the truth, human rights, and humanity, was the true concern and kindness evinced by both Kirk Wiebe and Billl Binney, who frequently said, “I wish we could do more to help all these people,” “Someone had to do something,” and “We are going to get this addressed.” Interviewer Ella Felder’s care and concern, as well, to support and connect all callers shone through.

Considering that the issue of Targeted Individuals and remote attacks with radiation/psychotronic/Mind Control weapons—much maligned, lied-about online at places like Wikipedia, Rational Wiki, (and, surprisingly, even the moderated Comments section at The Intercept), clearly propagandaized by mainstream media, including stalwarts like the New York Times—has been suppressed, repressed, and kept covert for decades now (all in the service of “National Security”?) this public endorsement by these two whistleblowers of integrity and conscience seems to represent a huge step forward both for “TI”s and all of humanity.

Ella Free spoke truly for all being covertly assaulted worldwide, no doubt, when she mentioned the relief of TIs at finally being recognized: “We are beyond grateful.”

Robert Duncan, author of Project Soulcatcher, and cybernetics expert who has spoken out about covert military and Intelligence “mind-hacking projects” marks the moment rather portentously for the world on Facebook: “You have the right team. You have embarked on an important and remarkable journey. The world will never be the same. Innocence will be lost.”

Information for Those Being Targeted

The team working with both whistleblowers to collect information and documentation is being led by Cait Ryan, Director of US CACH, United States Coalition Against Covert Harassment.

Those targeted, both here in the USA and worldwide, are advised to patiently wait for the Survey which will be sent out soon, via listservs, Facebook, websites, and other means, and which will offer a precise framework to send in the details of their targeting.

Those wishing and able to send in information on Government publications, patents on technologies, relevant papers, and research are advised to send these in immediately, on an ongoing basis, to the US CACH team, email id (please use either or both): caitrye@gmail.com or cait.uscach@gmail.com. Participation of all being targeted worldwide is requested.

Updating information will be posted at US CACH and also at this site, The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

Stay tuned, as this massive establishment cover-up of covert targeting with stealth weapons worldwide continues to unfold. One more blow for the global totalitarian Surveillance State? Let’s hope so.


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  2. Anyone know of a home turned into a faraday cage to block these weapons? If anyone is interested in turning a home into a farady cage, please contact me. It would be great if a group of targeted people could create a safe living, sleeping environment. These so called whistle blowers are more frauds. If they were really trying to prove this crime they would hook up victims to a spectrum analyser and see what frequencies are being used on them. My email biketour88@mail.com

  3. Seems as though the Thugs are at it again. Monitoring my letter to this site and trying to erase it before I get the words on the screen. I did not repeat myself that is just their feeble attempt to question my Lucidity. S Malone

  4. I am a former Police Officer and Detective in the state of NC. I am also a Whistle Blower for the Dept I worked at Which resulted in 6 Serious Violations for the town thru the NC dept of Labor .Since that time I have been a Targeted Individual that has been Harassed 24/7. My family has been witnesses to this at the hands of the Government. My home is broken into often. My Internet hacked daily as well as damage to my property and computers. I am followed and Gas Lighted at every business I shop. I have been threatened many times and now my neighbors are participating in this devious retribution. I need a Attorney that can help me to gain my life back from I would appreciate any assistance you might be able to give me.. I have been threatened many times and now my neighbors are participating in this devious retribution. I need a Attorney that can help me to gain my life. Today my son asked me if I would report this again if I had a chance to do this all over again and I told him I would and that this is a matter of principle and what is right. This has been very hard on my family as they have tried to destroy my life. contact 336-587-5256

    Thank You

  5. Pingback: ‘… led to perceptible changes in their brains. It is one of several factors fuelling growing scepticism that some kind of sonic weapon was involved. Medical testing has revealed the embassy workers developed changes to the white matter tracts

  6. Pingback: ‘Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba – led to perceptible changes in their brains. It is one of several factors fuelling growing scepticism that some kind of sonic weapon was involved. Medical testing has revealed

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  8. the american diplomats and canadian diplomats targeted with so called sonic weapons in Cuba is probably more like electro magnetic waves used against them so funny that they keep sticking to the sonic idea and not eletro magnetic waves which is more plausible and if you read the stories they all downplay the sonic waves as being capable of doing what has been done so why are they staying away from the electro magnetic waves which is probably the best explanation.. I dont think Cuba is involved whatsoever…any one go sniff sniff sniff

  9. Frank Allen

    Hi guys,
    Unfortunately I am unable to get the survey. Could You please rectify the problem. I lost my Access Code. I have spent a weeks time trying to get it back then when all was said and done I had to resend the information to them. I got my Access Code to My new survey earlier this evening. My work was lost as no one was able to provide me with the old code.
    Sincerely Yours,
    FH Allen

  10. Hello Ramola,

    I am a TI from Sri Lanka. This is my story.

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  12. Thank you very much for this post!
    Please note that as soon as in 1992, the NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei took legal proceedings against the NSA (Civil Action 92-0449 at the US courthouse in Washington, D.C.), informing about methods of electromagnetic brain surveillance and manipulation:
    The fight for the truth must go on!

  13. Juan santiago genis gonzalez

    Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. May God bless you.

  14. Apparently our societies and our governments have been taken over by this absolute anarchy being practiced by so-called security and Intel and law enforcement agencies, on behalf of this global/bankers’ quest for power. Yet many stay completely unaware that this is going on. Thanks so much for the link. This situation cannot hold–and the only way to end it is to keep exposing it and demanding change. Criminals are running the jailhouse. If you have a shred of morality in you And you speak out, they come after you to shut you down. Can’t have their crimes being exposed…but the world is changing. Their crimes Will be revealed. Stay well and strong.

  15. Hope you are doing ok, Juan. Try to ignore the bad behavior of these cops and keep living your life and staying strong. Best.

  16. I have been government GANGSTALKED in U.K. since year 2000,its part of UN Agenda 21 depopulation
    Government Funded Soviet Gangstalking Harrassment Police State IS NOW HERE

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  18. My name is Juan Santiago Genis Gonzalez, I’m 35 years of age and I live in a town called Anenecuilco In the state of Morelos in Mexico. I’m a targeted individual and might soon lose my freedom. The cops around here along with many other people including family members don’t seem to get tired of making my life a living hell. They are always trying to blame me for everything that happens aroud here even though they know I have nothing to do with it. They also have tried to frame me and right now are trying to tie me up to a corps they found 2 houses from mine. This is too much and i don’t know what will happen to my wife and my 9 month old son if yhey falsely accuse me of this. We are alone here in Mexico. Please keep us in your prayers . In case all this crazy things they do against us targeted individuals comes to light. Please don’t forget about my amily and I in case they do frame me for they’re trying to frame me. Hopefully my family can get some type of retribution or compensation for what they did to us. I have already given you guys my name. My wife’s name is Cecilia Gonzalez Flores and my sons name is James Isaiah Genis Gonzalez. Please don’t forget about them. Phone number is; 735 160-8742 mexico
    Thank you for your time and hopefully all this ends soon. God bless and take care


  20. Trying to get help in Israel. Need a statement from someone here with credentials that will verify that this techology exists. Is there anybody in Israel that knows about this?

  21. hscguineapig414895

    Can these NSA Whistle blowers assist with who’s behind these 43 unauthorized metallic implants in the cerebral cortex, which were imposed Dec. 9,1969, at 14 years of age, by Neurosurgeon Dr. Harold J. Hoffman of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. There was no informed consent, nor explanation for this implant intrusion. Many theories, CIA MK-ULTRA, NSA Remote Neural Monitoring, Alien Brain Implant research, brain tissue transplantation, I just don’t know, what these doo-dads are all about. We have a lot of unauthorized covert brain surgical research at Sick Kids, yet no office, nor advocate as to address this hidden child abuse. Any connections for Mulder and Scully, of the X-Files? What I got here, is a major X-file, and deserves disclosure. I’m also looking for intel, as to wether JFK’s missing brain tissue was used for MK-ULTRA research. (ie- covert transplantation) (My dreams since 60, indicate relationship) I’m Dr. Frankenstein’s monster,and I’m trying to make sense of it all. http://www.thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update

  22. I am a T.I. now living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Harassment began in 2002 with nightly, highly aggressive tailgating and brighting by vehicles nightly, followed by harassment by police in central NY with two instances of egregious violations of police procedure and police harassment and intimidation. Passenger in a staged car accident in 2005 in Colorado. “Floating box” vehicular surveillance all over state of Colorado 2006-2011. Intense organized stalking in 2007-2016 in 4 states and several locations. Tinnitus bouts from 2011-2016 (that go away as I walk away from home). Also blotchy red and swollen face.

    Repeated break-ins/illegal entries with tangible vandalism, property damage, and alteration and theft of small items at multiple residences. Overt surveillance and harassment by local police, especially after I spoke about neighbor’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking (neighbor was arrested for allegedly kidnapping a 17 year old girl with intention of dropping the alleged victim into sex trafficking ring). Police refusal to investigate significant vandalism to home. Family involvement in covering up acts of harassment. Grew up “outside of DC.”

    All security alarms and video cameras have been circumvented and are worthless.

    Continued organized stalking by ‘perps’ on foot and by vehicles (with distinct black/white/red ‘anchoring’ from NLP) from 2014 – 2016. Neighbors possibly involved in sex trafficking, do not work and appear to be monitoring me (someone is always home when I leave my home – so more than 600 times next door neighbor has been home). Slight burning and electrical stimulation between shoulder blades 2015-2016 (feels like a TENS unit or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on one area between the shoulder blades and spot also gets hot).

    I live in a town home complex with 24 units, and half of the occupants do not appear to work but all drive black, white, and red vehicles and all wear black, white, and red clothes (every day). More Organized Stalkers (many of whom have drug arrests on records and appear to be informants/snitches) moving into surrounding complexes.

    I have family and friends who work or worked in intelligence agencies, DoD, military, contractors, etc. Perhaps my “targeting” is due to someone close to me putting me on a terrorist watch list and not related to my activism, research or writing. Again, there are some family participating in the harassment.

    My background: Teacher, Social Worker, Some Activism & Research of 9-11, Anthrax Letters, Govt programs like MKUltra/Delta/Bluebird/Artichoke, etc…I have written a lot on online media about the medicinal use of cannabis…

    My organized stalking in Greensboro, NC — with the white, red and black clothing and cars — is truly remarkable, sometimes with dozens of perps (many of whom appear poor) for a simple trip to the grocery store. The stalking could not be coordinated and happen without the knowledge and possible orchestration of local police and possible intelligence agencies, possibly data fusion centers, InfraGard? FBI? DEA? DHS? National Sherrifs’ Association’s National Neighborhood Watch?, Private Contractor Surveillance Role Players?, Citizen Corps?, etc.

    Constant noise harassment with very loud trucks and other vehicles with amplified mufflers/motors parade by and through the complex every day and all day, but the people driving the vehicles do not live around my home. Staged screaming from next-door neighbor for 2.5 years, often outside of the home, right below my window. Other neighbors not involved in my harassment moved, when they called the police multiple times on mutual neighbor’s incredibly loud, disruptive, and scary screaming — at her young children and husband — and screaming neighbor never had to speak with police, though the police came to investigate the screaming on eight occasions that I witnessed.

    I’ve been falsely accused of threatening to physically harm two sets of neighbors (3 adults). False allegations made to Greensboro City Police Department. Other character smears and vague allegations, like I “scare all the children,” though I have had very little interaction with children and was never negative or angry. Some organized stalkers appear to be duped into believing I am somehow a threat, as quasi-secret neighborhood watch sticks to me like glue.

    Possible entrapment scenarios to get me to watch/babysit young children, from family involved in the harassment and crimes against me (the family with the wife who regularly disrupts the peace with her screaming tantrums that have gone on for as long as a half an hour.

    Note: I do realize all of this “sounds like” persecutory delusions, but it is an accurate account of what is indeed happening, and I’d greatly appreciate the comment being posted. I’ve posted it before, but perhaps it is too long?

  23. Thanks for the clarification (and your work).

  24. http://www.titaiwan.tumblr.com Contracts in Taiwan with various agencious being tested, no UN or human rights reporting, only Human rights Offocials working with mafia out of money or fear or both, not even takin reports in Taiwan, more stalking going on in China after relocationb, company of top tech refuse to smuggle in their gear as fear of being discovered and cloned/ripped off= China a good place for Ti’s

  25. Note from activists on numbers: “The 10,000 is an estimate of the known complaints that activists have tallied. Campaigners globally have received countless thousands of requests for help, and the guesstimate for all those affected, taking into account that most targeted people may never seek help or even search the Net, is in the millions. This includes public figures and persons of interest who are monitored 24/7 (and they know it) but not necessarily harassed. The 30 million is an estimate of all victims worldwide, including all recorded, all persons of interest, all monitored without their knowledge and all monitored and harassed that have no access to help—such as the institutionalized, the poor, the mentally disabled, the suicidal.”

  26. B. Jothy Shankar

    I am a Targeted Individual, am gang stalked as per Protocol, victim of DEW”s , they are doing this to read my mind, thought pattern, my spiritual practise trade secrets for free of cost and ‘they’ are learning out of my misery, there were attempts to Tag me schizophrenic but i came out of all odds, I am from New Delhi India .

  27. I am a targeted individual in the US and I am sure I’ve never been counted… and when are we going to take the words harassment out of our web sites and put it instead, victimized and tortured!

  28. That’s an interesting point, O.S., and I’ve asked a few people for more clarification. There is indeed a lot of confusion surrounding the numbers, and the nature of the targeting also seems to have something to do with it; rest assured this is a subject that will continue to be researched and written about. Perhaps this survey project from Mr. Binney & Mr. Wiebe will help establish the numbers more successfully.

  29. You write:
    “While data continues to trickle in, it is currently estimated by various activists that there are up to 10,000 Targeted Individuals in the US and guesstimates of up to 30 million worldwide.”

    Why should there be ‘only’ 10 000 TI:s in the USA and maybe as much as 30 million worldwide? Why should there be a much lesser percentage TI:s in the USA population vs percentage TI:s of the world population? The estimated figures doesn’t seem to be correct.

  30. I have been targeted for 6 years. Will try to hang in there til something is done to stop this


  31. Thank you for your excellent work …

  32. Robert O. Butner

    Thank you very much, Very informative. I appreciate it very much and will add reference to my website http://www.rob-files.com Robert O. Butner 

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4

  33. NAMASTE Im Targeteted Individual from Poland https://tomekbieniek.wordpress.com/help-me/

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