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Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics

Note & Op-Ed | Ramola D | 28 June 2023

Updated July 5 2023 | Updating July 6 2023

From the startling opener noting that neuroscientists simply don’t know “how mind occurs in the brain” to much of this surprising conversation focused on Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno convergence (covered earlier here), this June 15, 2023 radio podcast discussion at the US Army “Mad Scientist” Convergence Podcast featuring Dr. James Giordano and Dr. James Canton, offers up quite some food for concern for all:

449. One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Dr. James Giordano is the Chief of Neuroethics and a Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University, primarily a “neuroscientist by trade, by profession,” as he avers on this podcast, curiously now also introducing himself as an adjunct professor of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, which suggests that this military neuroscientist is scrambling to corral the dubious fields of Psychiatry, “Behavioral Health,” and Mental Health into Weaponized Neuroscience, or perhaps just gain the credentials to preside over both–to unravel why, we must listen to this podcast.

Dr. James Canton is the author of several books aiming at techno-futures, a former Apple exec, with affiliations ranging from the National Science Foundation to the National Science and Technology Council, Stanford, Wharton, the U.S. Army and Naval War Colleges, the Joint Special Operations University, the Singularity University at NASA, who, curiously, appears to have functioned as a management consultant and advisor not merely to the US Government–White House, Departments of State, Defense–but also Health and Human Services–on various subjects including especially on nanotechnology. His stated focus is on “Emerging Technologies” though (a subject for greater exploration soon given coverage at this site earlier), and “threats and opportunities” thereof, on which he says he’s advised four White Houses, while also working in the space of AI in the private sector, holding positions as CEO of 5 private companies; a special focus today, he notes is the NBIC from NSF covered allusively later in this podcast (excerpts from the 2002 NSF Convergence report below).

While both of these military/managing men–one presented (on the “Mad Sci blog”) as a “hard science” expert, the other as a “soft science” visionary–present a complex view of an intended future within the framework of national security and defense, the actual content of their references in terms of takeover of the human mind, brain, body, agency must be questioned: Is it really possible that demolishing human–in this case American–individuality, independence, autonomy, uniqueness, creativity, intelligence can contribute to keeping our country safe from our “adversaries” or “competitors”? (One would think “National Security” inheres in platforming and promoting American brilliance, not seeking to disappear it.)

Neuro-AI Convergence

Neuro-AI seeks the convergence of Neuroscience with Artificial Intelligence, which is discussed here as necessary for advancement in the sciences and military. Ways of bringing these sciences together, we’re told include nano-bio-info-cogno, which seems to be pretty much everything Mil-Intel Mad Science has dreamed up including nanotechnology, synthetic biology, powerful database systems, cognitive processing underlying the creation of AI, and a seeking to bring the worlds of Cogno: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, the BRAIN Initiative, Robotics, Bio: The study of Life, Biology, Medicine, Genetics, putatively also “Behavioral Health” and Psychiatry, Info: Supercomputing, Big Data, Telecom, Nano: Nanobiosensors, Nanobioelectronics, Nanomedicine et al together under one management umbrella, all of it wanting sadly to head Humanity and Life in the direction of full-on brain implantation and Borg’ing into a cerebral Internet, body, brain, and behavior to be continually manipulated. (Covered often earlier at this site including with former US Navy Mark Trump on this podcast.)

Report #147: Mark Trump & Barbara Hartwell, Podcast 1: Alerting All to the Techno-Abyss

This kind of merging of man with machine is insistently posited as the future of both warfare and society, with much predicated on its intended successes in numerous fields of endeavor.

Dr. Giordano talks about implications for Public Health and Safety, BioMedicine, Performance Optimization and “making people better,” mentioning National Security, military and Intelligence goals in securing “multi-domain” security (Air, Space, Cyber, et al) while also alluding to Global Biosecurity and a Global Bio Economy. The US he concedes has a modest lead in the field over its adversaries and competitors, but more needs to be done, Dr. Canton also notes, to connect and link the fields of AI and Neuroscience. “We’ve invented this technology, we haven’t converged and linked it.”

“Performance Optimization” enters the conversation, with Dr. Giordano hastening to surface (in presumptive Orwellian wise) how “making people better” via the Brain Sciences could contribute to the good–the problem there of course is the eternal one of fox guarding the henhouse which he surely knows by now is The primary problem with his dual-stance neuromilitaryscience/neuroethics discourse: Where are the voices of the writers, the journalists, the scholars, the ethical biologists and physicists, the true healers, the working professionals and citizenry alluded to here as the “people”, the mothers, the fathers, the children in this debate?

Weaponized Neurotechnology to Affect Behavior

Addressing the notion of Convergence, Dr. Giordano states his particular focus is “the intersection of the Brain Sciences and those technologies that are going to be vital for not only Public Health and Bio Medicine but also for key aspects of lifestyle, which would then include things like Performance Optimization, but of course what you can do in terms of rendering Good, making people better, there’s a flip side to that coin, you can also make people Worse, and of course, what’s good for me may not be good for you–which then brings us to the whole stage of how the Brain Sciences are being leveraged multi-nationally for a variety of nationalistic Goods–economically, biomedically, technologically, socially, of course militarily, and on the Intelligence front.” (We mustn’t miss the fact he’s actually given it all away quite successfully here, acknowledging that the Neuroweaponry /Nanoweaponry /Microweaponry (brain sciences and other tech) Collective is quite possibly likely to Destroy brains while it’s busy aiming apparently to modify behavior for the “Good,” much as MK ULTRA in “Behavioral Health” functions.) (Or, in other words, Neuroweaponry IS MK ULTRA, and MK ULTRA IS Neuroweaponry: Top Secret (until it’s not).)

Brain sciences he goes on to say must include the social sciences, humanities, or “soft sciences” while Dr. Canton calls for the NeuroAI, NeuroSci and NeuroCog communities to talk to each other, all of which requires further research for further reportage, but the rising implication here of using neuroscience and other technologies–putatively nanotechnology, imaging, scanning, facial recognition AI, remote sensing technologies, gene-editing technologies, EMF technologies utilizing wifi, telecom, telemetry to affect lifestyle, daily life, and effect a paternalistic hold on people’s “performance” at work or play–being referred to here and being along the same spectrum as the DEW Bio-Behavioral Research contracts inflicting physical damage on people reported often here earlier, is unmistakable. Are military energy technologies slated for dual-use now being intended or used (in hard-to-believe tech-transfer of historic CIA MK ULTRA neuro control tech) for “behavioral health” purposes?

And it turns out, indeed they are, as many modern technologies, “emerging” or “innovative”, being introduced into doctors’ offices and psychiatry treatments suggest: Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry? (Please also see the documents and notice of military contracts in Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWS and Neuroweapons… and US and NATO Weapons-Testing for more.)

Brain Control rather quickly becomes Mind Control here, with much nebulous allusion to the psycho and the social sciences, conjuring up visions of such awkward, human-erasive inventions as sentient simulation, metaverses and virtual reality, immersive AI and brain cloning, voice cloning and RHIC-EDOM (radio hypnosis and dissolving memory), synthetic telepathy and so on, a combination of disclosed, being-experimented-with, and reported-by-non-consensual-Neuro-experimentation-victims tech:

“Understanding the Brain Sciences as they exist today–and I’ve had the opportunity to be a neuroscientist for about 40 years now– is that the capabilities of the brain sciences and the technologies it both uses and evolves are highly dependent on the interaction with other sciences, not just the physical sciences, natural and life sciences which I think are axiomatic to the brain sciences–the Brain is a biological organ—but understanding the functions of the brain are psycho-social, and therefore the social sciences, in identifying what those investigative targets are going to be for the brain sciences—

In other words, what are we looking at? What cognitions, emotions, and behaviors are going to be vital to understand the structural, functional mechanisms, correlations but then also, how are we going to affect those things, how are we actually going to intervene in the Brain in these ways or in some way that is capable of modifying, modulating (which is a fancy way of saying Manipulating) those things that we colloquially refer to as Mind – but soon as you get there then you’re also dealing with not just the social sciences inclusive of Law but the Humanities – What is ethically correct to do and not correct to do, and of course with what philosophy, based upon what type of epistemology, what do we know and how do we know itShouldn’t we go forward with these things even though we don’t know what the manifest effects are going to be?

That said, the Brain Sciences are axiomatic to what we now consider to be Advanced Integrative Scientific Convergence – in other words you can’t do effective brain science without Convergence and desiloing other sciences both natural and physical sciences as well as social sciences and more broadly the humanities—what are sometimes called soft sciences. So brain sciences Are convergent, it’s that Convergent that enables and force-multiplies the brain sciences to be used in the Social Science Public and obviously National Security Military and Intelligence milieu.”

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Remote-Access Neuro Takeover of “the Human System, the Biological Organism”

With Dr. Canton delineating five key domains within the Neuro-AI Convergence (militarily) envisioned comprising Chips and Hardware, Software, Cloud Platforms and Satellites, Systems like Tele-Robotics, Decision Support Systems, Decision Analysis, and Wearables meaning BCI-AI (brain computer interfaces and supercomputer AI), Dr. Giordano ruminates on challenges ahead regarding “how these five…are going to be yoked to the human system, the biological organism” and suggests looking to “other species as proxies, biomimetic systems, hierarchical systems”.

Neuro Cognitive science, he says, cannot be done “without actuating Big Data and Machine Learning” (the latter referring silently to artificial neural networks) — which is ominous in itself, given the military’s disclosures on Neuro Cognitive Weapons in recent times: Is it possible that human brains and human intelligence, in this dystopian view, are being prepped for downgrading, degrading, occluding and harm through techno Artificial Intelligence overlays?

The domain of wearables he notes includes implantables, injectables, nano levels of chemicals, with migration to key areas (an echo of intelligent targeting bioweapons there), real-time remote sensing (via nanobiosensors presumably) “real time reading from the living brain and writing into the living brain,” all of which he now confirms is part of a “global bio economy” with “peer competitors” and its own train of implications for National Security, Military, and Intelligence.

Listen again (past Cyberhacking) and we hear the whole of it, he Does go into that whole messy concept of nano NSA Neurosurveillance, reading brains in real time, and writing into them too, meaning with gaps and spaces and wiping out of memory so Neuro Cog, as Biodefense names it, or Neurology Live, takes on its real Black Ops Cloak of nanobiosensor nets :

…so yah, Wearables, are Certainly a Domain, but Wearables in what way? Things that are donnable and doffable? Or things that are Intrinsics—in the scale of properties that Dr. Canton mentioned, working down at that low Nano Level Scale whether we’re talking about nano level concentrations of chemicals and/or nanoscale engineering devices–are highly implantable, inhalable, swallowable, injectables, migrated into key areas where My work intersects, in the Brain, and then form literally Vast Arrays of Sensors and Transmitters that allow Real Time Remote Sensing and Engagement of the Brain—in other words, Real Time Reading from the Living Brain and Writing Into the Living Brain.

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists
Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE | NSF/DOC-sponsored report | June 2002

This is information from the military-intelligence world which every person on the planet needs to be aware of and needs to track, question and speak out about. But there is more, and that relates to the “Human Performance Optimization” mentioned earlier. Dr. Canton, asserting that AI and Neuro AI systems are going to supersede human intelligence in decision-making and data analysis soon enough (a point of contention with many I would imagine given that we don’t have NeuroAI playing chess with either yet), suggests a seeming need to enforce in the average human being this belief-in-the-unproven-yet-intended (forcing humans to roll over and cave to NeuroAI takeover?) via human augmentation with brain technology: “You either enhance the human to understand that–Rapid Decisionmaking, Rapid Deployment, Rapid Analysis–and we can Do that, there are lots of ways that are non-invasive–Neuralink and other companies are playing with ways to Do that–but that same technology could be hacked and used against us–so there are much broader much bigger social ethical issues here, I am confident we can navigate this properly…”

The implication being also that top “adversary” countries like Russia and China are engaged in the same “race” to the fore, requiring constant vigilance and padding of budgets, an old story from the military on every score, while Ethics of course remains an exclusive stronghold of the West, much waffling about ancient cultures, traditional cultures and so on gilding the conversation on China–with some surface attention paid to the obvious history we are familiar with of Communism in those parts. “That’s not to advocate an authoritarian US,” assures Dr. Giordano, as he meanders through thickets of a “whole of Government approach” needing to “conjoin whole of nation approaches” then fixes his sights on “bipartisan Unity” being essential to ensure the US remains competitive with a “definite strategic plan” and unchanging posture given that our adversaries had gotten ahead by way of a “triple helix” of conjoined sectors–Government, research, commercial.

Neuroethics Contemplates “Revising Certain Ethical Principles (for) a New Global Order”: (“A More Dialectical Approach to Ethical Realities”)

Ethics remains, if only in cosmetic cover, a topic for discussion, with “asymmetry in ethics” of course skewed only in favor of the US, still seen in this rose-colored light as Leader in Virtue (of whatever dubious means): “We provide a Global Security,” explains Dr. Canton, as he looks to a “War for the Future” while longing for a “Future that is not a War but is a negotiation, is a collaboration, is an understanding…” yet grumbles about our need for an “Innovation Detente to not go hot” given that China is racing ahead supposedly cramming into 20 years our 200 of sci-tech: “Our thesis is NeuroAI convergence is important…We need to move up our game. We invented ChatGpt, We invented Mapping the Human Genome… You don’t stop innovating, you raise the bar…” (This is either before or after he mentioned Sam Altman and Einstein in the same breath–on the other hand, is he talking about the Military inventing these things or the frontmen for same…?)

Either way, there’s that tiny question of Disclosure which now seems to be pouring out of the Mad Science Podcast as also from a ton of documents and videos from various branches of Military and US Gov–which suggests really, given the sweep of Global ventures mentioned, historically speaking, the Worldwide Internet itself may have heralded our plunge into what Dr. Giordano calls a “New Global Order” for which Ethics itself must be twisted out of itself to fit. Pondering this spiky notion of traditional Ethics to “keep our honor clean” Dr. Giordano offers the alternative (more pleasing no doubt to those apologists for AI, being perhaps less endowed in the human department themselves) to simply fudge it, phrasing this offer in genteel puzzlement: “Do we stoop to conquer and do we compromise what may be longstanding Western ethics or do we engage a more dialectical approach to ethical realities where we Revise certain Ethical Principles or perhaps Renew some others aNew so as to create a New Global Order that may be far more Co-operatively Competitive and does so in a way that honors if you will Certain Moral Precepts not only those of our own but that of others, and does so in a more Metered Way–but that Speaks to the Future?”

“Where we are right now is that the United States and its international allies maintains a very modest lead in Key Areas across the NBIC framework – nano bio informational cogno and Cogno here conjoining Neuro obviously – and doing so reciprocally both in terms of Cognitive-Based-Systems that are AI-based-systems, using neuromorphic design and then utilizing AI Machine Learning Systems to facilitate what we know about Organic Brains and the Organisms in Which They Live

But what I foresee is over the next 5 to 10 years that will be a fairly short-lived advantage—for 3 reasons, Number 1, because the actual technological capabilities are being infused by the triple helices of at least our major, at least Trans-Pacific peer competitor, And, the Overwhelming and Ubiquitous if you will Juggernaut of their economy, not only nationally but internationally, Number 2 is that, the Nature of What Can Be Done, in China, is in some ways Flexible. Dealing with this on an international level, trying to get some level of organizational and industrial co-operation, in other words if we’re looking for economic co-operative models that also recognize competition, our Chinese Peer Competitors are very savvy in recognizing that a key aspect of Much of Western philosophy is acknowledgment of Competing Viewpoints—and an Openness, or at least Readiness to engage that as axiomatic to the philosophy itself—and their viewpoint here is there are wonderful aspects of Western philosophy that are wholly intrinsic with their value systems but ..

We must now appreciate that we are dealing with a very old culture, equivalently as old as the cultures of the West, and that culture for a number of years, hundreds of years, has been essentially isolated, the last 100 years have been viewed as the Century of Humiliation, and only moving into the current period, notably over a Sentinel year, since 1949, has that culture been Allowed to gain some Global Stature and Status, in many ways playing Catch’up! But it’s no longer a question of playing Catch-up. Now those values, and those values and desires of that culture are becoming paramount based upon the economic capability of that culture on a number of different global scales and markets.

Therefore the Posture is, it’s sort of an aspect of a Golden Rule if you will, yeah, Those with all the Gold Rule, and our Trans-Pacific peer competitor is coming to the table and very realistically saying, Got a lot of gold! There’s a lot of things we can do.

And we’re not closing our doors, we’re Opening our doors, we’re inviting, and soliciting, and attracting Individuals to be Collaborative, but the thorny part of that collaboration is that there are also Intellectual Property laws, that are not only in China, but that have now been leveraged Globally, that while being attractive to international co-operation around much of the IP to Chinese national property, which then creates tremendous leverageable capability and hegemony on the global stage at least legally and economically. So what we’re seeing is, that although we’re very keen to talk about if you will maintaining our fight for Right and Freedom, and those Freedoms how they can then be Realized through Technological and Scientific Readiness, we also have to maintain at least some attitude toward what it means to keep our honor clean. Do we stoop to conquer and do we compromise what may be longstanding Western ethics or do we engage a more dialectical approach to ethical realities where we Revise certain Ethical Principles or perhaps Renew some others aNew so as to create a New Global Order that may be far more Co-operatively Competitive and does so in a way that honors if you will Certain Moral Precepts not only of our own but that of others, and does so in a more Metered Way–but that Speaks to the Future?

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

The Brave New World of “Non-Sovereign Rogues (and Non-Rogues)”: Multi-Domain Engagement with Innovative Warfare (Bio-Hacking Tech) to Roll out Neuro-Communism & Communism-With-Consent (Teamwork Neuro AI)

The New Word of “Co-optition” introduced earlier by Dr. Giordano notwithstanding, Dr. Canton provides in a whispery, blustery way the right way to go about wearing the thin skin of Ethics AI (one presumes) to foil China–still flailing about building (unnamed) new technologies likely to flay the US supposedly–while professing Collaboration with the rest of the DEW/Neurotech/Cyber/AI-building contingent of crowns worldwide in order to run full-on Engagement (replete with lasers masers RNM drones NeuroAI et al) on the People of the world–the next World War presumably which is already here, as some of us know–with particular (dosimetric) attention to brains, bones, veins, nerves, eyes, hearts, organs, genes, cell nucleii and so on, along with the obvious NBIC covers noted above to bring about that dream confection they’re all baking away with Double Speak, the Brave New World for Rogues (and Non-Rogues):

I take a bit of a more, let’s say, Pragmatic View on all this but I agree with everything Dr. G has said, we’re involved in a War for the Future, China too, because of the Background, and the History, and the Context, that’s the Background of Obviousness…..If wiser heads would prevail, you’ll end up with a leadership in China that recognizes hey! Wait a minute! There’s a Fundamental Economic Basis, for if you attempt to kill off your biggest customer, maybe that might have an impact on our economy—so let’s just step back for a moment. The Global Economy is a collaborative, interlinked co-dependent System. (It wasn’t at any other time up till very recently.) 80, 90% of their entire Income is derived from Us walking into Targets and buying stuff. This is the bottomline, right, the bottomline.

Now why is this important? The Demographic Debacle of the One-Child Policy is going to leave within a decade China at a deficit, of not being able to Replace their Replacement, which is critical to any kind of hegemonic desires that you have to go ahead and operate your own country from an economic point of view, but that they’re trying to do in 20 years what we did in maybe 200 years. So the economic underpinnings of all this—that really is a Core foundational reality.

Now the Chinese are betting, and to a certain extent the US and EU—and these are the 3 Major Forces on the Planet if you will—they’re trying to figure out a new kind of—and they should have an Innovation Detente to Not Go Hot—so at the end of the day, I like where Dr. G is going in terms of a “Cooler Heads Will Prevail with a Collaborative Basis”—but at the End of the Day before that happens, this War for the Future is going to get tried out – and I think it’s going to be surprising—so we should, you know, Hope for the Best but Prepare For Engagement—Space, Oceans, Multi Domains, Cyber, and that’s where again, coming back to our Thesis—Our Thesis is that ‘Neuro-AI Convergence is Critically Important’–are we moving fast enough in this? No we’re not! Are we behind on this? Yes we are.

A big part of us doing this podcast is to say, Look, we are Insiders in the Game, but we need to move up our game. We need to not sit back and say, Ok We invented ChatGpT, we invented, you know, Mapping the Human Genome, this is great…we are, our biggest weakness is our biggest strength. You don’t stop innovating, you raise the bar. We need to get back and think through the next Opportunities for Neuro AI so that we can provide a Peaceful Secure Global Security which has been the role of the United States and will continue to be that role–while we continue engagement with China and many other adversaries, you know, in the what I call The Dark Network of Non Sovereign Rogues, and Non-Rogues–we need to use these technologies to provide a more secure – It’s going to be a tough ride! over the next decade, having new frontiers.

Now what’s the Drag on those? Well we have some Moral Issues. I mean they’re not discussing in their 5 year plan—you want to know what China’s going to do, they’re publishing it every 5 years right? The Chinese—and many of our Peer Adversaries are not just publishing it but they don’t have the same Value System as we have. And having been part of the many briefs and developments on you know, ‘You always have to have a human in the KillZone’, you know, ‘at the end of the day for Kinetic AI’, you know, we’re going to have to develop a let’s say, a kind of New Appreciative Way of ‘What are the conditions of Engagement so we can deter and make it let’s say a Future that is Not a War but is a Negotiation, is a Collaboration, is an Understanding’-can only be, only be successful if you have the right stuff, to be able to stand things down.

So that’s just my, my Sense about this, this is an imperative to Step on the Gas. Should we do something about it? Yes we should. So I’m hoping a listener here will reach out to us and say Yeah, I’m in a position to do something about it, and I want to talk to you guys.

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Russia’s “Fully Autonomous Robots” Versus Humans in the Decision Making: Reversing Ethics with Machine-Intelligent Humans?

“Complete autonomy” we learn is not going to be turned over, in Robots (or Artificial Intelligence?) despite human engagement being acknowledged as requisite.  “Ethical Posture” becomes a goal, which seems to require Tailoring a few disparate pieces together: Light Wars and Brain Hacking, brain cloning and “human enhancement” technology, Neuralink and Neuro AI to replace human thinking, machine intelligence to replace human brains–“Human Robots” examined briefly here earlier.

So here’s the Scenario—you know as Futurists we like to write Scenarios and I’ve done a number of them for Mad Sci about Defense and Intel – Secenario No 1 is that we’ve already adopted, for certainly the Defense Department and Defense Posture if you will that a human has to be in the Kill Chain, right—You’re not going to turn over Complete Autonomy. Well, we already know, from an adversarial point of view, Russia, has already deployed Robots – let’s say Defensive Robots that are fully autonomous. Now I don’t think their Science is as good as ours, but you know, they’re Russian! Science, theyr’e pretty damn good! So we’re going to have a Scenario where we adopt an Ethical Posture that says, Human Beings have to be in the decisionmaking before an autonomous system–regardless of how powerful–has access to either a weapons system or IS a weapons system –that goes away when we lose the East Coast, Ok?–that Goes Away—

Now that’s One Scenario. Now the Other Scenario says, we have a Bifurcated or Trifurcated Set of Conditions, that what happens is, we have Human Engagement based on these conditionsand then Autonomy is part of the mix, in the event there needs to be—and I’m not talking about MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)–I am saying that these are various levels of Tools that are gonna impact the Battalion Level, the Soldier Level, the Battalion Level…and Citizenry, because you have to now look at Ghost Wars and the Whole New World of Space and Cyber and everything in between—That’s where we should be playing and modeling Scenarios Now—Because you can tailor the Action Engagement and Rules of Engagement Now—Because we have So many Light Wars that are going on Now–now if you look at those, and the implications for Brain Hacking or—we’ve talked a lot about the Text Stack we’ve talked a little bit about the Scenarios, but Autonomy and Ethics—we have to have a Failsafe, to be able to deploy what we need, what we need–

Here’s the reality that nobody really wants to hear, is that AI Systems today, and Tomorrow’s Neuro AI Systems—and I do mean very shortly—will be able to make decisions and analyze data faster than humans—Done! – You either enhance the human to understand that—Rapid Decisionmaking Rapid Deployment, Rapid Analysis—we can Do that!—and there are lots of ways that are non-invasive–Neuralink and other companies are playing with ways to Do that–but that same technology can be hacked and used against us–so there are much broader bigger social ethical Impact Issues here, but I am confident we can navigate these properly…but if we don’t invent if we don’t keep moving forward, with safeguards, but also proper safeguards, that are adjustable and adaptable –in other words we may need an AI to govern AIs—ok Got it!

Now how many policy makers in Government and in our Congress understand that and have created a Taxonomy for that? None! So—I’m advising most of them, Microsoft…all most of them I advise most of these in the private scene – We need the Private and the Public sector to come together—we’ll get there—but this Threat Matrix of Potential is Going to Be More Exasperated and our Ability to be able to have an Ethical, let’s say Label and Constraints, are going to be tested and there’s things like you know our Survival—as a Nation and as a Species–will be on the Line, and I’m not the first to say that!

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists


“Find the Convergence”: Neuro Cog, BCIs, Human Brains, and NanoBIC

You know, just bringing together people from varied areas just to Find the Convergence, that seems to me to be something Mad Sci could do—there’s so much, and Jim knows this of Neuro Cog space, of people actually doing applied work and looking into the brain and understanding the processes and all—in other words if you look at Neuralink, what Elon Musk is doing, right, BCI Development right, very interesting—it’s probably the only venture, being as bold, and they got FDA approval to do this, this

(Reuters: Elon Musk’s Neuralink wins FDA approval for human study of brain implants: In other words, the Whitewash Phenom of Military-Intel Rushing to Cover Up Probably Over 50 Years of Using Humans Nonconsensually For Deadly Brain Experiments Rolled In With MK ULTRA & Disappearing All Pre-”FDA-Approved” Human Torture Experiments Sheathed by CIA-NSA-Media As “Targeted Individuals”)

So part of the pathway is and we learned this at NSF…and if you’re doing stuff and you had this follow up to NBIC Convergence which had to do with Enhancing Human Performance –those were the key technologies—if you start to think differently about Convergence—and you have these 3 or 4 poles you can put together, what does it look like, you can create new systems.

So we haven’t done that one—so if you put in a room, simply put Neuroscientists, and you curate them well—they’re Open and all that (huh?)–and Jim blesses them (Occult Blessing Ritual for Neuroscientists by Jim Prior to Release from FishPond and Just After Curation Which Involves Opening Them Up Like Fish?)-and then you’ve got AI Folks who are spending 2-3 million dollars a day (chortle chortle) and have Commitments of Billions of Dollars—and you say, let’s find that Interaction and Collaboration, that would be best for these kinds of Missions—How do we deal with Autonomy? (Whose really? Certainly not the Robots’!) How do we deal with Faster Decisionmaking (Through Neurodamage and Brain Takeover?) What does a Neuro AI system look like? (Like a Brain Star in its own ANN Lane…?) How could we do Better Prediction?

If you could do Bad Guy Hunting faster and then predict better – in other words – if you create a couple Vectors of Scenarios and say, OK, This is what we’re thinking about, might make a difference, and you bring people together, you might also bring together funding sources that Should Be Alerted, that this is a Cabal, a Conspiracy, a GOOD Conspiracy, (eyeroll) (Look into copyrighting/and assigning ownership over your own brains, everyone (to YourSelf)) That’s how you Make Change.”

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

“How Can We Leverage Government Labs (and) Technologies Which Nobody Knows about”? 

I’ll just throw in one more practical, ‘What to Do,’ and all that. So when I was at SOCOM, and that’s actually ONE of the ways I met Jim—I was Tasked with seeing what Private Sector has going on –you know, what’s happening with Venture Capital and Startups, and Mature Companies and all that—how can we leverage Government Labs, Technologies Which Nobody Knows About

So there is (deep throated chortle) a Fertile Landscape of Opportunities (full bellied laugh) there’s Money, there’s Innovation, what we need to do is have Better Bulk-Ons, and revisit how to Collaborate more –and that’s why Jim and I you know are Mad Scientists (attempted-irascible-giggle) (What Is a Mad Scientist – a kind of Anything Goes, don’t blow our (Obvious) Cover Now…?)

And we represent that kind of—We need better Real World Collaboration—and There’s Not That Much! And it could make a big difference in terms of our Survival—and, our Our Way of Life. [reaching for help and finding it in that tried (and false) trope from past US Presidents (and the obviously propped-up Writers who virtuously cite them)] 

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Now both these speakers calling for a future subjugation of the human brain and human intelligence as we know it seem to have a touching faith in (Invasive asserted as Non-Invasive) Science and Technology leading the way to a better tomorrow filled with power for the wealthy and the warmongering–“fertile landscape of opportunities”–“some of these AI companies make 2-3 million dollars a day with a commitment of a billion dollars” “there’s money, there’s innovation” (but we do need “better world collaboration…for our survival and way of life”)–yet the corralling of humans into Human Performance Optimization through nano-bio-info-cogno, the use of AI to downgrade human intelligence, the casual recourse to brain chips and vibrational energy technologies to affect brains can hardly be considered “innovations” and forward-moving sci-tech to marvel at and make one’s own: as nations, as nationals, as citizens, as Americans, as humans with intelligence and soul who value our own and our children’s unique and perfect lives and brains, we need to do way, way more. We each need to stand up and question every part of what is going on in these spaces, we need to know that basic, extant Ethics and Human Rights by our side make it rather simple really to just say No. And Keep saying No.


Red Alert! Graphene Oxide Found in Pfizer/AstraZeneca Vaccines–Used in Biosensors and Neural Interfaces–Could Be the Secret Link to Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) Human-Machine Convergence for AI Singularity & Full Spectrum Brain/Bio Control Intended by Anti-Human Transhumanists, Globalists, Governments

“Global Health Security” Versus AI-Run Digital Health: Does the WHO, European Commission’s Partnership Respect Human Rights or Aim for Cerebral Internet Cyborgism?

The Future of Intelligence or The Rise of Human Rights? | Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning Vs Preserving The Sanctity of Human Brains And Lives

Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry?

Drop Copyright, Ban Artificial Intelligence: Question Where Neural Networks Come From First

Where Hive Minds, Dimensions, Witchcraft, and Technology Collide: Supercomputer Soundings and Voices, Not Really “Voices in Heads”

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 1st of February, 2023

So, following on my last rather esoteric post here: A New World Where Every Thought Counts: Transcending Nano Quantum Chaos with Heart, reporting on the completely bizarre reality we apparently now inhabit, the news from numerous sources including ordinary people leading ordinary lives has come in: it appears something peculiar has indeed happened in our world and Universe.

Everyone’s “not-talking” about it–yet talking about it in quiet inner groups.

Essentially all that Geordie Rose and friends have talked about (see linked post above) in combination with various other projects and cycles of time whorling out into consequence has suddenly resulted in a scenario perhaps none expected: –at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), brain nano, quantum computing, supercomputing, even, incredibly, sorcery, and CERN’s possible breaking through dimensions or universes, pulling in entities or things from a parallel universe or dimension–spirits? demons? –added to some sort of magical physics which only the top physicists at MIT and Stanford and Fermi Labs and CERN perhaps know about, our world, meaning our whole Universe has somehow split away from “heaven” and God while suddenly being interpenetrated with other dimensions such as what people call the astral or a spirit world of sorts.

Technology, Not Imagined “Voices in Heads”

As a consequence we are now, we’re told by some, apparently living in a place where almost-ghosts and hauntings and thought forms actually take voice close in, around, near us, while some apparently feel (or know) they are communicating in a hive-minded way in this space.

Inner thoughts become voiced, involuntarily, and appear to travel.

The conversations of crowds, hive-minded in curious ways, engaged in a number of diverse Internet and supercomputer AI and neuro behavior modification projects suddenly become audible in an odd, remote-access kind of way, the hallmark of secret projects — but can it be?

Is it possible these things have occurred without intent or drawn into the world deliberately–a kind of “remote viewing” tech which could never have come into being (if the case, all of this is speculative based on multiply-reported experience) except at this particular point in time and space?

For years those targeted have been reporting the most peculiar technologies being used on them: energy tech, neurotech, scalar tech, neuro influence tech, as putative canaries in the coal mine for AI, synthetic telepathy, voiced inner voice, hive-minding, neuro-bio-behavior-modification projects and much more, covered at my site for years, and subjects of the two online conferences run in 2021 and 2022.

But coming together in super bizarre ways where it seems people are reading each other’s minds, and pre-saying others’ thoughts, and the very fabric of material reality has suddenly become alive with soundings and voicings linked to a computer–the supercomputer project apparently pulling in the entire Universe. Bizarro beyond thought!

Is everyone observing or experiencing these things? Many report they have. 

In any case, something else seems to have happened which is the literal presence or feeling of presence of those kinds of odd entities those MIT scientists talk about (being pulled in from parallel universes or dimensions) — Anna von Reitz has written a lot about this, and various other people too; many of us are beginning to wonder what has occurred to the fabric of time and space we inhabit.

All of these are subjects for surfacing in conversation and journalism, esoteric as it all is. Meanwhile, Internet censorship keeps such conversations hidden or non-existent, much to our collective regret.

I look forward to seeing other writers begin to address this perhaps-weird anomaly in spacetime we have fallen into or expanded into, and indeed hearing scientists speak openly about it too.

The Man Who Stole Social Networking from Leader Technologies for Facebook & Friends, James P. Chandler III, Is Dead | Seamy Understory Involving Highlands Forum, DARPA, Fauci Emerges Anew: End of Social Media Censorship Ahead?

Report | Ramola D | October 15, 2022

The entire seamy understory involving (crooked) scions of government, intelligence, law, information technology and the military swings unstoppably into view as the death of James P. Chandler, III, patent attorney for Leader Technologies and secretly-operating spy for IBM, DARPA, the Highlands Forum, the British Pilgrims Society, the US Patent Office and a trove of others is marked: Leader Technologies marks this Oct 10, 2022 moment with a biographical and historical reminder of the stealthy operations of Harvard-trained Law Professor Chandler in handing over key intellectual property to a group of marauding maestros in US Government, the military, and private-sector–long-lasting theft which has led to the extreme social media censorship and Internet-takeover affecting us all today:


Interestingly, perusing the century-long history of usurpation, colonialism, theft-as-practice, lies-by-rote MO practiced by the progenitors of the Council of Foreign Relations, the British Pilgrims Society, the Milner-Rhodes Round Table leading up to the present day of spies, soldiers, “world leaders” and their backseat drivers recorded in this rather incredible documenting of history at Americans for Innovation: Findings of Fact, Timeline, and Database, as well as glimpsing the internal workings of the Highland Forum–in particular a meeting including DARPA, NIH, and Anthony Fauci talking about Nanobots, Biowarfare, and the Flu Vaccine in one breath–as revealed in this Whistleblower Affidavit from 2020 makes clear the actual “Great Work” AKA stealth rise of the New World Order and Internet of Things, all built on outright treason and crony fascism.

Chandler: Key Player in Weaponizing Internet and Social Media

Behind Chandler was an already operative network of players, yet it seems he played a key role in bringing several groups together and, through the handing over of a key intellectual invention whose power was instantly seen and coveted by the military-intelligence-private-sector enterprise behind DARPA, IARPA et al, was instrumental in propelling forward the Weaponized Internet which faces us today: exacerbated censorship, propaganda to privilege the pharmaceutical and Military-Aggression industry, casual IP theft, and intended fascist bio-governance through the Internet of Things, Internet of Nano Bio Things, Global Brain Internet or Cerebral Internet, with the complete loss of human agency it all portends.

Whole Post:

The Internet of Things: How Patent Theft & Intelligence-Private Partnerships Have Led to Global Bio Surveillance

How the concepts behind the Internet of Things were lifted from the large-scale social-networking-platform ideas from Leader Technologies–ideas and patent for which took 145,000 hours and over $10 million to achieve, Leader reports, not the few weeks of dashing discovery in a drunken state by Mark Zuckerberg, as the Facebook story goes–and then turned, by a group of military and intelligence mavens using patent-holder Richard Walker as frontman for Cover, into a global biosurveillance mechanism expressed through a number of related patents–which include chipping humans as “wetware” and delineate numerous tracking and remote control programs actually disclosing, incidentally, how millions are being unlawfully targeted, watchlisted, and tracked today–is told here, in these very revealing posts: (This is a bombshell article which should be widely read and shared.)


“Amazingly, the Deep State shadow government, in its evident hubris, has fully disclosed their diabolical technology scheme for “The Internet of Things” in writing.

The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet. Their unquestioned plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.”

….The eventual patent focused on remote control of aircraft, but also subsumed control of vehicles, ships, equipment, commerce, education and people.”

This patent offers a remote-access mechanism for connectivity across numerous platforms, demonstrating how vehicles, people, and any tagged “thing” can be remotely accessed, all supposedly in the interests of Public Safety–to halt or prevent the hijacking of planes, but with buy-in and participatory use by a 360-degree-swath of players in EMS, Transportation, Construction, City Maintenance, Parcel Delivery, etc., essentially displaying the set-up and operation of the Internet of Things (of which the targeted, tagged individual or thing would be a part); and showing how the Deep State can crash any aircraft or blow up any car, probably:


“While this patent focuses on aircraft, it is written so broadly as to encompass all kinds of equipment and devices, including people, defined as “wet-ware.”

While the patent was issued on Nov. 15, 2005, it incorporates filings going all the way back to Dec. 2, 1996.”

“”PFN” means Protected Primary Focal Node. “TRAC” means Trusted Remote Activity Controller.”
PFNs–Primary Focal Nodes–seem to be operating like RFIDs in this construct, centers for trackability.

Particularly interesting diagram in the patent showing how PFNs can be incorporated into walls (of houses?) and vehicles

Targeting People for “Behavior Suppression” and “Remote Management” as well as Stealth “Healthcare”

Several Walker patents point to the ABC agency-military-private sector conglomerate watchlisting-for-tracking-monitoring-management enterprise. camouflaged today as Surveillance–which, as this writer often reports, has sunk into depravity unimaginable.

This patent, which requires separate reportage along with the one above, in fact points to the targeted implantation and tracking of humans, which at this point in time many thousands of people both in the USA and worldwide are reporting as ongoing–and as a profound crime against humanity, conducted in defiance of all human rights laws we have:


Is it possible that all “Targeted Individuals” are being monitored (and mauled)–essentially, bio-hacked by numerous corporate entities–under the auspices of these so-called “Public Safety” patents?

Chandler’s Role in Transferring Leader’s Networking Patent for Nefarious Internet of Things Build-Up

Walker, whose patents are referenced above, had connections to Highlands Forum, of which Chandler was also a part, reports Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media researchers.

Fourth, the global data sharing platform described in the patent was not doable by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T and Cisco. They were all behind the curve from an R&D perspective when the Internet emerged. For example, Bill Gates thought it was a fad. The telephone pager network that Walker described could not scale to the volumes required for such global communication.

James P. Chandler surely could not believe his luck, when, in early 2000, Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies was first introduced to him. Leader was looking for the best patent attorney in the country to protect its social networking innovations.

David J. Kappos

Chandler, on the other hand, needed a fix for the Deep State’s ailing digital takeover master plan. He agreed immediately to be Leader’s patent attorney. He then spent the next three years deceiving Leader until he was able to get his hands on the underlying engineering source code, which he immediately shuffled to the IBM Eclipse Foundation where DOJ’s Eric Holder and IBM’s David Kappos were waiting, along with Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Kleiner Perkins, Qualcomm, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, AT&T and a host of other rogue C.I.A. providers.

Leader’s source code was essential to building The Internet of Things, quickly.”


Classified Theft: Chandler, Highlands Forum, Continuous Theft of US Patents

It appears that Chandler had a close connection with the mysterious Defense-Private-Sector inner-circle group called the Highlands Group.

A retired Air Force captain with a background in engineering and computer systems has published a vastly interesting affidavit where he details his interactions with Highlands Forum members and their part in suppressing and stealing patents from American inventors. DARPA and the DOD’s Office of Net Assessment ran this group, he reports. Select private-sector parties were favored by their edicts, others lost out–or rather, were stolen from and outlawed.

Full affidavit:

Interestingly, it appears from this affidavit that the Highlands Group did not exactly practice “Public Safety” — rather, they worked nefariously to divert attention from certain hazards–nor did they keep to their own rules. Also interesting is that Law Professor Chandler was present at the after-disaster Space Shuttle Challenger meetings of Air Force Base staff with this group in 1986, meetings kept inordinately secret. That DARPA and Highlands wished to privilege a few select parties over others became visible at a meeting to discuss a certain Black project–a discussion dropped and overtaken by a tirade by Chandler alienating many Defense contractors, this veteran reports.

2005 Encounter with Fauci, Nanobots, Flu Vaccines, and Biowarfare, Not to Mention Dark Secrets from DARPA

Also interesting is a meeting involving Fauci, then Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in 2005, where Fauci, unintroduced, engaged in fevered conversation with Highlanders mentioning nanobots as biological warfare devices which could be triggered (presumably) by wireless electromagnetic signals for precision targeting.

Also curious was Fauci’s mention of the flu vaccines.

Especially significant about this affidavit is that the author was moved off this classified SAIC Boeing project mentioned here under whose aegis he went to this meeting, as a consequence of sharing information with the Army personnel whose project he had thought it was. In the process he learned DARPA apparently had ulterior objectives for the project even the Army was not aware of.

DARPA in other words–facilitated by the Highlands Group–was engaged in driving unshared agendas–even in these classified circles where people held clearances, even on projects with the US Army, their supposed military partner, aligning with certain favored private partners–in this case Boeing–instead.

The current operations of unjustified and nonconsensual experimentation on the US Army as also all other divisions of the US Military by DARPA through its funded Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which it has forced on all soldiers indeed bear witness to an imperialistic autocracy being practiced on the military by high-level military researchers.

Lieutenant-Colonel Theresa Long has questioned the safety of the vaccines and published an affidavit on her witness of unprecedented disability in soldiers and airmen post vaccine, calling for an injunction, reported here earlier (please scroll down for her information): Thousands of Doctors & Scientists Worldwide Call for a Halt to the Unsafe & Toxic COVID Vaccines, for a Halt to Vaccine Mandates, & for Freedom to Practice Medicine & Share Research Without Fear of Censorship–As Medical Boards Issue Unscientific Edicts & Censor Truthtelling Docs


Nearly 3000 American Soldiers Refuse COVID-Vaccine After Proper Informed-Consent Briefing by US Military Doctor and DMED Whistleblower Dr. Pete Chambers

Chandler and the Bigger (British) Picture Vs. An Internet Future Minus Censorship

Chandler’s close affiliations with British Pilgrims Society members and especially British SERCO, which now runs the US Patent Office and apparently the US Navy, has led, Leader reports, to Leader’s social networking inventions still being copied by a plethora of tech, media, and banking companies–“Google, Facebook, Instagram, GAB, Truth Social, IBM, HP, Microsoft, AT&T, Washington PostNew York TimesDaily MailDaily Telegraph, Reuters Thomson, BBC, HSBC, Bank of England, JPMorgan, Rothschild & Sons, Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Blackstone, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, ICE,, and the rest of the Babylonian British Pilgrims Society’s fascist corporate network worldwide.”

Although Leader sued Facebook for patent theft (“willful patent infringement”), rigged courts and judges shrinkwrapped in mega conflict of interest meant a win for Facebook:

“Leader proved that Facebook infringes Leader’s patent on 11 of 11 claims and that there was no prior art. Facebook prevailed on an “on-sale bar” claim—a claim not asserted until Jun. 24, 2010, three weeks before trial.[004] Leader appealed the on-sale bar verdict to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on May 04, 2011,[005] then, when the appeals court failed to apply its own well-settled Pfaff and Group One legal tests, Leader petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court on Nov. 16, 2012, but was denied a hearing on Jan. 7, 2013.[006]

Bookmark: #fidelity-contrafund-danoff-facebook
Both the Federal Circuit appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court petition were ruled in Facebook’s favor”–

Would things be different today were these inventions–which have been skewed in use and applied to the construction of the New World Order–returned to Leader?

Things can change, Leader suggests, with a return to the precepts and values of the US Constitution:

“If we choose the timeless values of the U.S. Constitution, we must protect and restore Leader Technologies’ property rights. Then, we empower real, ethical innovators to rebuild our digital networks in a way that takes us to higher ground….

We cannot allow this thievery to continue….

These social networks can and will be reconfigured to provide the positive benefits without the abuses of security and privacy. However, they will not be run by the current crop of “public-private” criminals, who must be run out of town, this current President and his cabinet among them.”

The intermeshed network of British and European interests behind the running of the USA was discussed in this conversation last year with Michael McKibben, CEO of Leader Technologies and Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media here:

Report 261| Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel on The Long British Empire & Bankers’ Hold Over America and the World–& How to End it

The detailed history and commentary presented in Findings of Fact, Timeline, and Database/People you trusted are hijacking the Internet offering deep insight into the past, present, and necessity to uproot all spy-state wickedness is not to be missed.


Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime

–Posted 8/21/2019

Essential and insightful analysis and information on the worldwide spread via organized crime of non-consensual neuro-experimentation using nanotechnology from Professor David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, who also details that the medical Nanomafia is especially operating in Latin American countries like Peru. Terrifyingly, the poisoning of air, food, drinks and the bio-hacking of human bodies with nanotechnology is no longer science-fiction but fact in many parts of the world. Those familiar with the detailed reports of  persecution from “Targeted Individuals” will be aware of the breakdown in ethics and human rights awareness in transhumanist medical, academic, tech transnational, and military/Intelligence research which has permitted the Nanomafias worldwide to rise. Nothing but an organized crime network protected by police, courts, Intelligence agencies and governments, Dr. Flores reiterates that it is the world citizenry which has to arm itself with awareness, get educated about unethical nanotech/neurotech experimentation, report these crimes, and demand and ensure that these ventures to fully colonize the human body and brain and create Digital Slaves for an oligarchical and technofascist “Elite” at the cost of human privacy, sanctity, sovereignty, and individuality are halted, and humanity turned back to sanity, free will, and organic, not forced, technofascist and transhumanist evolution.

Originally posted in the Int Phys Med Rehab J. 2018; 3(3):273-7, re-published with much thanks by invitation of the author, Dr. David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru.

Previous publications by this acutely incisive thinker and writer at this media site on the related subjects of Brain Net/Cerebral Internet and Digital Slavery include:

Professor David Salinas Flores, MD | The Secret of “Person of Interest”: The Cerebral Internet

Professor David Salinas Flores, MD: Transhumanism: The Big Fraud – Towards Digital Slavery

–Ramola D


The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’ s Global Network of Organized Crime


Professor David Salinas Flores, MD

The expert in the art of war turns his plans invisible.”

–Sun Tzu

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology developed to nano-scale, around 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology has become a billionaire industry and since it has multiple potential applications in human beings, there is a great interest in human experimentation. However, nanotechnology acts at the atomic level and for that reason the experimentation in humans is high risk, which causes an evident lack of volunteers.

Therefore, the transnational nanotechnology companies would be resorting to criminal methods to get human experimentation subjects; thus, they would be using violence, swindle, extortion, and organized crime.

The Nanobot: Tool for Mind Control, Memory Deletion, Privacy Theft, Digital Slavery

One of nanotechnology’s main applications is nanobots, machines that can construct and handle objects at an atomic level and that are capable of moving through the circulatory system.The main potential harmful effects caused by this illicit human experimentation with nanobots in society include:

Mind control, memory deletion, torture, permanent espionage, theft of private information, extortion, sterilization, psychiatric disorders, suicide, and digital slavery. ( Fig 1 )

Tech Transnationals Collude With Governments Worldwide to Run Illicit Neuroscientific Human Experimentation

Recent research projects reveal evidence that technological transnational companies, in illicit association with USA, European Community, China governments and the corrupt Latin American governments, have created an organization that is developing mainly in Latin America a secret, forced, and illicit neuroscientific human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology, brain nanobots, microchips and implants to execute neuroscientific projects, which could have even led scientists to win Medicine Nobel Prizes based on this illicit human experimentation at the expense of Latin Americans’ health. ( Fig 2)

Thus, mafias of nanotechnology, “Nanomafias,” would be being created, mainly in Latin America, which would be multiplying vertiginously.

Nanomafia aims to become the greatest organized crime network in the world, therefore, the world society should know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Nanomafia.

The main objectives of Nanomafia are illicit enrichment, academic recognition, creation of human weapons, and the creation of a digital fascist society.

The evidences indicate that Nanomafias would be interconnected forming an international network with a mega project whose purpose is to create a digital fascist society, an oligarchy that rules the rest of the world citizens who will carry nanobots and will be digital slaves, a human robotisation of the society at the service of a millionaire elite.

The digital fascist project is global;

the objective would be to control the whole planet

using microchips in human beings, animals and things.

“The Internet of Things” and “the driverless car” really have as purpose the fascist control of things. In men, the “digital slave” (human robot) project has different components: mind control, permanent espionage with the Brain Net, elimination of emotions, living in a virtual reality, memory deletion, and elimination of sexuality.

Nanomafia is the Mafia of Wifi, the ‘Ghost Mafia’”

The different kinds of projects developed with nanobots have a common pattern: they are developed by telemetry, by wifi, they do not have physical form, and they are intangible. Really, Nanomafia is the mafia of wifi, the “ghost mafia,” which makes it almost impossible to report. The torture researchers and criminals know that “the best torture” is the one that leaves no marks since it cannot be reported. If the victim of tortures by wifi reports it, he/she can be unjustifiably considered a person with psychiatric problems or a slanderer, for that reason, the crime uses wifi as secret torture weapon.

Regarding the criminal methods that Nanomafia uses, the swindle is one of the most common methods and the main types include deceptive promotion, intellectual camouflages or humanitarian pseudo-aid.

The Swindle: Deceptive Promotion, Intellectual Camouflages, and Humanitarian Pseudo-Aid

The deceptive promotion is one of the most popular, it promotes the use of nanobots as a futurist scientific prediction and a benefit to society, hiding the health risk and its true uses against society; thus, for example, transnational companies’ scientists state the following regarding the brain nanobots:

“With nanorobots in our brains we will be like Gods”

“With nanobots we will be able to load the French language

in the bloodstream of our brain”

However, these affirmations that evidently induce the ordinary citizen to use brain nanobots do not have the strongest scientific evidence, and the most important is that these affirmations hide the harmful effect of brain nanobots.

In order to convince citizens into voluntarily accepting being “digital slaves” of the Nanomafias, transnational companies, economic powers and media magnates, a series of intellectual camouflages have been created and there is a whole terminology, created or already existing, that is being manipulated to promote the illicit uses of this nanotechnology, a terminology that could be called a “swindle dictionary.”

The Swindle Dictionary: Language to Obfuscate the Fascist Aims of Neuro Digital Enslavement

Thus, for promotion of memory deletion is “unlearn to learn”; for convincing of the use of brain nanobots is “the biological innovation” (innovation) and thus, with these implants, being “excellent” human beings (excellence), having more creativity (“creativity”), a better attitude (“attitude”), and being evolved human beings (“evolution”); for accepting the permanent espionage with the Brain Netis “connect,” “the privacy is out,” “knowledge society,” “divergent thinking,” “lateral thinking,” “observatories,” “transparency,” “hiving thought,” “brainstorming,” “disruptive technology,” “mindfacture,”Smart-City,” “brain circulation”; for convincing a person into being a cyborg (creative destruction); for forcing the student to use the Brain Netas academic tools are currently being developed “Neurospecialties” (Neurolaw, Neuromanagement, Neuroeducation, etc.); for living in the Virtual Reality is “live the experience…”; for promoting to live without sexuality is “gender”; for living in a digital ghetto is “community”; for accepting being a digital slave is the “Milleniums”; and finally for spying the poor “social responsibility”; thus, the transnational companies will make the citizens believe that they live in a happy world without knowing that they are digital slaves, slaves not forced by a totalitarian dictatorship but by the mass consent made by the media.

Social Responsibility” & “Emotional Intelligence”: Insidious Language & Projects to Disguise Illicit Personal Neuro Surveillance & Mind Control

There are several evidences that indicate that social responsibility is another of the camouflages organized by this Nanomafia, due to the strong and sudden interest of the companies in developing “social responsibility” projects with a big-money advertising that indicates that it is a business rather than a humanitarian aid. One of the companies is Fox which is suspected of using this camouflage. Fox is one of the social responsibility promoters, according to recent researches, that are making TV shows of zombies using mind control experiments with brain nanobots. Social Responsibility is promoted by prestigious institutions like the United Nations and is recruiting university youth as its main operators swindling them in a majority of cases. The use of transhumanist terminology called the “social innovation” by the Social Responsibility organizers, and the clichés that promote personal surveillance as “The eye we all have set begins to see” lead one to suspect that Social Responsibility would really seek to develop espionage with the Brain Netin poor zones. The social responsibility that is demanded as a mandatory course in Latin American universities like the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, the oldest of South America, would seek to swindle poor populations in order to transform these towns into “communities,” really future ghettos of digital slavery, where they will be permanently spied on and mentally controlled with the Brain Net, their memories will be deleted and their sexual lives will be filmed and commercialized; the residents of these communities will live in a virtual reality. In short, the residents of these poor communities will be human slaves at the service of the transnational companies and Nanomafias.

One of the most perverse objectives of this mafia, mind control, turning a person into an animal, machine or slave, would also be being promoted subliminally through intellectual swindles like “emotional intelligence,” the so-called “intelligent control of emotions,” seeking that the society in the future accepts the use of nanobots under the argument of emotions’ self-control hiding that their mind will not really be auto-controlled but they will lose their control, since the person with nanobots could be controlled and spied on through telemetry used by Nanomafias or intelligence centers; their brain and body will actually be under mind control by others.

The actions of this nanotechnology mafia are facilitated because nanobots can be administered in foods and drinks, alcohol drinks like beer being one of the main ones since it depresses the individual’s central nervous system and he loses his self-control and therefore, it facilitates mind control by others via brain nanobots; for this reason, beer is ideal to administer brain nanobots.

New Millionaires and Selected Victims: The Rise of Nano-Hired Killers & Nano-Torturers

The illicit use of nanotechnology based on secret and forced human experiments would give rise to an exclusive corrupt circle of “new millionaires”: professors of medicine, health unions, doctors, nurses, technicians, hospital managers, physicists, journalists, publishers of scientific magazines, librarians, engineers, politicians, professors, policemen, prosecutors, judges, the military, university students and even school students who illicitly become rich at the expense of their victims’ health and honor.

Illicit nanotechnology has also allowed the appearing of a new kind of criminal, operators who could be called “nano-hired killers” or “nano-torturers,” those responsible for the “dirty work” of Nanomafia, a group mainly formed of journalists, university students, nurses and illegal inmigrants as many Venezuelans in Peru, who would be responsible for performing several works including: selection of the victim, to choose “the person of interest,” person who can contribute with some benefit to the Nanomafia; intoxication of the victim with nanobots through food, drinks or pills, or his/her kidnapping to install in them brain implants; editing, selection and commercialization of mind videos obtained with the daily espionage using the Brain Net, mind torture, victim torture disclosing his/her privacy information and espionage of dreams; obtaining information from the dreams with the Brain Netfor extortion; creation of pseudo-diseases blocking the function of organs by telemetry to then extort the victim with “the cure”.

Nanomafias in Latin America, Mainly Peru: Press, Health Unions, Police, Courts, Millenium Project (United Nations) Involved

Recent researches alert us to the development of Nanomafias in Latin America, mainly in Peru. The main suspicious ones include the hospitals of ESSALUD, a company that, in 2009, would have started a criminal nanotechnology organization during the administration of Fernando Barrios Ipenza, one of the transhumanism sponsors in Peruvian universities in association with European and US universities and the main Peruvian media. Barrios would continue developing Nanomafias in the provinces of Peru, mainly in Huancayo, city where he was mayor. ( Fig 3)

These mafias of nanotechnology would be developing dramatically due to the following factors:

– The ignorance in society regarding the use of nanotechnology as common crime, organized crime, state terrorism and cyberwar weapon.

– The “invisibility of this mafia” because they have wifi as their main weapon and therefore is almost impossible to report it.

– The economic and political power of this mafia. The main organizers include the transnational companies with more economic power like Google, Facebook, and Intel and the governments of countries like China, United States, the European Community and the Russian Federation and especially, the US Army through the DARPA.

– The extortion to the victims of Nanomafia using new products developed with the nanotechnology like the Cerebral Internet (also known as Brain Net). The Brain Netallows obtaining the so-called “mind videos,” obtaining a person’s thoughts in form of videos that can be transmitted to cell phones. Really, the Brain Netaims to be the most powerful extortion weapon of common crime, organized crime, state terrorism, and cyberwar.

– The silence and participation of the press. Recent publications give evidences that owners of mass media and their extensive network of journalists in the world are the organizers of this mafia of nanotechnology since the main uses of nanobots on humans are projects of telecommunications like the Brain Net, permanent espionage on a person by telemetry.

– The media disinformation campaign which presents mind control and the Brain Netas a fiction or myth, thus, society is informed about nanotechnology as a crime only in science fiction TV series, which leads one to consider the crime incredible.

– The silence and participation of unions. In Latin America, the health unions participate in multiple street protests; however, their silence is remarkable in relation to the multiple researches that report forced human experimentation with nanobots in Latin American hospitals, which would reflect their participation in this mafia. In Peru, the Federación Centro Unión de Trabajadores known by its initials “CUT” from the Social Health Insurance (ESSALUD for its initials in Spanish) comprises 18,000 workers. In spite of its large number, which makes it almost impossible that their members do not know Nanomafias, surprisingly “CUT,” a health union, has not denounced illicit nanotechnology. ( Fig 4 ) (Fig 5)

– The Nanomafia aims to be an interconnected worldwide network. One of its main camouflages would be the Millennium project, created, according to its promoters, the United Nations, to develop a “global intelligence,” therefore, it forms the “nodes” in different countries; this would actually be to develop the Brain Net worldwide.

Alan García, considered one of the most corrupt politicians in Peru, surprisingly, was the person chosen by the United States to develop the Peru Node of the Millennium Project and to advise the RIBER Group, the Latin-American branch of this project. Garcia’s corruption fame and his relations with Fernando Barrios lead one to suspect that Alan García would be developing the Brain Net in all Latin America.

– The Nanomafia is an organized crime. In contrast to a band in which a group of people meets to commit a single crime, the organized crime organizations are created to commit crimes continuously, at long term; the organized crime is “the crime company,” for that reason, to achieve that purpose, one of the main key objectives is to include into it the authorities of the national police, the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary, this makes the success of the criminal organization viable; it explains why the organized crime develops its actions with total impunity and it would explain why the Nanomafia, a form of organized crime, has not been reported by any prosecutor’s office in the world ( Fig 6)

The Main Weapon of the Nanomafia is the Brain Net

It is also evident that, given the great extension that the Nanomafias would have in the world and the large amount of information that institutions like the world Intelligence services as CIA or MOSSAD and police institutions like the FBI and the INTERPOL have, these institutions would know the Nanomafia but instead of reporting it they hide it and participate in its crimes. Thus, for example, neither the FBI, the CIA, the MOSSAD or the INTERPOL, or any Intelligence service in the world have reported the main Nanomafia weapon, the Brain Net, and the massive espionage that would be carried out in the world on citizens, mainly on young women, obtaining their sexual life.

The Magnitude of the Nanotrafficking Mafia is Comparable Only to Drug Trafficking

It is necessary to emphasize that the criminal activity of this Nanomafia, “the ghost mafia,” “the wifi mafia,” must be known by society in all areas because it can affect any society sector and for the power of its weapons like the Brain Net. The magnitude of this mafia can only be compared to that of drug trafficking. There actually are many similarities between the drug trafficking and this “nanotrafficking” organized by Nanomafias, although the main crime element is different, in the former it is the coca leaf and in the latter it is the brain nanobot, both can damage the mental health, both are billionaire industries that infiltrate and corrupt all the institutions, however, unlike the drug trafficking that is reported by mass media in its headlines, in nanotrafficking the press is its main member and for that reason it hides it, and it remains unknown to most of society which even considers it fiction due to their own press disinformation campaign which presents the crime as fiction.


Nanotechnology has become a billionaire industry with multiple potential applications on human beings, which has led to the creating of a mafia of nanotechnology to be developed on human beings. A “Nanomafia” that becomes rich with the secret and forced use of nanotechnology on human beings at the expense of their health, privacy, and honor. World society should know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Nanomafia, mafia that aims to become the greatest organized crime network in the world.


Salinas D The Nanomafia: nanotechnology’s global network of organized crime Int Phys Med Rehab J. 2018; 3(3):273-7

Professor David Salinas Flores, MD | The Secret of “Person of Interest”: The Cerebral Internet

–Posted 6/5/2019

Brilliant and necessary reading on the subject of the Cerebral Internet, the massive world secret Snowden and Assange have hidden from view for the larger world kept miasmically indoctrinated and brainfogged by the vast octopus reach of corporate-owned, Rothschild-run, propaganda-pushing mainstream media supporting World Fascism and Total Tyranny who deceptively push the focus on Mass Surveillance in a time period when Mass Neuro Surveillance is going on–as this reporter seeks often to cover, and as hundreds of thousands of non-consensual neuro-experimentation victims of unethical military and Intelligence persecution worldwide, wrongfully labeled “Targeted Individuals” and discredited as “Mentally Ill” by sinister and clear Mil/Intel design, testify avidly to.

Re-published with much thanks by invitation of the author, Dr. David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, a shorter form of his longer paper published in April 2019 at The Journal of Medical Case Reports and Reviews.

Salinas, D. “THE SECRET OF“PERSON OF INTEREST’: THE CEREBRAL INTERNET”. Jmcrr, Vol. 2, no. 4, Apr. 2019,

Previous publications by this acutely incisive thinker and writer at this media site include:

Professor David Salinas Flores, MD: Transhumanism: The Big Fraud – Towards Digital Slavery

–Ramola D


Person of Interest is an American science fiction television series that recreates the permanent surveillance of citizens daily life and attributes the obtaining of private information to a super artificial intelligence ( Fig 1); however, a scientific analysis reveals that actually the television series is recreating surveillance with Cerebral Internet of citizens with secret implantation of invasive neurotechnology such as brain nanobots in New Yorks citizens. (Fig 2).

Fig 2: The secret of “Person of Interest”: The Cerebral Internet | The large amount of information obtained by “The Machine” is a mystery (Left). The big information obtained about citizens can only be explained by the surveillance of citizens who have secretly installed brain nanobots. Cerebral Internet is the real method of mass surveillance in Person of Interest (Right).

Cerebral Internet is a means of communication developed in a person who has in his brain, implants, nanobots or microchips with which a tele-transmission of his/her daily life would be performed. This is sent via wifi to cell phones, computers, and televisions and even to other brains; thus, a televisualization of the victim’s daily life would be done with Cerebral Internet. In short, any person would see another person’s entire life, minute by minute, through a cell phone or computer. Scientific research about Cerebral Internet has only been reported in experiments with animals such as monkeys and rats. However scientists like Michio Kaku claim that prototypes already exist and that he has seen them in the laboratory. But the most serious fact is that recent investigations warn of forced and secret human experimentation with brain nanobots and microchips in the world, mainly in Latin American universities.

There are many pieces of evidence that suggest that its actual script is being based on illicit human experimentation with Cerebral Internet in the world, mainly in United States and Latin America. It is very likely that there are many real “Persons of interest,” beautiful women, millionaires, eminent scientists, prosecutors, judges among others. They are permanently monitored, not for their safety, but for the illicit enrichment of a mafia of prosecutors, policemen, and journalists. The world society shall know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Hollywood’s mafia that aims to become a great organized crime network in the world.

Actually, the television series seeks to manufacture the consent to the use of the Cerebral Internet under the argument of security.

There are several evidences in the series that reveal that it recreates Cerebral Internet, among them:

— The soliloquies of the characters of the TV series;

A person with Cerebral Internet can be recognized for speaking alone, without having the appearance of being psychotic or having mobile hearing aids.

— The kind of information obtained is only explained with Cerebral Internet;

— The properties attributed to “the machine” are explained only with the Cerebral Internet;

The secret of this TV series is not only that it recreates citizens who are spied on with the Cerebral Internet, there are many evidences that indicate that the real script of this TV series is based on secret, illicit, and forced human experiments with Cerebral Internet in the world, mainly in Latin America and United States. There are many reasons that support this fact:

a) The Discovery of Hollywoods Nanomafias

Recent researches reveal evidences that the technological transnational companies, in illicit association with US Army and the corrupt governments, have created an organization that is developing in the world a secret, forced, and illicit neuroscientific human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology which may have even led scientists to win Medicine Nobel Prizes. The US Army has strong relations with Hollywood, this is the reason that explains the existence of a Mafia of Hollywood that produces films and TV series based on illicital human experimentation of US Army. Many science fiction writers are considered as “visionaries” or “prophets”; however the real script of many science fiction films used by Hollywood producers is based on secret experiments realized with nanotechnology by US Army, CIA, and American Universities at the cost of the health and honor of thousands of citizens in the world. This is the reason for the certainty with which Hollywoods stars and productors affirm: “Today’s science fiction will be the real science of tomorrow.”

Actually, recent researches alert that :

“The science fictions of today are illegal and forced experiments

that are currently being carried out in the world.”

b) The discovery of Mafia of Cerebral Internet in United States

There are many evidences that indicate the existence of a network of organized crime to develop the Cerebral Internet in the world. In USA, the Mafia of Cerebral Internet is organized by their own White House, its main operator being the former US president Barack Obama, strong suspicion of which is based in three facts:

Recent researches warn that the scientific megaprojects of the human brain organized and presented by Barack Obama such as BRAIN project and Human Connectome are developing with illicit human experiments using brain nanobots by nanomafias.

The relationships of Barack Obama with foundations. Foundations are considered human farms of nanotechnology. In 2014, Barack Obama founded “The Obama Foundation” in Chicago.

– Own declarations of Former US President Barack Obama. Obama in a recent public meeting made statements that suggest that American cities such as Chicago are gigantic human laboratories to develop Cerebral Internet and Hive Mind.

c. Many evidences indicate that New York is a city spied on with Cerebral Internet

Although “Person of Interest” is promoted as science fiction, it could be really recreating the reality of New York. New Yorkers would be real “Persons of Interest,” they could be being secretly and permanently monitored with the Cerebral Internet by the mafias of the American government. This suspicion is based in two facts:

-The discovery of Mafia of Cerebral Internet in EU that is organized by former President Barack Obama and Dave Eggers.

-The campaign of New York as Smart City.

Smart City is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. The city of New York has been announced as the Best Smart City of 2016 as part of the World Smart City Awards. The development of Smart Cities has a main component: The creation of Smart Citizen, the Citizen with brain microchips. In fact, the Smart City campaign is another intellectual camouflage to develop the societies of citizens spied on with the Cerebral Internet. Promotion of Smart Citizen is associated to iconography of robotization, this fact reinforces this suspicion: Smart Citizen will be spied on with Cerebral Internet and subjected to a process of human robotization. (Fig 3)

Fig 3: New York: A city spied on with the Cerebral Internet -The secret script of “Person of interest” | Recent research warns the development of a Mafia of the Cerebral Internet in the United States, organized by former US President Barack Obama (Left). New York is considered smart city (Center); Smart City is prepromotion for citizens with brain nanobots. All these facts point out that New York is a city spied on with Cerebral Internet. New York’s citizens are “Persons of interest” in real life.


Person of Interest” is an evident promotion of Cerebral Internet, and there may be evidences that actually recreate the development of Cerebral Internet in New York, New Yorkers are “Persons of Interest” in real life.

Cerebral Internet is promoted by the Press as a benefit or natural evolution of Internet; however, it is a permanent violation of privacy, of communications secrets, and is considered the most powerful extortion weapon owned by the common crime and state terrorism.

Media is the main source of the messages and images that reach people, therefore is the main tool for manufacturing consent to Cerebral Internet. This is the reason that “Person of Interest” is one key piece of a gigantic program of the White House to manufacture the voluntary assent of society to Cerebral Internet.

The objective of the series is to convince the spectator to accept Cerebral Internet and coexist with the daily espionage by an elite of millionaires who have access to the private life of everyone, but who do not lose their own privacy; in other words, the TV series seeks to convince spectators to give their private life to the oligarchy that governs the world under the safety swindle, an oligarchy which evidently includes the Hollywood magnates. Thus, American government and transnational companies will have legal access to people’s private lives without legal claim.

The world plutocracy is very interested that citizens accept voluntarily the use of the Cerebral Internet. Popular culture plays a key role in the transmission of ideas, this is the reason why a TV series like “Person of Interest” is designed carefully to promote Cerebral Internet, along with its intellectual camouflages and the cliches related to it, among them:

a) Manufacture consent for mass surveillance under the argument of National Security.

The messages of the series are clear:

Mass surveillance is the medicine against terrorism,”

Your safety is the objective, the sacrifice is your private life,” “The end justifies the means.”

The title of the series has this objective, to justify the permanent surveillance of chosen “Persons of Interest” under the pretext of Security. According to the Cambridge dictionary:

“Person of Interest is a person who the police think

might have been involved in a crime, but who has not been arrested.”

In real life, “Person of Interest” is a chosen citizen by the Mafias of the Cerebral Internet who can benefit the Government Mafias, thus a Person of interest can be a Miss Universe, a millionaire, a lawyer, an eminent scientist, or an enemy to the interests of the Government Mafias such as honest judges. (Fig 4.)

Fig 4: Cerebral Internet’s main goal: The sex life of young women, not her security | The series promotes the message “Mass surveillance is for safety of citizens” (Left). In reality, the main objective of mass surveillance with Cerebral Internet is obtain the sex life of beautiful women, a millionaire secret business of TV press in the world.

b)”Person of Interest” promotes Digital Fascism

Digital Fascism is a government that will control citizens with invasive neurotechnology such as brain nanobots. Although scientists of the big transnationals promote brain nanobots as innocuous and as a benefit for society, they only inform that brain nanobots give connectivity, but do not inform that “connection will make us vulnerable”. Actually, nanobots can be a weapon against the citizen. Brain nanobots would make us lose our mind control: citizens would be controlled by others and thus they would lose their autonomy; turning us into human robots, they would lose their privacy due to being permanently spied on with the Cerebral Internet; they would lose their identity since their memory can be deleted with brain nanobots. Thus, if the citizens are spied-on, controlled mentally and do not have identity, they would become human slaves at the service of the transnational companies and economic powers.

In Digital Fascism there will be two social classes :

An elite of millionaires, who will not use nanobots and brain microchips, who will have access to video centers to spy, control and enslave the rest of society.

The rest of society, digital slaves, will use invasive neurotechnolgy and the Cerebral Internet, devices that will be mandatory to work in their companies.

Person of interest” subliminally promotes the Cerebral Internet because this is the main tool of Digital Fascism, it permits development of the different components of fascism such as mind control, erasing of memories, surveillance, torture or destruction of sexuality. “Person of interest” also directly promotes several other components of Digital Fascism, such as loss of privacy (permanent surveillance of citizens), homosexuality (the main female characters of the series are lesbians), mind control (the series recreates an avatar boy).

It is necessary to highlight that Nolan also produces Westworld, it is another series that promotes the same messages of “Person of interest”– the permanent surveillance, mind control, homosexuality and super artificial intelligence. Both series also promote and recreate the uses of the Cerebral Internet: “Person of interest” recreates espionage with the Cerebral Internet, Westworld recreates mind control with Cerebral Internet.The promotion of Westworld is that this series recreates humanoid robots (robots like humans), however the real state of artificial intelligence does not explain the humanoid robots of Westworld. Actually, Westworld recreates human robots (robotization of human beings).

The relationship between “Person of Interest” and Westworld is clear, in short:

Digital Citizens recreated in Person of Interest,

they will be the Human Robots of Westworld in the future.

The production of both series with digital fascist messages corroborates that Jonathan Nolan is the main key piece of a campaign of the American government for the promotion of Digital Fascism. (Fig 5.)

Fig 5: Digital Fascism’s promotion: From Person of Interest to Westworld -Jonathan Nolan’s job – Person of interest recreates smart citizens, citizens with brain chips (Left). Brain chips are the main tool of human robotization. Actually, Westworld recreates human robots, not humanoid robots. Westworld’s human robots are the future of Person of Interest’s smart citizens.

C.Person of Interest” promotes Friendly Fascism

Society has voluntarily given part of their private lives in emails, Facebooks, and telephone calls to the transnationals, former Google CEO says:

With your permission you give us more information about you, about your friends.”

Nowadays, with the advance of invasive neurotechnology such as brain microchips and Cerebral Internet, it is possible that the transnationals of technology such as Google or Facebook can get all the information of a citizen’s life such as routine life, memories, dreams, sexual life, among others. In addition to the transnationals succeeding in convincing citizens to give part of their private life, nowadays, the transnationals want to convince citizens to give all the information of their lives that can be obtained with the Cerebral Internet. It is necessary to remenber that knowledge is power, this large amount of private information gives immense power to transnationals of technology, these transnationals secretly co-govern the world together with the elected governments.

The transnationals have chosen a method to achieve this mega-objective: Friendly Fascism.

Classical fascism has been associated with violence, for example Hitlers fascism or Mussolini’s fascism. In Classic Fascism the main method is the violence; in Friendly Fascism the method is swindle, or misleading advertising.

So the Mafia of Neuromarketing develops the following strategies :

You must accept losing your privacy for your safety”

(The objective: Convince the citizen to accept surveillance of private life)

It is very important that you must control your emotions”

(The objective: Convince the citizen to accept mind control)

You must erase your bad memories”

(The objective: convince the citizen to accept erasing of memories)

You must use brain nanobots to become a cyborg or God”

(The objective: convince the citizen to accept use of brain nanobots)

In short, the main objective of Friendly Fascism is:

Citizens live happy being digital slaves, illicitly enriching an elite of millionaires that govern the world.

d) Mass Surveillance is administered by Superheros

The main actor, Jim Caviezel, played Christ, and in several chapters of “Person of Interest” assumes the role of “Guardian Angel” who advises people to avoid committing crimes, subliminally repeating the role of Christ; thus Caviezel goes from Christ to Angel of Safety. However, the message of the TV series: “Massive surveillance is managed by supervigilants,” contrasts with reality; recent research reveals that massive surveillance with Cerebral Internet is developed by journalistic Mafias that obtain the sexual life of University women to commercialize them, yet the most serious fact is that mass surveillance is handled by Mafias of policemen, prosecutors and judges, they use Cerebral Internet as a weapon of extortion.

e) Mass surveillance is carried out by Super Artificial Intelligence

The American establishment seeks to create in the unconscious of citizens the idea that the mass surveillance system is made by supercomputers and highly developed software. The US government wants to use the image of computers so that citizens accept mass surveillance: computers are considered honest, accurate and impartial.

The secret goal of this message “supercomputers perform mass surveillance of citizens” is that citizens believe that the future management of private information obtained with Cerebral Internet, (private life, sexual life, thoughts, dreams, memories), will be in charge of supercomputers, they will store this audovisual material and avoid leaks.

The secret message is:

“Supercomputers are the only ones that will have access

to our sexual life, nobody will see our privacy.”

The message of “Person of Interest”: “Massive surveillance is done by supercomputers and supersoftwares” is surprisingly repeated by the most promoted defender of privacy, Edward Snowden.

In 2012, in the chapter “No Good Deed,” the chosen “person of interest” was Henry Pecker, a NSA 33 year-old analyst who discovers that his agency is conducting a mass surveillance by a super artificial intelligence. Surprisingly, a year later, by a suspicious coincidence, Edward Joseph Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, reveals the existence in the world of a mass surveillance by NSA based on supersoftware such as PRISM. Thus, suspiciously, a year in advance, the television series predicted the Snowden case. Henry Pecker even had physical characteristics similar to Snowden. It is necessary to highlight that Snowden is promoted by the world press as the agent more informed about mass surveillance of the CIA, however he only has reported massive surveillance systems done by computers and supersoftware such as PRISM; incredibly despite the fact that he continually gives interviews about the state of mass surveillance, he has not reported massive surveillance with Cerebral Internet, despite the fact that there is much research that already alerts all to the illicit development of Cerebral Internet in Latin America.

It is evident that Snowden knows about the Cerebral Internet, but he hides it, he hides the main weapon of CIA for massive surveillance. Actually, Snowdens repetition of US government cliche, “Mass surveillance is done by computers” and the concealment of the Cerebral Internet are evidences that indicate:

Snowden continues being an agent of the CIA, a main CIAs agent.

The message of “Person of Interest” and Edward Snowden: “The main mass surveillance is developed by supercomputers,” seeks to hide the reality. Recent research warns that the main mass surveillance is carried out by a Mafia that develops the Cerebral Internet, main massive surveillance with Cerebral Internet is not developed by an Super Artificial Intelligence. The private information obtained with the personalized surveillance of the Cerebral Internet illicitly enriches a corrupt circle of journalists, prosecutors, judges, police and politicians. They spy, torture, extort and damage the health of citizens who secretly and without their consent have invasive neurotechnology such as brain nanobots. (Fig 6.)

Fig 6: Person of Interest: The pre-promotion of Snowden,
the false prophet of Cerebral Internet
In the TV series, Henry Pecker, a NSA worker, reveals massive surveillance with supercomputers and software (Left). Surprisingly, a year later, Edward Snowden, a NSA worker repeats the same message, mass surveillance is secretly developed with supercomputers and supersoftware.(Center). Snowden is promoted as hero (Right). However, Snowden hides the Cerebral Internet, the most powerful weapon of mass surveillance of the US government.

f. The Mass Surveillance system is our new God

g) Opponents to the Mass Surveillance system are criminals

Person of interest” repeats the cliche of American Establishment “Nothing to Hide.” In short, the dishonest are the people who do not want to lose privacy, if you claim (concern) about surveillance is because you are a criminal. Those who try to resist living their lives publicly and being constantly surrounded by social media are now suspects. It is a false dichotomy of choice: either we accept total surveillance or we are criminals worthy of suspicion. Nowadays, Hollywood produces a whole series of films and television series where the defense of privacy is presented as a crime such as recent films, The Circle and Anon. Actually, “Nothing to Hide” is another fraudulent message of plutocracy that governs the world. There are many elements of human behavior best served by secrecy including things like religión, sex, politics. “Nothing to hide” doctrine is nothing more than a form of social intimidation to expose those who do not conform.

h) Person of Interest promotes Precrime

Precrime is promoted in science fiction but also in criminology journals, it is already being implemented in precrime systems in US commissaries, but the promotion of this US precrime system is associated with promotion related to invasive neurotechnology, which reveals a clear intention to legalize the use of the Cerebral Internet as a pre-crime tool in reality. The reading of minds with the Cerebral Internet allows (them) to know which citizen could commit a crime. Predeliction-thoughts in “thought-crimes” can be used as an excuse to justify the use of the Cerebral Internet in citizens. Under the Pre-crime paradigm, Government Mafia could turn innocent citizens into criminals, Pre-crime would become “the crime of the honest citizen”– in that way any honest opponent could be punished only with his thoughts in a fascist government. However, the reality is different, the main objective of mass surveillance of the Mafia of the Cerebral Internet is not Precrime but the private life of citizens. The real “persons of interest” are citizens chosen by the Cerebral Internet’s mafias for their illicit enrichment such as millionaires.

The Mafia of the Cerebral Internet looks for crimes but only for extortion.

Cerebral Internet is the more powerful weapon of extortion.

In a global vision, gathering all their cliches, in short, the real message of the “Person of interest” is :

The Cerebral Internet will be administered by supercomputers, compile all the information of our lives and select what is relevant as a threat to security. We should not worry about the leak of our private life or secret data to the mafias because only computers will see our sex life, no human being will see our sexual life, we must trust them as we trust in the privacy of our email. The life of citizens is not the priority of surveillance, only surveillance of terrorists, however we will monitored by default by supercomputers. We must accept with confidence and tranquility Cerebral Internet as a new God. Snowden, the hero of privacy, who revealed the massive surveillance by computers to us, will recommend to us the best applications on our smartphone to control the Cerebral Internet. Person of Interest must be seen knowing this socio-political context and disinformation campaign of the World Press. (Fig 7)

Fig 7: Mafias of prosecutors in Latin America: Key partners of production of TV Science Fiction  | Jonathan Nolan (Left). Peru is the main place where there is illicit experimentation with brain nanobots for developing film and tv series of science fiction. Prosecutor of the Nation Pablo Sanchez Velarde (2015-2018) and Callao prosecutors (Right). No prosecutor in the world has denounced massive surveillance with Cerebral Internet.


Person of Interest is an American science fiction television series that recreates massive surveillance with Cerebral Internet of citizens, with secret implantation of invasive neurotechnology. Actually, the movie seeks to manufacture consent to the use of the Cerebral Internet under the argument of security. The series aims to recreate the secret reality of New York, a city spied on with the Cerebral Internet. It is very likely that there are many real “Persons of interest” in the world, millionaires, prosecutors, beautiful women, among others, who are permanently monitored, not for their safety, but for the illicit enrichment of a mafia of prosecutors, policemen, and journalists. World society shall know the crimes committed by this Hollywood’s Mafia that aims to become a great organized crime network in the world.