Breaking News: Dr. Young Reveals the COVID Injections are Intelligent Targeting Bioweapons Using Specific Genetic Markers to Reach Specific Organs–Like Heart, Ovaries, Brain: Lethal Vaccine Outcomes are Intentional

Report & Video Links | Ramola D | January 5, 2022

In a major interview at Ramola D Reports published Jan 4, 2022 (video linked below), Dr Robert Young, a clinical nutritionist and expert biochemist with 40 years of scientific research, healing practice, and formulation of nutritional products, who has written several books and papers and recently shot to prominence as he presented the work of a team of scientists analyzing the COVID vaccines--which he prefers to call injections, not vaccines–under scanning and transmission electron microscopes and X-ray dispersive spectroscopes, revealing nano graphene and other nanoparticulates, has shared some explosive news which casts a new light on the lethal vaccine outcomes we are witnessing worldwide.

Cardiac Arrest and Miscarriages Targeted Outcomes Based on Genetic Tagging of mRNA in Vaccines

The whole phenomenon of cardiac arrest in athletes, myocarditis and pericarditis in young boys and men, as well as miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, menstrual changes in women, he says, are indicative of genetic tagging of the mRNA and graphene-loaded lipid capsids with specific polynucleotide markers–obtained ether from animal organ tissue for cell lines or fetal organ tissues–to guide the mRNA to specific organs and glands, with specific intent to harm and sterilize.

Daunting compilation of athletes collapsing and dying/Sudden cardiac arrest, brain death

While such a notion may be incomprehensible by all human standards of health and ethics, Dr. Young explains that his certainty this is the case comes from his own 40 year-plus experience of formulating targeted nutraceuticals which use polynucleotides–genetic material from animal organ tissue–to send herbal nutrition to specific organs for their healing; it is this same methodology, he says, which is being used in these vaccines for a deleterious purpose.

Variability of toxicity across batches, now found to be the case as per Craig Paardekooper and Team Enigma’s adverse event data evaluation reported here, and behind-the-scenes selection of batches for targeted reasons, taking gender and age into account, would explain why specific gender and age groups are manifesting specific outcomes. Hence the rise in myocarditis in boys taking the vaccine, and miscarriages and menstrual changes in women taking the vaccine.

Image: Still from video above of athletes collapsing

Known Science and Practice in Formulating Targeted Nutraceuticals

This is not new science, he says, it is known to those who work in the fields of nutrition and biology. His own awareness of the science of tagging herbals and supplements being combined for maximum effect with specific genetic biologic markers comes from his knowledge of the work of Dr. Royal Lee from Standard Research, and led to his own research which led him to formulate women’s health-supportive supplements and men’s supplements, using specific polynucleotides for instance from bovine tissue to send the nutrition to the uterus and ovaries or prostate gland as needed.

This information constitutes a trade secret which he has not patented, he notes, but which he used in his company Inner Light started in the ’90s which was sold to a pharmaceutical manufacturer in 2000 and returned to him in 2011/12, along with his own trade secrets, whose period of limitation runs out usually after about 18 years. He is not therefore infringing on NDAs (non disclosure agreements) to reveal this information, but it is the kind of trade information that companies selling nutraceuticals and supplements would keep secret or patent. Some companies currently marketing supplements do indeed use this science, he says, and it is possible some indicate as much in their ingredient-lists and mention of methodology.

It is therefore a known science, using the Law of Similars used in homeopathy to use proteins and genetic material from specific organs and glands to help support specific organs and glands. The markers guide the supplement molecules to the requisite destination, a progression confirmed by the use of radio isotope fluoroscent tracers.

Fetal Cell Lines Used in Research & Development and Testing a Known Practice

Research scientists in drug and vaccine testing would therefore be fully cognizant of this methodology of targeted delivery and indeed it is perhaps this very feature of R&D which applied the use of fetal cell lines to vaccine testing in the case of all 4 major vaccines, as uncovered by Project Veritas through the whistleblowing of Pfizer quality control inspector Melissa Strickler in revealing the cautionary emails of Pfizer VP Vanessa Gelman seeking to keep the use of fetal tissue secret.

Vanessa Gelman, fleeing from journalism (Project Veritas reporter)

Fetal cell lines are frequently used in vaccines, as exposed by several researchers, and have been found to be used in R&D and testing in the Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and Astrazeneca vaccines.

Dr. Young points out that when vaccine makers say they have “only used fetal cell lines in testing or R&D” they are skirting the full reveal of covert use of proteins or polynucleotides derived from fetal organ cells for tagging-for-targeted-delivery uses.

Fetal Cell Lines, Cells, Tissue Marketed by Source Organ to Researchers

Fetal cells and cell lines used in drug and vaccine research come from specific organs, as this pdf from Children of God for Life tabulates:

The use of fetal tissue from specific organs in research continues, while a high price is paid by researchers for intact fetal organs, as the 2015 Center for Medical Progress’ undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood directors reveals.

Pfizer Biodistribution Studies and New Pathological Findings Reveal Targeted Accumulation of mRNA, Lymphocytes in Specific Organs

Vaccine animal trials and biodistribution studies have yielded considerable data on the coagulation or depositing of mRNA lipid nanoparticles in certain organs, particularly the heart, lungs, liver, ovaries, testes, bone marrow, brain, as reported here earlier.

In addition, pathological findings published recently by Dr. Burkhardt and Dr. Bhakdi reveal that toxic effects and high T-lymphocyte load in specific organs indicate coagulation of the “drug substance” in specific organs of the body: Explosive News–Irrefutable Scientific Evidence All COVID Vaccines are Causing Massive Death: Top Immunologist & Top Pathologist, Dr. Bhakdi & Dr. Burkhardt Reveal Killer Lymphocytes Have Caused Auto-Immune Death in All Dead-Vaccinated Studied & Call for IMMEDIATE VACCINE HALT Worldwide.

What Dr. Young is reporting therefore is evidence-based and directly related to the effects being reported in Severe Adverse Events post-vaccine as well as the findings of autopsied deaths post-vaccine.

Professor Sir John Bell and his Inadvertent Reveal of Sterilizing Intent of the UK Vaccine Taskforce: Yes, the COVID Vaccines Intend to Sterilize

Dr. Young’s information is confirmed by Professor Sir John Bell of Oxford and the UK Vaccine Committee letting slip that “we” were looking for 60-70% sterility in the vaccinated population, covered more fully here (video included): Mass Sterilization (and Deaths) of Children and Youth with Toxin-Laden COVID-19 Experimental Vaccines is Underway; Doctors Plead for a Halt: Pregnant Women and Children Must NOT Get the Vaccine

Sir John Bell’s bio at Wikipedia is rather weighty and partially reads:

Sir John Irving Bell GBE FRS FMedSci FREng[1] (born 1 July 1952)[2] is a Canadian immunologist and geneticist.[3] From 2006 to 2011, he was President of the United Kingdom’s Academy of Medical Sciences, and since 2002 he has held the Regius Chair of Medicine at the University of Oxford.[4] He was since 2006 Chairman of the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR) but as of 2020 is just a normal member.[5] Bell was selected to the Vaccine Taskforce sometime before 1 July 2020.[6] Bell is also on the board of directors of the SOE quango Genomics England.

All the more interesting therefore, to hear his words: the secretive intentionalities of the so-called “elite,” laid bare for the world to see and hear. Bell’s genetics background and words also suggest he is quite familiar with the practice of targeting organs for specific outcome.

Smoking Gun? Moderna Patent Describes Targeting for Effect

In further confirmation, the Moderna patent “Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins” directed to our attention by Dr. Young discusses the use of polypeptides and mmRNA in the creation of mRNA drug-delivery systems (as also used in the mRNA vaccines) and offers much information that seems quite closely related to the concept of tagging for distinct effect as he describes it.

Medical Malfeasance and Diabolical Intent

The targeted use of substances to effect pathological outcomes through a vaccine being coerced and forced on billions in the name of Public Health can only be termed diabolical.

To clarify, this is information which is being pointed to by Dr. Young as part of the trade-secret world, and not publicly disclosed by vaccine makers, but which can be further researched and confirmed perhaps, particularly through close reading of the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson patents and EUAs.

This information which Dr. Young has shared therefore–held up by so much more: Pfizer animal studies, autopsies, secretive Pfizer emails, Pfizer biodistribution reports, ongoing research practices, the Moderna patent–is of crucial importance in helping us all understand what we are seeing today, a seemingly selective cardiac assault on men and reproductive assault on women. Sudden brain death across genders may also account for women athletes collapsing.

That the lethal vaccine outcomes we are seeing are intentional is no longer a possibility we can preclude.

Compilations of videos showing people suddenly collapsing post-vaccine and darkly witty music videos including this Christmas parody have been going viral on alt-media and social media while being censored off Youtube.


Thousands of doctors and scientists have called for a halt to the vaccines while thousands have pleaded for them not to administered to children. The latest news suggests hundreds of thousands of people are dying post-vaccine, and one can only hope the avalanche of whistleblowers coming forward to correct Media narratives and end the vaccine holocaust will not stop.

Crisis in America: Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64 Based on Life Insurance Claims for 2021 After COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Outs/Vaccine Impact News

California Nurses Blow Whistle on “Overwhelming” Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes as Doctors Refuse to Blame Vaccines for Fear of Losing Their Medical License/Vaccine Impact News

New Scientific Study finds at least 400,000 Americans may have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines By The Exposé on

Dr. Robert Young’s Statement and Advisory to All

Dr. Robert Young

Dr. Young read out a statement on Newsbreak 142 which he offers in updated text below:

“Military Departments around the World are building factories to produce billions of invasive test kits and targeted intelligent bioweapons disguised as vaccines for years 2022 through 2024.

World ‘Banksters’ (who claim Earth is overpopulated) have been paying the Militaries around the World billions to produce silent intelligent targeted weapons of mass destruction.

The Militaries have failed to “cook” the perfect so-called virus in Wuhan, China for the kill job (because the viral theory is not only seriously flawed but is completely false), but along comes the technocrats with their nano tech, 4G, 5G, 6G & AI Supercomputers to create the perfect intelligent targeted silent bio weapon disguised as a killer virus.

Therefore, the invasive tests and so-called vaccines form the backbone of this silent bioweapon to deliver cytotoxic, genotoxic and magnetic toxic reduced graphene ferrous oxide to connect humans and animals to the Internet of Things (IOT) for sterilization, mind control, contact tracing and eventual human and animal assassinations to reduce the surplus population of ‘useless eaters’ as stated by Henry Kissenger.

PLEASE Say “NO” to invasive tests and fake vaccines to block the Military Coup of Earth and the planned sterilization and depopulation of over 7.5 billion people and even billions more of animals and birds.

As soon as a critical mass of people have been inoculated with graphene ferrous oxide (estimated at 90 percent) they will go full throttle and turn the pulsating microwave frequency up 41.3 gHz for a human quantum connection (frequency delivered from satellite, drones and/or cell towers to humans) affecting all those who have been inoculated.

Once the quantum link is certain they can gradually push the frequency up to 60 gHz causing oxygen deprivation, pathological blood coagulation and then suffocation where people will fall over dead in 4 minutes or less.

Mission accomplished by the ‘Bad Actors’! No more excess ‘useless eaters’. NO more excess population.

No more natural humans – just GMO humans – except for the remaining 500,000 souls left.

Death by chemical and radiation poisoning – the perfect intelligent targeted silent bioweapon sold by the Media as a vaccine for causing the death of over 7.5 billion souls.

This will all be accomplished in the next 2 to 3 years.

These ‘Bad Actors’ and ‘Luciferians’ will NOT stop until we say ‘STOP’! We need to take back control of our bodies, our lives and our planet. Just say NO MORE! Once again remember, It is YOUR body, YOUR life and YOUR Choice! May God bless and protect us ALL from this crime against humanity!”

– Robert O. Young MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner –

Newsbreak 142 has been posted at Bitchute and Odysee and will be posted elsewhere soon. Please watch and share widely.

Newsbreak 142 | BREAKING: Dr. Young Reveals COVID Vaccines are Intelligent Targeting Bioweapons


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  1. Teresa Blosser

    I do not agree with everything this man says about the spiritual but the science tech goes along with R Young said: ( Lots of cussing by the video maker, I cannot help that.)

  2. 11s Video: Latest virus protocol in China are “Space Suites”. Another COVID sign pointing to “Space Race 2.0” that has trillions in mineral wealth. So maybe COVID was created to transform humans for Space Travel. All nations applying for a China infrastructure loan must pay a Space Tax.

  3. “No more natural humans – just GMO humans – except for the remaining 500,000 souls left.” … I think Dr Young meant 500 million souls under “normal humans” according to the Georgia Guidstones (Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature).? Could we get more clarity where the number 500000 souls comes from?

  4. I was the 1st Medical Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist in the Federal Government as A Service-Connected Veteran. During that time, I was given permission to speak and treat within my scope of practice for teaching soldiers. I taught a Mind, Body, Detox course in the TBI clinic and the Pain Management Clinic. After a few years in, it was brought down from the Chief of my Clinic via the Chain of Command from the OTSG to shut down speaking anything about pH balancing and vaccines. (Soldier’s were filling out “ICE COMMENTS” and their words about my therapy went up the pipeline and they were not happy. I was under and informal investigation for a time to see if I was soliciting soldiers off-post to speak with them on this subject and other areas around vaccines. With that being said. I resigned due to my parents failing health and got a hardship permit to work from home. In doing so, I have Veterans and Active-Duty that have sought me out to find out the truth. I can only say what I know from my research and my own observation during treatment. I am also an Applied Nutritional Kinesiologist. In doing Ionic foot baths, in doing Postural Kinesiology alignments, massaging and manipulating the tissue; there is a significant difference in those who are vaccinated and those who are not. In addition, using the “Dolphin Vagal UP Neurostim”; there is a difference in the pitch of the frequency around the injection site than anyone who is not vaccinated. There is much more to this. My concern as a “Hands-On” Therapist how much it effects me? If I do my own Ionic Foot bath and I have massaged 4 or more clients in a day that have been vaccinated, my foot bath comes out nearly black. When I have time off and I am purging my body from toxins, the Ionic foot bath only has a margin of dark with more cellular debris. I have done this multiple times with two people at once with one having the vaccine and one who has not. Should I have to wear gloves now for everyone?

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