Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics

Note & Op-Ed | Ramola D | 28 June 2023

Updated July 5 2023 | Updating July 6 2023

From the startling opener noting that neuroscientists simply don’t know “how mind occurs in the brain” to much of this surprising conversation focused on Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno convergence (covered earlier here), this June 15, 2023 radio podcast discussion at the US Army “Mad Scientist” Convergence Podcast featuring Dr. James Giordano and Dr. James Canton, offers up quite some food for concern for all:

449. One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Dr. James Giordano is the Chief of Neuroethics and a Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University, primarily a “neuroscientist by trade, by profession,” as he avers on this podcast, curiously now also introducing himself as an adjunct professor of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, which suggests that this military neuroscientist is scrambling to corral the dubious fields of Psychiatry, “Behavioral Health,” and Mental Health into Weaponized Neuroscience, or perhaps just gain the credentials to preside over both–to unravel why, we must listen to this podcast.

Dr. James Canton is the author of several books aiming at techno-futures, a former Apple exec, with affiliations ranging from the National Science Foundation to the National Science and Technology Council, Stanford, Wharton, the U.S. Army and Naval War Colleges, the Joint Special Operations University, the Singularity University at NASA, who, curiously, appears to have functioned as a management consultant and advisor not merely to the US Government–White House, Departments of State, Defense–but also Health and Human Services–on various subjects including especially on nanotechnology. His stated focus is on “Emerging Technologies” though (a subject for greater exploration soon given coverage at this site earlier), and “threats and opportunities” thereof, on which he says he’s advised four White Houses, while also working in the space of AI in the private sector, holding positions as CEO of 5 private companies; a special focus today, he notes is the NBIC from NSF covered allusively later in this podcast (excerpts from the 2002 NSF Convergence report below).

While both of these military/managing men–one presented (on the “Mad Sci blog”) as a “hard science” expert, the other as a “soft science” visionary–present a complex view of an intended future within the framework of national security and defense, the actual content of their references in terms of takeover of the human mind, brain, body, agency must be questioned: Is it really possible that demolishing human–in this case American–individuality, independence, autonomy, uniqueness, creativity, intelligence can contribute to keeping our country safe from our “adversaries” or “competitors”? (One would think “National Security” inheres in platforming and promoting American brilliance, not seeking to disappear it.)

Neuro-AI Convergence

Neuro-AI seeks the convergence of Neuroscience with Artificial Intelligence, which is discussed here as necessary for advancement in the sciences and military. Ways of bringing these sciences together, we’re told include nano-bio-info-cogno, which seems to be pretty much everything Mil-Intel Mad Science has dreamed up including nanotechnology, synthetic biology, powerful database systems, cognitive processing underlying the creation of AI, and a seeking to bring the worlds of Cogno: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, the BRAIN Initiative, Robotics, Bio: The study of Life, Biology, Medicine, Genetics, putatively also “Behavioral Health” and Psychiatry, Info: Supercomputing, Big Data, Telecom, Nano: Nanobiosensors, Nanobioelectronics, Nanomedicine et al together under one management umbrella, all of it wanting sadly to head Humanity and Life in the direction of full-on brain implantation and Borg’ing into a cerebral Internet, body, brain, and behavior to be continually manipulated. (Covered often earlier at this site including with former US Navy Mark Trump on this podcast.)

Report #147: Mark Trump & Barbara Hartwell, Podcast 1: Alerting All to the Techno-Abyss

This kind of merging of man with machine is insistently posited as the future of both warfare and society, with much predicated on its intended successes in numerous fields of endeavor.

Dr. Giordano talks about implications for Public Health and Safety, BioMedicine, Performance Optimization and “making people better,” mentioning National Security, military and Intelligence goals in securing “multi-domain” security (Air, Space, Cyber, et al) while also alluding to Global Biosecurity and a Global Bio Economy. The US he concedes has a modest lead in the field over its adversaries and competitors, but more needs to be done, Dr. Canton also notes, to connect and link the fields of AI and Neuroscience. “We’ve invented this technology, we haven’t converged and linked it.”

“Performance Optimization” enters the conversation, with Dr. Giordano hastening to surface (in presumptive Orwellian wise) how “making people better” via the Brain Sciences could contribute to the good–the problem there of course is the eternal one of fox guarding the henhouse which he surely knows by now is The primary problem with his dual-stance neuromilitaryscience/neuroethics discourse: Where are the voices of the writers, the journalists, the scholars, the ethical biologists and physicists, the true healers, the working professionals and citizenry alluded to here as the “people”, the mothers, the fathers, the children in this debate?

Weaponized Neurotechnology to Affect Behavior

Addressing the notion of Convergence, Dr. Giordano states his particular focus is “the intersection of the Brain Sciences and those technologies that are going to be vital for not only Public Health and Bio Medicine but also for key aspects of lifestyle, which would then include things like Performance Optimization, but of course what you can do in terms of rendering Good, making people better, there’s a flip side to that coin, you can also make people Worse, and of course, what’s good for me may not be good for you–which then brings us to the whole stage of how the Brain Sciences are being leveraged multi-nationally for a variety of nationalistic Goods–economically, biomedically, technologically, socially, of course militarily, and on the Intelligence front.” (We mustn’t miss the fact he’s actually given it all away quite successfully here, acknowledging that the Neuroweaponry /Nanoweaponry /Microweaponry (brain sciences and other tech) Collective is quite possibly likely to Destroy brains while it’s busy aiming apparently to modify behavior for the “Good,” much as MK ULTRA in “Behavioral Health” functions.) (Or, in other words, Neuroweaponry IS MK ULTRA, and MK ULTRA IS Neuroweaponry: Top Secret (until it’s not).)

Brain sciences he goes on to say must include the social sciences, humanities, or “soft sciences” while Dr. Canton calls for the NeuroAI, NeuroSci and NeuroCog communities to talk to each other, all of which requires further research for further reportage, but the rising implication here of using neuroscience and other technologies–putatively nanotechnology, imaging, scanning, facial recognition AI, remote sensing technologies, gene-editing technologies, EMF technologies utilizing wifi, telecom, telemetry to affect lifestyle, daily life, and effect a paternalistic hold on people’s “performance” at work or play–being referred to here and being along the same spectrum as the DEW Bio-Behavioral Research contracts inflicting physical damage on people reported often here earlier, is unmistakable. Are military energy technologies slated for dual-use now being intended or used (in hard-to-believe tech-transfer of historic CIA MK ULTRA neuro control tech) for “behavioral health” purposes?

And it turns out, indeed they are, as many modern technologies, “emerging” or “innovative”, being introduced into doctors’ offices and psychiatry treatments suggest: Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry? (Please also see the documents and notice of military contracts in Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWS and Neuroweapons… and US and NATO Weapons-Testing for more.)

Brain Control rather quickly becomes Mind Control here, with much nebulous allusion to the psycho and the social sciences, conjuring up visions of such awkward, human-erasive inventions as sentient simulation, metaverses and virtual reality, immersive AI and brain cloning, voice cloning and RHIC-EDOM (radio hypnosis and dissolving memory), synthetic telepathy and so on, a combination of disclosed, being-experimented-with, and reported-by-non-consensual-Neuro-experimentation-victims tech:

“Understanding the Brain Sciences as they exist today–and I’ve had the opportunity to be a neuroscientist for about 40 years now– is that the capabilities of the brain sciences and the technologies it both uses and evolves are highly dependent on the interaction with other sciences, not just the physical sciences, natural and life sciences which I think are axiomatic to the brain sciences–the Brain is a biological organ—but understanding the functions of the brain are psycho-social, and therefore the social sciences, in identifying what those investigative targets are going to be for the brain sciences—

In other words, what are we looking at? What cognitions, emotions, and behaviors are going to be vital to understand the structural, functional mechanisms, correlations but then also, how are we going to affect those things, how are we actually going to intervene in the Brain in these ways or in some way that is capable of modifying, modulating (which is a fancy way of saying Manipulating) those things that we colloquially refer to as Mind – but soon as you get there then you’re also dealing with not just the social sciences inclusive of Law but the Humanities – What is ethically correct to do and not correct to do, and of course with what philosophy, based upon what type of epistemology, what do we know and how do we know itShouldn’t we go forward with these things even though we don’t know what the manifest effects are going to be?

That said, the Brain Sciences are axiomatic to what we now consider to be Advanced Integrative Scientific Convergence – in other words you can’t do effective brain science without Convergence and desiloing other sciences both natural and physical sciences as well as social sciences and more broadly the humanities—what are sometimes called soft sciences. So brain sciences Are convergent, it’s that Convergent that enables and force-multiplies the brain sciences to be used in the Social Science Public and obviously National Security Military and Intelligence milieu.”

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Remote-Access Neuro Takeover of “the Human System, the Biological Organism”

With Dr. Canton delineating five key domains within the Neuro-AI Convergence (militarily) envisioned comprising Chips and Hardware, Software, Cloud Platforms and Satellites, Systems like Tele-Robotics, Decision Support Systems, Decision Analysis, and Wearables meaning BCI-AI (brain computer interfaces and supercomputer AI), Dr. Giordano ruminates on challenges ahead regarding “how these five…are going to be yoked to the human system, the biological organism” and suggests looking to “other species as proxies, biomimetic systems, hierarchical systems”.

Neuro Cognitive science, he says, cannot be done “without actuating Big Data and Machine Learning” (the latter referring silently to artificial neural networks) — which is ominous in itself, given the military’s disclosures on Neuro Cognitive Weapons in recent times: Is it possible that human brains and human intelligence, in this dystopian view, are being prepped for downgrading, degrading, occluding and harm through techno Artificial Intelligence overlays?

The domain of wearables he notes includes implantables, injectables, nano levels of chemicals, with migration to key areas (an echo of intelligent targeting bioweapons there), real-time remote sensing (via nanobiosensors presumably) “real time reading from the living brain and writing into the living brain,” all of which he now confirms is part of a “global bio economy” with “peer competitors” and its own train of implications for National Security, Military, and Intelligence.

Listen again (past Cyberhacking) and we hear the whole of it, he Does go into that whole messy concept of nano NSA Neurosurveillance, reading brains in real time, and writing into them too, meaning with gaps and spaces and wiping out of memory so Neuro Cog, as Biodefense names it, or Neurology Live, takes on its real Black Ops Cloak of nanobiosensor nets :

…so yah, Wearables, are Certainly a Domain, but Wearables in what way? Things that are donnable and doffable? Or things that are Intrinsics—in the scale of properties that Dr. Canton mentioned, working down at that low Nano Level Scale whether we’re talking about nano level concentrations of chemicals and/or nanoscale engineering devices–are highly implantable, inhalable, swallowable, injectables, migrated into key areas where My work intersects, in the Brain, and then form literally Vast Arrays of Sensors and Transmitters that allow Real Time Remote Sensing and Engagement of the Brain—in other words, Real Time Reading from the Living Brain and Writing Into the Living Brain.

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists
Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE | NSF/DOC-sponsored report | June 2002

This is information from the military-intelligence world which every person on the planet needs to be aware of and needs to track, question and speak out about. But there is more, and that relates to the “Human Performance Optimization” mentioned earlier. Dr. Canton, asserting that AI and Neuro AI systems are going to supersede human intelligence in decision-making and data analysis soon enough (a point of contention with many I would imagine given that we don’t have NeuroAI playing chess with either yet), suggests a seeming need to enforce in the average human being this belief-in-the-unproven-yet-intended (forcing humans to roll over and cave to NeuroAI takeover?) via human augmentation with brain technology: “You either enhance the human to understand that–Rapid Decisionmaking, Rapid Deployment, Rapid Analysis–and we can Do that, there are lots of ways that are non-invasive–Neuralink and other companies are playing with ways to Do that–but that same technology could be hacked and used against us–so there are much broader much bigger social ethical issues here, I am confident we can navigate this properly…”

The implication being also that top “adversary” countries like Russia and China are engaged in the same “race” to the fore, requiring constant vigilance and padding of budgets, an old story from the military on every score, while Ethics of course remains an exclusive stronghold of the West, much waffling about ancient cultures, traditional cultures and so on gilding the conversation on China–with some surface attention paid to the obvious history we are familiar with of Communism in those parts. “That’s not to advocate an authoritarian US,” assures Dr. Giordano, as he meanders through thickets of a “whole of Government approach” needing to “conjoin whole of nation approaches” then fixes his sights on “bipartisan Unity” being essential to ensure the US remains competitive with a “definite strategic plan” and unchanging posture given that our adversaries had gotten ahead by way of a “triple helix” of conjoined sectors–Government, research, commercial.

Neuroethics Contemplates “Revising Certain Ethical Principles (for) a New Global Order”: (“A More Dialectical Approach to Ethical Realities”)

Ethics remains, if only in cosmetic cover, a topic for discussion, with “asymmetry in ethics” of course skewed only in favor of the US, still seen in this rose-colored light as Leader in Virtue (of whatever dubious means): “We provide a Global Security,” explains Dr. Canton, as he looks to a “War for the Future” while longing for a “Future that is not a War but is a negotiation, is a collaboration, is an understanding…” yet grumbles about our need for an “Innovation Detente to not go hot” given that China is racing ahead supposedly cramming into 20 years our 200 of sci-tech: “Our thesis is NeuroAI convergence is important…We need to move up our game. We invented ChatGpt, We invented Mapping the Human Genome… You don’t stop innovating, you raise the bar…” (This is either before or after he mentioned Sam Altman and Einstein in the same breath–on the other hand, is he talking about the Military inventing these things or the frontmen for same…?)

Either way, there’s that tiny question of Disclosure which now seems to be pouring out of the Mad Science Podcast as also from a ton of documents and videos from various branches of Military and US Gov–which suggests really, given the sweep of Global ventures mentioned, historically speaking, the Worldwide Internet itself may have heralded our plunge into what Dr. Giordano calls a “New Global Order” for which Ethics itself must be twisted out of itself to fit. Pondering this spiky notion of traditional Ethics to “keep our honor clean” Dr. Giordano offers the alternative (more pleasing no doubt to those apologists for AI, being perhaps less endowed in the human department themselves) to simply fudge it, phrasing this offer in genteel puzzlement: “Do we stoop to conquer and do we compromise what may be longstanding Western ethics or do we engage a more dialectical approach to ethical realities where we Revise certain Ethical Principles or perhaps Renew some others aNew so as to create a New Global Order that may be far more Co-operatively Competitive and does so in a way that honors if you will Certain Moral Precepts not only those of our own but that of others, and does so in a more Metered Way–but that Speaks to the Future?”

“Where we are right now is that the United States and its international allies maintains a very modest lead in Key Areas across the NBIC framework – nano bio informational cogno and Cogno here conjoining Neuro obviously – and doing so reciprocally both in terms of Cognitive-Based-Systems that are AI-based-systems, using neuromorphic design and then utilizing AI Machine Learning Systems to facilitate what we know about Organic Brains and the Organisms in Which They Live

But what I foresee is over the next 5 to 10 years that will be a fairly short-lived advantage—for 3 reasons, Number 1, because the actual technological capabilities are being infused by the triple helices of at least our major, at least Trans-Pacific peer competitor, And, the Overwhelming and Ubiquitous if you will Juggernaut of their economy, not only nationally but internationally, Number 2 is that, the Nature of What Can Be Done, in China, is in some ways Flexible. Dealing with this on an international level, trying to get some level of organizational and industrial co-operation, in other words if we’re looking for economic co-operative models that also recognize competition, our Chinese Peer Competitors are very savvy in recognizing that a key aspect of Much of Western philosophy is acknowledgment of Competing Viewpoints—and an Openness, or at least Readiness to engage that as axiomatic to the philosophy itself—and their viewpoint here is there are wonderful aspects of Western philosophy that are wholly intrinsic with their value systems but ..

We must now appreciate that we are dealing with a very old culture, equivalently as old as the cultures of the West, and that culture for a number of years, hundreds of years, has been essentially isolated, the last 100 years have been viewed as the Century of Humiliation, and only moving into the current period, notably over a Sentinel year, since 1949, has that culture been Allowed to gain some Global Stature and Status, in many ways playing Catch’up! But it’s no longer a question of playing Catch-up. Now those values, and those values and desires of that culture are becoming paramount based upon the economic capability of that culture on a number of different global scales and markets.

Therefore the Posture is, it’s sort of an aspect of a Golden Rule if you will, yeah, Those with all the Gold Rule, and our Trans-Pacific peer competitor is coming to the table and very realistically saying, Got a lot of gold! There’s a lot of things we can do.

And we’re not closing our doors, we’re Opening our doors, we’re inviting, and soliciting, and attracting Individuals to be Collaborative, but the thorny part of that collaboration is that there are also Intellectual Property laws, that are not only in China, but that have now been leveraged Globally, that while being attractive to international co-operation around much of the IP to Chinese national property, which then creates tremendous leverageable capability and hegemony on the global stage at least legally and economically. So what we’re seeing is, that although we’re very keen to talk about if you will maintaining our fight for Right and Freedom, and those Freedoms how they can then be Realized through Technological and Scientific Readiness, we also have to maintain at least some attitude toward what it means to keep our honor clean. Do we stoop to conquer and do we compromise what may be longstanding Western ethics or do we engage a more dialectical approach to ethical realities where we Revise certain Ethical Principles or perhaps Renew some others aNew so as to create a New Global Order that may be far more Co-operatively Competitive and does so in a way that honors if you will Certain Moral Precepts not only of our own but that of others, and does so in a more Metered Way–but that Speaks to the Future?

–Dr. James Giordano, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

The Brave New World of “Non-Sovereign Rogues (and Non-Rogues)”: Multi-Domain Engagement with Innovative Warfare (Bio-Hacking Tech) to Roll out Neuro-Communism & Communism-With-Consent (Teamwork Neuro AI)

The New Word of “Co-optition” introduced earlier by Dr. Giordano notwithstanding, Dr. Canton provides in a whispery, blustery way the right way to go about wearing the thin skin of Ethics AI (one presumes) to foil China–still flailing about building (unnamed) new technologies likely to flay the US supposedly–while professing Collaboration with the rest of the DEW/Neurotech/Cyber/AI-building contingent of crowns worldwide in order to run full-on Engagement (replete with lasers masers RNM drones NeuroAI et al) on the People of the world–the next World War presumably which is already here, as some of us know–with particular (dosimetric) attention to brains, bones, veins, nerves, eyes, hearts, organs, genes, cell nucleii and so on, along with the obvious NBIC covers noted above to bring about that dream confection they’re all baking away with Double Speak, the Brave New World for Rogues (and Non-Rogues):

I take a bit of a more, let’s say, Pragmatic View on all this but I agree with everything Dr. G has said, we’re involved in a War for the Future, China too, because of the Background, and the History, and the Context, that’s the Background of Obviousness…..If wiser heads would prevail, you’ll end up with a leadership in China that recognizes hey! Wait a minute! There’s a Fundamental Economic Basis, for if you attempt to kill off your biggest customer, maybe that might have an impact on our economy—so let’s just step back for a moment. The Global Economy is a collaborative, interlinked co-dependent System. (It wasn’t at any other time up till very recently.) 80, 90% of their entire Income is derived from Us walking into Targets and buying stuff. This is the bottomline, right, the bottomline.

Now why is this important? The Demographic Debacle of the One-Child Policy is going to leave within a decade China at a deficit, of not being able to Replace their Replacement, which is critical to any kind of hegemonic desires that you have to go ahead and operate your own country from an economic point of view, but that they’re trying to do in 20 years what we did in maybe 200 years. So the economic underpinnings of all this—that really is a Core foundational reality.

Now the Chinese are betting, and to a certain extent the US and EU—and these are the 3 Major Forces on the Planet if you will—they’re trying to figure out a new kind of—and they should have an Innovation Detente to Not Go Hot—so at the end of the day, I like where Dr. G is going in terms of a “Cooler Heads Will Prevail with a Collaborative Basis”—but at the End of the Day before that happens, this War for the Future is going to get tried out – and I think it’s going to be surprising—so we should, you know, Hope for the Best but Prepare For Engagement—Space, Oceans, Multi Domains, Cyber, and that’s where again, coming back to our Thesis—Our Thesis is that ‘Neuro-AI Convergence is Critically Important’–are we moving fast enough in this? No we’re not! Are we behind on this? Yes we are.

A big part of us doing this podcast is to say, Look, we are Insiders in the Game, but we need to move up our game. We need to not sit back and say, Ok We invented ChatGpT, we invented, you know, Mapping the Human Genome, this is great…we are, our biggest weakness is our biggest strength. You don’t stop innovating, you raise the bar. We need to get back and think through the next Opportunities for Neuro AI so that we can provide a Peaceful Secure Global Security which has been the role of the United States and will continue to be that role–while we continue engagement with China and many other adversaries, you know, in the what I call The Dark Network of Non Sovereign Rogues, and Non-Rogues–we need to use these technologies to provide a more secure – It’s going to be a tough ride! over the next decade, having new frontiers.

Now what’s the Drag on those? Well we have some Moral Issues. I mean they’re not discussing in their 5 year plan—you want to know what China’s going to do, they’re publishing it every 5 years right? The Chinese—and many of our Peer Adversaries are not just publishing it but they don’t have the same Value System as we have. And having been part of the many briefs and developments on you know, ‘You always have to have a human in the KillZone’, you know, ‘at the end of the day for Kinetic AI’, you know, we’re going to have to develop a let’s say, a kind of New Appreciative Way of ‘What are the conditions of Engagement so we can deter and make it let’s say a Future that is Not a War but is a Negotiation, is a Collaboration, is an Understanding’-can only be, only be successful if you have the right stuff, to be able to stand things down.

So that’s just my, my Sense about this, this is an imperative to Step on the Gas. Should we do something about it? Yes we should. So I’m hoping a listener here will reach out to us and say Yeah, I’m in a position to do something about it, and I want to talk to you guys.

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Russia’s “Fully Autonomous Robots” Versus Humans in the Decision Making: Reversing Ethics with Machine-Intelligent Humans?

“Complete autonomy” we learn is not going to be turned over, in Robots (or Artificial Intelligence?) despite human engagement being acknowledged as requisite.  “Ethical Posture” becomes a goal, which seems to require Tailoring a few disparate pieces together: Light Wars and Brain Hacking, brain cloning and “human enhancement” technology, Neuralink and Neuro AI to replace human thinking, machine intelligence to replace human brains–“Human Robots” examined briefly here earlier.

So here’s the Scenario—you know as Futurists we like to write Scenarios and I’ve done a number of them for Mad Sci about Defense and Intel – Secenario No 1 is that we’ve already adopted, for certainly the Defense Department and Defense Posture if you will that a human has to be in the Kill Chain, right—You’re not going to turn over Complete Autonomy. Well, we already know, from an adversarial point of view, Russia, has already deployed Robots – let’s say Defensive Robots that are fully autonomous. Now I don’t think their Science is as good as ours, but you know, they’re Russian! Science, theyr’e pretty damn good! So we’re going to have a Scenario where we adopt an Ethical Posture that says, Human Beings have to be in the decisionmaking before an autonomous system–regardless of how powerful–has access to either a weapons system or IS a weapons system –that goes away when we lose the East Coast, Ok?–that Goes Away—

Now that’s One Scenario. Now the Other Scenario says, we have a Bifurcated or Trifurcated Set of Conditions, that what happens is, we have Human Engagement based on these conditionsand then Autonomy is part of the mix, in the event there needs to be—and I’m not talking about MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)–I am saying that these are various levels of Tools that are gonna impact the Battalion Level, the Soldier Level, the Battalion Level…and Citizenry, because you have to now look at Ghost Wars and the Whole New World of Space and Cyber and everything in between—That’s where we should be playing and modeling Scenarios Now—Because you can tailor the Action Engagement and Rules of Engagement Now—Because we have So many Light Wars that are going on Now–now if you look at those, and the implications for Brain Hacking or—we’ve talked a lot about the Text Stack we’ve talked a little bit about the Scenarios, but Autonomy and Ethics—we have to have a Failsafe, to be able to deploy what we need, what we need–

Here’s the reality that nobody really wants to hear, is that AI Systems today, and Tomorrow’s Neuro AI Systems—and I do mean very shortly—will be able to make decisions and analyze data faster than humans—Done! – You either enhance the human to understand that—Rapid Decisionmaking Rapid Deployment, Rapid Analysis—we can Do that!—and there are lots of ways that are non-invasive–Neuralink and other companies are playing with ways to Do that–but that same technology can be hacked and used against us–so there are much broader bigger social ethical Impact Issues here, but I am confident we can navigate these properly…but if we don’t invent if we don’t keep moving forward, with safeguards, but also proper safeguards, that are adjustable and adaptable –in other words we may need an AI to govern AIs—ok Got it!

Now how many policy makers in Government and in our Congress understand that and have created a Taxonomy for that? None! So—I’m advising most of them, Microsoft…all most of them I advise most of these in the private scene – We need the Private and the Public sector to come together—we’ll get there—but this Threat Matrix of Potential is Going to Be More Exasperated and our Ability to be able to have an Ethical, let’s say Label and Constraints, are going to be tested and there’s things like you know our Survival—as a Nation and as a Species–will be on the Line, and I’m not the first to say that!

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists


“Find the Convergence”: Neuro Cog, BCIs, Human Brains, and NanoBIC

You know, just bringing together people from varied areas just to Find the Convergence, that seems to me to be something Mad Sci could do—there’s so much, and Jim knows this of Neuro Cog space, of people actually doing applied work and looking into the brain and understanding the processes and all—in other words if you look at Neuralink, what Elon Musk is doing, right, BCI Development right, very interesting—it’s probably the only venture, being as bold, and they got FDA approval to do this, this

(Reuters: Elon Musk’s Neuralink wins FDA approval for human study of brain implants: In other words, the Whitewash Phenom of Military-Intel Rushing to Cover Up Probably Over 50 Years of Using Humans Nonconsensually For Deadly Brain Experiments Rolled In With MK ULTRA & Disappearing All Pre-”FDA-Approved” Human Torture Experiments Sheathed by CIA-NSA-Media As “Targeted Individuals”)

So part of the pathway is and we learned this at NSF…and if you’re doing stuff and you had this follow up to NBIC Convergence which had to do with Enhancing Human Performance –those were the key technologies—if you start to think differently about Convergence—and you have these 3 or 4 poles you can put together, what does it look like, you can create new systems.

So we haven’t done that one—so if you put in a room, simply put Neuroscientists, and you curate them well—they’re Open and all that (huh?)–and Jim blesses them (Occult Blessing Ritual for Neuroscientists by Jim Prior to Release from FishPond and Just After Curation Which Involves Opening Them Up Like Fish?)-and then you’ve got AI Folks who are spending 2-3 million dollars a day (chortle chortle) and have Commitments of Billions of Dollars—and you say, let’s find that Interaction and Collaboration, that would be best for these kinds of Missions—How do we deal with Autonomy? (Whose really? Certainly not the Robots’!) How do we deal with Faster Decisionmaking (Through Neurodamage and Brain Takeover?) What does a Neuro AI system look like? (Like a Brain Star in its own ANN Lane…?) How could we do Better Prediction?

If you could do Bad Guy Hunting faster and then predict better – in other words – if you create a couple Vectors of Scenarios and say, OK, This is what we’re thinking about, might make a difference, and you bring people together, you might also bring together funding sources that Should Be Alerted, that this is a Cabal, a Conspiracy, a GOOD Conspiracy, (eyeroll) (Look into copyrighting/and assigning ownership over your own brains, everyone (to YourSelf)) That’s how you Make Change.”

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

“How Can We Leverage Government Labs (and) Technologies Which Nobody Knows about”? 

I’ll just throw in one more practical, ‘What to Do,’ and all that. So when I was at SOCOM, and that’s actually ONE of the ways I met Jim—I was Tasked with seeing what Private Sector has going on –you know, what’s happening with Venture Capital and Startups, and Mature Companies and all that—how can we leverage Government Labs, Technologies Which Nobody Knows About

So there is (deep throated chortle) a Fertile Landscape of Opportunities (full bellied laugh) there’s Money, there’s Innovation, what we need to do is have Better Bulk-Ons, and revisit how to Collaborate more –and that’s why Jim and I you know are Mad Scientists (attempted-irascible-giggle) (What Is a Mad Scientist – a kind of Anything Goes, don’t blow our (Obvious) Cover Now…?)

And we represent that kind of—We need better Real World Collaboration—and There’s Not That Much! And it could make a big difference in terms of our Survival—and, our Our Way of Life. [reaching for help and finding it in that tried (and false) trope from past US Presidents (and the obviously propped-up Writers who virtuously cite them)] 

–Dr. James Canton, Episode 79/449, Mad Science Convergence Podcast: One Brain Chip, Please! Neuro-AI with two of the Maddest Scientists

Now both these speakers calling for a future subjugation of the human brain and human intelligence as we know it seem to have a touching faith in (Invasive asserted as Non-Invasive) Science and Technology leading the way to a better tomorrow filled with power for the wealthy and the warmongering–“fertile landscape of opportunities”–“some of these AI companies make 2-3 million dollars a day with a commitment of a billion dollars” “there’s money, there’s innovation” (but we do need “better world collaboration…for our survival and way of life”)–yet the corralling of humans into Human Performance Optimization through nano-bio-info-cogno, the use of AI to downgrade human intelligence, the casual recourse to brain chips and vibrational energy technologies to affect brains can hardly be considered “innovations” and forward-moving sci-tech to marvel at and make one’s own: as nations, as nationals, as citizens, as Americans, as humans with intelligence and soul who value our own and our children’s unique and perfect lives and brains, we need to do way, way more. We each need to stand up and question every part of what is going on in these spaces, we need to know that basic, extant Ethics and Human Rights by our side make it rather simple really to just say No. And Keep saying No.


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