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Report #33: Natalie Moore – Remote Control, V2K, Non-Consensual Neuro-Experimentation


Natalie Moore, author of Remote Control

In this open conversation on Ramola D Reports, London-based Natalie Moore, a young mother, former school administrator, and author of the ground-breaking book Remote Control–detailing in-depth her own experience of being the focus of organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon assault as well as sustained non-consensual neuro-experimentation in 21st-century London–connects from the UK to present her testimonial and discuss this harrowing, unjust, 20-year-long experience.

Starting from her teenage years in the late ’90s and spanning two decades across the birth of her son and several continents as she traveled to various places, only to find the remote EMF assaults followed her everywhere—whether to Barbados or Mexico or Cyprus—Natalie relates how she first started to be verbally harassed by random people in public places following on the death of her mother, and following a civic action of suing the local Council over a housing negligence issue, and how this harassment escalated to electromagnetic assault on her body as she was subjected to remote electrical shocks and vibrations and began experiencing V2K or Voice to Skull—a patented military neurotechnology—as well as other exotic sonic technologies, which projected voices into all sound vibrations around her, whether from a noisy hair dryer or the crashing of waves on a beach.

nmcoverSaying she wrote the book both for herself, to present her experience and to alert others in the UK about the actuality of these covert and remote assaults with sophisticated military technologies, Natalie delved deep into researching some of this neurotechnology, finding patents, and reading the testimonials of others with similar experiences—offering therefore a personal experience well-contextualized within the space of modern EMR neurotechnology.

Natalie hopes that this book will also alert those in communities around the world randomly being pulled into assisting and supporting the weapon-wielders and neurotech experimenters, possibly being told they are helping to “monitor” a dangerous or unstable or suspicious person in their neighborhoods, not knowing they are actually helping, with each tracking and monitoring action, to physically assault and mentally and neurologically attack this person’s body and brain and central nervous system, while also assisting Military and Intelligence perpetrators in engaging in continuous Psychological Warfare against citizens.

As many know by now, those reporting these Neurotech and Remote Control crimes are simply labeled delusional, in what appears to be a deliberate strategy of both psychological warfare and abject criminality, by police officers, social workers, mental health personnel, and ER medical personnel. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors especially need to be educated about the reality of these military weapons and technologies, and about the fact that a positive rash of non-consensual neuro-experimentation is currently going on worldwide, which represents, in Natalie’s words, “a global pandemic.”

Remote Control may be ordered from Amazon. Please read and share this vital book of our times—these articles, books, and videos featuring the experiences of reporting victims of non-consensual neuro-experimentation are vitally important in informing the world polity of what exactly is going on today, under the aegis of “surveillance” and “winning the war on Terror”–first step in putting an end to these horrific and inhumane experiments and assaults, and holding the responsible parties in Defense and Intelligence fully accountable. I hope to return with another conversation with Natalie Moore as soon as I have read her book—which just arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.

–Ramola D/Posted 12/6/2017


International TI Meeting, 28 May 2016, in Netherlands Will Film Interviews for Documentary on Remote Control of Human Beings and Brains

Re-posted  from Facebook, with thanks, and also available at Stopeg.com: notice by Peter Mooring, Director of StopEg (Stop Electronic Weapons and Gang Stalking). Film-maker Pedro Barbadillo will be interviewing and filming at this May meeting for Targeted Individuals worldwide experiencing remote electromagnetic and other scalar/sonic signals on their bodies or electronic harassment in covert and unethical, unauthorized, and non-consensual neuro-experimentation military/intelligence projects.  Please use the contact information below to reach the organizers of this meeting at STOPEG. Please pass on this information to all who may be interested or able to attend.

From the STOPEG website: “STOPEG is a non-profit human rights organization trying to inform everyone of the horrible human rights violations committed using gang stalking and electronic weapons. STOPEG also is a contact and information point for victims, their family and friends, and seeks possibilities to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.

STOPEG foundation is part of a global movement of organizations, persons and supporters, who fight to stop these abuses of human rights.


International TI meeting Saturday 28 May 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands

To all TIs,

During the last Covert Harassment Conference 2015 in Berlin we have showed a trailer of REMOTE CONTROL, an investigative documentary film by Pedro Barbadillo (you can read the synopsis below).

Pedro would like to record interviews and other material from the TIs meeting. For this reason we invite everyone, who is interested in being part of this film, as well as, also possibly being part of the smaller documentary production by STOPEG Foundation.

The TI meeting will be on Saturday 28 May 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, location to be announced.

It is important to know that Pedro/STOPEG will be filming during the TI meeting. This means you can be filmed. If you come you agree to be filmed and possibly be in the film(s) and possibly be on internet websites, if you do not want this then DO NOT register for this TI meeting.

The working language of the TI meeting is English.

If you are interested in participating in this TI meeting, then please email us as soon as possible:

Beata Zalewska – beata@xs4all.nl or
Peter Mooring – peterpm@xs4all.nl

Thank you.

Best wishes,


REMOTE CONTROL Investigative Documentary 90′ + 52′
by Pedro Barbadillo

Is it possible to hack a human being? It is possible to modify his behavior, alter his personality, read his thoughts, implant dreams, memories or ideas in his brain, make him hear voices or pronounce phrases… force him to act against their will, even force him to commit suicide?

Experts say that, with currently available technology, and the convergence between neuroscience and electronics, this is all already possible. Since the experiments of Dr. Jose Delgado in Yale University, in the 60’s and 70’s, mind control techniques have become one of the main areas of interest for secret services and the military.

And thousands of people, in the United States, in Europe, and spread all over the world, claim to be victims, targeted individuals, used as guinea pigs, in large scale experiments to verify the effectiveness of these techniques.

Those affected by these non consensual trials are starting to group into associations, demanding official investigations that determine who is behind these experiments. Their stories sound like science fiction, and are often rejected, or ridiculed, but the symptoms they explain corresponds with techniques that have been investigated at some point by scientists, and form part of scientific research currently underway, or carried out in recent years.

Developed by neuroscience labs and research centers from some of the leading universities in the United States, many of this trials have been funded by DARPA (the Agency of advanced research for America’s defense) and protected by military secrecy. Many of the patents which have been derived from these investigations are part of the list of so-called “black patents”, restricted by its strategic interest, and not accessible for the public.

For more, please visit STOPEG.Com.