Candid Conversation on Ongoing World Lunacy Vs People Awakening to True Health, Surveillance & EMF/Neurotech Targeting Crimes, Pharma Harms, COINTELPRO, Neighborhood Stasi in the US: Giuseppe Vafanculo/Perfect Triangle with Ramola D

Video post and links | Ramola D | October 10, 2022

Last Friday night Giuseppe Vafanculo, journalist, radio host, holistic practitioner, musician and songwriter who runs the show The Perfect Triangle hosted a conversation with me on a number of subjects, current affairs to esoteric and spiritual; it was lovely to have an open and candid conversation with someone attuned to the lunacy of what is going on inside the USA and worldwide across the board from the vaccine harms and deaths, targeting crimes, Psychiatrist and physician complicity in entrapment-harassment operations run by the covert ops contingent (seeking to keep their EMF Tech/Neurotech targeting, operation, and experimentation crimes concealed)–as reported in my several interviews, articles, and press release related to the unlawful Psych-Grab run on me in April 2022 (which I am still addressing in journalistic reportage and the law).

False Psychiatric Labels a Mega Crime Which Needs Further Reportage

A primary aspect of this Local Police-run Psych Grab on a journalist reporting police, military, and Intelligence crimes was to get corrupt psychiatrists to stick a false psychiatric label on the reporting journalist — in attempts to shut down the very necessary human rights, whistleblowing, and advocacy journalism I do: a subject I will not stop writing and speaking about.

As I said to Giuseppe during the show, there is no way I am going to sit back and let corrupt physicians and psychiatrists affix false psychiatric labels on me–for the daring “crime” of reporting the “delusion” of definitive EMF Technology assault which several police, military, and Intel parties are engaging in-– I am working on an affidavit, a statement, and much else to follow on the reportage I have already done on this matter and the letters I have already sent to various parties, including the local police, the local ambulance service, the hospital, the health insurance people, all of which will be published shortly.

The crimes committed on me are identical to the crimes committed on millions of people, hundreds of whose stories I have reported on.

It is time to halt this madness–Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health departments are engaging in extreme crime when they attempt to disappear a reporting journalist of crimes against humanity with false psych labels.

I will be glad to speak openly on this subject with any journalist, any alt or indy media, anywhere in the world who wishes to interview me on Fraudulent Psychiatry and Complicit Law Enforcement/Emergency Services to conceal the use of Anti-Personnel Spectrum/EMF/Neurotechnologies on civilians, please email me at

Livestreamed on Friday night, now posted at The Perfect Triangle and posted here by permission:

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  1. Ramola. Here is a tip which I believe is helpful.
    Wear magnetic bracelets on both wrists and both ankles. The magnetic bracelets will generate a slight magnetic field which can be measured on a magnetic field meter. When your blood is travelling in your arteries and veins directly under the magnetic bracelets, the magnetic fields which they generate will damage the programs in the programmable nano technology which is travelling in the blood streams of the vaccinated and others. Remove the magnetic bracelets whenever you are using a computer or other type of digital media device because if you don’t remove them the magnetic fields being generated by the bracelets will break the technology inside the digital media devices. If your job involves using a computer throughout each day please continue to wear the magnetic bracelets around both your ankles but not on your wrists.
    Zeolite and bentonite clay have magnetic properties. Drink a half a spoon ful of zeolite or bentonite clay every day. The magnetic properties of those clay’s will damage the programmable nano technology which is inside us and render it useless. These clays will also remove the nano technology from your body. Never use a metal spoon when using zeolite or bentonite clay because the metal spoon will destroy the magnetic properties of the zeolite and the bentonite clay. Always use a plastic spoon instead.
    This above solution of using magnetic fields close to the body to damage the programming inside the nano technology is not instant. It might take several months of both wearing the magnetic bracelets and drinking the zeolite or bentonite clay before targeted individuals will notice a decrease in wirelessly generated electronic harassment and torture

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