FOIA Request Report: Red Herring Response from Department of Mental Health, Massachusetts to Avoid Addressing Covert Hand in Unlawful Psych Kidnap of American Author & State National Journalist

Report, Analysis, Op-ed (RAE) | Ramola D | August 22, 2022/Updated Sep 6, 2022

Recently, on August 10, 2022 in an exchange of emails addressing another FOIA request and then touching on this one, the Public Records Office at the Secretary of State, Massachusetts’ office informed this writer 90 days had passed since the posting of the initial DMH response despite her appeal to the Massachusetts Attorney-General and the Supervisor of Public Records and so no further action could be taken by them on the matter. (It wasn’t actually 90 days but 89, but there you go. Until that moment this writer hadn’t known you could email the Secretary of State in the Commonwealth to request follow-up on FOIA requests ignored by the addressees–something she learned about from Massachusetts State Assembly members, succeeding Podcast 9 and 10, in the Let Freedom Ring! series.)

During those 89 days, significantly, neither the Massachusetts Attorney-General Maura Healey — who has previously informed this writer she could not address her reports of crime in Massachusetts — nor they themselves, the Public Records Office at the Secretary of State, had addressed the appeal of the rejecting DMH response here, which is posted at Muckrock:

Request for Information on Procedures Relevant to Section 12 Involuntary Hospitalization of Living Women on Land and Soil of Massachusetts State (Department Of Mental Health, Commonwealth Of Massachusetts)/Ramola Dharmaraj/April 28, 2022

Screenshot, request to Dept. of Mental Health, Massachusetts

Sep 6, 2022, Update on that Appeal: Apparently the Appeal Letter was not sent on to the AG nor Secretary of State Public Records Office through oversight at Muckrock, as per a note returned to me recently.

This FOIA request was made on April 28, 2022 to the Commonwealth’s Department of Mental Health, who then sought on May 2, 2022 to speak over the telephone with this writer, which offer being declined, then sent on a response on May 11, 2022 to reject her request, citing various laws preventing them from disclosing the records of “Ramola Dharmaraj.” This speciousness –and preciosity really, considering who was making this request — might have registered as nobly protective were it not so obviously a sidestepping of the substance of the request and a red-herring response to shut down closer scrutiny of the details sought: no records for “Ramola Dharmaraj” had actually been sought, as was pointed out succinctly in the appeal (which was ignored).

First page, Response Letter from Department of Mental Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, posted below.
Department of Mental Health Response Letter, May 11, 2022

Section 12, Involuntary Commitment: Overblown Police Powers Coupled with Police Deception & Intimidation in Capturing People in Massachusetts–What is DMH’s Role?

Opener to Section 12 in Mass Code–found here–which notes that this most elaborate form of arrest, which removes all rights and freedoms from the man or woman targeted by this Section, is applied in the case of people posing “risk of serious harm by reason of mental illness”: Who decides this, how, and exactly how arbitrary is this process?

The reason this non-response from the Department of Mental Health is so egregious is that this state-run edifice of Mental Health–as all Mental Health Depts. nationwide–has been given enormous power–and police powers–to destroy the lives of people by permitting it to work collusively with police to capture people at whim using a section of statutory Massachusetts code, Section 12–the kind of statute and process used nationwide in all states, known by different section names–Section 5150 in California or Baker Acting in Florida, which it apparently wields without restraint.

The Department of Mental Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has, in the case of this writer, participated either passively or actively in the unlawful psychiatric kidnap run on her on April 14, 2022 and extending till April 19, 2022. The entire operation in fact was conducted on the basis of this statutory process set up in Massachusetts legislation to authorize the Department of Mental Health to use police (or the police to use Dept. of Mental Health forms and protocols) to remove all rights from people in an arbitrary arrest and detainment, at whim–a process therefore open to flagrant abuse, as evident in this case–and probably abused several times over in Massachusetts, given this example.

Questions obviously abound as to who authorizes who, who takes precedence over who, and what protocols, policies, and procedures exist in general cases of Section 12 Involuntary Hospitalizations (which is what they’re termed on the form the police fill and hand to the hospital after they’ve captured their target and transported her or him to the hospital of their choice, as this writer learned in April).

The form, interestingly, is neither a police report nor a warrant nor a filled-out health form but an Application for Authorization of Involuntary Hospitalization — an interesting aspect to be reported on more fully shortly — and in this case filled out and authorized by one police officer and signed by another from Quincy Police Department, another interesting aspect to be further addressed in full shortly. Two police officers from Quincy Police Department essentially ran this Kidnap operation, with the help of a couple others and a private ambulance service–as well as a behind-the-scenes commando who had visited the writer’s home the day before and colluded with her spouse to run this unlawful arrest-for-a-psych-label on her, ignoring her State National living-woman status and perfect sanity.

Header on the Section 12 form: Note, it’s an Application, not an Authorization, yet it accompanies a pre-authorized? Kidnap-and-Capture

In the case of an unlawful capture — and any capture would be unlawful when there is no cause for police capture, detainment, or arrest which becomes kidnapping and abduction not to mention trafficking to a profiteering medical facility, while the capture of living men and women living on land and soil jurisdiction (foreign to the admiralty jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) is doubly unlawful — further questions rise.

Notations made on the Section 12 form evidencing false-reportage, false-narratives, distortions, flagrant lies–as evident in this case–also naturally give rise to questions. Are police required to lie, when their capture and arrest is an obvious cover for a darker military or intelligence operation?

Microwave Weapons a Trigger for Mental Health Capture While Being Used by Massachusetts Police and Well Known to All US Police, FBI, DOJ

And do some subjects just translate fluidly to “mental illness” by their mere mention?

The apparent practice of initiation of capture on trigger-words such as “microwave weapons” — as occurred in Quincy Police’s Tim O’ Brien doing a back flip and arresting Ramola D on the spot supposedly for “paranoid delusions,” addressed previously here: FOIA Request Report: City of Quincy Holds a Partially Undisclosed Contract with Brewster Ambulance Services, Complicit in Recent Unlawful Psych Hold on Journalist Exposing Covert Operations in Quincy & World — also gives rise to questions, and in fact touches on both the subject of deceptive policy and ongoing covert operations of the kind this writer has been consistently researching and reporting on since 2014: A primary aspect of this scenario is that microwave weapons, millimeter wave weapons, and other exotic kinds of EMF Spectrum weapons, also called Electronic Weapons or Electromagnetic Weapons, are in the hands of local law enforcement, as revealed by the 1994 Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, reported earlier here. A rather cornerstone Top Secret conference in Los Alamos in 1993, reported by Dr. Nick Begich in his books, and also by various whistleblowers alerted Americans to the impending transfer of counter-personnel technology from the US Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, specifically of acoustic technology, high power microwave weapons, optical munitions, and extremely low EMF field technology to the Department of Justice–which includes the National Institute of Justice, the FBI, the Sheriffs, and local Law Enforcement–a transfer actuated by the 1994 Reno-Deutch MOU. Coy terms — entirely misleading and oxymoronic — such as “Peace Enforcement” and “Military Operations Other Than War” later even more deceptively truncated to “Operations Other Than War” and jelly-rolled into the vast and capacious gym-bag of “Public Safety” accompanied this transfer.

1994 DOD-DOJ MOU Documenting Transfer of New and Advanced Military Technologies to Police

MOU in full here:

Information on Police Use of Anti-Personnel Non Lethal Weaponry Labeled as Essential Technologies from Wikileaks

Wikileaks email posts from information hacked in 2014 by an Italian surveillance malware vendor “Hacking Team” reveal that police departments around the world have obtained anti-personnel non lethal weaponry from Defense contractors and divisions, with the term “essential technologies” being used as a cover. This information is public at their site and open to all online.

Massachusetts State Police, while denying a public records request in 2015 to share information transparently with the public regarding its energy weapon arsenal, citing “Public Safety” is listed in some of these Wikileaks emails on global technology reports referencing non lethal/directed energy weapon technology for anti-personnel use.

National Institute of Justice Report Documenting Testing of Microwave Weapons, Lasers, EMF Tech for Use by Police | Military Non Lethal Testing Still Ongoing

Further, National Institute of Justice documents as also DARPA-NIJ joint reports such as this one on the Limited Effects Technology program make it clear that police are testing the usage of energy weapons including microwave, laser, and emf weapons and have been doing so since 1993 — such testing adds to the enormous amount of testing of energy weapons still being conducted by the military and reported here: 2021/US and NATO Weapons Testing Thread.

NIJ 1993 report from which the screenshots above are taken:

Fusion Center Involvement — That’s Defense, Intel, Police, Sheriffs, Private Companies Holding Hands and Doing a Number on the Public

Fusion center involvement in both the facilitation and operation of testing and other “MOOTW” and “Peace Enforcement” and “Deterrence” and “Pre-Crime” operations has been previously reported here; it appears from various military statements and whistleblowers that the use of anti-personnel weaponry on the populace via fusion center tangos with private-party contractors commissioned to install themselves in US neighborhoods and target select citizens with the deadly radiation weapons no public debate or consent has publicly acknowledged, approved, or permitted for use on our human bodies has officially been moved from “testing” to “operational.” Multiple Intelligence and Military contracts make this reprehensible scenario an ongoing accompaniment to daily life in the USA (as also in similar guise exported worldwide).

Ramola D/No Longer True: The NSA “Isn’t Getting Violent Internally in the US”: Millions Today in US Are Targeted with RF/Scalar/Sonic Weapons, Nano Weapons, Neuro Weapons, Chem/Bio Weapons | 10/03/2019

Weapons testing and weapons operation coincides nicely with illegal COINTELPRO and “counter terrorism” operations to silence, terrorize, and persecute activists, journalists, and whistleblowers, as FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee has often elucidated: News Report 10: FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee Reports Quasi Criminal Justice System Using DEWs/Neurotech on People

Mental Health and Community Health Involvement in Energy Weapon Use on the Populace

The healthcare industry’s deceptive involvement in irradiating and electrocuting the citizenry is an area of study to be further researched and reported here, increasingly gaining public visibility as news of WBANs (wireless body area networks), nanobiosensors, and the concept of telemedicine via telemetry and non-consenting nano and micro implants gains prominence. Nanographene–used in building nanobiocircuitry–has been found in large quantities in the COVID vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, as well as in saline, flu vaccines, and rainwater (contaminated from aerosols), and suggests that the biocontrol systems certain crazed elitist anti-humanists wish to enforce on the populace are well underway–and must be publicized to all.

Unanswered Questions Posed to the Department of Mental Health, Massachusetts Highlight Innate DMH Deception, As Noted in Appeal

It is already clear that both Quincy Police and Brewster Ambulance staff–in collusion with the Department of Mental Health–staged and executed an unlawful and gratuitous arrest on April 14, 2022 on this writer, particularly since DMH (as also QPD) cannot explain why–but must call up its Legal Counsel to pull up all the privacy laws it can cite to avoid addressing any part of the “record of a named individual” when such record was not asked for. The extent of QPD’s missteps is to be further reported in a FOIA request report as well as in a culminating article pulling all these pieces together shortly.

The appeal, screenshot below, sought especially “the protocol, recommended practice, and general practice of DMH, including using deception and intimidation, working with Quincy Police to engage in forced-entry, forced-removal, and forced-commit of anyone on false, unverified claims made to and by Quincy Police, to name people mentally ill without any proof whatsoever of such, to knee-jerk-reflex accuse people of “paranoid delusions” when the words “microwave weapons” are heard – by the way in hearsay and presumption, with no direct conversation or interview with the woman being kidnapped…”

While there is no legal or lawful way for DMH to admit to a pre-planned, pre-authorized, pre-approved use of police deception or intimidation (as this writer questioned in her initial FOIA request and appeal) to effect an unlawful “involuntary hospitalization” operation, the fact that both have been used in this case point to a possibly widespread and entrenched practice:

The extreme danger of this kind of action (arbitrary Psych Commits on the basis of arbitrary determinations, false-accusations, lies, deceit, and hearsay) to everyone in Massachusetts cannot be stressed enough, for anyone can be termed “mentally ill,” “paranoid,” “delusional” then, and carted off without cause to the closest Black Site hospital, if DMH and local Law says so.

Appeal Letter to the Massachusetts Attorney-General and Supervisor of Public Records, Secretary of State, Massachusetts/July 6, 2022

Mental Health Involvement in Keeping the Use and Operation of Microwave and Other Energy Weapons on the Public Secret, Hand in Hand with Police

Yet, given their own NIJ, DOJ paper trail, there is no way that police in Quincy or anywhere in Massachusetts–or for that matter, the world–can profess lack of knowledge of microwave weapons, EMF weapons, acoustic neuroweapons–which they themselves are deploying, in collusion with the military, nor is there any way they can disavow any knowledge of the NIJ testing of these weapons, or the DARPA-NIJ (Joint Program Steering Group/Limited Effects Technology Program) testing of these weapons, or the quite-well-publicized US Airforce, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army testing of these weapons in their own precincts and cities, counties, and states as my FOIA requests to the US Airforce and Federal Aviation Authority have proved: FAA notified me on 7/07/2014 the constant aerial-vehicle operations over my home and backyard were known to the local administration: “Clearly there is an awareness the flights are taking place”–yes, and turning-a-blind-eye or kickbacks-under-the-table approved and permitted by them (City of Quincy, Quincy Police Department, Massachusetts Fusion Center/State Police).

That the US Air Force was then conducting, through a Quincy-based Defense contractor, General Dynamics, a $49 million, 7-year research program to test directed energy weapons on humans in what it termed Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research has been reported earlier in multiple articles including this ongoing series at Substack: The Larger Crime: Behind the Kidnapping & Capture of an American Journalist and Author in Quincy, Massachusetts: What It’s Really Brought To Light | Part V: Paper Trails and Weapon Crumbs

FAA working hard to brush off public records requests for more information on constant plane-flights 24/7, night and day, for years, over my home, yard, street, and block, full request and communications at Muckrock here

When a Quincy Police Officer marked on the QPD website as a Jailhouse Diversion Clinician informs a journalist–researching and publishing extensively on EMF/neuroweapons since 2014–he is a “mental health professional”*** who considers her “paranoid delusional” for having mentioned microwave weapons operative in the neighborhood and needs to drag her off at speed to a nuthouse for a more egregious psychiatric label to stick on her — which he then proceeds to do — he is clearly demonstrating he is working in cahoots with a very corrupt and entrenched Black Ops desperado mechanism to name all reporters of energy weapons delusional and disappear their testimonial, as reported quite often before by this investigative journalist, it is a deadly formula being used by the Criminal-Justice-and-Mental-Health-Systems to discredit and disappear actual victims of unconscionable Mil/Intel crime, as discussed here in 2016: Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up

***Note: Several FOIA requests by this writer including this one to DMH–several to QPD as well–have sought to uncover what QPD Jail Diversion Clinician Tim O’ Brien’s educational qualifications are, to permit him to make false-spych-diagnoses at the drop of a hat, in a few intimidating minutes, after he has created an atmosphere of stress, and on what grounds–to no avail.

Forced Mental Health interventions, to assembly-line produce serious psychiatric labels to attach to Mil/Intel/Private-Sector victims of military or biomedical trafficking crime, are a deadly stone wall being used to shut down community reportage of criminal DOD/CIA/FBI operations–and this writer has been doubly targeted because she has been breaching this stone wall with her reportage.

False-Claim of Mental Illness in the Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Other “Non Lethal” Weapons Testing on Citizens in USA & Worldwide

Crimes to Conceal the Known Operation of Anti-Personnel EMF Weaponry in Neighborhoods

Involuntary mental-health commitment for no mental-health cause–but rather a persecutory police and military/Intelligence cover-up cause–is a crime of kidnapping, abduction, trafficking, and deliberate, pre-planned defamation. The marking of one’s medical record with false mental health diagnoses is a crime of defamation and libel. Actions taken by police, DMH-authorized personnel, and physicians to affix false-labels to a medical record are all crimes. Inducing legal-person (the all caps name) adhesion via deceit (in this case of the living-woman/state national through using the writer’s spouse) is a crime of personage and barratry. While the entire context is Communism: fabricated communities complicit or co-opted into using or condoning energy weapons/”technical surveillance” on people are Stasi/Communist communities, either executing or condoning crime.

In the Guise of Healthcare: Deadly False Diagnoses

But it is unconscionable that a supposed healthcare department, the Department of Mental Health, should participate in such obvious crime and the creation of false-diagnoses, false-labeling, false-mental-health-patient-making, because it permits the “authorities” — that is, police, DMH, local government — leeway to watchlist such a person as a community risk, unleash on him or her community health monitoring aka stalking, newly electrical/EMF harassment as “prescribed treatment,” as well as other “medical interventions” AKA chemical poisoning and force-medicating, and active community management AKA forced mental-health “care,” renewed Psych Holds, and forced-medication anytime.

This is terrorizing and control, not mental healthcare or behavioral healthcare — and it is in service to inhumane and unethical weapons-operations on people which need halting not serving.

Police Protection of Criminal Military and Intelligence Operations, using Mental Health: A Status Quo Which Needs Overturning

Police protection of Mil/Intel/NIH/DHHS/Private/Academic microwave weapon/EMF weapon/acoustic neuroweapon/radio electronic weapon use in neighborhoods–by whatever euphemistic name they are labeled in internal memos or reports, whether essential technologies, peace-enforcement technologies, technical surveillance, cognitive tech, cyber devices, new medical technologies, neuromodulation technologies, deterrence and public safety technologies, or non-lethal tech or whatever else–is exposed when mention of harassive EMF tech use is met with an unlawful Section 12 Psych Hold.

Involuntary Hospitalization is a Dangerous Tool in the Hands of a Dangerous Mental Health-Police-Military-Informants Mechanism

The great danger for all when the active use of energy weapons is hidden by lies, framing-and-entrapping neighbors, false-accusations, provocations, COINTELPRO harassment, Neighborhood Watch harassment, and collusive police operations to commit anyone–particularly a writer and journalist–to a mental health institution for supposed “psychiatric evaluation” with thence psychiatrist participation in pinning egregious false labels and “diagnoses” to people cannot be underscored enough.

It is evidence of a very deeply hostile Smart City build-up around us and a repressive throwback to Soviet Communism–which must be stopped.

Department of Mental Health Once More Queried

Although this writer is not hopeful that the Department of Mental Health can actually prove they are a legitimate healthcare organization with care for the public and an interest in true health rather than the sustaining of covert operations aimed at destroying health, and at the creation of false mental health records with false diagnostic labels, a new FOIA request has been sent to DMH and can be followed in progress here:

Request for Information on DMH and Police Procedures Relevant to Section 12 Involuntary Hospitalization of Living Women on Land and Soil of Massachusetts State (Department of Mental Health)

A key question on this request is how does the DMH address the redressal and removal from record of false-diagnoses and false-labels made on the basis of an unlawful Section 12? Does the DMH know how to correct its missteps?


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