Leaked 2017 Gangstalker Recruitment Video/End International Criminality: Interview with Ex-Gangstalker Whistleblower

Update/10/24/2018: Just in case people are still wondering about this video, as recent Twitter exchanges seem to indicate, Suzie Dawson found the Canadian Intelligence Services video from which a lot of this video was excerpted–was tweeted and retweeted a long time ago.

Entirely possible this whole thing (the “leaked gangstalker video” including the email interview with me with all the carefully broken English) was a scam, or a conversation creator, a social engineering experiment with a mix of Info and Disinfo once more aimed at the unlawfully targeted and non-consensually experimented on. But the CIS video is indeed eye-opening. Budgets need to be slashed and all these intelligence and surveillance agencies need to be stripped of funds, given the massive abuse they are engaging in as innocent people worldwide are being warrantlessly searched, uber-surveilled, gangstalked, character-assassinated, and irradiated with “counter-personnel” Spectrum Neuro/Directed Energy Weapons which should be BANNED — these are Crimes Against Humanity. –Rd


–Ramola D/Posted 4/8/2018

HARMLast week, this video, which was posted at the Youtube Channel “End International Criminality” on April 2, 2018, excited a lot of attention online, with views currently at 5,512 and climbing. The video link was sent on to me by London documentary filmmaker and activist Jeff Godwin who cautioned that he had no assurance the video was a legitimate recording of a secret recruitment video shown to potential gangstalkers as its title and description suggest, but that this could be major disclosure if authentic.

I felt the same and tweeted out the link inviting others to watch and decide for themselves. Here is the video—it’s short, just 1 minute 49 seconds long—and it seemingly shows footage of a PR film of sorts, introducing what many understand is a “gangstalking” program as a covert surveillance operation targeting “criminals operating outside standard international law”:

The description beneath the video offers more insight:

Ex-Gangstalker (S.O.) posting this anonymously. Please not ask for my name or address. This video was shot at the Gangstalkers Headquarters in Highlandville, Missouri, USA. The quality is not very good as I had to shoot it on my phone. I had to smuggle my own phone into the mansion as they only give you locked down mobiles with their finder app on them. The Gangstalkers (called the collective) KILL PEOPLE using EM transmissions. I used to be in the collective as an SO but got out and went on the run when I found out that they don’t target criminals like they say but innocent people. DONT fall for there big money its a trap and if you try to get out they hunt you down and add your family to the list.

I noticed that the channel host End International Criminality had responded to a couple comments on the video so I left a message inviting him/her to contact me to provide more information on an interview or podcast.

Not long after my message I received an email from a woman who assured me:

I will answer any questions you send me. My English is not so good so not all may make sense but I hope to get my message out through English interpretation.”

Over the last couple days we have emailed back and forth, as I sent on questions and follow-up questions and she sent on answers.

I post all questions and answers below, and as earlier on my tweet, I ask readers to read, view, and decide for themselves on the veracity of this testimonial and video. As a reporter–while being aware we are swimming in seas of deception, Psy Ops deliberately placed around us– I’m grateful to the channel host who wrote back to me with answers, and I’m relaying those here, without comment, with as much interest as everyone else—since of course we’re all hungry to find proof of these covert programs whereby people are being extrajudicially targeted, surveilled, tracked, gangstalked, gaslighted, Psy Opped, neurally assaulted, and bodily hit with directed-energy weapons—while Covert Ops agencies run Mockingbird whitewash or Mildec (Military Deception) via feckless corporate media (like the New York Times, VICE, Wired, The Washington Post) to disappear reporting surveillees by naming them delusional.

The interviewee informs me she is a citizen of the US although she is from a foreign country and has served in its military.

The first set of questions were returned to me with a brief note:

Here is the answers to your questions. I tried my best with the grammar and it took me many hours. I hope this information is of some use.”

First Set of Questions

Where was that film showed when you recorded it, and do you know anything about how it was made and who made it? (It looks very “produced” and possibly acted or dramatized.)

The film was shown at a 3 day annual training exercise held in a mansion called Pensmore in Highlandville, Missouri, this was Dec 2017. This was the first exercise I had been in attendance of having been with the organisation for only 12 months. I arrived early morning on Friday and this is one of the first activities we performed. The cinema room (or lecture theatre as they called it) is where the video was shown, it was about 45 minutes long. The first 5 minutes were the exciting spy type portion. Then there was a 20 minute portion talking about the work that the organisation carries out and why they do this. This was followed by recorded interviews with staff where they explain the nature of the different job types they have and how rewarding they find their work (good work/life balance, helping society, job satisfaction etc). The video ended with an address directed towards the ~100 S.O. women in the audience saying how important their work is, their bright future and hoping they enjoyed the weekend. I took a phone recording of the video not on the Friday morning but on the Sunday morning (after midnight), as I had been disturbed by what I had seen on the Saturday evening when doing the DEMPG training. I had taken the decision to leave the collective at that time and wanted to gather evidence. I only managed to capture a couple of minutes of footage on my phone before I heard noises from the Atrium and saw lights had been switched on.

How did you get to see it? Did you answer an ad for recruitment and if so where, who ran the ad?

I was recruited while in a dollar tree store in Wilmington, Massachusetts. a man came up to me and handed me a flyer with the work offer saying that I could earn over $40 an hour doing private security work. I had dropped out of the military for only a few days because of my father being ill so had no employment. I phoned the number on the flyer and had to leave my phone number on their machine as well as describing my work life. Then got a call back a few minutes later with the job offer. I never saw anyone for the first year as it is all done over the phone with the handler. They just send you the phone that you use and send the target list. The phone buzzes when the target comes close and then you follow on the map (up to 100m behind the target) and fill in the report as you track them for criminal activity. I did not use any DEMPG weapons as I was in for 12 months but I did not receive the training for it until the end.

Did any kind of training or other information accompany the video?

Friday was for socialisation but on Saturday they showed us the DEMPG (directed electromagnetic pulse generator) equipment. They talked about history of the DEMPG over its 15 years of use from Generation 1 to Generation 7 (released in 2017). They showed us how to set up the Gen 6 and Gen 7 DEMPG’s, how the viewfinder works and how to set target lock. They explained how to connect the DEMPG to the phone app. They explained also basic troubleshooting (e.g. making sure to clear 3 feet of space around the PTZ armature.

Sunday was supposed to be teaching us about the HARM implants, but I left before I could attend that part of the course.

What did you learn from the training?

See above.

What are potential recruits being told about the targets?

That they are individuals conducting organised criminal activities (terrorism, insurrections/coups, subversions of business ethics, etc.) the types of activities that CIA/FBI/NSA cannot deal with while staying within legal boundaries. They also used the word ‘focus’ over and over, that their organisation was ‘focussed’, but I don’t know what they meant by this.

Are potential recruits being brainwashed to see the targets as criminals?

I don’t think so. All the women I met were very normal and happy to be helping make the world a better place. One woman said that a male SO that she met by accident told her that the HARM implants changed the SO’s though and their personality changed.

How are potential targets told about the EMF weapons and how to use them?

See above.

What kind of weapons or cell phone apps are potential recruits being trained to use on targets?

I only know of the DEMPG. They do not describe this as a weapon but as a ‘Suppressor’. The app on the phone they give you only allows phone calls/SMS to your Handler and this should rarely be used. I think I mostly covered this above.

How is the whole program of 24/7 surveillance and EMF assault of targets being presented to potential recruits?

See above.

Are targets being classified at different levels–categorized I mean?

Yes. Each target is given a rating of 1 to 5. I don’t know what this rating means, but I only got given Rating 1 targets. My guess is that Rating 1 is of less importance and this fits with what I was told in seminar session 4.

Are recruits also categorized into different levels and what are the privileges and responsibilities of each level?

Yes. Year 1 recruits are named SO’s (Surveillance Operatives). Year 2 & 3 are Auditors (grade 1). Year 4 & 5 are Auditors (grade 2). After year 5 you have the option of applying for Handler status.

Do recruits sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)? What is the wording in such NDAs?

Yes. This is performed right at the start. I did not understand the wording and it was too long to read (maybe 7 pages, I think)

Are recruits told these are secret or classified operations important for National Security?

Yes. See above.

Do recruits understand they are helping to give the target cancers and strokes and slow-kill or cook the target?

This was not mentioned. But they did mention the X-ray and Gamma-ray capabilities (limited to single shots once charged) of the Gen 7 DEMPGs. I have a military engineering background so was well aware that this could only be used for physically harming the target. This is what disturbed me and this was what made me decide to leave the collective.

How are recruits’ questions answered at the training?

They did not refuse to answer questions but asked only that operational and technical questions be asked.

My follow-up questions:

With your military engineering background, can you describe the DEMPG–what does it look like, how big is it, is it being carried around by these recruits/Surveillance Operatives? And how–in backpacks? cars? Is it being hidden in trunks or hoods of cars? Or inside cars somehow?


Showtechnix/63A Rubber Box Distro Breakout

It is rubber coated box. As an engineer I noticed the similar to a portable power distribution unit (Google “63A box distro breakout”). Very heavy (assuming capacitors caused these). Has 2 x 13 amp power input and 1 x 3 amp input for cpu. It could not be carry on backpacks, cars yes but takes up very large space. Has monitor/cpu on top. Has braided cable (6 inch diameter length 8 feet) going to armature which is connect to furniture etc with clamping mechanisms and PTZ at end to control target lock.

You say you were in the organization or collective for 12 months before you went to this training session and during that time you worked mainly to stalk and surveil and report. Is this a private organization or a well-known government agency, and why do you use the term “collective”?

The Collective is their name. In video you can see Collective logo top right. Government (I thinjs)

What was your own level or category inside this collective? SO (Surveillance Operative) or above?

I was SO.

What did you see on the Sat evening when doing the DEMPG training that disturbed you? You say the lights came on in the atrium that night after midnight as you were recording; was the video being shown to you in a group again at that time?

What I was told disturbed. Also witness sustain microwave and x-ray which I knows is damaging to human and gamma rays shots is fatal. They demonstrate these on spectrometers. I was alone in cinema; shadows shown on film are my fingers empty room

You say you heard from others about the HARM (High Amplitude Radio Media) implants and how they changed the SO who got them. So the SOs are being implanted? Do you recall any other information on these implants?

I think they be implants but not see these as left 6 am Sun morning.

When you were initially recruited you say you had just left the military. Did your military background help you get the job, do you think? Are they seeking out or hiring more ex-military?

All women I spoke to maybe 10? Had military or police backgrounds. There was American, English, German, Romanian, and Australians.

Further follow-up questions:

You did not say how the DEMPG is being toted about whether in backpacks or cars etc., and did not specify what specific things you were told disturbed you–but it sounds like when you heard these x-rays and gamma rays were being used, you understood the seriousness of this and that people could be killed?

Yes this correct. I have studied physics so have an understand of these. 650-750 rad (burst) is quoted gamma-ray emission of DEMPG. These is above human tolerances for radiation exposures. Also x-ray and microwave (sustained) can cause damage to soft body tissues. not used in cars, requires over 30 amp of power, also space and cooling capacity insufficient as require large heatsink and adequate heat dissipation

This is not clear: “Also witness sustain microwave and x-ray” Is it that you witnessed people sustaining damage from microwave and x-ray use on them?

No. All readings were from spectrometers. But these look accurately calibrated so no reason to suspect fraud. Microwave, x-ray & gamma-ray are invisible to visible human eyes but particulate matter was used (sealed box with smoke and dust) to demonstrate visible effect of beam.

I would love to hear more about your entire 12 months of training and work but I will be glad to publish all this as an opening article first–thanks so much for all this information!

The interviewee clarified:

It was not 12 months training, all training come from phone app, and then 3 day course.

You are welcome, Ramola. Also say that men are also in organisation but seminars divided by sex.


Many thanks to End International Criminality host for her emails, responses, information, and whistleblowing.

Again, disclaimer: No way of knowing if authentic, publishing as is for public awareness.

If authentic, this is indeed major whistle-blowing and bombshell disclosure–because it reveals the deep dark covert means by which innocent people worldwide are being criminally targeted and assaulted, and shows how well-deceived and highly-paid gangstalkers and weapon-wielders are being created. Further, it establishes the reality of the targeting, stalking, constant monitoring, and assault with EMF/neuroweapons which thousands of people are reporting worldwide, which reports Intel agents promote as delusional via spy-agency-run media and paid-off psychiatrists and Masonic police. Other whistle-blowers who can corroborate this testimonial are encouraged to get in touch.

UPDATE, April 11, 2018: Important Comment from FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

FBI may have staged the gangstalking recruitment video to deflect from their control over and responsibility for the entire program in tandem with Fusion centers. Part of it sounds plausible, but such presentation-trickery may involve a tidbit of truth to draw the listener into the wrong direction.

If true, then all players are operatives and accomplices to torture and attempted murder.

Remember please that only FBI/CIA have powers with Fusion Centers globally to run horrendous campaigns for torture and murder. Also, FBI has a duty to investigate the crimes we describe. The FBI and FMJ authorize these offenses and could stop them.”

(Email, Geral Sosbee to Ramola D, April 11, 2018)

Please share this article widely, post at media sites, alt and mainstream, thanks.

18 responses to “Leaked 2017 Gangstalker Recruitment Video/End International Criminality: Interview with Ex-Gangstalker Whistleblower

  1. Of course it’s not a “leaked” video. It’s on the official Canadian Security Intelligence Services YouTube channel as you can confirm simply by clicking the “YouTube” button on the embedded video.


  2. “Hope”, had correctly identified the video (See comment, & link, posted by “Hope” above)… CSIS, AKA; Canadian Security Intelligence Service….I am contracted against by another CSIS, AKA; Center for Strategic & International Studies, which is a D.C. based Think Tank…Henry Kissinger is Chair (Last I had checked). Zibgniew Brzezinski, R. James Woolsey, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s grandfather), are some past Chairs of CSIS….Rabbi Dov Zakheim is Senior Adviser…Richard Armitage is head of CSIS’s ‘Smart Power’ group. They are all Dual Israeli Nationals, Knights of Malta, & were at the top, of pulling off 911 : http://www.911missinglinks.com


  3. One last thing: I don’t know if Penmore construction is even finished. Owner Steven Huff was informed by a whistleblower that contractor shorted the amount of steel that was supposed to be used and he sued them. He wanted to demolish it and start again. I don’t know what was decided in the settlement. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.news-leader.com/amp/524693001


  4. Here’s the video from another location. Guy states that a man is the source, not a woman.


  5. Hi Ramola. The video is taken from a Canadian government surveillance recruitment video with text added. Can you let me know if you see this by emailing me? Thanks.



  6. Laurie Fitzherbert

    Dearest Ramola:
    You are my Heroine! Your perseverance, bravery and composure while bringing this heinous crime being committed against us is unparalleled. I admire and feel so much gratitude toward you and and every one of your very brave guests.
    I’ve been a target since at least 2009. That date is when EMF weapons being used to torture me became undeniably obvious. While I developed suspicions, my self doubt continued until 2014 when I fully comprehend this was something truly being directed at me. To comprehend even the existence of something so heinous and know that these led to damages to me physically including ruining my vision- and I was an artist and drafter just was beyond my mind. Seeking treatment for symptoms ended in a worse consequence, the one all targets dread, for 23 long days. Along with the physical demise of my body, profoundly demised my self image and relationships, I have been stigmatizing me into a state of fear of speaking or having opinions. Even my ability to attain legal, medical, dental, etc. help, regardless of crimes being committed against me and my property, life threatening at times, has been curtailed.
    Your explanations and that of your guests have brought dignity back to my life. Whether this leaked video is true or not, (I believe it is true) it gave me at least a few hours of hope. While this program has detached me from my family and friends, you and your guests have made a mighty fine replacement.
    Thank you so very much,
    LaurieF (lostsheepful)


  7. sorry, this video looks fake …made in a video editor video shake effect to make it look like the cam moving around yet audio sounds static & dub, old film effect, plus VHS effects added plus why is it shot in black & white?
    also they have added some type of black-white VHS Glitch Effect as well ??? did they use some type of noise large VHS camrcorder to shoot this hidden cam footage ? when you can get a spy pen for £10 that shoots in HD and in colour !!!!


  8. I was able to communicate with this targeted individual that left the collective. It is a shame that he closed down his channel. This movement is in America is also based on FEMA’s Whole Community Approach. Every country appears to have different models for persist survillance and gang stalking.

    Ciitzens Corps programs are involved in teh harassment along with a groups of mostly older men called Free Masons which have many stakeholders like Sherrifs , city , state and federal workers that operate also through clubas a front. I have been a victim of gang stalking after losing a lawsuit with against police for brutality in a case with over 10 people. Once I lost the lawsuit I was accused of a murder of a U.S Air Force pilot and subjected to alot of harassment even after passing a polygraph test 18 times knowing that if I failed it I would be charged with murder immedialtyl in accoradance to Florida state law.

    My encounters in the past have been with the FBI, members of the military that operate through the Navy , U.S Air Force, the FBI , CIA, radical feminists groups, Citizens Corps, city , state and federal workers, FBI contractors and hoards or volunteers recrutied into this programs that are funded by FEMA which are Jewish. I am not a rapist, a killer, I hate no Jews but I am also a victim of gang stalking and electronic harassment.

    Youtube : Fema’s Citizens Corps and Unconstitutional Treatment


  9. Sorry Ramola, last sentence error of Cooperative, should be Collective. Thank you Josephine Grace Springfield, Missouri 30 minutes from Highlandville, MO.


  10. Dear Ramola,
    Thank you once again for bringing us important news. Below have transcribed the voice-over from the video and all texts that appeared over video. You will find them below. Thank you Ramola.
    Sincerely Josephine Grace at targetedartist.wordpress.com

    From YouTube’s End International Criminality published on April 2, 2018. All caps below are from video exactly as they appeared:

    Other information from gangstalkers calls the organization they work for the Network. But in this video, the group targeting individuals is calling itself “THE COLLECTIVE” stating that the Collective is “A PROFESSIONAL GOVERNMENTAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY.” The Collective is “OPERATING IN 47 COUNTRIES.” (Capital letters from video.) The Collective boasts that it operates “WITH OVER 130,000 HIGHLY TRAINED LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS.” The Collective has “AN ANNUAL BUDGET OF OVER $270 BILLION.” And shows members of the Collective following what they call a ‘person of interest.’ Each member of the Collective receives at least, “A SALARY STARTING AT $45 P/H (USA / EUROPE) FOR AN S.O. (SURVEILLANCE OPERATIVE.)” Furthermore the Collective claims “HANDLERS (S.O. MANAGEMENT) CAN MAKE UP TO $140 P/H (USA / EUROPE.)” The recruitment video states that “TARGETS ARE CRIMINALS WORKING OUTSIDE OF STANDARD INTERNATIONAL LAW.” Then the Collective video notes they have “CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY- GENERATION 7 D.E.M.P.G.’s (directed electromagnetic pulse generators;) H.A.R.M. (high amplitude radio media;)” and a “BIO-COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK.” End of video.

    While the above was printed over a real-time video showing people following a targeted woman… Below is the voice of an unseen Collective member who explains what is expected from associates working for the Collective:

    “Teamwork is the foundation of my job. We rely on each other to insure our goals are met and our operations are successful. My work day involves physically following the target- a person of interest without he or she knowing that they are being observed, Surveillance is not for everyone. It is not a nine to five job. It takes natural ability and training to be able to blend into the background. My work is unique and exciting. It has stretches of long idle moments and bursts of adrenaline. A surveillant’s greatest skill is to be attentive to detail…”

    End of anonymous video leaked out from a recruitment meeting at a Cooperative headquarters in Highlandville, Missouri.


  11. Where is the video?


  12. Please note the Update at the end of article, with FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee’s assessment of this video. He was prevented from leaving this comment here on the article and so I repost:

    April 11, 2018: Important Comment from FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

    “FBI may have staged the gangstalking recruitment video to deflect from their control over and responsibility for the entire program in tandem with Fusion centers. Part of it sounds plausible, but such presentation-trickery may involve a tidbit of truth to draw the listener into the wrong direction.

    If true, then all players are operatives and accomplices to torture and attempted murder.

    Remember please that only FBI/CIA have powers with Fusion Centers globally to run horrendous campaigns for torture and murder. Also, FBI has a duty to investigate the crimes we describe. The FBI and FMJ authorize these offenses and could stop them.”

    Thanks very much to Geral for providing his invaluable commentary and analysis on the video and conversation reported above.


  13. Dear Ramola, please google ICE OFFICE OF INTELLIGENCE, its the PROFESSIONAL GOVERNMENT LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY that is operating international in 47 countries.
    Perhaps this video is taken in one of their meetings. This either could mean, they are operating this stalking and harassing or this video is a fraud.


  14. Patrick Cleary

    Well, I’m trying not to have any expectations, but this is definitely a very interesting development.

    Thank you so much for continuing to relentlessly pursue the truth, Ramola, and hopefully this possibly-courageous woman is indeed sharing the truth with us.

    Fingers crossed !!!


  15. Great job, Ramola! This is how every journo should work!
    I think the whistleblower was an insider. She gives detailed information I never read.
    Just let me disagree with you when you write “well-deceived”. I think gang-stalkers perfectly know what they do. Furthermore, even though there’s a chain of command and you don’t work on your own, your brain must always be ON.


  16. mindcontrol2017

    Reblogged this on Mindcontrol2017.


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