Community Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes

–Ramola D/Posted 4/18/2018


Posted below is the Community Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes endorsed and supported by FBI, CIA, and NSA whistleblowers and the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team, a group which investigates crimes involving directed-energy weapons and military neuro/biotechnology, published earlier on this site at Flyers for Public Education. Please download this document for use as a flyer in pdf format here. Given that these Crimes Against Humanity are occurring nationwide and worldwide, please download this document in doc format here and replace place-names in the header with your own place-names as appropriate and relevant. (Note: To use this flyer with the named endorsements, please ONLY change place-names as relevant, and no other text, thanks.) Please feel free to re-post and re-publish this Notice on your own websites with linkback.

This notice is being published to raise public awareness, to educate the American and world public, and to inform local communities and neighborhoods. The information in this flyer is not speculative and is fully backed up by the sourced, cumulative investigative reportage at this site (and elsewhere), and follows on recent informative interviews in print and audio with FBI, CIA, and NSA whistleblowers published here at The Everyday Concerned Citizen as well as at YouTube/Ramola D Reports.

Human rights advocates and organizations, investigative journalists, scientists,  whistleblowers, ethicists, and concerned American and world citizens are encouraged to step forward to openly support this Community Notice as the global human rights and bioethical movement to expose and end these pernicious and extreme 21st-century Crimes Against Humanity daily expands. Please email to endorse.

This notice is also supported by the 28 August 2017 Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons citing Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the 1998 International Criminal Court, published here earlier.  Please print and distribute widely. 


from The Everyday Concerned Citizen/US-Europe Joint Investigation Team

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes

Notice to One is Notice to All

Psychological Warfare, Operations, & Deception Along with Electromagnetic Anti-Personnel Assaults Are Being Run in Quincy & Boston, Massachusetts by Govt Agencies–FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, DOD, DOJ;

All Participating are Accomplices to Potential Murder

Source: FBI, CIA, NSA Whistleblowers/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/US-Europe Joint Investigation Team



These programs are extrajudicial COINTELPRO Character-Assassination, Mutilation, Destruction, Blacklisting, Life-Sabotage, Torture, and Murder campaigns, intending to fully destroy the lives of outstanding community activists, journalists, writers, teachers, professors, whistleblowers, and civic-minded citizens.

Thousands of Americans are being destroyed like this by the FBI/CIA/DHS.


Remember please that only FBI/CIA have powers with Fusion Centers globally to run horrendous campaigns for torture and murder. Also, FBI has a duty to investigate the crimes we describe. The FBI and FMJ (Federal Magistrate Judges) authorize these offenses and could stop them. (April 11, 2018/Leaked Gangstalker Recruitment Video, The Everyday Concerned Citizen)

The FBI is spearheading the most colossal and evil attacks on people ever conceived on the face of the Earth, and they are using Deep Space-based technology, they are using Bio-Chemical Viral Warfare Elements and Agents, and they’re using Psychological Warfare to destroy people. (April 1, 2018/Ramola D Reports/Report #56-Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Massive Crime By FBI)


The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA (Patriot Act)...Police are even used as liaisons to citizen vigilante groups like Infragard, or other “civic minded” organizations who are lied to about the target (being a terrorist/ traitor/ criminal) and enticed/paid to stalk and harass them 24/7. (May 26, 2016/NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States)


I can’t hone it down to just CIA, but I can tell you, all these people, they’re all connected. For instance, in a Town Hall, every little town in the United States, every city, you’ll get people–there’s a Town Hall and there’s a City Government or a Town Government, they’ve got people in there…they have them in the Post Office…What they’re doing is they’re recruiting an army of Citizen Spies and Busybodies—and the People, who don’t even know what’s going on, some of them, they gladly become a part of it, thinking “Oh, I’m doing a service to my country!” But they’re NOT. (April 10, 2018/Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Discusses CIA History, Propaganda, Targeting)


16 responses to “Community Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes

  1. Freedomisntfree2016

    I get preapproved credit card invitations by email. The perps tried to open an account in my name, but I had frozen my credit bureau accounts. Basically the Army set me up for all this attempted fraud by telling the perps to investigate “financial”. But I never did anything fraudulently in the first place. THIS IS THE ENDLESS INVESTIGATION. Because there is nothing to find. And when you have desperate people who will do anything, including torture, well then, they are seeing opportunities to steal and commit fraud from the targeted individual. They scheme day and night. The other thing the Army did was they created a mistaken identity for me so everywhere I shopped and also they followed me to Fort Pierce and did this, they said I was a wanted thief from Texas. They found a Dianne Chandler in Texas who was a wanted thief, but who could not be found. Her profile was assigned to me. I had gangs of people stalking me because they thought I was her. This really came home when I went to register my vehicle in Port St Lucie, FL, two bounty hunters were arguing with the clerk that I was this wanted Dianne Chandler. These were Texans too. I lived there 30 years. I know a Texas accent and these two traveled all the way from Texas thinking they were going to possess my car. The Deputy Sheriffs intervened and said this is a different Dianne Chandler with a different social security number. I was in shock realizing all these stalkers followed me to Florida. Then my neighbors in Florida attacked me and put me in this TORTURE CLUB. They chased me back and forth between Florida and Alabama. Dianne Renee Chandler, LTC US Army Retired

  2. Freedomisntfree2016

    The enforcement comes from Nazi Neighbors who call themselves “The Security Council’ “The Moral Majority” “The Judge and the Jury” and the person in charge is called “The Moral Authority” for this neighborhood on Talucah Rd in Valhermoso Springs, Al. Ironically, I hear the perps talking of making porn films, pedophelia films, torture club films and comitting all this fraud, coercion with intent to extort using torture. Dianne Renee Chandler

  3. Freedomisntfree2016

    The US Army has divided the rural areas south of Redstone Arsenal into an electromagnetically controlled grid with many targets. I am one of them. I believe the knowledge of WHO is being attacked, tortured, experimented upon is being managed under at least a 1 Star Command, at least a Brigadier General. There is an electromagnetic division and personnel effects (antipersonnel effects) that is certainly monitoring everything going on in this “torture prison.” If the American people dont start speaking up soon, we are all doomed to “prison” and enslavement of some kind or another. I believe the word is getting out though, and I am adding my name and rank to it. The Army absolutely attacked me after I filed an EEO complaint based upon disabiliry accommodation at Anniston Army Depot in 2010. IAs far as I am concerned, I am serving the American People who do not approve of this unconstitutional criminalization of our military services and contractors who have turned their guns on the American People. Dianne Renee Chandler, Lieutenant Colonel US Army Retired

  4. Freedomisntfree2016

    Regarding real estate property, the perps want to know if my mothers property is in a trust that is used to pass property to heirs without probate. If the property will go through probate, they want to find out who is the Executor. They will pressure the appropriate family member by attacking them. They do reasearch to learn the worth of parents and who in the family may be inheriting valuable property. Then they attack that relative and use torture to coerce and ultimately extort from that family using, threats, blackmail, torture, etc. They may attempt to force a target to marry someone in their crime network so that person can exert more control over the target’s assets. All of this applies in my case. Regarding the forced marriage, they say I can be saved if their designated suitor marries me. Absolute criminal minds at work. Dianne Renee Chandler

  5. Freedomisntfree2016

    When the perps are seeing your emails (I don’t know the technology they use to see my emails on my Iphone) they can try to create or get into your accounts. In my case, I received an email from efax inviting me to join. The perps were able to create an account and used this service. They also got into an online travel agency I use. They attempted to charge hotel and rental car in my name. My credit card bank called me immediately and of course I told them these were frauduent charges. The other thing the perps are doing is repeatedly suggesting, coercing me into buying a house to separate me from my elderly mother. What they want is to attack my mother so she can no longer live in her house, go into nursing care, expend her funds and possibly be forced to sell her large parcel of rural property that the perps want to buy because they are associated with a real estate developer. They are also suggesting, coercing me to join an investor who sends weekly instructions for options trading. They see the money I have because they are mind reading as I review my bank statements and scan them into my computer. They view this as “their” money and use coercion to spend my money the way they want it spent. Of course they use the standard “you’re a threat to the neighborhood” you’re a threat to national security” “you’re a prostitute” “we are going to torture you intil you die” etc etc. Dianne Renee Chandler

  6. Freedomisntfree2016

    Enforcement is not necessary. Individuals who cannot support themselves and their families are given contracts for surveillance from a Dept of Defense contractor or other US Government Agency. I will use myself as an example. The perps see me and film me inside my house using Secret radar, infrared, microwave or other technology provided to them. They are provided mind reading technology. They are told to surveil me for “financial” wrongdoing. They can watch and hear us through the remote light on the TV while the TV is plugged in. They can listen to us through our cell phone. They are reading emails on my iPhone. So, they have committed credit card fraud once they learned my card number, code, password, mailing billing address. I was making online and phone purchases so they learned this information. With the mind reading technology and ability to see what I am entering on my order using my Iphone, they obtain this information. So now, I no longer make purchases from my home, knowing all this surveillance is occurring. They can create an online Social Security account in your name and learn how much you receive from Social Security, if disabled or retired. They may claim you as a dependent to use on their tax return if you do not file a tax return. They can file a tax return in your name and get your tax refund if they believe you will file a tax return to claim a refund. They can create an I R S account in your name as well. It is important for you to file a tax retun even if you are not required to file. Between the time I filed foe disability and the time I was approved for Social Security Disability, I did not file taxes because I did not have income. When I did file, I found out I was being claimed as a dependent. I notified The IRS and never heard from them because the IRS is not required to tell me anything regarding their investigation. The following year I reported this, I was able to file without getting the flag saying I was already being claimed as a dependent. I have done online tax filing for years, and there will be a flag if you try to upload your tax return when someone else is claiming you as a dependent. You should still file by mailing the papwr copy of your return with a letter explaining to the IRS someone is illegally claiming you as a dependent. Its a good idea to get your own PIN online from the IRS. Also go to Social Security Office and request that your online accout be blocked. Tell them you will conduct business in person only. Dianne Renee Chandler

  7. TotalitarianTV


    Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control
    As part of a request for records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, WSFC inadvertently bundles in “EM effects on human”

  8. Freedomisntfree2016

    When Department of Defense recognized satanism as a religion, due to Michael Aquino demanding recognition of his Church of Set, then allowing him to rise from the lowest ranks of the Army to the highest rank in the NSA, this created an army of satanic followers in the US Military. When you put a Satanic leader in place, then those under his command must get in line or get out. Dianne Renee Chandler, LTC US Army retired

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  10. Freedomisntfree2016

    There are many types of fraud they commit because they use the mindreading and see through the eyes technology to obtain information they need to do it. The perps can attack entire neighborhoods wirh this technology. Right now, they are busy attacking neighbors looking for people to claim as dependents on their tax returns. Also they are stealing tax refunds. These are common criminals and they made a choice to commit these fraud crimes. Dianne Renee Chandler, LTC US Army Retired

  11. Freedomisntfree2016

    The FBI stands by while it happens.
    Dianne Renee Chandler, LTC US Army Retired

  12. Freedomisntfree2016

    Attractive unmarried women are being trafficked into a membership only, pay per view “TORTURE CLUB” that is a money making scheme for the perps. They call it “Insurance” that they use to make money in between socalled “contract” for “Surveillance.” and the perps make money from this in addition to their “contracts.”They label the woman a Prostitute and invite paying customers to torture. This happened to me. Attacked by the Army from Redstone Arsenal, Alabama Dianne Renee Chandler, LIeutenant Colonel, US Army Retired

  13. I spent nearly 4 months in a mental institution, Sept. 26- Jan. 4. All documentation is illegitimate. I did not meet criteria for involuntary hospitalization, which is reflected by all reports produced by psychologists responsible. I have irrefutable evidence of all of the crimes you illustrated,most prominently featuring their own court records. In addition to correspondence between myself and several operatives impersonating trusted authority figures.

  14. Can one of the experts give details on the life insurance, property and money theft. How can the alphabet agencies and government do this? Who is the leader that enforces the financial crime?

  15. No, I don’t put primary blame on the FBI and CIA. I implicate them all, please see the Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons, which spells out that militaries, Intelligence agencies, and Defense and security contractors are all involved, complicit, and engaged in the perpetration of these crimes. This particular flyer stresses the involvement of the FBI in local neighborhoods in America as prime spreaders of lies, as per the opinions of the whistleblowers I quote. No doubt they are all involved and working together. Your terrific journalism which exposes Lockheed Martin’s involvement and the US Military’s involvement is critical to our collective understanding of this network of organized crime festering inside our agencies and military and private sector as well.

  16. You put primary blame on FBI and CIA. My reporting, bolstered by my personal experience as a 15-year + victim of electromagnetic neuroweapon attack, community gangstalking, vandalism, home intrusions, ID theft and financial sabotage, leads me to conclude that elements of the U.S. military are among the prime offenders of this persecution matrix — although yes, all agencies and commands at all levels, federal state and local, are involved. See this journalist’s work:
    journo &

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