Breakthrough in Reaching Mainstream Audiences on DEWs/Surveillance Abuse/Wrongful Targeting as Suzie Dawson Sets Twitter Alight


–Ramola D/Posted 4/21/2018

Suzie Dawson, New Zealand journalist, Occupy activist, Snowden documents researcher, Internet Party leader, and on-air #DecipherYou analyst with Elizabeth Lea Vos of Disobedient Media, set Twitter alight last night with some candid and revelatory tweets calling attention to Directed Energy Weapons in use by militaries, the overreach of Intelligence agencies in expanding their circle of targets as they seek more and more funds and grow ever more authoritarian and out of control, targeting “suburban soccer moms, grandparents, and students” with exotic weapons. 

Calling on journalists who may have been too scared to touch this subject, she notes that Intelligence agencies have gotten away with their criminality for too long and asks journalists to step forward to cover. Please retweet and repost Suzie’s vitally important tweets as the movement by concerned citizens and human rights activists to inform the world about the reality of electromagnetic weapon use on civilians–who, when reporting Surveillance Abuse with EMF and neuroweapons are continually dismissed and discredited as delusional “Targeted Individuals”–gains steam.

Update: Please see entire thread here in the form of an article, via the brilliant Thread Reader App:

This was the tweet that started the thread:


The rest of the tweets in that thread follow:






Suzie Dawson’s documentary about her own wrongful targeting experience may be found here:

My marathon interview with Suzie Dawson recently as a Changemaker where she covered the findings she has made from close perusal of the Snowden documents and spoke about the targeting of both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, exhorting all targeted and in the truther community to unite in support of both these whistleblowers can be found here:

Please support Suzie Dawson’s efforts to inform the world and to expose the criminal targeting abuse we are all reporting by sending her documents and links online, and retweeting her important tweets above. Suzie’s work is critical in this struggle to reach mainstream audiences–being brainwashed by Mockingbird-style  media deceit and propaganda–because she has been closely studying and reporting on those Snowden documents already released, and has been covering Surveillance for a long while now, as her tweets illustrate.

Much gratitude to Suzie for stepping out and taking a stand here for all those being emasculated by the venal megalomaniacs in the Intelligence agencies, militaries, and military-industrial complex who are pulling in increasingly fat paychecks while those thousands and millions of accomplished and innocent citizens they target intensively with high-tech radar, microwave, scalar, sonic technology and covert implants experience the utter destruction of their lives.

Please repost and share this post widely, with attribution and linkback.

7 responses to “Breakthrough in Reaching Mainstream Audiences on DEWs/Surveillance Abuse/Wrongful Targeting as Suzie Dawson Sets Twitter Alight

  1. I agree. I have been warning these gangstalkers that they are NOT immune from the weaponry. The masons’ have weaponized the sun. It is called the sun simulator- NASA. It is a fake sun in front of the real sun. You have been a target since 1996. That is amazing. You are very strong. Now, we have cuban diplomats under assault from these weapons. It is finally coming out without discrimination. I have been screaming about this stuff. NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM THIS STUFF. Even the ones who work for the dark side.

  2. Freedomisntfree2016

    Interviews with Changemakers (4): Suzie Dawson – International Journalist, Activist
    The interview with Suzie Dawson is a BLOCKBUSTER! I could not stop listening. It’s a long interview so set aside time at home when you can do things around the house while listening. She has researched NSA files, Wikileaks documents, noting evidence of their own admissions, and discusses where you can read these for yourself. She describes the Superstructure of US Intelligence Agencies led by the CIA that have teamed with other Nations Intelligence groups to cause the subjugation of all nations sovereignty to the One World Government, insuring the death of Democracy everywhere on the planet with intent to subjugate all humans and resources for the benefit of the “Elite” and their corporate minions. Suzie Dawson describes the NSA information apparatus that feeds “customers” who are US Government Agencies and Nations, all connected by NSA tapped cables that collect and feed back “filtered” information through an inverted pyramid type structure. She points out that agreements between intelligence agencies of each nation results in militaries running the operations to enforce the subjugation of citizens who oppose abdication of sovereignty of their nation in this One World Government scheme run by the “Elites.” She notes the FBI uses parallel reconstruction by cooking up false reasons to obtain a warrant to search a “target” when they are actually after something else that is economically valuable to the “target.” Suzie Dawson provides so much analysis, its too much to describe here. Ramola states, “Extraordinary analysis, even more than I imagined.” Dianne Renee Chandler, LTC U S Army Retired

  3. Excellent!!!

    K. M. Stewart National Security Agency Intelligence Analyst, ret. 28 yrs


  4. Freedomisntfree2016

    Yes, it is coming out. I notice the subject being broached on talk shows. The hosts are being careful how they present it, so I won’t say whose talk shows. They are mainstream. We are going to see who stands up when the guns ate being turned on every one of us. Every cell tower is a weapon station. Lockheed Martin runs the cell tower weapon system. Now Lockheed Martin is building more satellites used to attack us at will. Lockheed Martin runs the show, including the gangstalker network. ALL THE GUNS ARE POINTED AT US AND BEING USED ON TARGETS SUCH AS MYSELF. Dianne Renee Chandler, LTC US Army Retired

  5. barbara guillette

    These are DEATH SQUADS, many have been killed with these weapons , stalking is the training part of it, Pavlovian training ,called Anchoring, this tactic subliminally couples fear with everyday objects, such as a color or a gesture, flashed a thousand times a day to the target, creating fear in the target and stress. That is death by a thousand cuts. Works too. Plausible deniability , if spoken of it makes the target sound mentally ill.

  6. barbara guillette

    yes a target since 96,I begged friends of mine who were journalists to speak out they refused, they feared being targeted, but now , it’s just to many of us in the process of a totalitarian state takeover. Speak out, all of you for those who are not a target yet, you will be.These are the most dangerous devices every invented by man and that includes the nukes.

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