Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020



PUBLIC CEASE & DESIST to Karen Melton Stewart


Regarding “NSA Whistleblower” Karen Melton Stewart and her endless targeted smear and lie campaigns against Ramola D, as also against many others

28 December, 2020

  1. This is a Public Notice to all that Karen Melton Stewart has been and continues to post blatant lies, inversions of the truth, targeted smear attacks against Ramola D and against many others on her misleadingly-named “Perps and Nutcases” page on Facebook, on her personal Facebook and Twitter pages, on her Hate-page newly discovered on Facebook filled with obscene pictures which she has libelously named “Ramola Crap @RamolaCrapola” while also spreading her lies on private text and email messages with many.
  1. Karen Stewart has ignored all rebuttals from Ramola D clarifying the facts for her on many occasions—recorded in several articles linked here–and chosen to continue her false narratives and smear-and-lie attacks, each time embellishing her narrative with new twists, muddying the waters with new fabrications.
  1. Karen Stewart apparently is seeking desperately to revise history, discredit, and harm reputations and public name.
  1. Each of the many lies and smears Karen Stewart has leveled against Ramola D has been meticulously addressed and proven untrue, with factual evidence. Each new lie has continued to be addressed. (See the continuously updated Statement on NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart… and the many articles linked therein, with evidence.)
  1. Karen Stewart has wilfully employed inversion of the truth as evident in her continued and obsessive fixation on a gargantuan lie regarding the 18-month-long targeted smearing and lying attacks by Katherine Horton on Ramola D, fully evident on her videos, website, & Twitter posts: Karen Stewart continues to shamelessly allege that Ramola “pursued, cyberstalked, persecuted” Katherine when the facts—and her own earlier words and emails–show the exact opposite: Katherine Horton, it is well-known to all intelligent observers (Karen Stewart has proved she’s not one), has long obsessively attacked, defamed, slandered, repeat-slandered Ramola D and many others—and in fact BEGAN her separate videos at her Stop007 Youtube channel at close of TCFF with video & website Slander-and-Lie attacks on Ramola D which prompted video and print rebuttals from Ramola D and others; and Karen Stewart has been well apprised of the facts, several times over—in informative rebuttal threads and articles which she apparently is unable to read. (She seems to know how to COUNT these many articles, but she doesn’t evince any awareness of actually having READ them.)

(TCFF or Techno Crime Fighters Forum was a human rights activism group exposing Fusion Center, Military, Intelligence, Private Sector targeting crimes on regular video podcasts, founded by late Dr. Paul Marko and run from March 2017 to July 2018, comprising Dr. Marko, Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart, Dr. Millicent Black, and Ramola D)

  1. Karen Stewart has published egregious defamatory lies about Ramola D, such as falsely-accusing her of “quid pro quo journalism,” of false-actions such as “saying you owe me for printing stories on your case,” “using bribes,” “using blackmail,” “using threats,” “recruiting others to help her cyberstalk and persecute Dr. Horton”: all absolute fabrication, absurd, malicious, and egregious. There is NO evidence whatsoever for any of these false-claims and false-allegations and false-accusations because none exists; Ramola D’s powerful advocacy and human rights journalism, as many know, is independent of all affiliations, fully voluntary, minimally crowdfunded (meaning some wonderful members of the public able to get through the cyberhacking and shadowbanning send in donations—thank you!) and conducted in the public interest. Further, Ramola D as a trained journalist, writer and academic has engaged in journalism only for the public good; all stories she has covered, including Karen Stewart’s, from 2016-2019 were covered out of a great desire to assist all in the full exposure of these reprehensible targeting crimes by government and private-sector perpetrators, at great risk to her own health, well-being, and life given that Ramola D has been systematically hit extremely (for YEARS now) with heart-hit and head-hit microwave pulse weapons and other exotic plasma/quantum/hyperscalar radar weaponry each time she published a single exposing article or podcast revealing DOD/Intel targeting/non-consensual experimentation/community policing crimes, including after publication of every single one of her articles on Karen Stewart’s case, done out of the goodness of her heart and desire to help humanity—and none involved “quid pro quos,” bribes, blackmail, threats, or anything else. Karen Stewart is engaging recklessly in malicious defamation when she suggests such. This has in fact been addressed earlier in many rebuttal articles including this one: RESPONSE TO KAREN STEWART’S SLANDEROUS-FALSE-NARRATIVE/June 20, 2020
  1. Karen Stewart has repeatedly—and falsely—claimed she has published evidence to back her name-calling and labeling of Ramola D, when what she actually has published is 1) Repeat-accusations repeatedly ignoring repeat-corrections of her claims of “cyber-stalking” in reference to two specific emails (addressed to Ramola D’s friends, not to her) cyber-hacked off Ramola D’s desktop and sent to her in Nov 2019 clearly by Intelligence cyber-hackers—her own friends, it appears, in NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, or Mossad or whoever surveills our PCs & phones, as per her own published statements on Twitter, which suggest she receives Surveillance feedback off Ramola D’s desktop—continually and deliberately miscasting the actions of cyber-hacking on Ramola D’s desktop by known Surveillers as cyber-stalking by Ramola D, and 2) Publishing an email without permission from Ramola D during the writing process of the Joint Statement in Nov 2019 out of context, particularly omitting the context of her own preceding false-narrative, falsely accusatory email, and distorting the intent, tone, and content of Ramola D’s response-email in her false framing of it.
  1. Karen Stewart has repeatedly engaged in malicious defamatory lies calling Ramola D a “bully,” “harassing,” “abusive, a “malignant narcissist,” “narc,” and “egoist,” citing emails exchanged in Fall 2019 when she and Dr. Millicent Black voluntarily participated (in no way “pressured” or “false-guilted” as she has falsely claimed) in writing a Joint Statement to counter Katherine Horton’s blatant lies and smear attacks on Ramola D and many others after Katherine Horton’s agent-provocateur calls-to-violence, saboteur, dominating, and echo-stalking behavior on TCFF brought TCFF to a resolute close. There is no evidence whatsoever in these emails (still extant) for Karen Stewart’s false-claims, as also attested to by Cassandra, who was on the entire email exchange as a witness, yet Karen Stewart repeatedly notifies others publicly this was an abusive, harassive exchange with abuse, harassment, and bullying stemming from Ramola D, in desperate efforts apparently to falsely label Ramola D a harassing, abusive bully, malignant narcissist, egoist—and all the other absurd names she has used such as psychopath, sociopath, Dark Triad, obsessive, et al.
  1. Karen Stewart began her campaign of publicly attacking Ramola D after publication of the Joint Statement exposing Katherine Horton’s lies succeeding her own and Dr. Millicent Black’s voluntary sign-off and approval of same, which she abruptly sought frantically to halt at the last minute citing consideration for Katherine Horton’s supposed December court case in the UK, and its supposed import for European TIs; significantly, she had told no-one she had met Katherine Horton in person just prior (revealed by Katherine Horton on Twitter) when the latter flew up to Maryland, chasing down several NSA whistleblowers in desperate attempt to shore up her own public image–damaged by her own public actions–including Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe, and was clearly seeking to project public support of Katherine Horton herself—despite Katherine Horton’s grave acts of defamation, sabotage, outright lying, and outright abuse of many activists and independent writers including Ramola D—fully documented online. Apparently, a new Containment Operation was in the making, and Karen Stewart wanted to be a part of it.
  1. Karen Stewart is apparently incensed that Ramola D dares to have a clear mind of her own and to express it freely, calling out infiltrators, agent provocateurs, and saboteurs in TI activism as they have crossed her path and others, and publishing her findings as relevant. Having thrown her lot in with several of this cadre—who play wheel-spinning, deflecting, misdirecting, Disinfo-spreading, gatekeeping games and essentially run Containment Operations for the military, Intelligence, medical, fusion-center, private-sector barbarians who are non-consensually experimenting on and attacking innocent people with RF/EMF/Sonic energy weapons and neuroweapons under cover of falsified records by FBI/Fusion Center/FISA-run “watchlists” and “surveillance” to halt “terrorists”–Karen Stewart reveals her own attachment to Containment Operations and Protection rackets as she expediently tars Ramola D as “fighting with everyone.” Using this false repeat-accusation to muddy the waters, she refrains from public acknowledgment of all openly-published records from Ramola D of specifics of each particular interaction with each specific party—each of whom has variously engaged in actions of gatekeeping, betrayal of reporting victims, Disinfo-spreading, unprovoked attack and slander, records of which have been published in various articles, as also maintained at The Consequences of Infiltration.

For instance, she ignores the entire published record of email/text correspondence evidencing the rather nasty sexist and most unexpected bullying attack by Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Ramola D post Ramola D’s perfectly-cordial closing of her Global Gestapo podcast series with him succeeding his hijacking of a joint podcast intended to highlight Gloria Naylor’s important book on NSA/FBI COINTELPRO 1996 (where he proceeded to publish his entrenched anti-Jewish views instead), and posts incessantly an inversion of the actual truth of what transpired (fully reported here, with correspondence), attacking Ramola D as to blame: Unfeminist and unAmerican to say the least, this is both ignorant and craven; in essence, Karen Stewart publicly condones Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s reprehensible bullying and sexist behavior in doing so.

  1. Karen Stewart’s targeted attacks on Ramola D are also racist. Essentially, Karen Stewart attacks Ramola D for daring to have a clear voice of her own, daring to stand out in the muddy field of TI activism littered with useless “support” organizations engaging in wheel-spinning and data-collecting for years and decades off the suffering backs of TIs, daring to call out the impostors (after much extended, open-minded, open-hearted interaction, collaboration, trying to work with all and be open to all, over a time period preceding Karen Stewart’s own entry into TI activism), daring to speak (while being brown) of infiltration; not merely disagreeing, Karen Stewart goes all-out to falsely claim Ramola D is “bullying, harassive, obsessive, attacking,” which is both character-assassinating and repressive in its push to shut down anyone who dares expose the rampant infiltration. No-one else that Karen Stewart has (verbally) attacked—and she has attacked many, as named in various rebuttal articles, collected here—receives the excoriative lying-labeling of “harassive bully, narc bully, Dark Triad” as well as such racist putdowns as “immigrant housewife blogger”; the disproportionate ire expressed against Ramola D is clear sign of her targeted, racist attack.

Further, in her latest rants on her Perps page, Karen Stewart has taken to pejoratively using the term “Dalit” to refer to Ramola D, a more than clear evidence of her racist attack: Dalit is a term used for those in India previously referred to as Untouchables by India’s archaic caste system; clearly Karen Stewart has listened in to a recent interview of Ramola D by Seven, where Ramola mentioned that generationally speaking her family had come from an Untouchable community which had later converted to Christianity. (In India, Christianity became a means historically for Untouchables to step out of the repugnant caste system and pariah treatment by Brahmins and others as Untouchables in the 1800s and upwards; the English word “pariah” also comes from a caste of that name.)

  1. Karen Stewart has made evident, through her sustained and repeat-attacks on Ramola D that it is expedient for her muddying-the-waters agenda to falsely cast Ramola D as “fighting with everyone” in lieu of examining the well-reported facts of the unprovoked attacks on her by specific parties, and in lieu of examining each named-interaction in isolation and seriousness since Containment Operations run by infiltrators can’t be maintained obviously when the infiltrators are called out by an astute and analytical journalist who exhibits “too much truth-telling”: far easier to attack the journalist, smear and slander, lie and hang-to-dry the truth-teller instead. It appears to be her hope that all that Ramola D has reported about her own and others’ interactions with said infiltrators will be erased and forgotten by demonizing and dismissing Ramola D instead as an unreliable reporter.
  1. Karen Stewart has supported and continues to support the Containment Operations run by many infiltrator gatekeepers among TIs, particularly the ex-NSA id “Julianne McKinney” on numerous email lists, Facebook groups, and Twitter enclaves, all of whom seem to have an Intelligence background or association, or project themselves as scientifically or technically endowed with special expertise, many of whom have sent repressive, vituperative, abusive emails to many reporting TIs and activists–after reports featuring such facts as clandestine implanting, attacks with anti-personnel DEWs from neighbors’ houses—including Ramola D, in apparent intent to suppress their reportage, independent thinking, critical enquiry, and free speech; these attacks have both been reported to Ramola D privately and reported publicly by several leading TI activists.

Ramola D has been especially horrified at attacks on Canadian human rights advocate Galina Kurdina by the two ex-NSA ids Karen Stewart and Julianne McKinney in tandem on an email list, where they ganged up to ridicule, mock, taunt, and put down Galina’s reports of neurotechnology attacks; this was after previous email abuse from Karen Stewart and others against Galina Kurdina, witnessed by Ramola D on two prior email threads. Ramola D has sought therefore to remove herself from all infiltrator-sprinkled group email lists, and particularly from any group association with those infiltrators and containment-operation-runners who have publicly smeared her and others online. Reports of their unprovoked attacks on Ramola D and others can be found in previous articles addressing their smears, collected here.

  1. Karen Stewart has mounted repugnant slander attacks on Twitter and Facebook against independent journalists and writers such as CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and others, affixing defamatory, pejorative labels of “Flying Monkeys” and “Weinstein Gang” to their names (attributing “Weinstein”’ian evil to Ramola D) in full concert with continuation of Katherine Horton’s previous attacks on them, for daring to assert their unprompted, independent evaluation of the outrageous slander-lie-and-libel attacks on Ramola D and condemning them. Several articles and Twitter threads by these independently thinking and acting writers—who are in no way connected with Ramola D in a group of any kind, as falsely-claimed by Karen Stewart–record Karen Stewart’s absurd and unwarranted attacks on all, collected at the Statement on her as well as in “Protection Rackets…”.
  1. Karen Stewart has engaged publicly online at Twitter and Facebook in slandering gossip and mobbing and smearing operations—of the self-same kind the Joint Statement to correct Katherine Horton’s lies and mobbing-and-smearing attacks on Twitter & Youtube was intended to quell—on Ramola D and others, with the real “Flying Monkeys” she flies with, which smear attacks have been reported in various articles, including here.
  1. Karen Stewart has grievously repressively attacked many others with pejorative names, labels, and baseless imputations such as “CIA-Handler,” “KGB” “Trailer Trash” “Unhinged Harpies” “Psycho” “Meth-head” “Moron”“Druggie” “Scum” “Slut” “Grifter” in her apparent egoistic need to establish herself as a primary and dominant voice on Facebook, Twitter, and email lists while aggressively slandering others, in line with both her Containment and gatekeeping operations. Her false-accusations of others as “CIA-Handler,” of (Ramola D as) “CIA-Asset,” and others as “KGB Agent” “CIA Agent” “Mossad Agent” as reported to Ramola D are particularly grievous and life-endangering, given the grisly nature of these so-called Intelligence agencies which are no doubt fully involved in the targeting crimes activists and writers are striving to expose.
  1. Karen Stewart has repeatedly published libelous hearsay and absolute lies and smears as if reliable reportage from cybertrolls, clear Intel plants and unknowns—such as “Tammi Fields” “Penny Shepard” — variously falsely professing familiarity with Ramola D and others as well as distortions and lies from previous acquaintances of Ramola D such as Deborah Weber and Janet Phelan. These in fact appear to be her “Flying Monkeys,” and these ready publications—comprising fresh slander–are hardly indicative of intelligent assessment but point to malicious cyberwarfare on her part.
  1. Karen Stewart has published multiple defamatory hate-tweets against Ramola D and others on a new alias account she created (@RobertSau, March/April 2020) (now revived (Oct, 2020) and being run by a French group), which she pruriently titled “Ramola’s Sphincter” and which she pulled down (June, 2020) directly after a phone conversation Ramola D had with a prominent attorney regarding defamation lawsuits and police complaints—in further evidence of Karen Stewart being supplied with surveillance feedback from her NSA/FBI/CIA Phone-hacking friends. Many of those tweets in screenshot can be found here.
  1. Clearly, Karen Stewart has mounted a targeted defamation campaign against Ramola D as also against many others—none associated with Ramola D in a group, none connected to each other, each independently publishing their own observations and analyses, and no amount of correction of her lies and false-claims with the facts serves to stop her obsessive and crazed defamation. These actions fully follow on Katherine Horton’s 18-month-long targeted defamation attacks on Ramola D and many others, and are identical to Katherine Horton’s absurd methodology of claiming that all those she was slandering had been led and instigated by Ramola D—when each had called her out independently and separately on their own issues with her, fully documented online. It is indeed curious and telling that Karen Stewart and Katherine Horton have sought identically to slanderously attack Ramola D with false-accusations of “ringleader.”
  1. At this point, the entrenched nature of Karen Stewart’s attacks, the repeat-lies, the repeat-allegations, the refusal to acknowledge corrections and read rebuttals, the repeat-fixation on her own fabricated and demonizing accusations of “narc bully, cyberstalker, malignant narcissist,” the pejorative address, the inversions of truth and fact, the racist put-downs all point to strategized Intelligence operation: Karen Stewart has herself revealed her connection to NSA/FBI agents surveilling Ramola D’s desktop and electronic actions, while publishing her connections with Interpol on many tweets and emails; it is clear she is currently participating in and spearheading a discrediting Intelligence operation to attack the name and work of Ramola D and others, and to muddy-the-waters and hide the facts regarding long-standing Containment Operations & Data Collection Operations by infiltrators and Intel operatives among TI activists.
  1. Karen Stewart has discredited herself as an inveterate liar, character-assassin, agent-provocateur and saboteur—as she continues to provokingly libel Ramola D & many others on email lists, Facebook groups, and Twitter posts—and has proved herself dangerous to work or associate with as a human rights activist, and dangerous to cover as a journalist.
  1. Karen Stewart poses as a self-named TI Leader and writes non-consensual letters to US Govt officials including the White House purporting to represent TIs–some of which make demands for victim-compensation and suggest ghettos for TIs to be moved to, ideas which leading TI activists as well as Ramola D find harmful and dangerous—since such ghettos and dedicated camps will merely facilitate focused targeting by dangerous perpetrators; targeting, targeted harassment, and non-consensual experimentation by Govt/Military/Academic/Private-Sector parties needs to be halted completely and immediately, and not further facilitated by designating reporting victims a class of target-able person, as such harmful ideas suggest. (The deceiving military, for instance, uses the term “experimental soldier” for those it non-consensually experiments on; this needs to be fully exposed and halted, not permitted to continue!) Ramola D rejects such harmful ideas, removes herself fully from, and repudiates any attempt by Karen Stewart to “represent, speak for, witness for TIs.”
  1. Karen Stewart, given her abusive and gatekeeping behavior described above, and as a former NSA employee with a Top Secret clearance, and with apparent connections to Surveillance agents from the NSA, FBI, other agencies—as she has herself published on Twitter (documented in various articles online, linked here), which include the very agencies and divisions of the military and Law Enforcement (NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS), which wrongfully target, watchlist, and attack innocent people with covert implants and 24/7 assault-and-battery with anti-personnel RF/EMF/sonic directed-energy weapons, nanoweapons, neuroweapons—and with her well-known flashlight run-in with a neighbor and Florida Law Enforcement which perhaps created a situation where she has been compromised, cannot be trusted, in Ramola D’s view (as also many others), by TIs or TI activists to “lead, represent, speak for TIs.”
  1. Karen Stewart’s out-of-control actions of profound defamation, deceit, libel, and verbal abuse against Ramola D and many others are reprehensible in the extreme and should not be supported, condoned, upheld by anyone, particularly not by others working as human rights activists to expose these crimes, in Ramola D’s view, as also many others’.
  1. CEASE AND DESIST:Once again, Karen Melton-Stewart is asked to CEASE AND DESIST, to immediately cease publishing online the defamatory, slanderous, libelous lies, insults, smears, and outright falsehoods against Ramola D she has been engaging in now for over a year; to remove her long distorting narratives filled with lies using Ramola D’s name—as in all the libelous posts on her public Facebook page “Perps and Nutcases,” the Hate-page on Facebook titled “Ramola Crap @RamolaCrapola” and on her Twitter pages; to cease using Ramola D’s name completely online, in any form whatsoever—to cease referring obviously to Ramola D with pejorative labels such as “Dalit”; and to desist from any further publication of her lies affixed to Ramola D’s name. This is a repeat of the many Cease & Desists sent to Karen Stewart; once again she is requested to stop her online slander, abuse, lies, false claims, and false narratives. Karen Melton-Stewart is also asked to CEASE AND DESIST, to immediately cease publishing online the defamatory, slanderous, libelous lies, insults, smears, and outright falsehoods against all others she has grievously defamed, and cease connecting anyone with Ramola D.

All stated here is true, and includes documented fact and informed opinion, each noted as such.


(Ramola D/Dharmaraj)

28 December, 2020



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