Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on Erasme Medical Kidnap as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on the Subject of What Transpired at Erasme Hospital, October 18, 2017 onwards, in the Medical Kidnapping of Ms. Melanie Vritschan’s Newborn, as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday Concerned Citizen

–Ramola D/October 27, 2018;

Addendum, 12/22/2018 (at end, below)

I am making a formal disclaimer to disassociate myself from any of Dr. Katherine Horton‘s disputed reportage as conveyed to me and later reported in the press releases and articles I wrote in October to December 2017 reporting the matter for JIT, the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team, for which I acted as Press Officer. I do stand by all reportage I have published in these releases and all articles as later corroborated by Ms. Melanie Vritschan.

I reported all matters during that time in good faith, trusting the veracity of Dr. Horton’s accounts, but I can no longer stand by the truth of all her reportage given the recent numerous lies, denials, distortions of truth, inability to acknowledge her own statements, and extremely verbally-abusive behavior she has currently leveled at members and former members of the Joint Investigation Team, including Melanie Vritschan, the founder of ICATOR, myself, and Dr. Millicent Black, as well as the duplicitous behaviors of mirroring/echo-stalking/gaslighting and defamatory, slanderous remarks she has directed at myself. (Some of these lies and denials, along with the duplicitousness and defamation, were addressed in my written statement, The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory, some of them have been newly detected in podcasts by Melanie Vritschan, some of them have been newly discerned by us through internal conversations, and some (the most concerning/addressed below) remain in question.)

Prompting this disclaimer is the fact that Dr. Katherine Horton has recently broken off her collaborative work on ICATOR projects with Melanie Vritschan after leveling several serious allegations and accusations at her, all of them proved false by Ms. Vritschan, in a series of extremely abusive and defamatory emails over this past weekend—October 21 and 22, 2018–to which I was witness. The nature of these false statements–in conjunction with previous lies and defamatory slander, wrongful and misleading generalizations and statements about neurotechnology she is not an expert about, and her revealed duplicitousness in the echo-stalking behaviors directed at me—distressingly call into question previous statements she has made, surrounding the events at Erasme Hospital in relation to the medical kidnapping of Melanie Vritschan’s child shortly after her birth.

In particular are statements she has made about a report by a nurse supposedly confided in by Ms. Vritschan about “hearing voices informing her the hospital was planning to take the baby away”; while stating the story was fabricated, Dr. Horton said this nurse could later not be found. Ms. Vritschan has confirmed that no such conversation like this with any night-nurse or other nurse ever transpired; and it is not clear from Dr. Horton’s and Ms. Vritschan’s statements where this story came from. Other statements in dispute between Dr. Horton and the nurse-midwife on what was said during their pivotal conversation—on the primary basis of which it appears Ms. Vritschan’s child was wrongfully removed by Erasme Hospital psychiatrists, and Ms. Vritschan subjected to further extreme trauma by being dragged across town near midnight to another hospital, psychiatrically evaluated there and found to be perfectly sane and mentally stable, yet then fraudulently committed by Erasme Hospital to a Psychiatric Ward for a week—include what was said and by who on the subject of implants (being covertly implanted in people by the Intelligence agencies), home break-ins, the extensive capabilities of implants, scanning projects to locate implanted microchips, and whether those statements were general statements or pertained in any way to Ms. Vritschan.

Some of this information was reported to me at the time by Dr. Horton, and reported therefore by me in my Press Releases for JIT, as being “partially fabricated” by the nurse-midwife whom Dr. Horton had conversed with.

Ms. Vritschan has reported that there were discrepancies between what Dr. Horton stated she had said to the nurse-midwife, and what the nurse-midwife stated she had been told by Dr. Horton, and what the Erasme Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Marie Delhaye informed Ms. Vritschan had been said to the nurse-midwife by Dr. Horton, including a story about hearing voices promising great harm to the baby. I understand also that Dr. Horton refused to return later to Erasme Hospital, which, as reported to me by Ms. Vritschan, was discussed earlier as a request by phyicians there, for a “mediation” to include both Dr. Horton and the nurse-midwife, stating that she would only return to Brussels for a “jury trial,” so the truth of those statements by her were never openly examined. Dr. Horton had also stated to me and to others on the JIT team several times that she would take action herself and file a legal complaint to Brussels Police about the wrongful and criminal kidnapping of Ms. Vritschan’s baby—based on a conversation, she, Dr. Horton, had with a nurse–but I understand from both herself earlier and Ms. Vritschan that she did not then follow up on this stated plan, nor take any other action whatsoever to support Ms. Vritschan in her efforts to get her baby back, including modifying her witness statement as requested by Ms. Vritschan for a shorter presentation to the Juvenile Court judge. I understand she has also only recently apologized in writing to Ms. Vritschan about what occurred at Erasme, interestingly directly after conversation on Skype I had with Ms. Vritschan on the subject, and she has recently sought to remove herself from any responsibility for what transpired at Erasme, as per email correspondence I have been copied on or/and been informed about by Ms. Vritschan.

Given that (as reported earlier) Ms. Vritschan’s baby has, on the basis of the extended conversation a nurse had with Dr. Horton, been removed from her care by Erasme Hospital psychiatrists and handed over to a Juvenile Court in Brussels which has continued, like the Erasme psychiatrists, to completely ignore all physical, medical, and surgical evidence of implants, and has continually relied on Erasme psychiatrists’ inexplicably entrenched but avidly false and misdiagnosing statements to call this more than mentally competent and highly responsible and caring mother “paranoid delusional,” and has wrongfully held this sadly-traumatized child, first at Erasme Neonatal for a long while and later for over six months in a children’s home, where the mother has been allowed to visit only for half an hour per week—in an absolutely egregious miscarriage of justice; given that the future of this child’s life continues to be in jeopardy, as she continues to be held in this home; and given that this matter is now the subject of litigation brought by Ms. Vritschan against Erasme Hospital—this is indeed a high-level scandal in Belgium and a very serious international human rights matter.

My reports and press releases on this story derived at first from continuous narrations and updates from Dr. Horton in personal Skype conversations and texts, from podcasts and discussions with her at Alfred Webre’s channel, and then later on from direct telephone conversations and reports from Ms. Vritschan as well as later Skype conversations with Ms. Vritschan (I called and spoke to her a few times at the hospital while she was in the Psych Ward, she also reported after her release from the hospital on Alfred Webre’s channel), and from phone-conversations I had with Erasme hospital personnel incuding the Erasme Director of Communications (they did not reveal much, and prevented open reportage). As far as the disputed reportage from Dr. Horton goes, given that I no longer have any trust in her statements and can no longer vouch for the reliability or veracity of any of it, I have no idea now what was true and what wasn’t, I simply reported her statements as true at the time.

The fact remains that directly after the birth and after her extended conversation with the nurse-midwife revealing unauthorized medical information about Ms. Vritschan, Dr. Horton left the hospital that night, stating on our joint podcast at Alfred Webre’s channel that she left to give the mother and her baby privacy (while Ms. Vritschan informs us now that was a lie, she left saying she needed to work on her court case), Erasme psychiatrists swung into action against the mother, turned the baby over to Juvenile Court, and have since continued to stick by their actions, instead of acknowledging their (gigantic) error and taking steps to immediately release the baby from the custody of the Juvenile Court back to her mother.

It is an absolute tragedy that this has occurred, and, in the interests of humanity, the Juvenile Court in Brussels should most definitely act immediately to return Ms. Vritschan’s child to her. The truth of what exactly was said by Dr. Horton and what was said by the midwife will perhaps be discerned at court in the public trial that is upcoming. Ms. Vritschan, whose newborn was taken from her by a group of medical doctors and psychiatrists at Erasme Hospital without examining and verifying proffered medical evidence, is, contrary to their confabulated misdiagnoses, more than mentally stable; I have known her as highly responsible, competent, compassionate, and effective as a human rights advocate and mother. Remember too that she is the founder of a cutting-edge human rights organization which seeks to help today’s victims of clandestine abuse by the secret services with scientifically finding physical evidence and making legal claims—and was making great headway in her work when this was done to her. The Intelligence agencies are known to use all matter of rotten tricks to keep from being challenged, exposed, or found out, after all—and there appears to have been all manner of those committed here. It is my sincere hope that the next upcoming custody hearing will see the Juvenile Court judge recognize the infamy of what has occurred and immediately release the child back to her mother’s care.

For all my reportage in this matter in JIT Press Releases and articles I have published at The Everyday Concerned Citizen, please use the Keyword search box. I have linked in-text here to the relevant videos published at Alfred Webre’s channel, including at specific time-reference points where needed.

My Interviews with Changemakers interview with Melanie Vritschan highlights her outstanding human rights advocacy.

–Ramola D/Oct 27/2018

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Disclaimer on reportage from Dr. Katherine Horton on JIT Releases and Articles re. Erasme/PDF

Addendum, December 22, 2018:

In connection with the lawsuit launched by Melanie Vritschan against Erasme Hospital for the profoundly wrongful medical kidnap of her baby on October 19, 2017, information recently provided by Erasme Hospital to Ms. Vritschan defending their actions of immediately removing her baby and psych-committing her has disclosed that the midwife in question had at the time reported to Erasme Hospital medical staff that she was told that Ms. Vritschan had been hearing voices threatening to kill the baby, a gargantuan story that, Ms. Vritschan notes, could only have been aired to her by Dr. Katherine Horton, who was the only person who spoke to the midwife at all

This information is being provided in the public interest, with Ms. Vritschan’s permission.

–Ramola D/12/22/2018