Janet Phelan/American Journalist: 365 Days and Holding – Human Rights Agencies Support US Human Rights Abuses

Ramola D/Posted 8/11/2017

Janet Phelan, author of Exile and The Hitler Poems, well-known American investigative journalist of integrity who has brought us such groundbreaking stories as Patriot-Act permitted US violations of the international Biological Conventions Act and pointed clearly to non-consensual human experimentation ongoing currently in the United States of America, where she also exposed the “whitewash” of Obama’s Presidential Bioethics Commission, which listened in 2011 to dozens of Americans testifying (out of hundreds waiting to testify) to the criminal, covert use of electromagnetic/neurological weapons on their person yet refused to act–a story also covered by this writer here, reports currently that the Inter American Commission on Human Rights is still ignoring a request for protection she filed with them over a year ago.

Janet Phelan Exile1Forced to flee the United States in concern for her own safety after experiencing intensive retaliation and discrimination including assault with chemical weapons succeeding her exposure of public corruption and the murder of her mother–investigating which she uncovered many legal abuses in the case of guardianship of the elderly in the US–she was subjected to similar retaliatory and harassive activities in her abode in Mexico. 

In the current atmosphere of mainstream media non-reportage and lack of investigative journalism at even the most respected of US newspapers and magazines (or perhaps I should say once-respected), the extraordinary contributions made by Ms. Phelan to our increasing awareness of rights-curtailment and retaliation against whistleblowers, activists, and caregivers in the United States and worldwide must not be ignored. As Katherine Hine reports, in her expansive book review of Exile, Janet Phelan has stepped well beyond mere reportage to alert and act on behalf of all Americans and all humanity:

In 2011, Phelan presents at a review conference of the U.N.’s Biological Weapons Convention [BWC] in Geneva, Switzerland and she reveals what others will not – the probable location of some of the stockpiles and the significance of Sec. 817 of the U.S. Patriot Act, enacted in violation of its responsibilities under U.N. conventions seeking to protect human rights, including the BWC. Phelan’s presentation summarizes the methods by which the U.S. continues to perpetrate human rights abuses, specifically demonstrating to the U.N. body and the world how the U.S. is “engaged in an offensive bio weapons program” [p. 260] and believes itself capable of doing so with impunity, according to Sec. 817.”

American journalists of integrity are being oppressed and human rights agencies including the Committee To Protect Journalists are turning a blind eye; this is a story Ms. Phelan herself reported on recently.  This should be a situation of extreme concern to all Americans. When American journalists who seek to publish the truth and report on the facts of encroaching totalitarianism are oppressed, there are inevitable implications there for all Americans.  Is it right that those who speak out in these times of nonstop State tyranny and who work to inform the public be subject to extrajudicial assault including being gassed and poisoned? Why are international human rights commissions and national human rights agencies silent? In a recent email, Ms. Phelan writes:

“386 days and counting with no action taken by the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. My situation has gone from emergent to extreme. Is the IACHR simply waiting for me to succumb? And what does this mean about the legal and human rights for any American who falls afoul of the intelligence networks?”

It is to be hoped that people reading this will help the Inter American Commission on Human Rights wake to a sense of true justice and humanity and step forward in courage to remedy this situation and provide the precautionary measures of protection petitioned for, as one would hope in any humane and informed society protective and caring of its most conscientious and attentive journalists.

365 Days and Holding–Human Rights Agencies Support US Human Rights Abuses

By Janet Phelan

It was a year ago today that I filed a request for precautionary measures with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. The request asked for certain measures to be enacted for my safety and security—including that a guard be provided at my home for the periods of time I have to leave, in order to deter the repeated and illegal entries into my home.

Precautionary measures are considered to be emergency measures and the IACHR is mandated to deal with them as such.

I’ve been waiting for a year for my request to be dealt with. In that year, my home has been entered dozens of times. Documents have been stolen, computers have been smashed and at one point, a jug of grape juice was poisoned. I collapsed but thankfully did not die.

As many of you know, I am a journalist by profession. You may not know that I was forced to flee the US in 2008 and that upon publication of my book, EXILE, which details the circumstances that forced me to flee my own country, my situation in my host country became fragile. When I filed my request with the IACHR, I named the host country as the perpetrator, acting upon orders of the United States government. Globalization at its worst…..

But the IACHR is now appearing to be afflicted with the same moral disorder that has compelled a Latin American country to take up the banner of the US’s vendetta. The venerable Commission appears to be acting as agents of the country whose murderous policies, directed against the elderly and minorities, were discussed in detail in my expose.

Ever so politely, the IACHR is simply failing to process my request.

My request for precautionary measures, enumerated as 16-559, is listed as “under study,” which is the initial stage for any entry into the IACHR system. Human rights law firms and journalists have contacted the IACHR to ask why no action is being taken on my issue. They have received no response. In the meantime, a review of the IACHR website reveals that they are now granting requests for precautionary measures filed in 2017. Mine was filed in July of 2016. It has clearly been shuffled to the bottom of the stack, if not put into the garbage can.

In her article concerning my plight, published last October, Katherine Hine wrote: “For years, Phelan’s journalism has dealt with issues of public corruption in the United States. In 2011 she traveled to Geneva on behalf of the organization ITHACA to be the first and only reporter to expose the enactment of Section 817 of the USA Patriot Act in which the US. gives itself immunity for violations of its own bioweapons legislation…….She is also the first reporter to publish photographs documenting what appears to be a domestic delivery system for a bio/chem attack within the United States. She was one of the first reporters to publicize the ongoing abuses being committed by the US. probate courts that authorize the plundering of the assets of the elderly and disabled whose lives are then cut short through court authorized drugging and isolation, a multi-billion dollar scandal now recognized even by corporate media.”

I would like to add to that list that I have now uncovered a scam by which state court judges are in great number laundering bribes and payoffs, through their home mortgages.

Scandal on the Bench

It is one of my core beliefs that we are put on this earth to try to make it a better place, a place where life and art and love and beauty and faith can flourish. I am facing challenges now in simply staying alive and it is with some reluctance that I find I must now try to bring more attention to myself. I frankly abhor doing so. But given the challenges that are now facing my continued existence, I am asking those reading this to be please be aware that yet another journalist is under significant attack and those who have pledged to protect human rights in the Americas won’t do a damn thing about it.

Janet Phelan
July 18, 2017


Posted by permission of the author, Janet Phelan. Please share widely.

Update, 8/12/2017: Janet Phelan is requesting individuals to kindly contact the IACHR and ask if they would please move on her precautionary measures. The email address to send your letter is: cidhdenuncias@oas.org. Even a brief note may help.

Action on this petition will continue to be reported here.

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6 responses to “Janet Phelan/American Journalist: 365 Days and Holding – Human Rights Agencies Support US Human Rights Abuses

  1. Theresa Powers

    Janet Phelan is a disinfo agent. Her father was a liar and a con artist as well.

    I knew Janet about 13 years ago and I know that she works for think tank, Rand Corporation. Don’t trust her.

  2. bluebuddha23@yahoo.com

    Thank you staying true to journalistic principles, It’s a sad reality of our times that most journalist refrain from reporting on corruption, even when presented with undeniable facts and local newspapers are no exception, they rely on revenue generated from ad sales to local companies and the support of local government officials, they prefer to bury the story.
    I learned first hand, i provided obvious proof of law breaking to the local paper of my legal encounter with the devil re-incarnate, attorney Eggebraaten that they willfully ignored. As always, she is still stealing souls and money from the elderly and most vulnerable for the Riverside County Public Guardian’s Office and herself under the disguise of protection.

  3. Tara Williamson, thank you for showing the world that the Spanish Inquisition is far from over. Foolish me, I had thought that the English had done away with holding children of people who may or may NOT have done “wrong” in someone’s view, responsble for the father’s sins. Maybe I just imagined the Magna Carta? Could you perhaps find something useful to do rather than smear a journalist who puts her life on the line to ferret out truth, or is your main purpose in life to flail at people you can’t hold a candle to? Maybe you can find a nice art museum to go into and throw ketchup on the paintings because you will never in your life be able to create a masterpiece. But you are a true gadfly like few others. No doubt because they have useful things to do but you have no purpose or talent to keep you from honing this worthless skill.

  4. Tara Williamson

    Janet Phelan’s father, James Phelan is a documented FBI and CIA informant. See here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:CIA_NARA_file_on_James_Phelan_SPS.jpg

    Janet Phelan mentioned in Hank Albarelli’s book on the CIA called “A Terrible Mistake”; i.e. her father, James Phelan was friends with the CIA asset (Pierre Lafitte) who pushed Eric Olsen out the window.


  5. Tara Williamson

    Why doesn’t Janet Phelan admit that her father testified against Jim Garrison, and that he’s on-record in FOIA files of being an FBI and CIA informant?

  6. Thanks for reporting and continuing the exposure of the ongoing rampant experimentation by the U.S. treating humans as lab rats. It is easy to see how children can be disappeared into the MKULTRA program. Dianne Renee Chandler

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