4 responses to “Ramola D | Twitter Suspends Account After Tweets Exposing Shoddy Vaccine Reportage by the New York Times, Retaliatory Tyranny in Massachusetts for Journalism, and Lack of Ethics in the Promotion of Brain-Altering Neuroweapons by Georgetown University’s Neuroethics Chief Dr. James Giordiano

  1. Thanks very much for your comment and information on the respirators and masks. So much of what is going on seems quite illogical. The focus on vaccines is part of the transhumanist, convert everyone into a GMO human agenda, connected with bio-digital convergence–which is why it seems as you say American medicine has frozen over and dropped treatments which work; all intentional. Many doctors who are not part of this appear to be silent though, and should be speaking out.

  2. Adele Muller

    I follow your work from South Africa, brilliant! I would like to ask you a question via email if possible?

  3. Very Interesting blog and topic.

    1st, I am not a doctor, my name is from a 2001 movie called No Such Thing, I’ve used it for years, but during the covid era, I don’t want to misrepresent myself.

    2nd, NoFakeNews Linked to this article, and I’m glad Dr. Reizer did. I’ll be bookmarking and reading the material here, thanks for getting out the word.

    3rd, I taught Respirator use in Industry for 7+ years, Tight Fitting Elastomeric (Rubber or Silicone) Full and Half Face Respirators that use External Cartridges. They are considered Negative Pressure Air Purifying Respirators. It was my somewhat educated opinion that Masks (Surgical, Home Made, Neck Gaiters, etc.), were insufficient to filter the covid-19 pathogen. It’s Questionable how much a Filtering Facepiece Respirator (Disposable) filters, since they are designed for 0.3 Micron Particles, and covid-19 is 0.125 and smaller. Indeed, Masks are considered Source Control, to help reduce the contaminated particles coughed, sneezed, etc., but not to help prevent the wearer from being infected if the room has aerosolized pathogens in it. Tuberculosis has a pathogen size of 1 to 5 Microns and is amenable to filtering with N95 Filters. But covid-19 is just too small to reliable trust the respirators and masks foisted on us.

    If I could not trust them on Masks, I cannot trust them on other more complex issues, ergo my individual research, and I’m not happy with what I’m seeing.

    Dr. Peter McCullough, a Texas Cardiologist, in an 1:20:00 Interview, said that America is seeing ‘therapeutic nihilism’, and I couldn’t agree more. American Doctors have largely let the pandemic unfold and completely abandoned their patients and medical tradition.

    Anyway, enough for now, I’ll be sure to link to NoFakeNews and this article. Thanks much.

  4. hi Remola my name is Rasha Al Duaij Kuwaiti an citizen but i live unfortunately in Egypt , ever since 1993 till 2021 i have been subjected to these weapons constantly 24/7 few years ago i started having thyroid problem ,then nose bleeds which was weird because i never had them , difficulty breathing , sinus , beneign lump in my right breast my mom got cancer and had to remove one of her brrsats and no cancer history in the family ,strange and severe rashes in my hands face body ,my cats getting breathing problems and developing strange lumps , I’ve experienced gang stalking , slandering , gas lighting till this minute they’re lying about putting me under surveillance however what about the weapons they are using daily 24/7 its killing me and my family slowly and they’re not stopping I’ve reached out to everybody but didnt get much help wars happening to me in Egypt unfortunately my friends were in on it ,the ppl that worked as help for me and acted as spies for the ppl responsible i want this to stop and i want a lawyer a good one that can handle international laws because they’re very relieved and continuing with their tyranny because i don’t have someone to support me they’re depending that im alone in this and they’re getting away with it ,a few years baby k in the 90s till 2000s i had a close friend that was living with her mother and her mom wasn’t well her father wasn’t alive they did that to her ,and they triggered her with wat she fears and she used to tell me Back then i didn’t know and i regret it cause i cudve helped her i didn’t and she became depressed from them and co.mitted suicide and another case of a guy that was a water polo champ who quit the team they did the same his family thought he was suffering from mental illness and they gave him meds which made him completely distroyed untill he also committed suicide their names were Kareeman el geritly that’s my friend that killed her self the first story and Ayman Shalah that’s the name of the athlete that they distroyed him , please provide me with assistance .

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