Vibration Weapons, Heat Weapons, Noise Harassment, Helicopters & Drones | Weapons of War, Operated by Many, in Suburbia

Personal Reports | Ramola D | August 2, 2022

“Non-Lethal Weapons” Or, Bio-Hacking Weapons Currently in Use on Pine Street in Quincy, Massachusetts: For The Record

While I posted Jurgen Altmann’s report on Infrasound, Ultrasound, and Audio weapons likely to produce heat, vibration, nausea, and other thrilling effects on the human body, it seems what I am being incessantly harassed by–as I sit on the couch to read or write, or outside, or at the dining-table, or as I lay down anywhere–is very high-frequency vibration in a pencil of assault, laid at specific points on the neck and spine, which, when covered, make the vibrations stop. These pencils are directional, and appear to emanate from above, and from the direction of parked cars in driveways and on the street, from specific houses — the same houses I’ve noted before, and which are populated by the transient and long-landed denizens of infamy in clear cahoots with the zoomers who often race up and down this block to often park in their drives or in front of their houses — and are insistent, continuous, and designed to harass, disrupt, distract and rock concentration, breath, and being. Let’s call this Vibration Pencil One: Neck and Spine and Head Assault.

Note, as an aside, and to be picked up in separate coverage soon, on my educative tour of the inside of the Carney Hospital ER on April 14 and 15, 2022–briefly described here–one of the night nurses who informed me she was a medical technician as she pointed her cell phone directly at me throughout the time that she sat directly opposite and “monitored” me nonstop along with her other shift-changing friends, informed a friend of hers as she pointed at me — right after she had relayed to someone else visiting with her “she’s a victim” — that “those who are enhanced feel it more.” She meant enhanced non-consensually with implanted nano or microtechnology, and indeed that is true, as many victims of biomedical trafficking and non-consensual experimentation being run today by the DOD/CIA/NIH set have shared with me in interviews and know for a fact; several have run toxicology analyses and been discovered to be filled with exotic nanotechnology which includes nanobiosensors and nano wave-guides–which permit radiation and transmission at the cellular level.

All of which to say implanted nanotech leads to enhanced Vibration Effects including thermo effects and cellular damage effects. See Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime for more information on this 21st-century crime, being conducted by contractors in hospitals and neighborhoods camouflaged criminally as “prescription treatment” and “deterrence” and “behavior modification” — a special MK ULTRA treat now openly discussed as normative in Behavioral Health, Psychiatry, Neuropsychology and other fields today.

There’s also Vibration Beam Two, which vibrates the couch and back of couch–and seems to be focused on vibrating the human seat and private parts, so I have by necessity become used to sitting on shielding of different kinds to absorb the vibrations–an incessant vibratory assault which again comes from specific directions and does not stop.

There’s Vibration Pulse Three which again aims for specific spots on neck and spine and head, and which causes intense heat dissemination at speed. Disruptions to the program–via conscious breathing or moving–causes helicopters and drones to fly over instantly, to re-locate points of attack.

Add to that Microwave Pulse Weapons–again, directionally from the same usual suspects in this neighborhood–aimed at both sides of head (from both sides), throat, face, entire body, arm, knees, back of knees, eyes–a steady continuous, inflammation-producing, heat-producing, headache-producing Assault–which, when shielded from, cause the neighboring assassins to honk their car horns frantically, once more summoning the drones/Cessnas/helicopters to rush by to do a flyover or a flypass or whatever special aerial trick of the moment they decide on, again, to relocate the target and get their microwave pulse-hits back in action. Radar carries a back-signal, and apparently all these methods of microwave hits operate like or are radar.

On this subject, I am noting lately that I am being excessively hit in the face and throat, particularly as I do my podcast interviews or before them, but also throughout–this is flagrant criminality, aimed at my personal self and journalism both. Someone is apparently very afraid of my voice and my face both and are keen to disfigure and harm both. On one of my podcasts recently I found I was being hit in the throat as I was speaking, and after it ended I held up my cookie-sheet-with Reflectix-and foam shield to find out more: I was being hit from the direction of my immediate neighbor’s chimney atop which he has planted a seeming antenna but which clearly carries an emitter–apparently a pulse emitter, which points it to being possibly a 5G pulse emitter; pulses of hits were recorded on that shield when held at my throat. Now anyone watching that podcast can see me struggling to speak and breathe and clear my throat, there is the evidence of it: Let Freedom Ring! Podcast 7 with Mass State Assembly: Two Governments, Citizenships, Jurisdictions/

Then there’s the usual platter of noise harassment with mega leaf blowers and power tools–accomplished yesterday morning also with Water Pipe Detouring or Repair or some such, half a block down–high-volume shouting neighbors, neurologically activated dogs, children sent out at key points literally to scream and shout–I have witnessed extraordinary screaming from very young children in very set-up ways which did not look normal at all–the neighbor’s chickens (yes chickens, all of a sudden, in this Mass neighborhood) suddenly activated to squawk at high volume, motorbikes and jeeps racing down the street, trucks clattering, planes suddenly detoured to fly incessantly through the neighborhood, and more.

Much of this is happening in broad daylight–everyone is privy to the noise harassment, including those partaking in it. Everyone can see the drones and helicopters and airplanes. And zooming cars.

Add in cyberhacking in excess with loud crashing sounds from each of the specific neighboring houses engaged in cybervoyeurism on my desktop and marking every keyboard move with a crash.

These are not “stealth” actions. The bioweapon assault is stealth — yet those who perpetrate it obviously are well aware of what they are doing–and frankly there is a slew of devices and methodologies they are using, in a 360-degree swing all around, which intensifies the criminality of their actions.

Those who have and hold such weapons and wield them with impunity seek to both continue using them and conceal them as they use them — to this end they run Psych Kidnaps and Brain Entrainments on Relatives to keep pushing through the absurd and outdated idea that no-one should believe any reporting victim of these non-lethal weapon crimes, because, surely, these people are delusional?

It is beyond time that psychiatrists and physicians wake up and recognize these weapons both exist and are being used on people, and that their job as medical healthcare professionals is not to disbelieve their patients and call them paranoid but offer them actual healthcare–which should and would include SCADA toxicology analyses, RFID scanning with X-rays, MRI, ultrasound or whatever else modern methods exist to find metallic microchip implants, neurostims, BCIs and other implant technology being placed non-consensually in many by numerous Intelligence agencies, military branches, health and human services departments, and private-party criminals, as this early failure to stop them from doing so signposts: No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities.

This 10-step program for physicians and psychiatrists should help:

Excerpt, Ten Step Checklist

There is much more to be written on this subject of calling reporting victims paranoid and schizophrenic and delusional, because that is the means by which their reports of grave harm to their bodies and lives is actually being ignored and turned away from by the very healthcare professionals who should be helping them get both medical care and safeguard of their basic human rights.

Before I close this subject for today, I want to note that at Carney Hospital — when I was unlawfully held in the Psych Ward for 4 days, on top of the 2 days at the ER — lots of murmurings and egoistic mumbles around me talked about the “Law of War” and self-justifying the unlawful and criminal actions taken by the very corrupt Quincy Police in abducting and kidnapping me on hearsay from a neighbor and on a determined political-persecution plan to assault my journalism, on the basis of “warring actions” my disclosures especially in my Personal Reports and online occasional journal the Bentley reports had apparently represented.

Now, considering that I like many others being hit unlawfully 24/7 with EMF/Spectrum Tech and Neurotech by a very corrupt Black Ops faction in this country, feel quite like Anne Frank and are reporting from behind our bookcases, this is a joke.

Reporting crime is the correct thing to do, even when there is no one to report to. (When the police are criminals they are not the party to report to.)

A writer and journalist such as myself reporting these crimes on my own person as a personal report is doing the job of reportage for larger purposes of informing the world.

I am also reporting these crimes so that they may be stopped. There may be police and security and military and neuroscientist factions who imagine they are in the middle of some mega experiments they need hapless victims for, that they are not going to stop: well, I like others did not sign up for these, none of what is being done here in consented-to, it is all non-consensual and criminal, it is all cruelty, all sadism, all torture, and we know the right thing for them to do is stop.

There may be liars among this lot who tell themselves and others they are doing this for “health care” and “behavioral health” and “peace enforcement” as NATO suggests: this is patent rubbish and a cover for abject bio-hacking crime.

These are bio-hacking assaults, non-consensual, inhumane, unethical, and should be stopped.

They are also predicated on initiating police and FBI crimes of defamation and slander, on which I tweeted this afternoon in a thread. As many know, I have much to report succeeding my FOIA investigation of the police thinking behind their unlawful Psych Kidnap run on me on April 14, 2022, and a lot to address with them directly. What that entire operation of theirs has done in addition is reveal a great deal of the skeleton of both the “Black Operation” they are so keen to remind me it was, and the police operation of defamation, slander, and community slander-and-smear-operations which preceded it. Remember, this 6-day assault on my life and freedom has succeeded a 9-year assault on my life, health, and freedom–all begun on lies, slander, and malicious defamation, which they have now fully revealed.

But which they are continuing and refuse to stop; the latest, after their Psych Trafficking of me at Carney Hospital to a “Substance Abuse and Addiction” ward is to leave notices out recommending “addiction treatment”, as on my drive this evening to pick up some color copies from UPS. Plausible deniability all the way (grandiose delusion if you dare imagine pointed repeat notices around you are meant for you–while Nudge programs and Psy Op–oops! MISO programs–let the military and Intel psy oppers plant colors, scraps, objects, notices in your path blithe as larks as their own documents disclose). What I am supposed to be addicted to they haven’t informed me however–yet another amazing concoction straight out of their criminal heads.

It is this slander, this practice of lies, libel and slander which prefaces every targeting act by police and FBI to watchlist and terrorize people that this thread is aimed at. The heart and core of the police and FBI crime here is slander, concoction, fabrication, falsification of records, lies, deceit, absolutely evil and venal deceit. Naming someone a pedophile, prostitute, drug addict, alcoholic, thief, murderer, embezzler, or whatever else they come up with, in order to get their neighbors to help target and batter them with stealth weaponry and “police” them with noise assault, mockery, mimicry, stalking, harassment has to be the most gross, sickening, scummy, venal and malicious thing anyone can do, let alone a supposed defender of the peace. In this police and FBI reveal their true rottenness-at-the-core; if we had an honest police faction we would not have the immorality of non-consensual experimentation run by the Umbrella parties–private and public and CIA/Intel/Military, we would have accountability, protection, uprightness and integrity. It is a practice which has become entrenched with the use of corrupt judges in secret courts as FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee has shared often, including here: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower: Murderous Corruption of FBI and Federal Magistrate Judges, Sample Secret FMJ Court-Order Requiring Inhumane Community Persecution of Innocent Targets.

We currently have a predator-prey and vulture-road-kill state where anyone can become a victim by way of standing out as a civic-minded, community-minded, principled and conscientious person as I was and have always been. Intelligent, principled, community-oriented, standing on integrity and helping to expand consciousness–reason to be targeted? In this criminal inverted world run by agencies who have lost all moral compass, apparently it is. When will it stop? When will things change?

Police, FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, DOD, DIA and everyone else: all of these agencies can at anytime stop these practices of assault and battery with stealth weapons, stop isolating the intelligent and principled for life-takedown, stop slandering and defaming in order to get community buy-in to stone neighbors to death: it is beyond time for them to do so.

Link to Police Crimes Twitter thread: