Smart-City Always-On Surveillance, Gestapo Jailer Neighbors, & Helicopter Harassment: Forget the Great Reset (to Global Communism), It’s Here Now

Report | Ramola D | Nov 11, 2021

The Fusion Center Doesn’t Like Free Speech Nor Does It Approve Of You Speaking Too Independently Inside Your Own Home

Last Sunday, October 31, around 3:30 pm in my home, standing in our kitchen, at home, inside my home, my private home, which belongs, not to the Freemasonic FBI, the Say-One-Thing-Do-Another DHS, the paid-out badge-sporters at the Sheriff or Police departments, taken-over-by-globalists City of Quincy or the parked-for-life-and-permitting-continuous-mayhem Mayor’s office but to myself, my daughter and I were having an argument about Hate Speech versus Free Speech.

She’s a junior in a public high school, and well-indoctrinated in all things quasi-socialist and insidiously-communist, parading under the terms Political Correctness and Hate Crime. She’s also in the school debate team and a master debater and a growing critical thinker, interested in examining matters thoughtfully and critically (but also sadly influenced by non-progressive-parading-as-progressive Marxist-cultural-socialist thinking), and was making the argument that it is important to evolve as a society and stamp out racist sentiments expressed by anyone as Hate Speech. While I was making the argument that people needed to be able to express themselves freely (verbally–let me stress that for those who will pretend they have no idea what Free Speech is) because that was the only way people could discourse and counter, share ideas and opinions, learn from each other–in other words, I was the one standing up for Free Speech.

Note, we were inside our home, inside the house, not on the street, not in a public place, not in a college cafeteria, a coffee lounge, a nail parlor.


Not that we would not have had the selfsame argument outside the home–which is our right and our prerogative–but it is possible we might have kept our volume down outside.

This is not to say that we were yelling at top-decibel at each other, we may have had our voices raised. Not in hostility at each other–that doesn’t happen in our home–but in excited attachment to our separate points of view.

Note, once again, we were inside our home.

A few minutes into us expressing ourselves freely on this subject, with my pointing out that no organic evolution of societies, people, or concepts is possible with one party engaging in repressive censorship, repression, and suppression of thoughts, feelings, or ideas and that everyone on Earth was entitled to their own free-thinking, feeling, and opinion and needed to express themselves freely, a birthright, what all art, music, poetry, writing is all about, a loud radar-crack sounded on the side of the house, from the side which abuts the Chen Le Ming house, previously occupied by the infamous David and Eman Mok, immortalized here, for their pandering to badge-wearing criminals and easy acquiescence to spying on, stalking, and harassing their neighbor–as is de rigeur on this street and sadly-fallen Quincy, Massachusetts neighborhood. The Chen Le Mings–on whom more will ensue shortly–have not merely been following in the Mok footsteps, enough has occurred from the moment they moved in to establish they are well in the pay of Predators-with-Badges who moonlight as “Intelligent” and “Military” people. On this particular day, they were being visited by one of these–his black Nazi (or CCP) spaceship parked outside–whose influence, you will notice soon, stretched far.

A few minutes after that (very loud, ominous, LRAD) crack, a helicopter roared over our house.

Now, I can choose to not-connect these actions–which is after all the Plausible Deniability part of this scenario which is built into Smart City Always-On Surveillance. Or I can choose to use my brain and add two plus two–a species of Two Plus Two, I may add, which has been transpiring for over 8 years now–and come to the right conclusion. Enough harassment is sent my way to assure me that our home is invasively and non-consensually bugged with both audio and video surveillance, that local fusion centers seem to have an always-on feed into our home, that through-wall-radar is being used on us–drones and satellites are parked permanently around our home and block–and those LRAD-hits come from a variety of spots–various neighbors’ houses, carried by various foot-stalkers in the neighborhood which have included USPS mailmen, and flying-by drones, Cessnas, rooftop drones, helicopters. My many reports and letters over these years have recorded these occurrences and circumstances; please visit my Personal Reports pages for more.

Now helicopters roaring over your house–particularly when they happen Very, Very often–are clearly being manned by deliberate Noise-Harassers who intend to make a racket and get your attention as they deliberately fly over your head. This species of noise-harassers, in Quincy, could only be FBI or Mass State Police or local Quincy Police–that’s Fusion Center flyers. (Who else flies helicopters locally I wonder? Directly over your house?)

Within a few minutes of this incredibly intrusive, harassive noise-assault, it was very clear to me what had happened. The intrusive installed-spies next door with the trigger-happy LRAD had switched on their Bright Red Alert on their cell phones next door once they heard loud arguing and standing up for Free Speech next door, sending an AI-driven ricochet of tremors right through the built-on-falsified-records RISSNET system right into the heart of the local Boston/Commonwealth BRIC Fusion Center, alerting the Ready-for-Noise-Assault-at-Any-Second FBI pilot to make a run for his machine and leap in for take-off.

And why would this happen?

Because the spies have been told they’re participating in a Noble Act of Spying for a Cause: to watch, monitor, surveill, spy, listen in, read-off computers, read-off texts on phones and emails–completely intrude into the privacy of their neighbors–to avert VIOLENT EXTREMISM, TERRORISM, PRE-CRIME?

So: All alarm bells went jangling when I raised my voice and spoke out for Free Speech. Because of course, that’s one step closer to TERRORISM than anyone thinks–really? First you stand up for Free Speech, next you stand up for Terrorism? Or is it just the fact that you stand up for something, anything at all? Showing signs of INDEPENDENT THINKING is a crime to the global Communists trying desperately to roll out their doomed-to-fail New World Order agenda–and who inhabit the local fusion centers now.

Fusion-Center-Thinking is as convoluted as a pretzel, since they are so busy mislabeling, mischaracterizing, smearing, and character-assassinating their chosen victims for lifelong terrorism at their hands–and trafficking into Mil/Intel experimentation–that they hardly know if they’re pointing up or down.

Flying helicopters over people’s houses is Terrorism–and they know it.

And spying on and criminalizing independent thinking and free speech is also a crime: call it Communism, which the US Constitution doesn’t recognize.

Note, this happened on the day the oversize truck belonging to the visiting CCP/Nazi/DIA masked-bandit was parked outside the Le Ming house: clearly, he had a hand in it.

Imagine the hubris: Listening in, issuing a sharp LRAD warning crack, then summoning the local Helicopter Terrorist to administer a louder, more insistent message.

These are the actions of Communism and a Gestapo Jailer mentality–exactly what the Great Reset is setting up. And look, it’s already here.

Raised Voices and High Emotion in Your Own Home Will Summon the Communists

That was not the only time raised voices and high emotion caught the attention of the local fusion center through the actions of a crazed Jailer Neighbor using weapons on the populace playing MK ULTRA minion for his MK ULTRA maestros–because of course the CIA is also roiled in here (a story for another day).

The previous time I recall very clearly the selfsame sequence of events is a few weeks earlier, when my daughter and I were having a private conversation over a private matter, in the privacy of our own home–and were publicly reprimanded by a Gestapo Jailer neighbor and two, not one fusion center helicopters.

We were in our family den which is a room overlooking the backyard, with a wall backing the neighbors’ driveway–this is the John Mazzeo-Samantha Smith driveway, which used to be the spying Matthew, Richard, Pat Norton’s driveway at 150 Pine–my daughter and I were on the couch discussing an issue which involved my being kept in the dark over something she and her father had decided on together–obviously a sensitive subject, and one which became emotional on both sides.

My daughter raised her voice and I am sure I raised mine too, she was crying, I said enough for her to accuse me of accusing her of emotional manipulation (because she was crying), she said, What else could she do, didn’t she need to express herself–and at this completely-private moment inside the four walls of our own private home–the Gestapo Jailer neighbor (a punk in his twenties or thirties who sports a ragged beard and spies, not merely using A/V but BCI-Cloud–a story for fuller exposition another time, but mentioned in my Bentley logs) leapt out of his home onto his deck and banged his back door loudly, doing this several times–as if we were supposed to pay attention to his very timed noise assault, and as if it should have any significance whatsoever for us. But this is exactly what he does, and his wife does–and what the previous neighbors did for 7 years–as if to get our attention, each time I stepped onto the back deck or entered the back yard (my own deck, my own yard)–it is not random coincidence, it is not plausible deniability, it is very timed harassment. Banging the back doors, banging the car doors, bang bang bang, real loud, over and over, like a lunatic (which he clearly is).

Within a few minutes a helicopter roared across the backyard. Tensions were high inside the house as we began to abandon our emotional conversation unresolved–and as the noise assault around us ramped up. Another helicopter flew over the house.

Again, here, it was clear to me after the Le Ming LRAD moment especially, that the Gestapo spy-informer next door had had a hand in summoning the overheard terrorists.

Again, notice the backdrop: a private, emotional conversation, voices raised (a woman and a girl), a lot of independent thinking and feeling expressed, and the Communist next door with the door-banging and the private In to the FBI-coven flying helicopters sets off an alarm in the local Communist Fusion Center: Red Alert Red Alert! High Threat Assessment right here! Helicopters to the rescue please! Send in the clowns!

This is not merely the nature of Unlawful Targeting today, this is the face of Fusion Center Communist Terrorism.

Helicopter Flyovers at Specific Moments of High Emotion Within A Context of Continuous Stalking, Spying, and Harassment

I will add to this litany another moment of deliberate helicopter flyover at a moment of stress–but this one happened in a public place, albeit a very quiet park in the middle of the day. I was at Blue Hills, walking down a particularly quiet and very narrow path in the forest–note, primed to always consider whether people crossing your path are either normal pedestrians, planted stalkers, or CIA/DIA psychologists who also like to cross your path they think unobtrusively after sticking you in their horrible programs of mind-probing and behavior-modifying (which has most certainly happened I think in my case as many others, as I have frequently written about), after several previous occasions of clear-stalking encounters in typical COINTELPRO constant-crossing-of-path on foot or on car behavior–when a jogger suddenly came upon me from behind and I shrieked.

Now, this guy could very well have been some random jogger out on a random run and our paths crossed randomly. It seemed far more likely to me he was a stalker-jogger though, given the fact the place was so empty and this path so rarely used and his sudden appearance. In any case I gave him the benefit of the doubt but I was still taken-aback and surprised at the suddenness–as also was our dog who immediately began barking at high volume and yipping at his heels. I stopped and pulled the dog to the side–I said, You startled us, and the man apologized, I am sure he could see I had indeed been startled. I tried to pull the dog closer to my side and warned the man the dog may jump at him–this man was rather oblivious and pushed forward–given the narrowness of the path, I had to squeeze back to let him pass, while also trying to hold back the dog. It was also becoming obvious to me how strange the situation was–and given that I have, and probably many women have indeed been stalked publicly, I said You know I did not even know you were behind us, you could have given us some sign you were there, you were literally right up behind a woman, that would be the normal thing to do, it is common courtesy, which resulted in his saying “Share the path” and a rather heated exchange ensued, essentially repeating this. I think some swearing and rudeness was also sent my way as he loped off.

And guess what, a helicopter showed up–flying RIGHT OVER my head, after he had left, running off in his perfectly-okay-to-jump-on-strange-women-on narrow-paths complacency, making a racket. Coincidence?

I don’t think so.

I am far too often overstalked by helicopters to consider that one.

That too was a clear occasion of a Fusion Center helicopter (I had my phone on me, easy enough to track–plus, there are about 500 (non-consensual, covert-implant) RFIDs setting off celltower explosions all over my body at this point) doing an Intimidation and Silencing run over my head for daring to use my voice, to speak my mind, to argue with a stranger, to exert my will.

That too is Communism. And it’s here now.

And it needs to be STOPPED.

FUSION CENTER TIME-WASTING: Clever FBI and DHS, keeping tabs on women walking in parks and speaking inside their homes to their children so they can fly helicopters over heads at a moment’s notice (Red Alert Red Alert! She’s speaking above a whisper now!)