Revealing the Hidden Hand Leads to Instant Malicious Retaliation | Which Reveals Richard Lighthouse Connections to Intel #HiddenHand Criminals

Personal Report | Ramola D | March 22, 2022

I especially want to report what happened last night during and right after I published this on Substack, countering the massive Disinfo from Richard Lighthouse in a newsletter sent to me AFTER I had unsubscribed from it–the very subscription itself suspect, since I don’t recall ever subscribing to anything from him, nor knowing he had a newsletter in the first place: this in itself is evidence my name and email id are criminally being used without permission by third parties or himself to create bogus subscriptions without my consent:

The “New Way” of Stealth Urban Spectrum Assault: Yes, Microwave Weapons Are Being Used From Neighboring Houses & Parked Cars, Utility Vans, Service Trucks | Not just Drones, Celltowers, Antennas, Satellites: Countering New Disinfo from Richard Lighthouse/Substack, March 22, 2022

Considering that I had been steadily microwave-pulsed in my face and head for hours prior to actually starting on that article, what ended up happening was I was positively BLASTED with microwaves to my head–left temple, right temple, top of head, back of head–while I wrote, as also blasted in my right upper arm, leading to a massive pulsing migraine when I finished and posted the article at 2 am, already EXTREMELY incapacitated at this point, and intending to drag myself straight up to bed, when the second horrifying attack of the night struck. I had been aware the shielding on which I was sitting was being pulsed–but since I am usually protected by it I had not realized the pulsing had taken on a deeper, lower, more sinister tone–while the heating system in the house was repeatedly fired up from outside (the heating cycle revved up remote-electrically–something these criminals have been doing here since 2013), and the deep low ELF pulsing led to instant feelings of rising nausea–in sudden onset, leading to a bout of projectile vomiting downstairs, all while my head was throbbing execrably and I could barely stand.

I was hit from above, from behind, from the diagonal back–houses/cars across the street and across drive–and from the front–the houses across the backyard.

The low ELF pulsing I suspect came from parked cars–the very special stealth zoomers the CIA employs–I suspect the CIA here because of who I suspect Lighthouse really is–but perhaps NSA. Hard to tell. Both Satanic demonic agencies who have spent over a century building deadly human-hacking weapons and have no scruples about using them in devious ways.

This low ELF pulsing which brought on instant nausea and sudden vomiting I have experienced once before–and that’s when I published the Root Brand promo video snippet I had been trying and failing to add on to a news panel video I had been working on–thanks to insistent cyber-hacking from the street–as a separate video. Literally right after I posted that video I was assaulted so intensely I was in instant state of acute nausea and had to throw up; going to sit on the couch for a minute did not help, I was attacked again and threw up again. Note, once again, I felt the pulsing through the shielding–and could not shield against it. Success guys! Great “non lethal” EXTREME HACKING ATTACK WEAPON.

This was the Detox Nanotech with Clean Slate video which the DOD didn’t like–it must be effective then:


I have also been similarly attacked on an airplane–on an Emirates flight to India via Dubai when both my daughter and I suffered nausea and vomiting (I thought it was the food and wrote to the airlines afterwards)–and that was projectile vomiting, in the lobby of the plush Dubai airport; I have since come to recognize the added throbbing of ELFs on planes which are already throbbing anyway, and have witnessed TSA-Criminal-permitted thugs carry long wave-guide/microwave weapons (or portable weapons pushed up against the seat from right behind) onto planes (several times: I have written about this before, but it does deserve further focus–the TSA, like all the other agencies, are involved in this racket). That time too I was hit in the head with microwave pulses, again either from satellites or just an overhead-bin portable microwave weapon or cell-phone-style-one on someone’s tray table or lap, casually pointed my way–also witnessed on other plane flights.

To return to last night: I went to the front living-room window to look out into the street to see what was parked there, to occasion this sudden brutal attack. I did notice a few cars and SUVs not usually parked on the street suddenly in evidence. As I stood, looking at the houses across the street, a white front light came on in front of the corner house–longstanding fusion house/MK ULTRA house I have written about before. Curious, you say? Cameras on the street clearly point to the front of our house and countless pointed neighbor-appearances just as I stand at the window point to very timed action on their part. It was 2 am or past. In the slightly yellow light of the street lamp I noticed movement — to add to the surreal Twilight Zone feel of the moment a wolf-like creature stepped into view! Right in the middle of the street — possibly a coyote: he looked remarkably like a wolf. I have seen a coyote before emerge from the woods a few streets down so he may have come from there. Anyway it was cold and dark and night and he was trotting up the street right in the middle of it like some kind of night rover. One does have to wonder if that was a neurotech’d coyote — like all the other neurotech’d dogs on this block, and cats too probably — for in my move to the dining-room window to catch him as he plunged up the hill, he paused at the top and stood still and turned around and stared directly in my direction. Well with enhanced or superior night vision he might well have seen me standing there, but it sure looked like he was frozen in place looking at me over his shoulder. He finally trotted off, leaving me to go upstairs, marvelling at the very strange vision of a wolf or coyote marching up the street well past midnight.

No sooner had I got into bed, throwing shielding all over me to halt the microwave pulses from above still raining down — merciless drone action — strange exotic butterfly-radar literally entered under the shielding, felt its way over my head and limbs, isolated body parts and then the sinister black ELF pulsing began again. I moved to try to avoid it but could not. Note, I sleep on top of shielding too, to absorb some of the vibrational pulses constantly sent to my bed from numerous suspect points outside and below. Nothing seemed to help and before you knew it, I was leaping out of bed clutching my mouth, too late, projectile-vomiting all the way down the corridor to the bathroom and collapsing in the bathroom, pulsed or reflexed several times as everything inside me was heaved out.

Possibly 3 am now and I barely managed to clean up as best I could including the corridor mess before I collapsed again into bed–the bed vibrated again but not as badly–I was able to sleep.

I found out later the steady ELF throbbing had also attacked my intestine. Earlier in the afternoon I had been pulse-hit there as well, holding up a cookie sheet-Reflectix shield against my navel to hear the audible pulse-hits on it. This evening, just a few minutes ago, a NYTimes ad on irritable-bowel-syndrome popped up, “promoted,” on my Twitter feed.

This is the kind of pointed non-coincidence which indisputably links the advertiser to the assault. The New York Times has earlier shown itself to be complicit with these crimes by publishing lies to cover up the military and Intelligence crimes of using DEWS and Neurotech on people, now, they’re just proving it.


Now I want to especially note here that these ELF assaults are clearly ultra special, they bring out the big guns when totally freaked out and keen to SUBJUGATE their unsubjugable “subject” (I mean, their presumed slave) whom in their arrogance they believe shouldn’t be exposing their very extensive crimes–particularly their COVER-UPS for their crimes–which is what Richard Lighthouse is sort of superclearly engaging in, with that absurd newsletter missive of his, publishing utter, unscientific tripe, and seeking to hide the use of portable microwave weapons from fusion houses set up all around the DOD/CIA targeted living woman or man they are cannibalizing to death.

Upsetting the apple cart is what they want to stop — but they can’t…little do they know I am merely one drop in the ocean here, many many more drops around and behind and beyond me will be exposing their crimes soon enough, many have already.

(I had some visual confirmation of this with the ultra-long Quincy 9 fire engine pulling in front of me and reversing into the fire station on Beale Street on my drive out this afternoon, interestingly with some False-Flag neon striping on the back–hints of a new false-flag horror event to come or threats of one?)

The point is: these dark military and Intelligence agencies with aggressive, egoistic men at the helm, who are using the most deadly hacking weapons on numbers of people today, in stealth, who employ ex-cons and drug addicts to sit around all day and point weapons at their neighbors, get the MOST RATTLED when it begins to look like their nasty little death-scheme-for-some is going to be exposed, which means it may be forced to withdraw. These ELF attacks I think are a sign that they — irony of ironies! — are feeling most threatened by my disclosures in print (and video). Ironic because I’m not the one with weapons, threatening anyone–THEY are. Ultimately, this is all about WEAPONS–THEIRS. I will write more about this in a separate space another day. But let’s not forget that: THEY ARE USING WEAPONS on an unarmed, noncombatant woman writer they falsify in their paperwork as a “suspect, adversary, extremist, terrorist.”

Little Heads-Up to the DOD, CIA Lawyers

I also want to note here that these weapons have been APPROVED by major criminal attorneys working for these agencies. Someone said, hey, sure, that’s OK.


So, just to clarify, for the International Criminal Court:

The US Dept of Defense, the CIA, the FBI, and the Dept of Homeland Security think this is approved by International Law and OK to use on a writer who has committed NO CRIME, who has been charged with NO CRIME, who has been illegally detained and used as cannon-fodder for nearly 9 YEARS by them:

*Massive Microwave Pulsing for Several Hours to Induce Major Throbbing Migraine

*Insidious ELF attack on intestine and rectum and energy meridians to induce acute nausea and instant projectile vomiting as well as IBS symptoms–loose bowels

*Repeated ELF attacks to induce repeated projectile vomiting for hours

*Intense ferocious pulse hits on bone, nerve, muscle, ligament, tissue of upper arm and shoulder to incapacitate arm and keep it from being used

Ethical, humane, well within the “Laws of War” there? I think NOT. Neither the Geneva Conventions nor the Laws of War could possibly condone such EXTREME ASSAULT AND BATTERY, ABSOLUTE TORTURE, and UNPROVOKED AGGRESSION. (Also note, I mention the Laws of War because the US Military has them, not because it pertains exactly–a war would require TWO COMBATANTS: here there is only one, that’s them. Someone without weapons, defense, or ability to defend is not in combat and not at war, but being victimized: This is unilateral slaughter by DOD/CIA/FBI/DHS.)

This is military atrocity–and let me note, I am being microwave pulsed — in head, spine, seat–as I write this. Clearly, those wielding these weapons believe they will and should get away with this stealth assault.

Which is also why I continue to expose these crimes: No-one should get away with criminality, especially such well-concealed crime, parading under “counter-terrorism” and “surveillance” and “investigation.”

When police become criminals, it is still CRIME.

Other Attacks Post the Hidden Hand publications

All week, since the Hidden Hand articles were published and posted on social media, various attacks have occurred including massive migraines from exacerbated microwave pulsing the day after posts on Twitter last Sunday, toxic smells pumped into the vents in the family room, continuous vibration weapon attack.

I will add to this article from my notes shortly.