Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice Promotes Targeted Smear

Ramola D/Posted Oct 15, 2019

Posting, for the record, Midge Mathis‘ of Targeted Justice’s repeat-promotion on Oct 13, 2019, of Smear PedoSatanic meme put out by one “Andy Spoo” who appears to be a backseat operative running a smear campaign, in hopes of attacking credibility and reputation (mine) perhaps, or gaining name and fame (his) perhaps, or just misdirecting all who read or watch my interviews and reports on Targeting — which seek to inform the nation and the world on FISA/Surveillance/NLW abuses and inhumane neuro-experimentation projects, and have been doing so, despite nonstop personal persecution of the writer with noxious neuro/nano/NL/DE/Psy weaponry, since 2014.

I have remarked on this graphic of the bleeding-child with inscribed insults and false-accusations and exhortations to “boycott Ramola’s website” earlier:

Targeted Justice Seems to Be Running Targeted Attacks on a Journalist Exposing Targeting/Mil/Intel Crimes

Midge Mathis’s peculiar attacks on a writer who has been covering the very surveillance abuses and human rights/civil rights issues her organization purports to highlight have been covered here earlier, and in Report #144, where her promoting of agent provocateurs Dr. Katherine Horton (also a CIA-style Mirroring/Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, vicious Smear Attack Campaigner against leading true-media-journalists and HR activists including myself, as well as proven saboteur of two activists’ lives and lawsuits) and Richard Lighthouse (former NASA scientist publishing Disinfo re. targeting technologies/lawsuit options and encouraging both deceitful reportage-to-FBI and public-official-stalking) was also noted.

For the record, I am noting once again that Midge Mathis’ repudiation of my journalism and recent and continuing attacks on me at Twitter, where she and her supporters, including Ella Free of “Freedom for Targeted Individuals” (also discussed here earlier and in Report #144), continue to post false-accusations, inventions, lies, and plain retaliatory attacks–apparently in response to my recent exposings of them–began with her own actions, words, and inactions, as noted earlier, below:

It seems like the character-attacks against me from various parties including Midge Mathis are never-ending, since I am noticing a new efflorescence of attacks on Twitter — mass stoning and mobbing seems to be incited and escalated by the circle of courtiers surrounding her, inclusive of Ella Free, Deborah Weber, Ortaine Devian, Andy Spoo, and others. Many thanks to Dublin Target (@al20012) and Rupture Corruption (@NHSCorrupt) for addressing these smear attacks and libel this time with warmly supportive and truthtelling tweets, some below–anyone can check the offenders’ Twitter pages for their puerile and juvenile attacks. Very salient point, from Rupture Corruption: these are personal attacks, and outright fabrications, which completely ignore the substance and truth of my reportage–which it seems they are clearly committed to discrediting.

Targeted Justice Wittingly or Unwittingly Condones Deceit, Calls to Violence, and Smear Attacks/Libel in its Support of Agent Provocateurs

Targeted Justice’s promotion and support of Agent-Provocateur Calls to Violence, Open Deceit, Smear Attacks, Revisions of History, Disinfo Regarding Targeting Technologies, Fabrications, Inventions, Outright Lies and the most outrageous False-Accusations of “money-laundering” and “inciting-violence” (Deb Weber specials) through Midge Mathis’s support of Dr. Katherine Horton, Andy Spoo, Deborah Weber, Richard Lighthouse speaks for itself–again visible on Twitter and Youtube and on the Targeted Justice board of advisors, anyone can check these for themselves.

While Targeted Justice purports to support targets, clearly Midge Mathis is doing the opposite, attacking targets instead — particularly me, whose reportage, which ironically includes her own previous interviews, she has chosen to reject — while running a Containment Operation apparently with an agenda of her own, or that of those undisclosed parties behind her using her as a figurehead.

Life-Threatening Retaliation for Truthtelling Reportage

I have certainly learned that running up against Controlled Opp’sters and Limited Hangouts and Containment Ops produces instant retaliation and flagrant persecution.

Reporting recently on infiltrators, saboteurs, and containment opsters in activism to expose Extrajudicial EMF/Neuro DEW Targeting–inclusive of Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Ella Free–as well as media operatives– Neil Steinberg, David LaPorte, & 60 Minutes staff–led to massive retaliation, reported here:

Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others/

I would not be noting any of this, or wasting time paying attention to it, except for the historic record: since the absurd and vicious attacks on my name, writing, and reportage — from people who say they are supporting and representing and acting for targets of Govt. persecution — appear to be ongoing. I find it extraordinary, and appalling; obviously I am not going to be silent and take this abuse, it adds to the abusive and wrongful Mafiosi State Terrorism and COINTELPRO directed at me as a writer and journalist exposing Government crimes, I am documenting it.