Global TI Survey Update: Survey Now Closed

Cait Ryan, who managed the Global TI Survey—surveying symptoms and experiences of electromagnetic/sonic assault being reported by people in the USA and worldwide–with Karla Smith, has made available the following information. The survey was closed on October 21 after being extended from Oct 18.


While the latest numbers are still being tallied, these figures from ten days prior, on Oct 13, note that 462 surveys had been completed and sent in, out of 866 survey ids sent out. (Respondents were required to first obtain a survey id online prior to being able to do the survey.)

In a conversation recently with a journalist, NSA retiree Senior Intelligence Analyst Kirk Wiebe, who will be analyzing the survey results with Bill Binney as supplied by Cait Ryan and Karla Smith, mentioned that about 550 people had responded and completed the survey.

Final numbers will no doubt be published shortly.

Most respondents came from the US (about 72%), with greater participation from the UK, Japan, Canada, France, and Australia, and smaller numbers from other countries across Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

surveyidsThese numbers, it is understood, do not represent the actual numbers of reporting victims of microwave radiation/sonic assault worldwide, who have been variously placed at 300, 000, and 500,000, 2 million, and four million by various individuals and human rights groups following this subject. By many accounts, the numbers of people reporting microwave assaults and Voice to Skull or V2K and other neurotechnologies, has been rising, over the past few years.

In addressing the numbers, Cait Ryan said, “In my opinion there would have been a great deal more if the powers that be had not interfered – for example, I am basically not allowed to communicate much via Facebook – and so many TIs communicate mainly there.” She also said Google had taken down email often, preventing a normal usage of email, in effect restricting her outreach efforts. Inability to translate code into other languages such as German may have also prevented many worldwide from taking the survey.

However, she also noted that Mr. Wiebe had not expected a much larger response and for an initial response, they were satisfied.

Survey data will be analyzed and published soon, date of release and number updates to be added shortly. A new interview conducted on Oct 13 with NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe, who will be analyzing the data, will be published soon.

Source of Information: Cait Ryan, US-CACH

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  1. i am a ti of the ukraine by alexey yudchenko but live in the uk this was organised by simon and sheena draper of london and another guy craig. both my husband and i are 247 tortured and under full surveillance. through facial recognition alexey put in eye implants to see what i see. he has promised to kill us.

  2. Yes, the information Cait Ryan gave me is that the survey is closed. Sorry, Alec, try checking with her.

  3. I am trying to take the survey now at the library? Is the Survey really closed!!! I can’t reach the site to take it. Can I take it??? How??? It’s Nov 1, 2017.

  4. Very informative as are all of your posts. Thank you for all you do Ramola. I am a TI in Tucson, AZ and while I am, at this point, fairly knowledgeable with regards to being a Targeted Individual, I always learn more from you. Thanks, Kim

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