Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance

“We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.

We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example.

We will shine for everyone to follow.”

–President Donald J. Trump, Inauguration Day Address, 1/20/2017


Memorandum on Domestic US Torture Programs

Running Under Cover of Surveillance

Covert US Military/Intel/Justice Physical Mutilation of the Population

EMF Weapons, Neuro-Weapons, Bio-Terrorism, & Organized Stalking

Date: 25 January 2017

To President Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr. President,

We unite in asking you to act to terminate immediately the ongoing covert programs of Electronic Warfare and COINTELPRO-based domestic terrorism that are currently being run by the US Intelligence agencies, US Military, US Homeland Security, and their contractors in the name of Electronic “Surveillance” and National Security against the American population.

As you enter this office for the first week, it is possible the Deep State and unelected shadow government that apparently hovers behind all those elected to the government of the United States will present these covert programs to you as normative Intelligence and surveillance activity necessary for the preservation of National Security.

As Intelligence analysts, human rights activists, advocates, whistleblowers, writers, scientists, victims, and highly productive and accomplished members of society with varied science, arts, and humanities backgrounds in critical thinking, systems analysis, engineering, education, healthcare, law, and Intelligence, we are here to inform you otherwise: These are NOT normative Intelligence and Surveillance activities. Using the deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare, these are organized Terror programs, committing the most horrific crimes and human rights violations, causing grievous bodily harm to countless numbers of innocent citizens.

Surveiling and assaulting neither terrorists nor spies but the best and brightest, most productive, and most accomplished Americans, as well as whistle-blowers and activists, these programs seriously destabilize our civil society, are at risk of irreversibly degenerating the economic output of our country, and have already become our most shameful export abroad.

Situation On the Ground in Continental USA

Thanks to the trillions of dollars poured annually into Covert Operations funding, the carte blanche given to Intelligence and Military agencies, both pre- and post-911, and the convenience of classification and concealment of all manner of dubious activities as necessary for National Security, fraud, waste, and corruption at the highest levels of Government is now endemic. Corrupt factions in Intelligence agencies and in Military departments are now openly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in acts of direct enmity against the American people.

  1. In the name of the War on Terror, a superior trafficking operation has been unleashed by the US Military, Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA on American citizens:

Current military and Intelligence directives (5240.1R, the NDAA, EO 12333, and the CIA’s AR 2-2) together permit the US military to detain citizens indefinitely, and to use those Americans “under surveillance” for experimentation purposes. This is used for an outright, public enslavement and torture of a large fraction of the US population.

The creation of Joint Targeting operations, Fusion Centers, Regional Information and Sharing Systems (RISS) programs with privatized Intelligence centers, as well as “Community Policing” and “Neighborhood Watch” initiatives have permitted a network of immoral and depraved operatives from Law Enforcement, the Intelligence agencies, and the military, using the guise of “national security” to conduct financially rewarding no-holds-barred human testing for the pharma, surveillance, and weapons industries, as well as to live out their personal sadism and depravity. It is a telling characteristic that the victims of these crimes are 70-80% women. The sex ratio is indicative of sexual violence and war crimes.

Meanwhile, an ever increasing army of civilian, quasi “Law Enforcement” personnel, sometimes taken from the dregs of society, is being trained, round the clock and used in set-up 24/7 operations, on those innocent Americans being targeted.

  1. In the name of the War on Terror, and masquerading as necessary Electronic Surveillance, condoned and orchestrated by US Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice, the most deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare are being routinely used on civilians under so-called surveillance inside their own homes including:
    • directed-energy and microwave weapons,
    • infrasonic and ultrasonic weapons,
    • military radar weapons,
    • neuro-weapons,
    • infections with biological or synthetic self-replicating nanotechnology agents (“smart dust”) that aid the readout of brain activity.

These are military weapons of war, designed to incapacitate, degrade, and destroy human organs, nerves, bodies, and brains; they are further being used inhumanely, in non-stop, 24/7 scenarios of attack.

In addition, CIA/DIA/DARPA/NSA agents also run covert interrogation exercises, mind control operations, and behavior modification programs (extensions of MK ULTRA and the original Nazi death-camp experiments) on their brains.

A vast apparatus of sophisticated stealth Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence equipment carried on planes, drones, helicopters, satellites, cell towers, ground-vehicles—and involving the complicity of all Intelligence agencies, such as the NRO, NGSA, and Federal agencies such as the FAA and NASA is being used for this purpose.

Those being hit with Electronic Warfare weapons are also being subjected daily to COINTELPRO actions or “Zersetzung”—organized stalking, crowding, mobbing, obstructing, brighting, flashing, noise harassment carried out by the FBI’s Infragard, as well as US Neighborhood Watch groups.

These are joint US Military and Intelligence programs of domestic torture, hidden under cover of biometric surveillance, physical surveillance, and electronic surveillance by a cynical and corrupt Homeland Security/Department of Justice mechanism, which has permitted the use of cover-story labels to conceal the use of violence on American citizens.

  1. In the name of the War on Terror, in 2017, American neighborhoods and communities have been transformed from calm, peaceful, and neighborly communities into predator vs. prey, i.e. divided holdouts of covert spying, snitching, Electronic Warfare, smear campaigns, and studied COINTELPRO attacks on neighbors, planned and coordinated through federal government-sponsored intelligence, information and command centers at the national and local levels, such as the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS), the U.S. Department of Justice, and the network of Fusion Centers.

At core of these attacks are the innocent Americans being wrongfully targeted and defamed as extremists, terrorists, spies, enemy combatants: often the most upright in communities, people of conscience and community spirit, integrity and accomplishment, entrepreneurship and creativity, innocence and impeccable character, people targeted not for their potential for criminality but for their innate power as attractors and disseminators of positive community influence.

The coterie of criminals from inside the FBI/DHS/CIA/NSA and local Law Enforcement and RISS centers involved in these programs openly lie in neighborhoods to name these innocents terrorists or spies, open investigations on innocents, start slander and defamation campaigns on innocents, and then corral whole communities into helping them surveil, spy, sabotage, and slander them, under threat of high fines and jail time.

By these means, whole lives are destroyed: employment is sabotaged, lies are circulated, and families are torn apart.

Neighbors become collaborators and complicit when they let Electronic Weapons operators freely enter their neighborhoods and homes, using their driveways and properties to install antennas and conduct tracking operations.

Collaborators are paid handsomely and bribed with home renovations, new cars, and tickets to luxury holidays and ball games. They are also trained in the operation of certain equipment, including cell phones to direct pulsed radiation attacks, which they now turn on their innocent neighbor.

This rewards and entrenches corrupt behavior in a manner that will utterly splinter and disintegrate our society for decades to come. Worst of all, this system of routine horrific abuses has developed a life of its own whereby ever more vindictive acts are committed and the perpetrators on the ground take free licence to do whatever they like at the expense of economically productive members in our society. Their excesses include electronic rape.

  1. Psychiatry has been roped in as political tool to subjugate those reporting these programs by naming them delusional, a verdict that Law Enforcement and CIA-controlled media then run with.

It must be stressed that the national silence on this issue as well as the distortions of reportage we see in mainstream-media mention of “Targeted Individuals” who report abusive surveillance programs is directly related to the vampiric control of major media that the CIA exerts, and their deliberate promotion of deception in coverage, in order to keep these violent, mutilatory programs of Electronic Weapon use on citizens clandestine and concealed.

Corruption at the levels of Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice, and the use of weaponized psychiatry combined with indiscriminate smears and slander of the victims has prevented the situation from being remedied.

A Public Scandal Of International Proportions

This has now become a proliferating and self-perpetuating industry of premeditated, systematic mutilation of some of the most productive members of our society.

By getting rid of people of conscience and integrity, whistleblowers, and activists in communities—through these extreme means of public torture and humiliation—it appears that the covert operators in Intelligence and military agencies running these programs seek more and more to create docile, deceitful, and pliable populations, people who will believe the official lie, people who will turn on their own friends and neighbors, people who will assist in stoning the innocent to death.

The extent and sadism of these deliberate bodily and brain assaults—which essentially involve the use of military weapons of war on peaceful, non-combatant, unarmed civilians, peacefully residing in their own country–amount to crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the American people.

And sadly, these Nazi death-camp programs of torture have become USA’s most prominent export along with our bombs, missiles, and drones.

To the disgrace of all Law-Enforcement, victims have been pleading for support publicly on social media for years. By now, the situation has gone beyond a disgrace and has become a public scandal of international proportions that is threatening the stability of our societies. Without a doubt, this problem is destroying the best and brightest in our nation and will inevitably affect the economic and creative capabilities of the US. This already sets us back in the race with other nations and seriously exposes the US to the danger of a hostile takeover.

Silent Holocaust Taking Place Inside the US

Please see attached here:

1) The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report (Based on “The Torture Memos” and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified “Torture Report”) By Robert Duncan, A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.

2) NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart’s succinct summation of what has happened to America today:

Under former President Bush and now continued under President Obama, what apparently started decades ago as illegal and clandestine programs of experiments on human subjects, such as the CIA’s MK ULTRA, has resulted in the proliferation of Defense Contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and others, making secret agreements with Federal agencies such as DOD, DIA, NSA, DHS, etc., to allow them and related laboratories and universities to expand inhumane experimentation programs such as illegal experiments for Directed Energy Weapons on unwitting and non-consenting American citizens.

The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA.

This allows them to engage the Military and Law Enforcement in either the active harassment and torture of individuals illegally targeted for fraudulent cause, or it gives the Defense Contractors carte blanche to commit criminal assault upon innocent citizens while demanding (unconstitutionally) that Police stand down and do nothing to help their victims.

Please read the full statement here.

Please Act Now To Stop These Crimes Against Humanity in the USA and Worldwide

To stop these crimes against humanity we, the undersigned, request that you immediately:

  • Stop all of these surveillance, testing, and experimentation programs.
  • Stop and revoke all mandates permitting the US military to test weapons on citizens.
  • Repeal and revoke all civil and military directives which permit non-consensual experimentation on Americans.
  • Call out the National Guard to confiscate all portable EMF-weapons and radar/sonic/scalar surveillance devices, and haul off to prison anyone – including Feds, law enforcement, etc., found with them as they violate many many sections of 18 USC in regard to weapons of mass destruction.
  • Freeze all programs of surveillance being run by any and every agency in the DOJ and Homeland Security apparatus.
  • Force the open publication of the list of names of all people who have been targeted with organized stalking, EMF and neuroweapons by agencies at the federal, state, and local level for the past thirty years.
  • Compel disclosure of the medical parameters of these classified, covert, special access surveillance and torture programs from all Universities and research institutions, all Defense and Intelligence contractors, departments, and agencies.
  • Compel disclosure to each victim of his/her file containing what experiments have been conducted, what has been injected or implanted, what nanotechnology has been administered, and provide immediate, fully-compensated medical help in scanning/implant removal, radiation-damage treatment, & taking other medical/health measures against the long-term consequences of these crimes.
  • Fully re-imburse to victims all medical costs and family funeral expenses sustained during the course of these torture programs, and plan to provide continuous compensation for all victims’ health expenses until death.
  • Cut funding for all surveillance programs currently being run on named American citizens.
  • Cut all covert operations funding for any and every agency, in particular the CIA.
  • Compel mainstream media to fully and openly detail these programs of torture on citizens.
  • Root out all personnel employed in these programs, starting from the top.
  • Set in motion a Congressional investigation, to fully uncover and disclose details of these programs.
  • Dismantle all agencies and military groups whose record shows shameless participation in these crimes against humanity.
  • Work closely with your counterparts and with agencies abroad to ensure the same results of restoration of human rights and freedoms, worldwide.

These crimes against humanity need to be stopped if the United States of America wants to retain its national resilience and keep the goodwill of its partners worldwide.

You have an opportunity today to set right many historic wrongs. Much is made of America’s history of slavery. Yet this reality on the ground today shows us, that with the stealth weapons of Electronic Warfare and Neurowarfare, slavery has entered a new phase.

You have said:

There should be no fear — we are protected, and we will always be protected.

We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, most importantly, we are protected by God.

…We will make America safe again.”

–President Donald J. Trump, Inauguration Day Address, 1/20/2017

But there are NO laws on the books today in the USA—land of the free and home of the brave—to prevent non-consensual experimentation on humans. Americans today are enslaved and are exporting this medieval travesty into every corner of the world.

Your children and grandchildren are just as much at risk as ours.

Please act today to put an end to these horrific, shameful crimes against humanity which are tearing apart our society.


Ramola D, USA
Author, Journalist, Activist

Karen Melton Stewart, USA
NSA Intelligence Analyst, Ret.

Dr. Katherine Horton, Germany
Particle Physicist, Systems Analyst

Ricardo Camilo López, USA
Theoretical Physicist, Math & Science Teacher, Semiotician

Paul Baird, BEc. LLB, Australia
Human Rights Advocate

Eyerly Felder, USA
Human Rights Activist, Foster Parent, Podcast Host and Journalist

Rosanne Marie Schneider, USA
Author of “Surveillance, Torture and Control in the Modern World”
Former Artist, Animal Rescuer, and International Business Owner | Now Victim

Regis Burke, MSW, USA

Leo E. Garcia, USA

Teresa Bender, R.N., ASN, Harrisburg, PA, USA
Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Phi Theta Kappa member.
Service connected disabled veteran of USAF, 1989-1993.
Honorably discharged. Served during First Gulf War.
Interviewed by news media in West Virginia. Video on YouTube link: “Adult Bullying, West Virginians speak out”. Also participated in Targeted Individual awareness video titled “Targeted Individuals, A Plea for Help”, filmed in NJ in 2014.

Robert I. Walker, USA
Human Rights Activist, Vietnam Veteran, Christian

Seth Farber, Ph.D., USA
Author, Psychologist

Gregory A Mann, USA
Former Marine, Retired Dept. Of Defense
Combined service 27 years.Whistleblower.

Margaret Zawodniak, RN, BSN, USA

Amy L, USA
Licensed Massage Therapist

Joseph Quevedo, B.S. International Business, USA
Certified Logistics Technician

Mariana Maritato M.S., CCC-SLP, C-PESL, HC, Poland

Herman Winston, USA
US Army Veteran, Ex-Police Officer, Mechanic

Dr. Millicent Black, MACM, MMFT, USA
Refuge From the Storm Church, Columbia, TN
Pastor, Activist, Researcher

Tracy A. Wellons, USA
Biomedical Research Scientist

Kenneth Peartree, USA
Senior Master Sergeant, US Air Force (Ret.)

Virginia Sealey, USA
Louisiana State University graduate, Health and Physical Education.
Commercial Real Estate Broker (Ret.)

Captain Gary W. Kassbaum M.M., Canada
Senior Regional Investigator – Marine, Transportation Safety Board

Alec Devere Rafter, NYU Graduate, B.F.A., USA
Actor, Writer, Musician

Ben Colodzin Ph.D., California, USA
H-SCADA profiler (Human-Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition Systems) for targeted victims

Paul Grigun, USA

Thomas A. Dickey, USA
U.S. Army, Retired

Mr. Robert Vincent Leaf, USA
HVAC Technician, App.

Mike Patrick, USA

Mandi (Deedee) Durrence, USA
Self-Employed, Construction, Farming

Barbara Hyseni, USA
Sergeant in the US Air Force
Christian Ordained Minister

Geri Kemp, BS in Business/Finance, MPA, USA
Certified Business Official, Educational Facilities Planning,
School Business Management (Ret.)
National Youth Equestrian Program Organizer

Denise S. Pompl, USA

Donna Stanley, USA
Mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, American, Retired Corrections Officer

Lori Tolbert-Carroll, USA

Charmaine Thomas, USA

Guy Potter, USA
35-year victim

Ms. Maura Sheehan, RN, BSN

Rochelle Jones, USA
Ordained Minister, CA

Juanita Hardnett, GA, USA

Sherri M Guarnieri, USA

Edith Diane Schutza, TX, USA

Michele Kimbrough, USA
Retired, Department of Corrections

Kola Boof
Award-Winning Novelist and Television Writer

Bonnie Hunt, USA
Retired Comm. College Instructor, College Lecturer,
and HS Teacher, MBA, MS, CPA (Inactive)

Jeaneine M. Heaney, USA

Arlene Johnson BA, MLS, USA
Publisher/Author |

Cathy L. Wright, M.S., CCC-SLP, USA
B.A. in English, B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders,
M.S. in Communication Disorders.
Speech-Language Pathologist. Whistleblower.

Angela Farrell, USA
BS, Psychology, BSW from West Virginia University.
National Sales Award 2005, 2008. Pharmaceutical representative.
Currently: Yoga , aerobic and Silver Sneaker instructor YMCA.
Health and wellness instructor.

Mrs. Sherri A. Marquis, AA Business, BA Legal Studies, MS Mgmt, RI, USA
U.S. Navy Journalist – 12.5 years, honorably discharged with service-connected disability.
Dept.of Defense (Navy, Army, Marine Corps) Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer, GS-13, 8 years, WHISTLEBLOWER
Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems (Orlando) and Missiles and Fire Control (Orlando) Intellectual Property Paralegal and Contracting Officer
Currently: unemployed, blacklisted, isolated, tortured and psychologically injured

Leila M S Gutowski, RN BS, BSN, VA, USA

Cheryl Weinrich, VA, USA
Former employee of SAIC, Inc., Employed from 2000 to 2010.
Contracted out 2009-’10 as a Document Control Specialist and Courier with the Missile Defense Agency.
Former student at Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale and Alexandria, VA, 1982 to 2000: Travel and Tourism, Psychology and Information Technology.

Lorenzetta Whitfield, USA
Lillian Whitfield, USA
Tanya Whitfield, USA
(Sisters targeted since May 2013)

John Thomas Christiana, USA
BS Degree CSULB; MS Degree, Kaplan Univ, 4.0; Law Student, 2L
Everest Summiter | Human Rights Advocate
Targeted Individual Victim | Federal Lawsuit Plaintiff

John Leon Anderson, CT, USA
13-year victim

Nina Elhawary Duvall, USA
Drug Alcohol Tech | Working with Ms. Massie Munroe on her campaign and book.

Mark Mandigo, USA

Muguet Burgos, CCNY, USA

Innocentia Merchant, UK

Jessica Charpentier, MA, USA

Charles Pak, USA
Disabled Iraq Veteran 2004-2008
Tortured victim of remote technology 2007-current

Dominic Friscia, USA

Alicia Ogburn, and children, PA, USA

Amy Anderson, CA
Human Rights Activist

Constance Hannah Rose, Pacifica, CA
Artist, Author (The Joy Thieves)
Creative Director and Entrepreneur

Edward L. Spencer, MD
Neurology Retired, Researcher, Author

Dianne Renee Chandler
B.B.A. Business Administration
M.S.S. Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College
M.S. Acquisition and Contract Management
LTC , USAR retired Veteran 28 years Service tortured victim since 2012 after filing an EEO complaint Dianne Chandler vs. Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh

Kathleen Haston, BA Psychology, USA

William Brock, Boston, MA, USA

Patrick Cleary, USA
B.S. Communication Arts from Cornell University, 1991.
Disabled teacher, social worker, and activist.

Harold Hubbard, disabled, USA

Marina Ragsdale, USA
Crew member at McDonald’s | Victim

Jeannette Eileen Fess, USA
Former Realtor | Victim

Takele Erko, Ethiopia
BSc. Chemistry | TI for 6 years

Dr. Helen Tsigounis, Australia
Author of “The Red Back Web”:
Targeted 20 years.

Caroline Coon, Tiburon, CA
Owner of store “Little Black Dress”

Marina Abramycheva, NY, USA

Agnieszka Kubicka, USA
26 years old | Student, Restaurant Worker

Tiffany Fusini, BA in Sociology and Gender Studies
Neuro-Behavioral Specialist

Mečislav Chorzempa, Computer Programmer, Czech Republic

Judith Greschus, Detmold-Germany
Acknowledged politically persecuted person of the GDR regime(certificate “C”)

Elke Malone, Germany
55 years, Educator

Thomas Steinke, USA
Independent Contractor
OTR Truck Driver

Andrew Furey, PA, USA

Terrance Bass, USA
Retired Musician and Marketing Professional

Geoffrey Beattie, N.I., UK

Ricki Leggett, USA
Victim for 15 years.

Stanley Heavrin, Louisville, KY, USA

Debra Matheny, Hibbing, Minnesota, USA
Anti Public Corruption Activist, Investigative Blogger, 3 generations of targets. My daughter and granddaughter, murdered.

Mr. Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

Edgard Rene Romero Cruz
Creative genius, Artist, Mind Slave.

Dagmar Palmerova, Prague, Czech Republic
Degree in Economics

Beth Ruegg, USA
Targeted victim for decades

Paul Lucas, BSBA, Finance and Accounting, USA
Senior Accountant/Analyst for International Corporation

Nathan Entrekin, USA
Graphics/Media Artist, LDS church member

Laura Entrekin, USA
CNA Manager, LDS church member

Mr. Tobin Dresser, Bend, Oregon, USA
Freelance Writer

Andrea McCoy, BA, USA

Patricia Angulo, USA
Intake Clinical Coordinator, Personal Trainer, Aunt, Case Manager

Gülay Daricili (female), Germany
Certified Interpreter and Lecturer

Lisa R. Becker, Milwaukee, WI
BS, Human Environment & Design, graduated with honors in 1989.
Under surveillance since college, tortured with electronic surveillance since 2007.

Toshiko Namiki, Japan

Dolly Guenthner, USA
Whistleblower on the City of Elizabethtown, KY municipality to the FBI reporting $50 million fraud on the KY Retirement System–which turned out to be more than $1 billion fraud which still continues.
Terminated employee from the City of Elizabethtown, after 20+ years


Alan J. Bellina, USA
Amy L. Bellina, USA

Mary Fehr, New Mexico, USA
Retired journeyman CNC machinist
TI 2 years +
Catapulted into surveillance program by Ohio Neighborhood Watch

Darleen Palmeira, Kapaa, Hawaii
Targeted since 2015

Helmut Michael, Germany
I support the memorandum.
As to our personal experience:

Stephen O Neill, Sligo, Ireland
Targeted since 2005

Susan C., USA
Associate Underwriter

Ursula J. Barboza, USA
Juris Doctor (1995), M.A. Library and Information Science (2008)

Heide Klebsattel, Gutach/Germany
TI since 2010

Benjamin Miller, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Robert Stephen Spicer, USA
1-year aware TI

Michael McKay
B.S./B.A. UC Davis International Relations/Japanese
M.S. SFSU Physics

Linda L. Jensen (Maiden name, Christopherson/first marriage, Vegoe)
Musician, poet, educator of young people, legal and medical secretary, missionary, mother, grandmother, gardener.
Also an author, and activist for the rights of individuals for justice, “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in accordance with the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.

Oskar Svärd, Master’s in Political Science, Sweden

Gabriele Plank, Munich, Germany
65 years old, Teacher, German Gymnasium

Mr. Christian Pfeifer, Luckenwalde, Germany

James F. Lico, USA
BS, Computer Science, Associate’s Degrees in Biology, Electronic Engineering
Retired Software Support Specialist, Systems Administrator
Targeted since 2010

Donna Wilkinson, USA

Chloe V. Rose, USA
Service connected 90% disabled Gulf War veteran, USN.
Honorably discharged 1980-1991.

Kathryn Sorensen USA
Retired Financial Management
Recovery Agent

Martina Pearce, Sales Manager

Leonard Loch, Hamburg, Germany.
Merchant, Graduate in Business Administration.
Targeted since 2003.

Kimberly Buckner, USA
Researcher, Whistleblower, Human Rights Advocate

Connie Hicks, USA

Marcus George Hopkins, NM & MN, USA
Ba.Sc. Wildlife Science
Heavily targeted for 6 years by group of technologically advanced, vicious criminals, including a corrupt NSA, FBI and Private Investigator Employee(s)

Steve Granite, USA
General labor
30-year victim

Bennetta McKenzie, IL, USA
AUTISM MOM – Bachelors in Accounting, MBA, CPA
Targeted 14 years

J. McKenzie, IL, USA
Autistic college student, Mathematics major

Clint McLean, MS, Computer Science (distinction), South Africa

Marie-Luise von Neuberg, Karlsruhe,Germany

Detlef Müller, Minden, Germany
TI for more than 30 years

Paolo Fiora, London, United Kingdom
Director, LESAG, London End Stalking Action Group

Atsuko Miyata, Japan
Mother, wife, homemaker, landlord
Victim for 28+years

Dr. Cherie Larsson, Ph.D, MBA, BA, Florida, USA
Ph.D in industrial Organizational Psychology

Irina Wickholm, Russia
Victim, and Human Rights Activist

Tera Wills, Ph.D, College Professor, USA
Ph.D. in combination of Nuclear Engineering and Radiochemistry, University of Arkansas
(40 years in US/from Iran)
Targeted since 2012

Liuda Balcius, USA/Lithuania
Author, Blind Social Worker, Teacher of the Blind, Humanitarian and Adventurer
Blind victim of reprehensible directed energy weapons
and unconscionable chemical poisonings for more than 20 years.
Looking forward someday to a peaceful, private life without pain and torture.

Catherine (Kate) Ryan, R.N. Retired
Former Representative in Consumer Electronics
Activist/Whistleblower of an Extraordinary Rendition site in Italy, inappropriate planned disposal of PCBs through insert in bathroom tiles.
SOA Watch/Supporter, Runs Support Group for TIs in New England

Slawomir Wiktor, MA (Magister) Philosophy, Poland
TI for 7 years, Activist with Polish TI association, STOPZET

Zofia Filipiak, Poland
President, Polish TI Association STOPZET

Brandon Armstrong, USA
Truck Driver. Targeted American.

Danuta Gajewska,Poland

Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Ireland
A Targeted Individual for fourteen years.

Mrs. Hadia Fehlauer, Leimen, Germany
62 years old, Housewife and former Translator

Mr. Frank Hennrich, Walldorf, Germany
54 years old, dipl.-Cosmology Physicist, IT-product Owner

Mrs. Angelika Nowatzki, Großaitingen, Germany
66 years old, Housewife

Mr. Stefan Prechtel, Crailsheim, Germany

Lori Budd, ME, USA
Targeted since 2005

Shelly Hoyle,WA,USA

Jane Kiesel, USA

Debra Poulsen, USA

Carmen de los Santos, USA
Information Technology Technician
Internal Revenue Service

Dr. Matthew Aaron, USA
Neurobiologist, Geneticist, Science Journalist

Debra Anda, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Generational victim of COINTELPRO
Mother Murdered 1970’s
Life of chaos, peace In Christ Jesus

(An updated version of this memo, on an ongoing basis, will be maintained on this page at The Everyday Concerned Citizen. Please send an email anytime to if you wish to sign this memo. Please share this information — which is being suppressed by corporate, mainstream, CIA-controlled media — widely. Stand up for America today, and for all of humanity worldwide, add your name, and inform others. These crimes Must be publicized the world over, and publicly addressed. )

Currently Updated: 3-24-2017

Pdf for Download: Memo to President Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance–3-24-2017

111 responses to “Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance

  1. Tammie Matthews

    Please use my name. Tammie Matthews.


    A message to the perps of the Targeted Individual Program:

    1. In subjecting Targeted Individuals to this experiment, TI’s were treated as people with no rights. If we have no rights, then no one has any rights, including the perps and their families.
    2. We’re the victims; YOU started this and we can do whatever the fuck we want. Forever.
    3. Since YOU took our lives from us, upending what should have been and depriving us of our natural lives, we get to take everything from you. If you can ruin our lives, everything in your lives is “ON THE TABLE” — people, places and things (along with the perps themselves, all perps’ property, belongings and family members will be seized).
    4. Since the world would objectively be a better place without technocratic psychopaths inflicting non-consensual physical, verbal, psychological, etc, torture on innocent civilians, the perps must be killed.
    5. Since there is strong evidence for a link between genetics and psychopathy, and given that the perps have objectively displayed psychopathic behavior, their families must also be killed.
    6. Not only does this Rationale apply to and delineate the punishment of perps (active participants in the perpetrator side of the Targeted Individual Program), it also applies to and delineates the punishment to be meted out to any persons with “2nd hand” knowledge of the existence of the Targeted Individual Program: specific knowledge of the program acquired via communication with perp(s). (This subset of The Rationale is called Complicity Law).

    This shall henceforth be known as The Rationale. It is the Law. There are no exceptions. There is no debate. Forgiveness does not exist.

  3. Rowena Estillore

    I would like to sign this as well. Please include me in the list.
    Rowena Estillore, I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and works as Sr. Business Systems Analyst/Report Developer from California.

  4. Rowena Estillore

    I am a TI as well. My targeting started in the gym when I reported 3 young men to police for harassment. After that I have been targeted. They put me in their targeted list. They were luring me in their orgy and when that failed they subjected me in to a barrage of crimes. They are using Directed Energy, Microwave weapons, V2K, remote neural monitoring via satellite, radar, cell tower, GPS, electronics or other means.

    Please support my petition

  5. Seth Blanchard

    Musician, Landscaper, target, V2K, sexual impulses,
    Please make it stop!!!

  6. Seth Blanchard

    I was microchipped in 2005 while camping alone. I’ve had V2K ever since
    Have tinnitus in right ear. Can’t sleep well, have chronic Lyme disease. Stalked
    And assaulted by neighbors and judge in Baltimore threatened to charge me
    With assault if I pressed charges. Went deaf in right ear from assault, still hear v2k and tinnitus in right ear only. Please add me to the list.

  7. Linda Cseke

    Loss of sight in right eye due to electronic attacks, blacklisted from employment, severe anxiety, diminshed bank account because of all this depraved behavior. Must mention losing friends and family.

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  9. Elaine Burka

    Hi Ramola – Thank you for your activism. I would like my name added to the list: Elaine Burka – Gurley/Huntsville,AL USA.

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  11. I have chip implants in my neck, under my ears without my consent. I want to get them removed…they are being used for torture and persecution. Who can I talk with to help me? Email:

  12. Bliss Blossum

    Good morning:

    I want to share with you the book I am reading that is helping me deal with the framework of my trauma. “Combatting Cult Mind Control”, by Steven Hassan.

    Part of the mind trauma that I deal with on a daily basis involves “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a huge component of mind control and gang stalking/human trafficking:

    1. Control of behavior

    2. Control of thoughts

    3. Control of emotions

    4. Control of information

    With cognitive dissonance at work our thoughts and feelings change to minimize conflict. Restriction of free thought comes through controlled information. Who is controlling our information? Or what?

    If our technological society or technocracy changes into a “thought police” society we can all possibly become mind-controlled slaves. I fight my programmers every day in every way! My treasured internal private space; my mind, has been invaded with Voice to skull or God technology. This is a very challenging problem to deal with on a daily basis. Some people think that “this problem” is a manifestation of mental illness, but it is simply a new form of technology that gang stalkers and human traffickers can use to harass their potential victims. This is what happens when societies start thinking “the ends justify the means”! This type of thought planting and interruption leads to mass shootings and suicides to name, but a few consequences of hate run amuck!!!

    The FCC was deregulated back in the 1990’s and it is becoming an increasingly harmful frequency world!!!Most of our technology has been deregulated and that is bad for every human being on the planet!!!

    I want to say a special thank you to James Shin, who recently traveled to New York and is in the process of discovering what the new high frequency riot towers are -THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE JAMES SHIN!!!! See attached link!!!

    No one wants to talk about these frequency towers!!!This technology is completely UNREGULATED!!!! And it is killing people!!!

    These type of anti-terror technologies are doing more harm than good!!!And is a progressive and aggressive attack on human autonomy and freedom!!!

    I call the attacks I face daily a form of mind raping! Being mind raped is traumatic and preventing me from functioning optimally on a daily basis!!!

    Thoughts are planted in my head on a daily basis!!! These perpetrators use foul language to imprison their victims thoughts and feelings and possibly to trigger their victims as well.

    As I educate myself on the practice of brain washing and mind-control I know that I am not alone and many people do not survive these mental and spiritual attacks. Some people are forced into suicide; or suicide – which means murder, these forces threaten to murder me or maim me on a daily basis! They have been involved in mutilating my private parts, and causing irrevocable mental harms to me and those I love. These are common tactics that are used to force families into estrangement. The human collective psyche’ is

    under attack and we can be hypnotized by many things[ technological] without our permission or consent!

    I also wish to state emphatically that the persons involved in perpetrating these crimes against humanity are also victims of mind control and brain washing.

    I am not excusing them I am saying the I practice my own fidelity to cope with this harassment on a daily basis; that includes:

    1. loving my enemies

    2. loving my neighbors as I love myself

    3. doing no harm

    4. and being true to myself ~ “to thine own self be true” ~ Shakespeare

    5. Never give up and never give in ~ fight on my friends fight on!!!

    I believe I can help people with what I am learning, but we are at much greater risk of breaking down a s a society and a collective than we ever have been before. Mind control victims can be triggered without their knowledge or consent – and never know what they are doing!!!

    Materialist and consumer oriented societies are at great risk of being programmed and exploited. The space between our thoughts are getting shorter

    due to programming and technology. Having experienced a form of one-mind mindfulness I believe our collective practices are very important. Prayer and meditation are harder when voices invade the mind. I am sending love and light everyday, but I also fight my V2K and experience time distortion.

    I am sending this information to the people in my network who are the least judgmental, and most compassionate!!!Thank you for your continued support and empathy!!!


    Bliss Blossum

  13. Bliss Blossum
    Please add Bliss Blossum to your list. I have been a victim of mind-control and brain washing since I was a small child and I am human trafficked by the American mental health system!!!!STOP HUMAN TORTURE!!!!

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  15. Lemane Ould Aly/USA

    Please add my name to the list:
    BS in Economics/Nouakchott University-Mauritania
    MS in Economics/Wright State University-Dayton-Ohio-USA
    Self-Employed (Business Owner)/Nationality: Mauritanian-American

  16. Please add my name in next up date
    Terry Brewer – Activist –

  17. Brandon Combs

    Brandon Combs
    Mind invaded at 13. Shriners likely involved. Freemasons. Intel agencies. Mind invaded and virtually raped for 15 years. Hell. please end this nightmare ,and violation of 4th,5th,6th,8th,and 14th amendment rights.

  18. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    OMG I just viewed Targeted Individual Myron May’s Last Words, part 3 of 3 and e-mailed an invitation to Congressman Peter Aguilar ‘so Official site inviting him to view the same. Powerful!
    Thank you RamolaD for this solid platform.
    The Congressman post was performed @ 1534 hrs. today.

  19. Audrey Jones

    Please add our names, Audrey Jones and Betty Terry of VA. My mother and I have been tortured, harassed, sexually harassed, stalked, 24hrs surveillances, our homes broken into and illegally searched since 2010 by the local Sheriffs, police, community watchers and my co-workers. I have been employed by law enforcement, BRRJA, for 15 years and am rated as a outstanding employee. I took my son and mother on vacation to NC this past June, about 3.5 hrs. away. I had rented a cabin in the mountains, each night we were tortured with the police energy weapons. Then I saw my co-workers there……Capt. Schmitt and Officer Coles. I am certain more officers were there. After returning to work I let everyone know that I saw them and that we were tortured. They turned the power up on their weapons and tried to kill us that night. My heart hurted for three days. I immediately wrote Trump and informed him they were trying to kill us. I also wrote my Rep with the General Assembly…. Ms. short from his office called me and told me to call the police. They refused to help. I ended up calling 911 and had my story recorded…..a Cpl. from the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Dept. called me back. I informed him I would continue to call 911 as long as the torture continued. He threaten me with a mental institution if I called back. Since then they have stopped torturing me at work and in my car. They have turned the power way down and only doing it while I am sleeping, very light. I purchased the Quwave, keep my ears plugged and built a strong relationship with Jesus. It is better, but we must stop it. They are blocking my emails….I do not believe Trump has received any of them. I wrote Rand Paul last weekend using a different device and he wrote me back! We all need to get together as one large force and take action together. The conservatives will stand with us……write Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, V.P. Pence, President Trump, Mike Lee, the NRA, the Tea Party, Fox News…..faxing it to make sure they get it! You can get their fax number from their websites. We must end the Patriot Act, the Police State and remove these weapons from all of law enforcement to stop it. They are using the Patriot Act to label us as terrorists so the Police State can torture us. Obama’s people still in the DOJ, NSA and FBI are still continuing his satanic agenda. They want us gone. Those that are Christians, Patriots, the ones that will stand up and speak out about socialism. We do not fit the lambs that take their money and follow their every command. They cannot buy us or fool us so they want us destroyed. Please continue to fight, fax lots of letters! God will not forsake us, have faith! We are not alone. My email is

  20. Diana maria pereira

    Diana m pereira and 3 childrens. Frisco tx.

  21. Jennie Malloy

    I live in L. A. and am Being targeted. These people belong in prisons for the criminaly insane. I fear for not only every American but for every human.

  22. Randall Lee Moorman

    I am a U.S. Army/Navy disabled veteran. Have been tortured/mutilated for nearly 20 years now. They (perps) took my left eye out with a military grade thermal laser, infrasound oscillations nightly has given me heart conditions, (hypertension, congestion, irregular heartbeat), stage 3 kidney disease, mental cloudiness.
    Microwave radiation has given me constricted brain blood vessels, dehydrated vertebrae discs aggravating my congenital spinal canal stenosis, dryed up cartilage causing damage and tearing in most of my joints, hard to reverse obesity due to overage of cortisol dumped in my blood by over stimulated renal organs, dysfunctional perspective from being exhausted 24/7.
    Who under God’s beautiful blue sky gave these gangstalker nazis cart blanc to wreak terror and death upon the rest of us? Let’s not be silent any more. Nor let the
    anointed leaders, treading the earth in golden sandals, turn their faces away anymore, but have their noses rubbed in it till they see the light of truth. This mkultra garbage has to stopped post haste!!! Thank you.

  23. Leacroft Witter

    My name is Leacroft Witter and i have been Conspired against. They are a Covert Cult of organized gangstalkers staging attacks on US citizens in society as they did to me, plotting due to jealousy, insecurities, hatred etc. I have been Implanted with a bio chip piece of technology some sort military type during an eye surgery i had. This allows these perps to read my mind and thoughts see through my eyes and hear what is going on. Currently being assaulted 24/7 as a US citizen and at place of employment electronically with radiation and under surveillance,  Organized stalking by the cults which is my neighbor and others that reside on my block where i live. these perpertrators is eavesdropping on me and family members in my household. I have been conspired against and exposed to (DEW) Direct Energy Weapons, Gangstalking and seeking legal aid and instructions on how to proceed with an lawsuit i know i need to hire a a private investigator to sweep my home of any spy devices, but i would like to know how to deal with the camera implanted inside of my body where to go with this evidence. Names of known Perps Neil Manning, and Ulric Neal, Caple,  Karl Sawyers, Jakira Simon.

  24. The DOJ and DOD, in particular the FBI and CIA, are the primary abusers in conjunction with Infraguard members and local, state and federal police and agencies. Their guinea pig database is used for truth tellers and whistleblowers to silence them. The DOJ and DOD are partners in many criminal enterprises according to former agents at the FBI and CIA. DOD Directive 5240.1 is illegal and unconstitutional.

  25. Hey. This is Tommy Clark. I have a huge case with Tampa law enforcement. They’ve been following me around and gangstalking me for close to 4 months now. There were sexual statements wrote on me and they got out of the Bryan County jail. They were then slandered to CNN by a previous employer and when I went to Tampa, I seen a bug light go off at my camp. A few moments later there was a laser pointed at me and I said “No, stop. Don’t shoot me man that’s dirty. I got up and told him to come get the bug before I left and took a 20 minute walk. The next day for about 4 or 5 days they were formatted around me, cocking guns, sexually harassing me, even in my sleep, slandering me, to the point where I moved. Next stop was Columbia, SC. When I got there, sexual harassment in my sleep continued. I think there was a little outpost set up in the back of the building where I was staying. Sounded like birds behind the door at first then a radio. That’s when I realized I was being followed. I seen one of the team jump behind the building and so forth. One night a remark was made about shooting me in the face so I moved down the block some. Later that night I noticed a laser pointed at me from across the street. I then moved down to Laurel st. Not long after I moved, I noticed a line of lasers pointed at me from the wood line. I also noticed who I believe is the Sheriff for the first time sexually slander me in a publix in SC. Wasn’t too long after that I left again. Next stop, Sav, Ga. Home pretty much. This is where these statements were slandered off to CNN. This team is behind me the whole way. Sexually harassing me still and slandering me in front of the public. The public were checking for confidential information about these statements. They were doing this same thing in Tampa after law enforcement slandered them off. Back to Savannah.. Savannah enforcement harassed me through the radio on the Dot bus and the City Transit. It could’ve been other coach drivers, but still. This has when on in Sav for about 2 months alone. I just moved back with my mom in Statesboro, GA and they continue to terroristic threaten me, sexually harass me, and sexually slander me. They’ve been driving me insane. One came into my mother’s house last Friday the 6/16 at 2 in the morning with no right to be in here. They put cameras in my mother’s house and car. I’m pretty sure I heard them in both. My sister was over one day and she even claimed to have heard them once in the house. Possibly put bugs in both as well. They’ve came into the back of some stores and restaurants. A store right down the road from here is where I saw the manager of this hit team for the second time. Same guy from Publix in SC. But I have a huge case, and I really need some help resolving this matter. If you could please put me through to a lawyer, that would be great. I’ve called everyone I could think of to get this team to leave, and they won’t. Please contact me via email or by phone. My number is 9123589803. If you want, feel free to pass this on to any lawyer and tell him to give me a call or email me. Thanks a bunch! You’re help is much needed.
    I’ve also got some pictures to help explain.
    There using CoIntelPro tactics to drive me crazy. I’ve called internal affairs. I’ve called FBI (the ones who launched this program) and now I know they won’t help either. Even called all kind of organizations and administrations and they don’t reply. If you can find someone to remove this illegal testing, please get them to notify me immediately so we can discuss how to end this psychological torture.

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  27. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    Dear Melissa,
    Suffice it to say that the police organized gang stalking is quite apparent. A few culprits are (in the future I wI’ll add employee names and photos ):
    Budget Tire and Auto Repair -the owner George arranged a mob on the date that I was to pick up my truck (please note the size of waiting area/cash register), with the scene set he robbed me of $1,600.00. I filed complaints with the CA Bureau of Auto Repair, BBB and the Attorney General and County Prosecutor.

    U.S. Post Office

    Home Depot


    Of course Infragard’s influence is quite palpable in the stores,etc.
    Please remain strong.
    Most Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.
    Nonconsensual Targeted Individual for Criminal Harassment and Nonconsensual Human Experimentation

  28. Thanks to all for this astute and thoughtful letter. It accurately corrects the understated and deceptive narratives of the DOD, DHS, CIA, FBI, etc.
    I graduated magna cum laude from college, every sibling a brilliant creative entreprenuer. Great wealth of talents in my family – valuable intellectual property.
    Tortured to pain beyond human thresholds to suicide, lobotomized and/or depatterned, Brain chipped and brain mutilated. 10 years of mind control – some of the most unimaginablely Satanic and horrific – terror consciousness forced to run on my brain. Years of confusion and lost time. Family estranged, I rarely leave my home out of fear for my life.
    In just the last 3 months I have come to realize my entire family has been a CIA human experiment all my life. I’m 58. Both my grandmother and father were murdered, all inheritance and assets forfeited.
    I believe my psychologist is related to Mengele. Its shocking to see the community look away.
    Everyone is mind controlled now. These supremely psychopathic weapons should never have been developed. There is no comparable experience to that of Satanic electronic mind controlled insanity and torture. It is beyond what a human being can withstand. This is the most frustrating and horrifying thing – worse than the atomic bomb. The people who did this and all involved deserve to be subject to what they did to me. Let’s see then if they still think these weapons are going to change the world. Or just destroy it in the worst ways imaginable. There are no words, no screams loud enough to illustrate the evils of this technology. It is hell times trillons.

  29. Jean Kilcourse

    I TOO HAVE WRITTEN TO PRESIDENT TRUMP ON THIS ISSUE. We need to look into the funds going to intel communities and their covert operations across the board. More and more people are coming out over this monstrous act against humanity, The police are absolutely involved in these operations, they lie and play stupid. The reality of what they have done to otherwise good people that may not of got along with their buddies will soon be exposed with so many voices coming forward. My ordeal started after calling NPPD on a neighbor that worked for DHS that attacked my property. A neighbor that by his own admission had ties to this city and police force. From that point on my life was forever change. An attempt to get to the bottom was met with lies to my face by Chief Vespia about any knowledge of this assault. President Trump and Congress MUST meet these offenses with the strictest of penalties. I only hope all these involved in this cowardly act (hiding behind shades using equipment against us) have their wives and daughters targeted ten fold.

  30. Hello Adair,
    What do you know about Fontana? I only know of another person that was experiencing this horror in Rialto. That person left Rialto and I believe they went to Rancho. I don’t know of any support groups. Do they even exist?

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  32. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    Well Melissa I am well versed on Fontana. From my experience you are situated in a hot bed. Rialto (to my knowledge doesn’t have any helicopters- Fontana does, also the Rialto City Police Chief resides in your city). Are you affiliated with any format of support groups, etc.?

  33. I am part of the Brain Initiative Program since 2015 – I have done extensive research after I lost my job because that’s when my life started to turn upside down. I have been tortured inside of my body and my mind for a year a half now. I’m married and have 2 kids. I also see a huge difference in my kids personality. They are more aggressive towards me with words and their behavior. My kids have never acted this way in their life. I see a change in their face also. My body aches everyday, I feel like I’m choking everyday with whatever they are putting inside of my body. My brain is shifted everyday along with their electrical impulses and I have the worst confusion I’ve ever had in my life. Not only did I lose my job over this but I don’t have the support at home that I should be having. I don’t have any money, I don’t have the energy to take care of myself let alone my kids. I don’t have any type of spousal support either for some reason and I don’t know how that is allowed when I’m an experiment and I can’t work. I never gave consent to any of this and I am being neglected along with my kids. Not only am I being tortured by this program everyday but my husbands behavior has totally changed againts me. I can’t take this anymore and I don’t know where else to go for help. Everything that has been already said in the descriptions above – most of them have happened to me and they still are. I don’t understand what government would let someone do this to a mom with 2 kids and have basically no support just abuse. I am being held againts my will everyday of my life and it has been nothing but torture and drama with everyone around me. Everyone knows around me knows whats happening but no one seems to be here for me!!! There are also days that I feel that I need to be in a hospital because of the fear that I feel inside of me that whatever these doctors and scientist and whatever other government agency is putting inside of me (creates fear). This is the most unorganized and demonic program that I have ever came across and I’m actually going through it.


  35. My name is David Brinsko and I am an ordained Elder in The Seventh-Day-Adventist Worldwide Church In Buffalo, New York I have been victimized by the Oneida County Sheriff Department for 33 Years and 11 months. People have to realize that when the DOJ and the DOD signed the MOU agreeing to share Psychotronic Mind Control and other Electromagnetic Resonance Weapons with Law Enforcement it wasn’t to solve Rapes, Murders and Child
    Abductions it was to control American citizens county by county. Ted Gunderson said: one day the same weapons the Sheriff Departments used on the Citizenry will be used on them to ferret out each and everyone of them to be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity and I do mean crimes.
    God Bless America for real. db 3-28-17

  36. Could you please add to my name on this memorandum the following:
    Whistleblower of $50MILLION a year Ky Govt Retirement Fraud – go to youtube to see a video of me addressing the Ky Public Pension Oversight Board dated 01/27/17 addressing Senators and Representatives who will not stop this $50MILLION yearly govt fraud. I have sent emails and certified letters to them. I was told they will close the “loop hole” that allowed this to happen. In the video Sen. Bowen said mistakes were made. These were not mistakes, those who wrote the statute knew they would be stealing from the taxpayers. Taxes will have to be raised to pay for this fraud or other funds will be borrowed (you know the fund will never get its money back)from to pay for this fraud.
    The FBI will not stop or prosecute this fraud. After going to their Louisville, Ky office 3x’s I was told they have done all they can do and I was not to come back to their office or step foot on their property. I am now being stalked and harassed along with some of the things written in this memo to President Trump.
    My tweets have been altered and many stopped from being seen by many. My FB post are not being seen by everyone and words look to be misspelled when I knew they were correct prior to posting.
    I will continue to fight for my country. For all the soldiers and veterans who fought for our freedoms and have been badly mistreated under Obama’s reign.
    NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if Pres. Trump never received this memo. Obama and the deep state still have their operatives in our INTEL and will do everything they can to stop us from getting the word out what is really going on in this Country.

  37. Louise Condie

    I wrote to President Trump to ask him to end Electronic Torture. I suggested that he could put the hundreds of millions of dollars the government is spending on paying ET sadists to perform ET, their equipment costs, and the expensive health costs of victims paid by the government (medicare etc)could all go towards his Wall. He would save tortured victims at the same time and have hundreds of millions of thankful supportive voters for his future reelection!
    Please don’t use my name but I see this approach as a HUGE incentive to Trump. Good luck to you all!

    Sent from my iPhone

  38. Please read, please send Larry Klayman/Freedom Watch & Devin Nunes the Memo to Trump:

  39. Romola,

    Please add to list

    Debra Anda , Minneapolis Minnesota

    Generational victim of COINTELPRO
    Mother Murdered 1970’s
    Life of chaos , peace In Christ Jesus

  40. Ramola D,
    Thank you and cowriter s of this letter from the bottom of my heart.
    Dianne Renee Chandler
    Retired LTC/05 USAR , Veteran with 28 years service
    Tortured by contractors since 2012 after filing EEO complaint in 2010 Dianne Chandler vs Secretary of the Army
    Tracked by Army helicopters from Redstone Arsenal which provides assistance to my attackers. Vibrated with radar and microwaves plus infra and ultrasound, night and day, not permitted to sleep. My elderly mother attacked too. Valhermoso Springs, AL 23 March 2017


  42. To all targeted individuals: FYI. The perps are using hand held police radar guns to attack their targets in their living spaces. As you may already know, a radar speed gun is a Doppler radar unit that sends microwave RF signal to the moving target to determine it’s speed. Unfortunately, it is also being used on people as one form of harassment. If you experience some kind of vibration in your body and you feel your heartbeat racing, that could be a sign that you are being electromagnetically attacked. The microwave on the police hand held speed radar’s frequency operates on the Ka band anywhere from 34.200 to 35.200 GHz. In comparison, your microwave oven at home operates at 2.45 GHz. Can you imagine being exposed to the radar guns RF radiation continuously? And since the RF signals are microwave, they can easily penetrate your walls to attack you. So, how do you document the attack for evidence? Get yourself a radar detector that detects X band, K band, and Is band. Get your camera and video tape the event as evidence. Your radar detector will tell you the frequency of the radar gun being used on you. Good luck!

  43. Muguet Burgos

    Hi Darleen, I’m on Oahu where my family has been devastated too. Very hard time here. We can share for ease. Message me fb Muguet

  44. Dear David, please write to me about your experience, I would be very interested in interviewing you, particularly since you mention a similarity with Charles Schlund’s extraordinary case, as recounted in his so-valuable affidavit. Pl. use these ids:, Thanks!




    My own case parallels that, of Charles August Schlund’s

  49. Barbara Guillette

    I wrote to Jim Lehrer Washington DC asking him to go public with the information he has knowledge about this program and DEW. We shall see. He has hidden long enough! BJG

  50. RamolaD: My name is Dennis Bitoon. I am a US Navy Veteran and a Targeted Individual in Los Angeles, California. I have been a targeted individual for almost 10 yrs now from gang stalking, electronic harassment, direct energy weapons, microwave, audio/video surveillance, tinnitus in my left ear. You name it I’ve experienced them. Please add my name to the list. Thank you!

  51. Hello Ramola! My name is Irina Wickholm. I am human rights activist and animal rights activist from Russia (member of the International Public Movement “Public Control of Law and Order” (MOD OKP)). I am also a victim of psychotronic weapons of the intelligence agencies and of their Organized Stalking. Therefore, I also sign Your Memorandum. The letter by me already have sent on Yours email.

  52. Thank you very much, Adair, for your efforts in California to expose and raise public awareness. Keep us posted.

  53. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    I physically visited Congressman Peter Aguilar ‘s San Bernardino, Ca Office on 2/22/17 @ approximately 1130 hrs. I had the pleasure of interfacing with Ms. Teresa Valdez, District Director. I left a list of credible (by my best estimation ) internet sites that are relevant to “organized gangstalking “. We mutually agreed to touch bases again after she has reviewed the sites. Of course this instant site was on the short list that I tendered to Ms. Valdez. I will update as this effort unfolds.
    Most Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.
    Nonconsensual Targeted Individual for Criminal Harassment and Nonconsensual Human Experimentation

  54. Mariann Bakken

    My name is Mariann Bakken. I’m a Norwegian living in Norway. I have worked as a bicycle messenger and as a stage hand besides being an activist. Today I am disabled. In the fall of 2009 I was harassed with emf-weapons and subjected to massive organized stalking from the same day I at last should have had the time to sit down and finally prepare to start up a new organization already registered with its aim to work for the Norwegian peoples Constitutional rights to a healthy environment and future generations rights to a sustainable nature. Some years prior to this I had also been made aware through repeatedly occurring intimidation attempts that I was being watched.

  55. Dr. Cherie Larsson

    Great letter

  56. Hello FELLOW CITIZENS, President Donald trump, many u.U.S. citizens under assault, mind control technology, forced upon U.S. citizens right now, this activity demands a quick response, this abuse, is genocide, now is the time, we need bold leaders, mass media coverage, this is truly THE biggest threat to ALL CITIZENS, everywhere, we must not let up,in our fight for freedom, RIGHTS, LIBERTY, thank you FELLOW CITIZENS

  57. Thank You Ramola for this Excellent letter.
    I believe I have become a targeted individual since 2015 for speaking out on You Tube and Christian blogs about the evils perpetrated to my children at their ex- Roman Catholic school here in Maryland. I spoke to the local RC Archdiocese about what was taking place in the school, the slandering of my daughter by the wicked principle and VP. Wicked teacher’s and students ostracized and bullied my son daily forcing him to do things that he had no control over. The Archdiocese chairman of schools betrayed my trust, stabbed me in the back, forwarded my confidential emails, defended the Principle’s and teacher abuses and he looked the other way.
    We have left that hell bent organization and now I have become subject to DEW’s daily. Other attacks include frequencies to my temporal lobe, a stiff neck from the ear piercing frequencies, my heart is being hit with an arrhythmia frequency as I write this. Police Helicopter’s buzz my house at night shaking the house, fighter jets have flown over my house several times this past year, I’ve been tailgated by perps on streets and highways, dog walkers and joggers appear daily who I have never seen in the neighborhood before. I get random phone calls with no one on the line, my private parts are hit with piercing pain when I sit and read the Bible. I’ve noticed the smart meter on the water pipe clicks loudly when I’m in the shower and is being used to remotely monitor my EEG and thought patterns. The electricity flickers when I come back into the house from being out. I’ve had several close call car accidents, all of this is being used to silence me from speaking out about the evils of the Roman CC. I have no fancy degrees, I’m just a fierce Momma Bear when it comes to defending truth and righteousness.

  58. I have been a Targeted Individual by the United States C.I.A for many years. To escape their Microwave Energy Torture and Gang Stalking, I left to Sweden then Netherlands then Latvia then back to Sweden who detained me and sent me back to the United States, the C.I.A Satellites and Airplanes followed me to all those countries, after spending all my financial resources I became HOMELESS living in a Homeless shelter in Hackensack, New Jersey.
    Please stop the C.I.A and other Governmental Agencies from experimenting on innocent American citizens and on humans in general, this not what I expected from my own Government.

  59. Richard Lovelace Sr.

    My name is Richard Lovelace Sr and i am a Targeted Individual for over thirty years now.I am a Disabled Senior Citizen since 1987.I have forteen Microchips and Wires and Probes attached to my Spine with Microwire running to my Brain.Me and some Family Members have been Poisoned with Smart Dust.. Nano Particals that was put in my brother yard. Five Bee Hives has died twice because of the Nerotoxins. My IHS analysis report in Toxicology States that I was Poisoned with Prairie Rattle snake poisoning also, i was asked have i been bit by one, the answer was no. I guess when they crossed the line of Experiment’s on Human Beings then they have to Murder you and some Family Members and they have their different ways of doing this.I have all the evidence but i am afraid all Authority’s is turning a blind eye.I believe because they use Society to help them. I really thought that when our new President Trump would stop this madness. I will be 66 years in a couple of months and my entire family have been Destroyed because of the Genociders…

  60. Jurij [yuri] Radovich

    If you want to learn how HUMINT, that is human intelligence is organized and works, please go to YouTube on my personal channel “jurijradovich”. If it goes so in Lithuania as NATO member, so it certainly goes this way anywhere. Please share this link.

  61. Aloha Bobby I am on Kauai i am a TI having a hard time. please message me on facebook or thru my email. mahalo.

  62. Thank you Clint, I will add.

  63. Important that all of Hawaii’s U of Hawaii and those that contrast and debate what the U OF H, would keep secret. seems that all the aloha has been sucked out of the common civil decency, of what is a real community. NSA likes to play pretend, make up crap stories, and force Hawaiians and mainlanders to perform raping of children via ELF EMF software and hardware, that reads your minds EEG, sending the voices of those, who take rotten money to murder and rape other people’s wives. attempting to coerce, gas light, harass the sexual organs.. to “impress those in power, the pedophiles at the top, who pay NSA to do this shit?” of course the cowards on Kaua’i at a distance, simply think they are “immune” and authorized, claiming they will simply change all there names, and just disappear, after torturing me for over 21 months now. sounds like a FBI cointel pro, combo NSA sick program, to cater up to the real pedophiles, who see all this as entertainment. wow, i am so saddened this is happening to others, within the US and Australia, i am more than shocked to the core… as i still hold my full time job, while they attempt to murder me even at my daily work tasks, here in Colorado. i am in clear minded, sane, and in a pissed off mood, i do not use drugs or MJ. thank you for sharing this awesomely constructed memo. see my file time line notarized, posted in “files”, on many of the TI groups. RVL

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  65. I am also a targeted individual in this horrific painful torture. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse in Hawaii.

  66. I’d like to sign this Ramola.

    Here’s my details:

    Clint Mclean, Master’s degree in Computer Science (distinction), South Africa

  67. Hello Ramola,

    I noticed that many of the people I reported what was going on either retired or changed jobs. The representative I reported it did not run for office again. I will start sending the memo to whoever I can.

  68. Same*

  69. Hello Adair,

    I’m in fontana. I have the American problem here.

  70. My name is Anne b. Parmaktiar, I have been a targeted individual since the year of 2002 to the present year of 2017! The heart energy/mind control controls that operate on me are voice to skull, forced speech, remote neural monitor, energy locks on my heart! I have been attacked with satellite laser energies to my head, magnetic guns to my heart, microwave energy to my body, electrosmogged for years! Hope to see change with the new president! Please add my name to the targeted individual list of people!


    Anne parmaktiar

  71. Phiem Nguyen USA singed, I am victim from Mind control, secret human research, Directed Energy Weapons almost my whole life from mental to physical body until now.
    I am retired and selfemployed, TI don’t have job, don’t have money but under tortured, murdered, deprived, dependable life!

    Thank you so much for this work!
    She should send out MW, victims can fill in name and location, email, and so on.
    After she had collect victims, she review then save letter and victims names in PDF file, post on Facebook and somewhere else if she see necessary then submit to President.
    We can not sign, we don’t want to give out information.

  72. Martina Pearce

    Hello, i’m a Targeted Individual from Germany.

  73. Is anyone else experiencing an escalation in assaults and intensity? I have and I’m not sure how much more I can endure. The shielding I have been using is no longer effective.

  74. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    I also mailed the flyer for neighbors (from your site) via certified mail #7016 1370 0002 1859 9283 to the Mayor (signed for by a one Thomas J. Cran.. last name unreliable 😉 1/31/17). Other possibly culpable homes received this flyer as well. Subsequent to my submission there has been a massive uptick of harrassment, to include air (the same white andress yellow USA plane dispersing very voluminous chemtrails, helicopters, etc.). Sleep deprivation continues. I am surrounded all four sides. The most insulting fact is the Rialto Police Department has in place a halfway house next door-the first in Rialto, devoid of community buy-in. They just did it because they can. It suits their purposes.
    Most Respectfully Submitted,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.
    P.S. I am awaiting the Mayor’so response to my 1/31/17 letter. I have also reached out to Congressman Peter Aguilar (response is pending ).

  75. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    Dear Ramola,
    I have been experiencing great difficulty computing. I have posted information on and why am I not surprised. com. Also I spoke a couple of times (telephone ) with the Venerable, Keith Labella, Esq. I addressed the Rialto, CA City Council (this presentation is lodged on both of the aforementioned sites ). Thank you for your efforts and response.
    Most Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

  76. We do need a complete shutdown worldwide, Ruth. Thank you for your note and link–and no, this letter (a joint collaboration with other activists) is not comprehensive, but hints at the wealth of abuses being perpetrated on humans today by EMF weapons and neuroweapons. What you spell out is indeed true and we need to spell that out for a world audience: these EMF/Neuro/Mind Control technologies are deadly, they are already very finely developed, and they have the potential for being used if not already being used, at every level of society–against judges, lawyers, police, doctors, teachers, nurses, everyone. People need to wake up and understand how vulnerable every one of us is, to our minds and bodies being savaged by these weapons. Because they are remote-influencing and remote-stimulation technologies, the high-level perpetrators imagine they are protected by plausible deniability. But these are war crimes and crimes against humanity. The exposure of these weapons and these crimes will surely lead to the complete exposure of those wielding these weapons currently with impunity. I will explore your pages–thank you, stay safe.

  77. Ramola, it is one of the best summarys I read during the last 3 years. But you didn’t mention Mind Control and it’s Body functions. You can find an overview here:
    You have nice ideas, but in fact we need a complete shut down of Mind Control – worldwide. Gangstalkers get their ideas by this technology and their motivation. Judges and police cannot work and can get tortured. Proofs can be manipulated. You can look into my FB profile to find my “Torture testing” results (posts, photos and videos). There are more than just two or three US “enemies” in my brain and my body.

  78. Ellen, thank you so much for your note. I am so sorry to hear of your mother’s and family’s experience. This targeting as you note is indeed directly connected to MK ULTRA and its continuing excesses, these are incredibly sadistic and apparently Nazi/Mengele-style programs of torture against humanity. I will explore your website. Light and love your way. Ramola

  79. Can you please re-send your response, Adair–this doesn’t ring a bell. Thanks. Very best wishes to you too.

  80. Adair rutherford buckner,

    I responded to your posting on the website on 1/28/17. Are you in fact, in receipt of my submission? Please advise. God bless you and may your efforts prosper.
    Most Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I. , Physician Assistant

  81. Nico Napolitano

    Again, well written and complete overview.

  82. I Have been a Targeted Victim sine 1974. My targeting really escalated after my Father’s murder in January of 1993.

  83. My mother was in the sleep therapy program in Montreal. Ewan Cameron, MK ultra, Gottlieb, Dulus, Mengele. Her picture & video getting electroshocked is stock footage now. My picture is also stock imagery for this program. I am mkultra girl. My sister is alive and on max dosage of 8 different meds/day. My bother died at 19yrs old. MKultra/ targeted individuals are everywhere. Many are in denial. Many are programmed to take each other out. This is a very intricate web that is woven into the fabric of society. Our suppression is equal to “everyday life” carrying on as normal to the unaware or non believing. So, when this gets dealt with, nothing will ever be the same, for the better but most people will think it is the end of the world. They have no idea. This is a wonderful petition and the same is being gathered all over the world. It is time for an international class action suit. Canada is practically nothing but MKed targets.

  84. EPHESIANS 6:12!
    God Bless you and protect you all!
    THE POWER of PRAYER in Eiosous Name be with you all always

  85. This is the best, most comprehensive letter I have ever seen. I have seen many over the 2 years I have been tortured with this inhumane program. Your welcome to use my signature if you like, however if your looking for someone with an impressive background, I do not fit that criteria.

    I would just like to note the amount of money that this program has access to. They have broke the billion dollar mark on me with 6-8 military jets 24/7 from Kirkland AFB since August 1st, 2016. Previous to that I was in another state where I had about a 3 military jets assaulting 24/7. I do not understand how they can hide this type of funding. It may be in plain sight listed under a dubious program.

    I’d like to suggest flooding the GAO (government accounting office) with complaints and for answers as to where this funding is coming from.

    Here are some of their responsibilities:.
    1.auditing agency operations to determine whether federal funds are being spent efficiently and effectively;
    2.investigating allegations of illegal and improper activities;
    and opinions, such as bid protest rulings and reports on agency rules.

    This is public funding used for illegal activities.

  86. Ed Crouse Jr. and family
    Direct Care Giver

  87. I live in NSW Australia.Have been targeted most my life. Have known about it for the last 4 years.They got me into trouble and have stoped doing it since they got me diagnosed schizophrenia and forced to take monthly injections for something I don’t bloody have.

  88. Excellent writing Ramola, this is such a challenging topic to summarize in a credible way to those who are still unknowing of this program. You covered it all with the facts to back it up. In his 1/20 speech, President Trump also stated “you will never be ignored again”.

  89. Patrick, thank you. The letter is not my wording alone, but a joint collaborative effort with German physicist Dr.Katherine Horton and NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart. The most important information, we believe, is in the title, for these are essentially torture and subjugation programs hidden under cover of Surveillance by the corrupt Surveillance State, which seeks to keep the (now long-term) use of electromagnetic and neuroweapons on domestic populations hidden. We ask that everyone helps by sending this Memo to all your Congress, State, and local officials: they need to be put on notice, continually, that these crimes will not be tolerated, and that their names and jobs are on the line.

  90. I, myself, an a victim of electronic rape. From the age of 3, I was implanted with stints in my genitals which have been used as a means of remote molestation all of my life. Not only have I been a victim of clandestine molestation, I have also been in the homeless holocaust and have witnessed the outright attack on the city of Denver, with the goal of turning children of the poor over to the child sex trade. This has gotten so bad that such atrocities, seemingly impossible on American soil, has become so common place, that even children are aware of it. Before you discard such actions as an impossibility, ask to review the HALO cameras from downtown Denver from September of 2015 through to December of 2015, paying particular attention to PSYOPS operatives and their dealings with children amd the homeless.

  91. I am always so hacked. I do not use email. How else may I sign? Targeted.
    Morgaine A. D’Clegg, I was sexually assaulted, and put into this program by those having access to do so. Have always been a speaker of truth. I thought Trump would protect us? I voted for him, my last hope…believing so. Why are we having to ask? He knows what is happening.

  92. Patrick Cleary

    Thanks for putting all the time and energy into this letter, Ramola. It’s very well-written and has a lot of great information.

  93. Targeted Individuals N.I. / UK.

  94. Thomas Steinke

    Independent Contractor OTR Truck Driver

  95. John Christiana

    Okay Ramola D, Nice petition! I’ll email you my name and profession/degrees. John Christiana

  96. Robby Angeles

    I’m a victim, this needs to end. We get no help and labeled as mentally ill.

    MANY people are dying and having their health deteriorate right in our backyard.

  97. Rickie Liggett

    Electronic Harassment victim since 3/2002.

  98. Greg Ledbetter

    Then it appears I just lost everything I wrote as my phone is hacked, I won’t go over it all again, those of us it effects know the effects and becoming very sick of said effects!

  99. Greg Ledbetter

    As my family is being destroyed before my very own eyes, please stop the psychological warfare, dew weapons ( This moment) the smell is awful the burning eyes gut aches Etc. Sleep deprivation, perverted idea attempts, sabotaged vehicles electronic devices, and the obvious brainwashing of my family not believing things that are happening, golf cart battery blown up in face, jolted to the ground numerous times , the purposeful pain infliction on existing injuries, threats to family members if you don’t do what you are told ( Synthetic Telepathy) vehicle accident threats, etc etc etc short term memory loss! And again a another blast to the face with dew weapon, left eye is a target? Nose bleeds daily!

  100. Excellent letter once again Ramola. Please add my name: Terrance Bass, retired musician and marketing professional.

  101. Sherri M Guarnieri

    Thank you for your courage to keep this very important topic in the public eye. Eleven years and counting as a targeted individual after writing a whistle blowing letter to The White House on Alzheimer’s patients being harmed in long term care facilities.

  102. Stanley Heavrin of Louisville KY

    Im Stanley Heavrin louisville Ky 40258 I have been a TI over 2 years. And have been tortured 24/7 have had the energy gun used on me for germ warfare. As I write this they are torturing me. With mind control changing me thought and words. As they ridiculing me and threaten me.
    I Stanley Heavrin have been termily ill however I am of sound mind. The Police told me in PRP Louisville It 40258 since I was sick that they can not believe me. He said quote :you are sick so you must be imagining everything. And the pictures you have you could have alter them.
    They killed both my cats snook and Locke for no reason just to destroy me more. Hacked my bank account took everything had my heat and water turned off. Promised me if I let house go to foreclosure quit harassing me. One day they quit .so now I’m facing living on the streets with no money no where to go. BECAUSE they follow me every place. They placed cameras in my 14 year old grandaughter room to watch her undress. Now I have family and everything. For the GOVERNMENT PLEASURE so I can be a test victim for germ warfare

  103. Thank you for this note, I will post your comment in full shortly. Please send me your name and profession if you wish to sign, thanks: Very sorry you and your family are being hit so badly. God bless.

  104. Just send me your name and signature: Name and Profession/Degrees. Thanks!

  105. Just send me your signature–Name and Profession/Degrees:

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  107. Where do you sign???Have a great story if interested!!!! 717-658-8782 Ed

  108. Very well written, is this going to be delivered to President Trump? I think those that have given their names to this memorandum, give this piece great credibility – thank you!! If President Trump does something about this, it will certainly have impact on the global scene, where there are many other victims. And then of course, Poland is currently investigating this as well…..!! 🙂

  109. Bonnie Jacobus

    I have no doubt the vast majority are women. How did they convince men to volunteer women? Wasn’t the psychological trauma abuse enough?

  110. Bonnie Jacobus

    Where do you sign?

    On Jan 25, 2017 11:02 PM, “The EveryDay Concerned Citizen” wrote:

    > Ramola D posted: “”We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations > of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of > all nations to put their own interests first. We do not seek to impose our > way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine a” >

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