Please Help Publicize These Crimes Against Humanity: Notify All Authorities, Officials, Human Rights Groups

Torture activism in front of the White HouseThe 2017 Memo to President Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs being run illegally on the bodies of innocent Americans–and citizens worldwide–under totalitarian programs of control by factions of thugs in our own Military and Intelligence agencies operating like rogue mercenaries has been sent by various people to President Trump and various Senators, in various forms–print, fax, email, tweets, Facebook posts–over the past week.

However, if we want to publicize, raise awareness, and shut these extreme Torture-as-Surveillance programs using EMF Weapons/Neuroweapons/Organized Stalking down, we need to get that information to each and every Senator in the Senate and House, to each and every State and local and county and city official, all over America.

We also need to Keep this information in front of this Administration. Our intent here is to raise public awareness, notify all officials, and put all rogue Intelligence Agencies, Fusion Centers, RISS centers, Law Enforcement, Military, and paid operatives on notice: These are Crimes Against Humanity, and they Will be exposed.

So we ask that each and every one who has signed this memo, who supports this action, and who seeks to support humanity against such outrageous crimes of moral depravity and physical torture being perpetrated by US Intelligence agencies, military groups, and Defence contractors supported by billions of dollars in Black Ops funding as well as straight-up Military billions, direct from your taxpayer pocket to weapons-testing and uber-surveillance: please keep sending this Memo out to your Senators, your Representatives, your State, County, City officials. Send it out to local ACLU offices, to local Amnesty offices. Send it to any and every human rights group in your locality, city, county, State.

Email, tweet, post the link. Or send out the pdf.

Pdf form of the Memo to President Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance: memo-to-president-trump-on-domestic-us-torture-programs-running-under-cover-of-surveillance-2-3-2017

Link to Memo Posted on this site: Memo to President Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance

Other actions of notification and demand for redress are being taken and being organized, please check back in for details; look in at News and Notes currently for activist Ani Kaspar‘s recommendations for actions to notify the UN, and I will post more on this initiative shortly.

For every action each of us makes on our own behalf, please know we are then acting on each other’s behalf, in true community spirit: I thank you for participating, and let us forge onward each day with absolute commitment and positive intent. These grotesque and inhumane, clearly Nazi and Mengele-inspired programs simply have Got to be shut down. And, together, we are going to shut them down.

— Ramola D


8 responses to “Please Help Publicize These Crimes Against Humanity: Notify All Authorities, Officials, Human Rights Groups

  1. Dear Ramola, I am a victim of organized gang stalking and electronic, radiation and microwave torture since oct 13, 2013 the tech was SERVERE! I want to be on the memo, please put me on the memo! I live in New York Long Island! This is just unbelievable that this inhuman HARRASSMENT is going on and picking on innocent families! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS WEBSITE TOGETHER YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON! Sincerely, Janine Beno

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  2. Dear Ramola,

    I have been heavily electronically monitored and mutilated since three weeks before 9-11… I am still running for president on the basic income platform and attempt to raise awareness that the extinction level event we face is RADIATION…. the Bikini atoll and now Fukushima…. plus now the FCC is widening the band for communications…. some of the facts surrounding this point to extinction… according to Prof. Curtis Bennett all things are vibrating at a billion times per second… Barry Trower who helped develop this technology in WWII also is waving the red flag on these technologies…. this destroys the bee, the infrastructure, the fetus, and our trees and food…. Neutralizing RADIATION must become our number one priority…. people are dying but furthermore future generations could be destroyed…. I actually feel fortunate for my targeting for without it my research would never have led to these conclusions…. I intend to work on resolutions for the rest of my life….

    with love and perseverance,



  3. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    I mailed the new flyer to the following via certified mail to:
    Congressman Peter Aguilar
    Senator Dianne Feinstein #70161370000218599290
    Senator Kamala Harris #70161370000218599276. My intent/hope is flyer will have a two-folder effect, (1) to inform and (2) as an introduction to this very informative site.
    I will update upon my receiving their responses.
    Most Sincerely,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, l.
    Erroneously Targeted for unlawful harassment and Human Experimentation
    U.S.A. Rialto, CA

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  4. Regarding the rogue aspect of our military…I was a Federal Army Contract Specialist at Anniston Army Depot who got disabled by aa sick building and was terminated from employment. I filed an EEO complaint. I had the right to file a workman comp claim and I had the right to sue the Government after the EEO case was decided. During the EEO investigation, it was discovered that evidence was withheld, destroyed and altered. Prior to my EEO Hearing, these 3 senior Government employees were retired. Contracting comes under AMC at Redstone Arsenal. AMC also manages these helicopters patrolling the electromagnetic fence surrounding the electronic concentration camp which Includes my mother’s 38 acres at 335 and 337 Talucah Road in Valhermoso Springs, Alabama located 5 miles south of Redstone Arsenal. Contractors operate from 295 Talucah Road which is a rental property divided into a multi family apartment dwelling. The neighbors do not know who they are and see people moving in and out frequently at all hours and usually at night. So you have an organization (AMC) at Redstone Arsenal that controls contracts and helicopters and you have the revenge factor caused by a high ranking Federal employee who apparently was asked to retire and whose spouse works for AMC, there you have it . All elements needed to set up and Contract for the torture plus patrol the concentration camp is right there under one military command. How convenient. And when I moved to Valhermoso Springs, Alabama from Anniston , Alabama I came under attack with directed energy, microwave torture weapons being operated by contractors at 295 Talucah Rd. in 2012. Then when I fled to Florida due to the torture, one of the condo neighbor’s children got on a contract and tortured me using family members for the 24 hour torture. They electroshocked me and did sleep deprivation torture. They denied me being able to live in my condo . I then came back to Valhermoso Springs, ALabama and that family followed me and operates from 295 Talucah Road. Helicopters from Redstone Arsenal clearly assist the torturers at 295 Talucah Road. ALL conveniently controlled by AMC Command at Redstone Arsenal. Dianne Renee Chandler


  5. Dear Ramola D.

    Can you look at my February 5-6th posts to possibly help me with what is going on? contacted Attorney General Joshua Hawley of Missouri for help with the three different readings from City Utility visit. Sorry to ask, know you are busy and bigger fish to fry… but thought might ask. Thank you Ramola D. Sincerely Josephine Grace. God bless you. From


  6. Thank you Ramola D for all your good work, clear thinking and bravery. Sincerely, Josephine Grace

    On 3 February 2017 at 13:41, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:

    > Ramola D posted: “The 2017 Memo to President Trump on Domestic US Torture > Programs being run illegally on the bodies of innocent Americans–and > citizens worldwide–under totalitarian programs of control by factions of > thugs in our own Military and Intelligence agencies ope” >


  7. I have thought about this. Notifying these activities, even to the perpetrators, some of which I believe maybe participants thru misinformation. That could be the local police who may have been told by gov agencies that your a possible terrorist. In the community where their biggest slander is to have TIs pegged as a pedophile, which gets the community to cooperate with their program, wether it be electronic harassment, stalking or other crimes. I noticed in OH that most stalkers were from public services. They had quite a fusion center of stalkers. Neighborhood Watch, emergency services, the fire dept. veterans, ect. You only had to look at their license plates to get that info. In NM it’s primarily retired veterans. If they are put on notice that they are acting on misinformation it could give them something to consider before they act. Bringing this information to public attention is the biggest hurdle for all TIs, I hope I am communicating well here, as of now I am under heavy assault. I will get some info out in my community.

    Thankyou for making it that easy as writing is not my strong suit.


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