Electronic Warfare and Neuro-Warfare on Civilians Worldwide

My thanks and appreciation to Paul and Mindy Marko of Pine Cone Utopia for this interview yesterday and their speedy production of the video, which is posted online already at Youtube.

We covered a wide range of subjects, including the subject of my own wrongful targeting/surveillance/non-consensual experimentation experience (covered earlier last year at Washington’s Blog), the fact that electromagnetic weapons are being used covertly, under classified and “public safety” covers by local Law Enforcement, the subject of ongoing classified non-consensual experimentation, the invidiousness of our current laws which permit those under surveillance to be experimented on by the Military and by the CIA, media treachery in failing to report on these matters and choosing in fact to spout Government propaganda and lies instead about “Targeted Individuals” being delusional and paranoid and schizophrenic (while fusion centers and the Military pummel them with electromagnetic weapons), and the deadly evils of secrecy which permit all manner of abuse of civilians.

My keen interest these days is to inform and educate all members of the public that we are living today–and have been, for a long time–in the Age of Electronic Warfare and the Age of Neurowarfare, and that these weapons, which use stealth, invisibility, classification, secrecy, and Military Deception & PsyOps (witness media antics) as tools to keep them hidden from view, are here in our neighborhoods and local police stations (worldwide), and are in fact quite likely being used on Everyone, as illness-inducers, and as tools of Secret Policing.

Many researchers note that the Military and Intel agencies have gone to extreme lengths, even greater than with The Manhattan Project, to conceal public awareness of these electromagnetic weapons. The only reason for that could be that they think they’ve found their Golden Goose here which will keep on laying golden eggs of increased funding for surveillance and increased funding for Electronic Warfare while offering then a foolproof, plausibly-deniable way to prey on civilians, assault civilians, use civilians (for instance in false-flag shootings), and control civilians and communities–all in secret, with antennas, concealed generators, through-wall surveillance devices, concealed and portable DEWs, satellites, and drones. All the more reason to expose the use and abuse of these weapons, now, if we are to retrieve our humanity and shut down these inhumane programs of Surveillance which are in fact Torture, Bodily Assault, and Slow-Kill or Assassination programs, and hold the arbitrators of these anti-human programs fully accountable. 

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  1. Thank you Patrick. Speaking out is key. Shockingly, people are accepting money to run these programs of assault on others. Our “government” is apparently a bunch of corporations running mercenary programs of trafficking for weapons-testing and neuro-experimentation on innocent citizens. How could they believe they could get away with these crimes against humanity? They cannot. Every act of public exposure on our part is one more step to ensuring their end. I would like to echo your statement: standing together, we cannot be defeated. But they will be.

  2. For Mary,
    I started walking right up to the perps and taking a photo and I walked around to the back of the vehicles and got a photo of the license plate. These Gangstalkers would be waiting for me , just standing there and staring me down. All my phone calls and emails are monitored, so these perps would be waiting for me when I entered the doctor office. While driving here from my condo in Florida to my mother’s place south of Redstone Arsenal, there were vehicles with the hood up at the first parking spaces as I entered the rest stops. Some of these showed up at my dental appointments in Birmingham. Perps also showed up at my doctor appointments. I took photos of them and the vehicles they drove. I also noticed in the past perps pointing cell phones at me. Now, the stalking isn’t obvious. Once they realized I was getting evidence, they stopped. Dianne Renee Chandler

  3. Hi Ramola,
    I haven’t viewed the whole video yet, but just wanted to comment on what I have seen so far. I have been targeted since Nov of 2014. Perps also tried to break up my husband and I. I was fortunate in that I caught on early on with the gang stalking and the psy ops they use. We had several heated arguments concerning gang stalking. After reading that one of their main objectives was to destroy relationships, I went into a silent mode with my husband concerning all things about TIs with excuses of electrical sensitivities and such. I have recently started discussing it again with him and he’s in disbelief. Hell, I’m still somewhat in disbelief everyday when I am being stalked 24/7 by 8 military jets from Kirkland AFB. We live in their flight path. The interesting part is that they never targeted my husband until about 2 months before his retirement. He worked at General Electric. I think there must be some kind of agreement in place with corp. entities that have contracts with the military where they don’t target their employees. He doesn’t even know it yet but he has V2K. They have been repeatedly waking him up with one our dogs whining, which means she needs to go out side. He awakes to both of our dogs sleeping on the floor. They’ve done this same thing to me numerous times and I no longer respond to her whining in the middle of the night. It’s usually just V2K to disrupt our sleep.

    The psy ops of triggering for me was a constant flow of parked vehicles with open hatches, trunks, or the bed of a truck with a cooler and a train whistle. They actually staged an event around the cooler that was supposed invoke a fear response. The train whistle I am completely clueless about and could care less. It might be something their trying to implant with subliminal suggestions.

    I look forward to rest of your video.


  4. Patrick Cleary


    Thanks for your courage and your willingness to bare you soul for all to see, to help expose this national racketeering network and this diabolical government-orchestrated, community-based torture and ‘take-down’ program.

    If someone with your place in society, your intelligence, and your ability to communicate so well and advocate for your needs so clearly and effectively can be targeted and have your character so successfully smeared–at least there in Quincy–then “they” can successfully smear anyone’s character. And if their targets don’t have or find support, their targets’ lives can be decimated and taken.

    But, by standing up for others and sharing what you have been through and continue to go through, you have already exposed this program and helped others to see how they, too, can also help expose it and shut it down.

    As long as we stand together, we cannot be defeated.

  5. Thanks for your video interview.
    I am living in an area in Washington state (Ferry County – near the Canadian Border) near where there has been NAVY electronic warfare testing going on (Colville National Forest).
    (also in Olympic National Forest area — http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/35111-exclusive-navy-secretly-conducting-electromagnetic-warfare-training-on-washington-roads )

    (I believe the NAVY has Embedded Criminal Personnel in this area, and there may also be other Military Departments personnel and criminal government contractors embedded into the area because there is an underground installation close to the Canadian Border in Ferry County, Washington.)

    I have also been targeted for ongoing burglaries, like you, but it has been thousands of dollars in property stolen by the Government Covert Surveillance Organized Crime Group, which includes my oldest brother –who has been involved with this Washingont State covert surveillance / domestic terrorism, targeted burglaries and trafficking group, with locksmith tools and training….

    It appears to me that the people involved in my ongoing illegal entries and burglaries have also poisoned me with a chemical which has caused my deteriorating health. I can appreciate the sufferring that you and others are going through with the attacks you have been experiencing on your health as well.

    Because of the Governments’ Protection of Embedded Criminal Personnel and Operatives in State, Federal Agencies and Contractors, these problems will keep occurring until something is done to bring the embedded criminals to justice. https://www.facebook.com/crystal.starheart
    Mirrored video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6EwkHNkG1s

  6. So that others may see a photo of this man: This is a link to my google photo album with the photo of the man, who repeatedly appearred around me, concerned with Star Wars Programs continued funding and involved in my gangstalking https://plus.google.com/photos/112521808909716080216/album/6143918374386328337/6147083200826727074
    ( He is the One in the Maroon Shirt Jacket, sitting beside the man in the shirt with “Die Hard” on it.)

  7. Respiratory illness-inducing seems to be a favorite with these sub-humans. I know exactly what you are talking about and am experiencing something similar myself. Do look into holistic treatments which are more effective: lemon-ginger tea, the ayurvedic Golden Milk remedy with turmeric and coconut oil, taheebo tea, etc.Very sorry you are being hit in this way. Feel free to leave any links to these Star Wars programs if you find out more. Best, Ramola

  8. It is also important to note that chemical / biological testing is also occurring to targeted individuals. I would like to know if other targeted individuals have developed a rare medical illness, type of Vasculities, that can occur from an exposure to silica or some other type of agent (graphine aerogel?)…. Because I have been under 24/7 surveillance targeting, and illegal criminal entries and criminal operations, I have developed nodules in my lungs and a severe blood vessel disorder, which I believe were caused by an aersol sprayed into my respiratory tract, which caused me to wake up with extreme coughing. I believe that like Matthew Pauley and Michael F. Bell, two other targeted individuals that have been repeatedly interviewed, I have also been exposed to a Scopolamine (amnesia inducing drug) which is sprayed into a targeted individuals respiratory system….. My first symptoms were severe tinnitus, an inner ear and sinus inflammation that has not stopped reoccurring even with repeated Rxs of prednisone.

    There has been a individual who has repeatedly appeared around me and is concerned with Star Wars programs continued funding in Washington state involved in targeting me for not just gangstalking and surveillance but other activities. I believe that he has likely also appeared around other targeted individuals in the Seattle area, and he attended a Congressman Jim McDermott South Seattle Town Hall type meeting, when I did, and stood up and asked about the continued funding for Star Wars Programs.

  9. Ramola D,
    I watched and listened to your video. I was glad to see you in person, although you are in pain. You covered so much and you speak in descriptive detail , just as you do in your writing. You are a keen observer and I am always amazed at your insightful writing. I am so glad you did this video. Please, everyone, watch the video. Thank you. Dianne Renee Chandler

  10. Been a V2K victim since 2002,I know most of my perps,got great info,interested?? email me

  11. Thank you, Ramola D for your courage and determination to speak on behalf of humanity while being under assault from these Satanic and psychopathic forces. If humanity knew that our military and intelligence agencies want to enslave all humans for their own purposes by rewiring our brains, using this weaponry abomination to create Manchurians to conduct mass shootings, create robotic slaves, destroy any mind they wish and thus destroy that person’s life for any reason, no human being (who is not a psychopath) would ever approve. There is indeed a hostile takeover by the secret Government that uses Nazi tactics that pit neighbor against neighbor, using threats, lies, deceit and hostage taking torture carried out with electromagnetic spectrum infrastructure and weapons. Evil beyond belief so the masses don’t comprehend they have been overtaken by Satan and followers. All of humanity is at risk and the Secret Government (Intelligence Apparatus) of the United States of America is the leader of this coup d’etat. God help us. Dianne Renee Chandler

  12. Thank you for sending to me.

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