Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

Recently, a respected doctor in our midst, Dr. Edward Spencer, sent out a clarion call for help to a few trusted and high-profile ex-Government contacts he is in touch with, sharing with them the intense and debilitating directed-energy weapons attacks Dr. Katherine Horton and I have recently experienced, just these past few days, no doubt in brute retaliation for our rather public activism on behalf of all those worldwide who are wrongfully targeted and literally being mutilated by the deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare and Neurowarfare in our neighborhoods–satellites, covert repeaters, covert microwave transmitters, covert transducers, covert antenna systems, portable directed-energy weapons, ultrasonics, infrasonics, lasers, masers, X-rays, in conjunction with covert implants, nanotechnology, and virus-filled aerosols–being used in cowardly, stealth fashion by our “Intelligence” agencies, our “Security” agencies, our local “Law Enforcement,” and our Departments of “Defense”.

Identified as a Global Fascist program of citizen neutralization, extermination, and takedown by traitors within our American, European, and worldwide governments and agencies by several researchers including Dr. Eric Karlstrom, who explains all in this recent interview with Dr. Paul Marko at World Beyond Belief (video link below), it must be stressed that Media and human rights groups still refuse to touch this explosive story, clearly for reason of CIA/NSA control/co-opting and apparent fear of being targeted themselves:

Dr. Katherine Horton, whose recent eloquent, powerful, and direct address to the cowards in high places hiding in “Intelligence”, “Law Enforcement,” and “Defense,” and directing remote-abuse mutilation with high-tech weaponry at defenceless women, men, and children in this video (link below) needs to be spread far and wide, added her voice to Dr. Spencer’s plea to Americans with integrity. Her brilliant analysis of what has happened to our Intelligence agencies and governments, and the Stealth Warfare Nazi process of Intelligenzaktion we are currently seeing draws on her own research, background in systems analysis, and incisive insights.

In support of disclosure of these extreme programs of targeting and abuse, Karen Stewart, NSA whistleblower, recently described the vigilante stalking and electronic assault suffered by thousands of innocent Americans in this must-listen interview with Jeff Rense. Describing my own experience of targeting, my discussion of this stealth Electronic Warfare and Neurowarfare currently being waged against all humanity, not just those being blacklisted and targeted by criminals in government, with Dr. Paul Marko can be found here.

This is an urgent appeal to all humanity with conscience: You are being called to become aware, to inform yourself, and to take action. Death squads — in stealth –are roaming the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. People are being tortured. We are, as Dr. Horton puts it, seeing a Global Nazi Extermination Program in action. Ultimately, if we want to tear down this stealth and electronic Death Camp program and prevent it from getting bigger and bigger and becoming an entrenched program of extermination of greater numbers of humanity with remote weaponry, each one of us has to respond Now from the power of our own individual integrity.

–Ramola D


Dr. Katherine Horton: “The CIA and NSA are currently running effectively a TAKE-DOWN OPERATION on your country.”

As this concerns the single biggest issue in the US and Europe, please take the time to read the rather long explanation below that matches the pieces up.

First of all, let me introduce myself: I am a scientist (particle physicist) and former Research Fellow at Oxford in the UK. And it is true, I am a victim of the intelligence agencies. But I am not in the US. I live in and am attacked in Switzerland and I have already gone to court over it in ENGLAND (see stop007.org -> court case & evidence). That is because the attacks on me started first with MI5 in the UK. They have followed me to Germany and then Switzerland and have been continued by the national agencies there.

1. For you, this is nevertheless important in as far as all the intelligence agencies are now globally FUSED and are not actually under the control of ANY SINGLE GOVERNMENT. This includes your CIA and NSA (regardless of what impression might be given to any oversight committee). I along with several other investigators are now compiling the evidence for this for the upcoming class actions. But it is pretty well established by now.

It might come as a complete shock to you, but the CIA is not actually headquartered in Langley. That is only a branch office, so to speak. Instead, it is headquartered here in Switzerland.

In finance, people already talk publicly about the “One Bank” that owns all large private banks and all the central banks. That is also headquartered in Switzerland. It turns out that the same processes that led to that also led to the intelligence agencies morphing into the “One Agency”. This happened a very long time ago. And the One Bank by now owns the One Agency fully.

2. It is for that reason that the CIA and NSA are currently running effectively a TAKE-DOWN OPERATION on your country. (MI5 does the same on Britain and the German BND on Germany.) It is because the true controllers are not in America. They are headquartered here in Switzerland and their major interests are now in China and India. Or to be more precise: Their business plan is to use China and India to asset strip the US and Europe and then to farm it for resources.

3. So what you are seeing with the “targeted individual” program is actually an “Intelligenzaktion” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligenzaktion). But this time round, it is not just targeted at the elites in America (as it was in Poland in WWII), but at all levels of society. That is so because computer simulations and database maps have been used to produce a social graph of your country to identify the truly integral and instrumental people who can mobilize a community and these people can be found on all levels of society (whereas the top tends to be quite docile).

4. The cartel holders have chosen this form of targeting because it is highly effective in disabling a country and it is completely SILENT. That is because only the people who have done sophisticated data analysis on the full social graph will spot what is so special about the people being targeted. To anyone else, they seem just like a random collection of people, most of whom are not very rich. The overall hostile martial interference from abroad thus remains well hidden.

5. This large-scale take-down program has been brought about by the simple device of over-inflating the intelligence agencies to over twice their size in a very short time period (In the UK, MI5’s budget DOUBLED and their head count TRIPLED after 2003). The CIA and all law enforcement have undergone something similar. When that happens, any agency tries to use up the new money so as to continue getting it in the subsequent years.

That automatically means that they have to hire a lot of people very fast. When that happens, quality automatically goes down drastically. So in other words, we now have 3 MI5s in the UK, two of them effectively staffed by inept idiots.

6. When these two moron versions of MI5, or the CIA and law enforcement are unleashed on the population, they do what all idiots do: pick on the clever ones. They surround them, mock them and disintegrate them if they can. And that is precisely what you are seeing with the targeted individuals (as Karen Stewart, ex NSA, has rightly confirmed to you). The inanity of the violations against the victims speaks for itself.

What you don’t see however, is that every targeted individual has something truly special about them as far as the overall system is concerned. They are in their own way instrumental to the system, but it is so niche and embedded in the social fabric that it is hard to spot unless you have a computer crunching through vast amounts of data to spot the pattern.

Once the truly special ones have been identified by central data analysis (on all your emails, social media, daily movement from phone data etc), the morons can be unleashed and they do the rest until the target is utterly destroyed and hounded to death.

Meanwhile, the elites in America don’t notice that the foundation under their feet has just been weakened considerably. This remains invisible until external pressure is applied.

7.If you want to verify what I am saying, track down who really owns your telecommunications and government data. The large contractors (e.g. Lockheed Martin etc) are in turn owned by the banks, who are in turn owned by the One Bank, which is headquartered here in Switzerland.

8. As a result of this take-down program your intelligence agencies and law enforcement are suffering from two problems:

(a) The top is in Deep Capture by corrupt forces steered from outside America.

Some people have mentioned the German black agency DVD, others have mentioned MI6, KGB, Chinese intel – the point is it doesn’t matter which of these you pick, they are ALL ONE at the top by now.

(b) As a result of the fast expansion, the rest of the agency is awash with total imbeciles.

This can cripple any system.

9. Due to these problems, the targeted individuals cannot actually appeal to any of the agencies PAID to stop illegal behavior (as one of you rightly demands) because the top is corrupted and most of the others are morons (with some good people interspersed who are stretched by having to lead the morons). Also the real payment is generated by the corrupting entities owned by the One Bank in Switzerland. Who pays the piper picks the tune.

(Note: Your tax dollars go anywhere but to pay your own institutions.)

10. Deep Capture in the intelligence agencies and law enforcement is a STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY. That is because:


It requires the concerted effort of every last person of integrity inside and outside the system to reverse this.

11. This is why a respected doctor in our midst was right to contact a Congressperson and others  he trusts and respects, because ALL OF YOU need to help SIMULTANEOUSLY for this to be reversed.

In essence, what binds you all is your integrity and mutual respect for each other. In a corrupted system that is a currency of gold.

12. It is for these reasons that you were all right at the same time: Under normal circumstances, it would be wrong to bother people outside law enforcement and regulatory bodies with this. BUT THE SYSTEM DOESN’T OPERATE UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

It operates in a way that is more akin to the Fukushima reactors just before the disaster: all looks fine, but someone is about to set off some hidden nukes around the core and the protective outer structures have already been weakened by the criminals.

Do you all understand?

We don’t have time anymore for any of us to say “not my department”. Instead, you all have to rake your brain who YOU trust and can contact to help YOU to help US to help THE VICTIMS.

That’s because, I am not sure if we can stop the nukes being set off near the reactor core, so to speak. (There are some people who are trying to find those “nukes”, but even if they find them, removing them is another matter.)

So the only thing we can do for sure is to pull out the targeted individuals BECAUSE WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

Each one of them has some sort of function in the system that is systemically important (with some, it’s obvious, with others, it’s harder to spot). And we need all of them to be sure that the system can be stabilized.

Also, each one of them has effectively been weighed down by a lead weight. Their current status is far below where they should be according to their drive and ability. It’s like holding an inflated balloon down under water by force. If you take the weight off, they shoot up like a rocket under their own inner drive, lifting others up with them. This extra momentum can be used to repair and cycle the system.

It sounds theoretical and esoteric but it really isn’t. I had identified a way one can cycle an economy using a system’s own inertia back in 2013. I was in the process of trying this out on a small scale by trying to bootstrap a start-up that would be employing this mechanism. That is when I was hit full-whack by the intelligence agencies’ take-down operation. I guess they had figured out what I was trying to do before I had understood the implications.

Anyway, bottom line is WE NEED ALL THE TARGETED INDIVIDUALS for this and we need YOU ALL to help us free them from the concentration camps that the intelligence agencies have placed them in.

So, if you have understood the above, please try to come up with something using YOUR OWN INGENUITY to help us. You were contacted because others have identified you as special. So there is something about you that they don’t have, that we need and that sets you apart. Try to think what that could be. And try to think how you could use that what is special about you to help to cycle the system.

If you need motivation or inspiration, please have a look at the following:


We had to put some of our main leaders in the community of targeted individuals under daily “life-sign monitoring” because of the repeated assassination attempts against them. Ramola, for example, sent a memo to Donald Trump after his inauguration, drawing his attention to the extermination program run against the US population, and was so incapacitated by the microwave assaults that she was bed ridden for a week. When that is done to a person, it really is touch and go if the organs fail or not.

In her case, it’s clear what annoyed the CIA. However, some others don’t even know why the intelligence agencies keep trying to kill them – they just do. Can you spot the pattern?

Source, with thanks: Dr. Katherine Horton, Ph.D

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  3. I am a govt whistleblower. Myself along with NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart and two nurses are trying to go to Washington to meet with several politicians as well as an attorney. We need credible witnesses, whistleblowers, doctors, nurses and Soulutionaries Media Network. Have them contact Karen or myself. Ramola we definitely need you, too. Unfortunately, I am being hacked and unable to reach out to Soulutionaries Media Network. If someone knows how to contact SMN please have her contact myself or Karen via FB. The more credible witnesses we have will be our best bet to get them to listen to us.
    At this time everyone else please write your story of the crimes our govt has done to you and your families. ALL T.I. LIVES MATTER! Please also pray we can get through to the individuals who can help all of us. May God help us all! Please pray for the opening of Washington’s doors as well as an end to all this suffering.

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  5. Thank you very much for your note, Tommy McLaren, and I am so very sorry for what you are being put through. It is truly inexplicable the extent to which humans have begun to persecute others. I am going to pass on your narrative to the newly-formed Joint Investigation Team of which I am a part, and please do contact me as well via email. I would be interested in covering your story. You are absolutely right, we need to ensure that this is investigated and exposed. This site is focused on precisely that. Please write to me at ecc@nym.hush.com.

  6. Tommy Mclaren

    How would your Nuero scientists and professors like run some tests on someone Who has been living with synthetic telepathy for well over 2.5 years every minute day and night. You may already know this is possible.

    people in Thailand the UK and many other countries are being targeted with directed scalar energy weaponry and Remote Neural Monitoring. Yes this means mind control, voice to skull and synthetic telepathy.
    How do I know, I’ve been targeted by Phra Arjan Thammachoto วิชาญ โรปรัมย์ wí-chaan rôhp-ram starting in Thailand and continuing every minute of every day and night for 2.5 years.

    In our small village in burriram thailand I saw at least 4 other people suddenly go absolutely crazy as if possessed.

    This is not only US citizens. My targeting started in Thailand. It has continued every minute day and night for over two and a half years. This started like interrogation and has continued non stop ranging from psychological harassment to psychological torture. What is happening to me and what I’m hearing I can only describe as like something out of Star Trek. I can honestly say I could never have imagined this was humanly possible.

    Sent to,
    haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk and Michael Fallon Politician


    Synthetic telepathy/Remote neural monitoring

    Hi my names Tommy Mclaren until 2.5 years ago I was living in Thailand with my wife Kanjana Yingyai and her 3 children.
    For the last 2.5 years I have been targeted with remote neuro monitoring/enforced synthetic telepathy. The person who is doing this is known to myself and my wife’s family. He is called Phra Arjan Thammachoto วิชาญ โรปรัมย์ wí-chaan rôhp-ram. Before I left Thailand 2 years ago I was working as an offshore inspector. This meant doing offshore survival course as well as having an extensive medical. I very rarely ever drink alcohol and never take any form of drugs. The last time I returned from Thailand I felt incredibly unwell and asked to be admitted to a mental health assessment centre in Derby. After about 4 or 5 days I collapsed and nearly died in intensive care. Since leaving hospital I have seen a psychiatrist and a nuero surgeon and tried to explain what’s happening to me. Not surprisingly they could not believe what I was experiencing.

    I have already sent messages to the BBC and many other agencies like MI5/MI6 however they have failed to reply.

    Remote neuro monitoring, synthetic telepathy, voice to skull, targeted individuals. This technology has been developed and is being used.

    What I’m about to do is give you an insight to what is happening to me every minute day and night. While in Thailand I saw at least 4 other people in my wife’s family being affected with this. They were going absolutely crazy as if they were possessed. I’m not the only European person this is happening to in Thailand. I strongly suspect others are being targeted with this technology.

    Insight to what I’m experiencing.

    I’ve been targeted by a very influential monk in Thailand for over 2.5 years. Synthetic telepathy. To explain what that means to me, I hear his voice speaking continually day and night inside my head. This is occasionally accompanied with a range of other sounds. Like the sound of an airplane, the noise starts off in one ear and quickly travels to my other ear. I have heard a news broadcast, people having a conversation all while still hearing this monk talking. Now if you thought that was impossible, as I hear his voice my mind automatically thinks of a response which is then used to form synthetic telepathy. Yes it as if he has responded to my thoughts. The loudness and speed of the voice can and does make me feel as if I’m being tortured. My body temperature increases and I have a pain in the middle of my chest.

    People are now beginning to realise this technology has not only been developed it is actually being used. I deteriorate very quickly sleep deprecation. The only medication I take is to help me get to sleep. Before this I was deteriorating badly with sleep deprivation. I have been posting about this since I was forced to leave my home in Thailand 2 or 3 times feeling very ill.

    A question I hear is why would a very influential monk in Thailand do this. To be honest I’m not exactly sure. I believe it has something to do with my wife family or friends.

    What I’ve described is true and will give others a glimpse of what Im experiencing ever minute of my life for 2.5 years. This all started as a form of interrogation it quickly started to become psychological torture. What happened in our village and a 3 night stay with this monk and another group in a temple just outside Nangrong in Burriram. It is as if the version of what happened is constantly being changed to confuse me.

    All my personal details are on facebook. People know this technology is being used within Thailand and they also know this monk cannot be doing this on his own.
    I have informed the press, other monks my wife and many others. It seems the government agency’s are afraid to admit this is happening or offer assistance.

    I appreciate this technology is still classed under state secrets, however every European country along with the Americans and Thailand know this technology is being used.

    By know you will probably be thinking , I cannot believe what I’ve just read. It is however true and I’m living with this every day unable to switch it off.

    You might also be surprised to know if you were actually talking to me, you would not know what I’m experiencing unless I told you.

    So now you know what is happening to me and others. What I’m hoping for is first to prove it is happening and then someone to contact Thailand regarding this. After 2.5 year I now accept this is not going to stop unless I receive assistance.

    Kind regards

    Tommy Mclaren
    Sent from my iPhone
    There are many very strange actions and accidents happening to both Thais and expats. I strongly believe they are directly attributed to psychotronic weapons and enforced telepathy/AI

    After traveling to Hat Yai and being put up for a few days after leaving my home feeling very ill and threatened I was told by a fellow expat who is part of a group of people trying to help expats in trouble get out of Thailand. If I ever returned to Thailand I would end up being killed.

    This technology can very quickly start to influence people’s decision making as constant exposure to this no touch torture can make people suicidal. They are then forced to comply or be tortured every minute of every day. Imagine listening to someone’s voice inside your head that you can’t switch off, it’s horrendous and I’m living with this. Before this started I was an offshore inspector married and living with my Thai wife and her 3 children. I never took any form of drugs and very seldom ever drink. How is this possible? I had a hernia op in Surin and was given a rice porridge during a stay at a Buddhist temple with my wife. To be honest what is happening to me is something I would consider is not possible, I feel as if it’s like something out of a star trek movie. I only hear one voice inside my head Phra Arjan Thammachoto a very influential Thai forest monk !!!!! I continue to publish what is happening however although their is a lot of talk about targeted individuals, there has been no help available.
    Sooner or later this is going to need to be investigated and exposed. The implications of this technology being used is a grave threat to humanity people and national security level. This is without doubt No touch torture and can be used to control people.
    All my personnel details are on face book if anyone wants to contact me.

  7. Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I will go through all the information to form a view on this subject.

  8. I think what you are referring to are officially acknowledged branches and seedlings of the official CIA. Those operations are likely steered out of Langley as you say. However, what I am referring to is the control architecture above the CIA. There are several ways to prove that the real headquarters of the CIA and ALL OTHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES is in fact traditionally Switzerland:

    (1) Systems Analysis:
    Switzerland was the HQ that controlled the World War developments (that’s why it was the only small region not up in flames while Europe was burning all around it) and the subsequent communist revolutions (Lenin, Mao and the Bolsheviks have Swiss connections).

    (2) History – see the work of Sean Hross:

    (3) Public reports – see Karen Hudes’ (ex General Counsel to the World Bank) tweet just today:

    There have also been developments to expand the operations of the “One Agency” to China. Given the size of China there is likely similar Swiss-like HQ in Asia. For example, it is possible that the Himalayas are just as tunnelled under as the Swiss mountains are. That is what I would expect.

  9. Dear Katherine, would you pleas check your statemant. Located in switzerland is only the european headquarter of the CIA. They moved it from Stuttgart, Germany to Genf,Switzerland approximately in 2009 or so.The main headquarter is still located in Langley, Virginia.

  10. Sherri M Guarnieri

    We need to keep shaking the stars n stripes of these individuals that participate in illegal human torture. These symbols of stars and strips are no longer my level of hope, peace and awareness. I report, I shield, I post pictures of my body being damaged and I still have not shaken the machine from my body, brain and life. The only outcome that these global groups who are involved in illegal human trafficking need to know; we shall not be silent.

  11. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    Well said, well done. Please remain strong.
    Most Respectfully,
    Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

  12. No argument there–the stalking programs are indeed harassment and persecution programs. It’s completely shocking how these crimes have been continuing for years, despite activisim and journalism from you and others–but maybe one part of that is the silence and complicity of mainstream media. Your articles and research on these subjects are greatly appreciated, Vic, and offer a deeper understanding of how Defense contractors are working with fusion centers to individually target and terrorize as well as control whole communities. Continuing to speak out I think raises public awareness considerably–and that may be the best way today to end these horrors.

  13. This veteran journalist driven from mainstream media due to zersetzung gangstalking and debilitating #RFDE directed energy #neuroweapon assault. I’ve been exposing these covert #Deepstate war crimes for years, and still it continues. Trump is a mind-control victim but is too egotistical to figure it out. Read my journalism at VicLivingston.blogspot,com while it’s still online. But be advised: there’s some disinformation in the article above; the #neuroweapon attacks emanate from mil-intel contractors, but the local “gangstalking” persecution is real.

  14. First, I am sorry your experiencing an escalation in assaults. The buzz in the TI community is many people are experiencing an escalation, including myself. Personally for me, I do not think there is anything special about me. We have all gone thru “why me” stage and I have come up with a few answers. I believe I may have stumbled on a secret fusion center in Loveland, OH inadvertently. Secondly, I think they were perplexed by my lack of fear to the psy ops they enacted towards me. Most of their on ground psy ops were perpetrated during walks with my 2 dogs. I can assure you, my dogs will not allow any harm to come to me. They have nipped 2 perps to date that violated my personnel space. My dogs would have severely injured them had I choose not to reign them in during those events. I’m also quick to recognize intimidation tactics. If you recognize what’s going on, there’s very little fear response. It’s the fear response their after. As far as other on ground encounters, I made great effort at direct eye contact. Eye contact breaks the cycle of intimidation tactics. Your sending them a signal that you are fully aware of what their doing. Also ignoring them, get’s them all flustered. They have gone thu all this effort to set up a scenario of fear and intimidation directed at you to illicit a response. Ignoring that effort disempowers them.

    I excel at reading people if I am giving the opportunity of spending time with them. I’ve have had several supervisors who thought I was psychic, which was only confused with logical deduction on their part. It just amounted on my part to understanding and knowing what their expectations were, meeting those expectations, and a few lucky guesses on my part for them to think I was psychic.

  15. The Army has been doing the human terrain mapping that identifies the leaders, influencers and followers so that those leaders and influencers who might lead a resistance would be neutralized, along with followers. Supposedly they are doing this to better conduct warfare overseas. However, to keep things as realistic as possible, some of the targeted individuals may be key to that scenario, but you still have all the various COINTELPRO and MKULTRA Nazi so called experiments that are simply paid opportunities to carry out sick and demented desires to capture and torture human beings. The Deep State had gathered all the Nazis, devil worshippers, psychopaths and other groups that prey on others in the course of their business and fantasies to carry out the takedown using the electromagnetic spectrum apparatus and infrastructure. Dianne Renee Chandler

  16. I wonder if this is connected to the ICE Nine Scenario that Jim Rickards describes as coming anytime now. He claims all bank assets will be frozen because of a flash crash worse than 2008, and a new monetary system will be installed. The US dollar will no longer be the currency of choice and greatly devalued. Since riots and unrest are predicted, well then, the entire electromagnetic system will be used to control the masses while the Global elite strip all the assets they can get from the US and Europe. This is the practice run, using us targeted individuals to test the Deep Capture system. Too bad, because this has implications for all Citizens of the US and other world leaders of their countries. So the intelligence community is the Prison Camp Warden to assist the Global Elite in taking down the world economy. According to Jim Rickards, all the elements are in place. Dianne Renee Chandler

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