Insidious Targeting: The Route to Neurodamage via “Behavioral Health” and Community Care

Report and Op-ed | Ramola D | August 26, 2023

While doctors in Emergency Rooms and psychiatrists in Psych Wards along with Primary Care Physicians in their own offices profess absolute ignorance of radio frequency devices used in the tracking of humans just as much as of pets, objects, clothing items today, it is clear the Medical Device industry which includes RFID chips and BCI implants is well and flourishing.

Tech Transfer via “Health”

Not merely that, medical devices have now been fully transitioned over from the Military arena into Health–Defense situating itself inside Health is a many-pronged Octopus it’s clear–and have found their way, no doubt over decades of secret implanting in the back rooms of the CIA and DOD (that’s University labs from what I hear–and Hospital premises from what many have reported including to me), along with mad experimenting with radio technologies wildly denied by local “Law” posing as “Mental Health Professionals” (as also recently reported here), into c/overt use in Hospitals, Waiting Rooms and Emergency Rooms, Corridors for Stacking and Private Offices, Imaging Centers and Radio Labs, Teaching Hospitals and Clinics worldwide, as this new NIH “Notice of Funding Opportunity”–PAR-23-253: Device Based Treatments for Substance Disorders (excerpted below) also indicates.

[This Notice, as also much other information, to be reported shortly, has been unearthed with specific reference to the unlawful actions of “Mental Health” and “Behavioral Health” edifices in the USA, aligning unlawfully with Law Enforcement and hospitals to falsely label people reporting electromagnetic technology usage on them as mentally ill, a vaster story, previously covered, and to be further addressed here, as this writer learns more.]

Excerpt, NIH Notice of Funding Opportunity PAR-23-253, NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts (emphasis below mine):

“The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to accelerate the development of devices to treat Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). The continuing advances in technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to develop neuromodulatory or neurophysiological devices that are safe and effective SUD treatments. The objective is to move devices to their next step in the FDA approval process, with the ultimate goal of generating new, FDA approved device-based treatments for SUDs.”

Device Based Treatments for Substance Use Disorders, (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Optional)/NIH Grants and Funding/National Institutes of Health, DHHS, Posted August 17, 2023

BCI Implants: From Delgado to Silver Spring to DARPA to “Targeted Individuals” to “Behavioral Health”

Tragically, this technological transfer from DARPA to doorsteps has already been accomplished, we are aware, in the arena of brain implants–a major subject for journalistic excavation which this writer is still exploring. Physicians with moral compass are here being asked to view “neuromodulatory and neurophysiological” devices–surely developed over decades already using both animals and humans, both excruciating and painful for all humans of moral principle to witness–as normal, natural, and expected extensions of known medical device technology and usage, to modulate, modify, change, suppress, pacify, or stimulate people’s brains, which is indeed MK Ultra on steroids, as Dr. Robert Duncan, DOD/CIA whistleblower has testified, in a discussion of non-consensual brain experimentation in recent times.

Overt Research Objectives of a Rather Major “Behavioral Health” Takeover of Modern Life Which Every American (and Citizen Worldwide) Might Want to Look Into

What this rather first-light-on-modern-neuro-piracy Notice reveals is that physicians and psychiatrists in particular are being asked to continue their tacit approval of neuromodulation technologies (such as TMS, TCM), already known to many psychiatrists, certainly tested in academe, released to hospitals, tested in labs by neuroscientists–that encroachment of neuroscience into psychiatry, over-eager, brash, deceitful, particularly difficult to comprehend–to bring that usage of energy technologies into wider usage, and indeed deeper and more invasive usage through the use of implanted devices: “These technologies include, but are not limited to, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, vagal stimulation, deep-brain stimulation, focused ultrasound, and others. Also of interest are technologies that may not directly modify neuronal function but report on or alter neurophysiology that affect outcomes.”

So what exactly do these neuronal-altering and neuro-scanning, neurophysiology-altering and behavior-influencing technologies intend to do?

Precisely what thousands who have experienced their unconsented-to usage on them have already revealed, in interviews, in conferences, in lawsuits, in books, in articles, in websites, in petitions, in letters, in pleas to government officials to stop: the unacceptable use of electromagnetic and acoustic technologies to modify, alter, silence, subjugate.

Helena Csorba: The Havana Syndrome…Caused by Pulsed, High-Power Microwave Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) | Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | June 5, 2022

Is it possible that these high-powered microwave weapons, the millimeter wave surveillance technologies used by local police and state police, FBI and DHS, fusion-center contractors and Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, Army, NSA, CIA/DIA are the same as the energy technologies being used already in Medicine, in Radiology, in Cardiology…? Radio Dosimetry, calibration and modulation, testing for effect and gaining in knowledge of subtlety of biologic effect is surely the key: yes, the technologies exist along continuums, along a spectrum of possibilities, tested, designed, re-designed, used for various purposes and arriving now in the Halls of Health like magic pills designed to heal. Many physicians surely know this.

Over these “COVID” years especially it appears NIH grants to University or hospital researchers and experimenters–another area of focus for journalists to dig through–have started to surface what has been long concealed.

As this particular Notice shows, through “treatments” and “interventions”–language intended to evoke warm fuzzy feels of “Behavioral Health” taking over your entire life–and inexplicable focus on gaining or worse, generating “FDA approvals,” the black-socked psychs padding through the undergrowth of MK mayhem (syringe in hand) seek now to ensure that no-one drinks a pint or swirls a martini or even sips a secret sip of Victory Gin–by simply buzzing you ear to ear with the very same vibrational brain technology, now device-based–although previously merely EMF and lesion-based (see below)–to destroy your brain.

When anyone and everyone can be “diagnosed”–meaning, ahem, labeled–with a Disorder, a Syndrome, a Psychiatric Tag, possibly at work by a co-worker, at home by a family-member, at school by a school nurse or counselor, at a doctor’s office by a PCP (primary care physician)–and the ones probably tossing back the most number of vodka-tonics or whiskies in between picking the caviar off their polka-dotted ties are given such Abject Power over you merely on the basis of said Tag or Label, then the next stop is not Narnia but Oceania (and it’s here) and the very same physicians with a fancy pHarma label to their names become, overnight, your Zoo Handlers. Is this what psychiatrists and physicians go to school for? It is time for the rest of the world to catch up to the truth of what is going on, both in the hallowed halls of academe and on the floor in falsely labeled “mental health wards” and “emergency rooms”–a subject I will surely write on more, shortly.

There is much to be very concerned about in the research intentions of this Notice, and the excerpt below calls attention to some ramifications of concern, this writer believes, for all humanity.

Medical Tyranny on the Backs of Behavioral Tyranny

There are several aspects to the current “Behavioral Health,” Mental Health, and Psychiatry scenario sweeping America, the UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, the whole world really, that all of us are concerned about today–certainly it seems as if we are all being pulled without volition into a Brave New World and Orwellian paradigm–when surely we don’t have to be. As one who has recently experienced such an unlawful being-pulled-into myself, I can certainly report that Hope is not lost, that there are indeed intelligent, humane, thoughtful people out there, both inside and outside the Mental Health world, whose intellects and awareness can be called upon, whose own moral compass and central intelligence they best can call on themselves, who can indeed make a (lawful) change and turn these movements of theirs toward self-destruction around, for all humanity. They do however need to think deeply, consult their souls, and take Right Action.

The “Collaborative Care Model” to Corrall All Unknowingly into Communism-by-Consent

One aspect to look at are the research questions noted below, and their focus and implied focus on the concept of treating supposed psychiatric disorders–posited to be brain-circuit based–with suitable doses of electromagnetic field pulsings, then measuring the effect by observation of “behavioral response” “symptoms”–a symptoms-based approach to addressing any number of issues people may have with life, their families, employers, the world, as “behavioral health” problems needing drug and other psych interventions, when in actuality they might merely be fielding human loss, grief, career-disappointment, or other such. The questions–the much larger questions–of social, temporal, and political context are then lost, people become prey to their own “primary care practitioners” as hinted at here in the “Collaborative Care” model mentioned here, a means by which “community health monitoring” among other modalities of totalitarian-medical-takeover-of-human-life–carefully constructed to coincide with community “surveillance”–is now being accomplished: the very scenario of continuous, offensive, unconsented-to, invasive life-hacking and bio-brain-monitoring thousands of unlawful targets of Mil-Intel crime have previously reported as social harassment, organized stalking, gangstalking, electronic harassment, and more.

Measurement-Based Treatment To Target, Aims Center Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions, University of Washington, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Division of Population Health

Leaked 2017 Gangstalker Recruitment Video/End International Criminality: Interview with Ex-Gangstalker Whistleblower | Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | April 9, 2018

Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics | Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | (28 June 2023)

A Global Gestapo? Physicians and Psychiatrists Now Found to Endorse EMF Harms and Social Stalking

The irony of course is that the very physicians and psychiatrists both who have spent decades pinning false labels of “Paranoia” on their outspoken patients for reporting electromagnetic technology harms and social harassment (aka group or organized stalking) have now turned into arbiters and users, themselves, of similar EMF technologies, replete with implantable medical devices, while lending themselves to now-rolled-into-Behavioral-Health collaborative, community-based “health monitoring” activities in public on their patients, wittingly or unwittingly, essentially, secret and swarming Gestapo-style stalking.

Device Based Treatments for Substance Use Disorders (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Optional)Activity Code UG3/UH3 Exploratory/Developmental Phased Award Cooperative Agreement

“The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to accelerate the development of devices to treat Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). The continuing advances in technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to develop neuromodulatory or neurophysiological devices that are safe and effective SUD treatments. The objective is to move devices to their next step in the FDA approval process, with the ultimate goal of generating new, FDA approved device-based treatments for SUDs.

“Applications may focus on the pre-clinical and/or clinical development and testing of new devices or existing devices approved for other indications. Applications may evaluate the mechanism of action of a device.”

“The UG3/UH3 Cooperative Agreement involves two phases. The UG3 phase, for up to two years, is designed to support a project with specific milestones to be accomplished by the end of the period. The UH3 phase is to provide funding for up to three additional years following successful completion of the UG3. UG3 projects that meet their milestones will be administratively considered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and prioritized for transition to the UH3 phase. Investigators submitting to this NOFO must address both UG3 and UH3 phases.”

Research Objectives This notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) seeks to support research into neuromodulatory technologies to treat SUDs. These technologies include, but are not limited to, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, vagal stimulation, deep-brain stimulation, focused ultrasound, and others. Also of interest are technologies that may not directly modify neuronal function but report on or alter neurophysiology that affect outcomes. This NOFO strongly encourages the testing of device-based interventions previously approved/marketed for non-SUD disorders, as well as new interventions in active development.Understanding how these new treatment modalities work is of primary importance to this NOFO. In neuromodulatory technologies, for example, there are multiple coil types which can result in different breadths and depths of biologic effect. For studies that seek to understand how the neuromodulatory and neurophysiological interventions function, early stage endpoints should incorporate objective measures that examine both the delivered dosage/treatment duration and the proposed mechanism of action of the intervention, and should determine if the intervention target has been modulated. Areas of interest to this NOFO include understanding the effect of the intervention on circuit-based targets, as well as to characterizing the breadth and stability of the behavioral effect. The questions may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Does the intervention preferentially and reproducibly engage/modulate a circuit-based target in a dose/stimulus-dependent manner?
  2. If circuit-based target engagement is verified, is there a measurable clinical benefit as detected through functional domains or clinical measures?
  3. What is the relationship between changes in brain circuitry and behavioral responses?
  4. What types of SUD behavioral activities are responsive to the intervention?
  5. long does the altered behavioral response last?
  6. Are subsequent treatments needed to maintain the behavioral response?
  7. Are there potential side effects and safety issues associated with the doses?

All aspects of dose delivered by a device should be thoroughly defined. This includes, when applicable,

  1. The spatial distribution of dose delivered by electromagnetic devices, using anatomically-accurate computational head models to simulate the distribution of electromagnetic field in the brain;
  2. The temporal characteristics, including pulse shape, pulse direction, frequency, train duration, inter-train interval, and other aspects where appropriate;
  3. The contextual aspects of when and how the dose is administered, including specification of brain state at time of administration, engagement in cognitive/behavioral therapies, social context of device delivery, and others.”

Neuro Modification via TMS Device “Neurostar” Was Approved for the Treatment of Depression by the FDA in 2008

The FDA clearing or granting of clearance to the use of brain devices for transcranial magnetic stimulation in those labeled with depression or depressive disorders occurred in 2008, as this article from the Psychiatric Times notes (emphasis below mine):

“The FDA has cleared the first transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device (Neuro-Star) for the treatment of major depressive disorder in adults who show no improvement after an adequate trial of a single antidepressant. The TMS device is not implanted and is deemed to have only “moderate” risks (it is nonsystemic and noninvasive).

In January 2007, an FDA panel deemed the TMS device “clinically ineffective” with “marginal” results when compared with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Although ECT is highly effective in patients who do not respond to antidepressant treatment, it has the potential for serious adverse effects, such as short-term amnesia and other cognitive deficits. The TMS device induces a much smaller electric current to stimulate nerve cells at specific points of the brain and does not induce seizure or loss of consciousness; it is also administered on an outpatient basis. However, the device is not as powerful as ECT and is currently being used to treat patients with relatively mild depression who have not responded to a trial of a single antidepressant, but not 2 or more.”

Depression Treatment Turns a Neuromodulatory Corner: FDA Clears TMS Device
Nov 1, 2008/Laurie Martin/Psychiatric Times

The great danger here of course is that the notion of FDA approvals and granting of authoritarian power to psychiatrists over the use of electromagnetic technologies to affect the brain, even presented slightly as a procedure for a mere office visit (“outpatient basis”), is often simply taken for granted by people–even highly educated–steeped in false medical doctrine, trained to acquiesce to medical professionals without question. When in fact any EMF technology used on the brain–including as ECT–can and does harm intensively, as reported often to this writer, in the realm of non-consensual brain experimentation, and noted in memoranda to presidents as here. Those who acquiesce and those who administer both need to examine military radio dosimetry extensively, and speak extensively to reporting victims of non-consensual mil-intel crime, before they can make judgments, arbitrations, or regulations about the use or abuse of these EMF technologies on people’s brains.

Neuro EMF Technologies Are Now Being Used as “Treatment” For a Number of Labeled “Psychiatric Diseases”

This excerpt from another paper offering an overview (emphasis below mine) draws attention inevitably to the great danger of both labeling people–a large subject in itself–and labeling people falsely, and the greater harms thence of using vibrational electromagnetic technologies to change and alter people’s brains:

“Mental illness exacts a heavy toll on human health. The leading cause of years lived with disability worldwide, neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, psychosis, and various forms of addiction are major contributors to the global burden of disease [[1][2][3]]. While pharmacological and psychological therapies have long been the mainstay treatments for these disorders, a substantial proportion of cases remain treatment-resistant and require alternative interventions [4]. One such alternative involves directly modulating the structure or function of implicated brain circuitry. ”

“Recent decades, however, have seen a resurgence of interest in circuit-based psychiatric treatments, driven both by technological advances and by ongoing progress in the effort to understand, visualize, and measure the neural substrates of psychiatric disease [10]. This neuromodulatory renaissance has particularly centred on non-lesional, reversible interventions – both invasive, such as deep brain stimulation (DBS), and non-invasive, like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) – that permit targeted modulation of specific brain structures [11]. Building on older depth electrode work [12], DBS in its modern incarnation was first applied to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in the late 1990s [13], with subsequent work exploring its utility in conditions such as depression, anorexia nervosa, and bipolar disorder [[14][15][16][17]]. Parallel developments have occurred in the non-invasive realm; dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) TMS was first explored as a treatment for depression in the mid-1990s [18,19] and has since received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for this indication on the basis of numerous large-scale clinical trials [20]. At present, an array of electrical, magnetic, and ultrasonic modalities – invasive and non-invasive alike – are under investigation for use in not only mood disorders but also schizophrenia, OCD, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders [10,11].”

Neuromodulatory treatments for psychiatric disease: A comprehensive survey of the clinical trial landscape/Elias, Boutet, Parmar et al, Brain Stimulation Volume 14, Issue 5, September–October 2021, Pages 1393-1403

This is obviously a vast subject, and there is much ongoing in this field which requires close scrutiny and public awareness, in addition to ongoing focus and reportage–but hopefully all reading this will become more aware of the need to stay on top of their own healthcare and family’s healthcare and not permit any physician, psychiatrist, or primary care physician to wrongfully label them mentally ill with any disorder or syndrome or disease, given what is passing as “treatment” and rational “intervention” today: in this writer’s view, absolutely unacceptable brain modification, brain vibration, neurodamage, and destruction of self.

For those whose physicians expediently profess ignorance of both radio frequency devices, covert brain experimentation, and counter-personnel Directed Energy Technologies, this Notice is also proof today of the existence and usage of EMF Neurotechnologies in hospitals by psychiatrists–supposedly toward benign end–which they may not know, tragically, is a legacy of the CIA MK Ultra’s Subproject 119 (and much else), an offshoot of DARPA’s Limited-Effect Technology program operative in civil space, and a legacy too of historic military non-consensual biomedical experimentation across time.

There is more to investigate and report: anyone visiting their primary care physician now is vulnerable to behind-the-scenes authoritarian “behavioral health” management, not merely people being framed unlawfully as alcoholics (or drug addicts, depressives et al)–as this Notice premises, anyone visiting a therapist or psychiatrist can be written up behind-the-scenes as delinquent or uber-intelligent–pathways there to unlawful watchlisting and covert ops usage in Artificial Intelligence programs, anyone dragged into hospital “emergency rooms” and Psych wards can be thrown without consent–and completely criminally–into aftercare “health monitoring” programs sheathed as noted above–matters this writer is certainly exploring further and deeper and aiming to report in her own situation, post April 2022.

Meanwhile all those who can see the current scenario unfolding for what it is may want to alert others: this is not the time to merely dream of saving our children, but acting to save them by creating our own new worlds of reason, true caring, community, creativity, and harmony and standing clear in our own sovereignty as thinking adults.


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