Dr. Katherine Horton (Stop007.org) Runs Smear Campaigns

Setting the Record Straight & Clearing My Name | In Reference to “Dr. Katherine Horton”‘s False-Claim, False-Reality-Construct Smear and Defamation Campaign Page at Her Website, Stop007.org: https://stop007.org/home/black-list/ramola-dharmaraj/ displaying Strategized, Entrenched Misframing & a False-Reality Construct Falsely Claiming I “Lobbied,” Stalked, Defamed, and Sabotaged her for months to Conceal her Own Giveaway Infiltrator Actions of Predatory Echo-Stalking/Mirroring/Neuro Linguistic Programming & Determined Cyberstalking, as well as historic actions as a Sabotage & Disinfo Agent, Agent Provocateur, HUMINT Collector & Infiltrator, and True-Media Infiltrator 

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT AND CLEARING MY NAME: This page is being published as a permanent exhibit and statement of fact to collect all my notices to and articles on “Dr. Katherine Horton” who has engaged in an act of puerile malice, open lying, clear libel, and malicious defamation and slander in positively predatory fashion against my name by setting up and keeping up–despite all Cease and Desist notices–a page on her site with a (lousy) screenshot of me and my name on it, filled with deliberate lies and false allegations, not just about me but also about other outstanding human rights activists and journalists, and thereby distinguishing herself permanently as someone who runs smear campaigns, freely lies, opportunistically engages in alliances and friendships with those she later denigrates, and fabricates narratives to suit her projections as victimized and persecuted when in actuality she has initiated and does the defaming, slandering, victimizing and persecuting, not to mention the targeted cyber-stalking, echo-stalking, mirroring, censoring, gatekeeping, misdirecting, and attempted brain-entraining and behavior-modifying through dominating, chatter-botting, and Neuro Linguistic Programming antics.

As noted in several articles including my latest one, my conclusions about her after two years of working with her–and seeing her current actions–are that she is a planted agent provocateur, impostor, infiltrator, NLP-practicer, misdirector and double agent with distinct HUMINT (collecting human intelligence and engaging in behavior modification for Mil/Intel) and censorship/gatekeeping intentions, as I’ve also noted on several Twitter threads, also linked below.

Of course, with her current behavior in keeping up this libelous page online, she has established as well quite openly her rather shameless interest in publicly attacking and defaming me and others, focusing on character-assassination and image-sabotage in addition to brain-entraining and hive-minding and hypnotizing (her sadly misled audience) as she operates her Stop007 site and Youtube channel to run smear campaigns under cover of victim advocacy and overblown counsel.

Considering that she now appears to be running free-fall sensationalist videos on her channel and has been soliciting support on Twitter from #MAGA supporters, projecting herself as Victim Advocate, while being supported by alt-media such as Kerry Cassidy, Richie Allen, and others, it is clear to me she, like many of them, is a True-Media Infiltrator and well-supported from behind the scenes by those she claims to be attacking openly and who, she claims, are attacking her. In other words, a well-oiled Psy Op, of the GCHQ JTRIG kind.

This is the defaming filled-with-lies Attack page set up by Katherine Horton with my name–or a version of my name–on it: https://stop007.org/home/black-list/ramola-dharmaraj/

This is the video and article I published after her first attack on me in her first massively defamatory video (linked inside the article) succeeding the closing-down of Techno Crime Fighters Forum in July 2018: 

Ramola D/The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory

This is the article written in response to the first publication of  her libelous False-Claim Smear Campaign page and various and sundry video and Twitter performances:

Ramola D: Swiss Cheese and Bayonets: Katherine Horton’s Nasty Defamation Campaign Titled “Ramola’s Defamation Campaign”

“Related Links” in the (Swiss Cheese) article above record the several video responses and Twitter responses I made as well, some along with Melanie Vritschan to her libelous page-post, reproduced here below.

Report #95: Melanie Vritschan, ICATOR Update | Truth Vs. Slander

Report #99: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Defamation Campaign

Report #103: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Intensified and Expanded Defamation Campaign

This is the disclaimer of her reportage (used in my press releases and reports) on the medical kidnapping of the newborn child of Melanie Vritschan, founder of ICATOR–at whose birth Katherine Horton was present, and whose removal from her mother on false psychiatric grounds she was involved in–after I learned of the lies and inconsistencies in her reports and after new reports from the midwife she spoke to at Erasme Hospital.

Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on Erasme Medical Kidnap as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Public Notices and Public Cease and Desist Notices to Katherine Horton:

Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton 10/30/2018

Second Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton 11/14/2018

Joint Public Cease and Desist Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton 11/21/2018

Standing Notice Regarding Dr. Katherine Horton’s JTRIG Slander Campaign Against Ramola D 12/13/2018

Tweet Thread-Post Katherine Horton’s SECOND Slam & Smear Assault on Yours Truly

As supporting material, also vital to note is this enlightening thread by Cassandra, who witnessed the Twitter slandering by Katherine: 

Last Tweet Thread on#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign in response to her mockery of Report #99 & strategized, entrenched misframing, false-claims, and false-reality construct at her site falsely claiming I pursued, stalked, and defamed her for months, apparently in desperate efforts to conceal her own HUMINT CounterIntel JTRIG NLP Echo-Stalking which I had caught her out in.

This is the last article I’ve been promising for months, going back to the time-period of my close acquaintanceship with her and discussing the many cues and clues she left regarding her Counterintelligence HUMINT and NLP Echo-Stalking/Mirroring and misdirective/censoring role in the midst of real activists. including the true story of how she failed, attacked, and slandered Melanie, as I witnessed:

The Consequences of Infiltration

–Ramola D/Posted  June 7, 2019