Second Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton

This is a Second Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton in light of her recent publication of attempted Malicious Defamation, Libel, Slander, Injury to Reputation, and Character Assassination of myself on her website at, and, to make the following corrections to material she has posted on these pages:

  1. Copyrighted Author Photo/Ramola D/Dharmaraj

    Dr. Katherine Horton  is hereby enjoined to fully REMOVE all Author Photographs of Ramola D (similar to the (cropped) one imaged here, cropped or full) posted on the pages named above and anywhere else on her website. The photograph currently posted everywhere is a Copyrighted Author Photograph, which belongs only to Ramola D, and is used to mark her presence online as a Writer, Poet, Literary Journalist, Literary Editor, Publisher, Broadcaster, and Independent Investigative Science/Technology Journalist, and is only to be used with her express permission and consent anywhere online. Dr. Horton’s UNAUTHORIZED use of this Author Photo in conjunction with the name Ramola D or the name Ramola Dharmaraj for purposes of Malicious Defamation, Character Assassination, Injury to Reputation is an act of Misrepresentation, Misappropriation, and Presenting in False Light in addition to being outright Property Theft. Dr. Katherine Horton is therefore enjoined to IMMEDIATELY REMOVE this Author Photo completely from her website.
  2. Dr. Katherine Horton is immediately enjoined to formally CEASE AND DESIST from engaging in Malicious Character Defamation and Assassination, Libel, Slander, and Injury to Reputation of Ramola D as evinced on the named pages on her website, and 1) REMOVE the Wrongful Accusation and Allegation contained in the title “Timeline of Ramola’s Defamation Campaign”  and 2) REMOVE all mention of Wrongful Accusation and Allegation pertaining to this Completely Confabulated notion of a “Defamation Campaign” supposedly run by Ramola D in the entire “Timeline” (chock full of falsehood, distortions of truth, misrepresentations, and outright lies) presented by Dr. Katherine Horton therein. While Dr. Katherine Horton–who earlier exhausted all avenues to normal civil communication with Ramola D by way of Verbal Abuse, Insults, Falsehood Dissemination and Outright Smears, Slander, and Defamation via email and video in July and August 2018, as noted in the written statement and accompanying video, The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory–is perfectly entitled, as everyone on the planet is, to attempt to verbally defend her own self, actions, and reputation on her own website or anywhere else, she is not entitled to the Misrepresentation, Misappropriation, Distortion of Facts in service to deliberate maligning and damaging of reputation of a Truth-Focused Writer and Journalist, as evinced in the Wrongful Accusation and Allegation expressed in the very title of her Smear Missive “Timeline of Ramola’s Defamation Campaign” and further contained in the entirety of the publication on that page, under that heading.
  3. Dr. Katherine Horton is immediately enjoined to REMOVE the Wrongful and Inaccurate title “Ramola’s Libellous Public Notice” in reference to the “Disclaimer” post by Ramola D on her own website, The Everyday Concerned Citizen, disclaiming responsibility for previous questionable reportage now in dispute from Dr. Katherine Horton on the subject of the wrongful medical kidnapping on October 19, 2017, of Melanie Vritschan’s newborn child by Erasme Hospital doctors, which should–as with all copyrighted posts belonging to Ramola D–be referenced in title anywhere online only by its own title, as per Standard Practice at The Everyday Concerned Citizen and Copyright Law, which reads: “Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on the Subject of What Transpired at Erasme Hospital, October 18, 2017 onwards, in the Medical Kidnapping of Ms. Melanie Vritschan’s Newborn, as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday Concerned Citizen.”

It is standard practice that material from The Everyday Concerned Citizen and Ramola D Reports may only be re-posted with original title, link, text as-is, and full and accurate attribution.

Further, Dr. Katherine Horton is hereby notified that 1), Ramola D reserves full and complete right to address at her own convenience and in any print, online or broadcast media form/s of her own choosing the false accusations, allegations, confabulations, distortions, misrepresentations, open falsehoods, lies, deceptions contained in the entire page at which seems to be filled with tedious distortions, lies, misrepresentation of facts, and avid recourse to select notes and texts from others (contradicted by their own authors in other notes and texts to Ramola D) in desperate attempts to “provide evidence” for her confabulated and delusory notions of a “Defamation Campaign” run on her by Ramola D; and 2) Ramola D reserves full and complete right, as a Truth-Focused Journalist and Writer, to continue to express her opinion of Dr. Katherine Horton in any print, online, or broadcast media form/s of her own choosing as well as continue to publish essential and necessary information in her keeping and knowledge for all human rights activists and others witnessing this history-in-the-making on the extremely insidious, pernicious, dangerous, and criminal COINTELPRO Infiltration of the TI Activist Community, Actions of Agent-Provocateur Incitements & Calls to Violence, Actions of Echo-Stalking/Mirroring & Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sabotage of Leading Activists’ Lives and Reputations, Let-Down and Sabotage of Activism, Scanning, and TI Victims’ Court Cases, Misdirection, Gatekeeping, and Censorship Regarding Covert EMF/Scalar/Sonic/Neuro Attack Technologies & Countermeasures, Extreme Traumatizing Abuse of Activists, Misleading of Victims, Defamation and Slander of Scientist Whistleblowers, and apparently currently-established practice of Massive Defamation, Slander, and Targeting of the Lone Continually-Publishing Journalist covering EMF/Neuro Targeting, Surveillance Abuse, and Non-Consensual Military/Intelligence/Academic/Medical Experimentation (Ramola D) in what appear to be planned and paid Attacks on Reputation and Character evinced by Dr. Katherine Horton.

–Ramola D/November 14, 2018