Ramola D: Surveillance Targeting Has Permitted Clear-Cut TORTURE

–Ramola D/November 6, 2018

When did it become okay for the US Government to condone and permit Torture of the citizenry?

When did it become okay to put people on Kill Lists and Torture-Until-Death lists–that FOIA requests will not divulge?


UAV Predator

When did it become okay to use Predator drones to shoot-to-kill Americans–with Radio Frequency Weapons–inside America?

When did it become okay to surround people with satellites and send High-Powered Microwave Weapon pulse shots into people’s heads, chests, faces — because they are engaging in truth-telling activities potentially harmful to the careers of corrupt local government or other personnel?

When did it become okay to randomly label people terrorists and stick them on lists, then sell them to US Air Force and US Navy and other Dept. of Defense Field Weapons Testing contracts so they could be pounded with heat bombs from subdural Nanotech and Pulsed Energy Projectiles directed at them any ole time of day or night?

(Among other horrors, that is: such as being burned and blistered with microwave weapons, milliwave weapons, lasers, masers, RF signals sent to covertly-implanted RFIDs, MEMs, NEMs, WBANs.)

When did it become okay to burn people alive in their beds, wake them up continuously at night with specific Radio Frequencies sent to their brains at night–to keep them from REM sleep–which is essentially SLEEP DEPRIVATION, a classic component of Torture as we all understand it?

When did it become okay to needle people remotely from a distance with flicks of military tracking radar–on all parts of their bodies, including their private parts?

When did it become okay to do remote EEGs on people’s heads, send remote electroshocks and remote electro-vibrations to their spines or other body parts?

When did it become okay to send Voice to Skull and the constant, abusive chatterboxing and abuse from HIVE-MINDED MORONS into someone’s skull–to keep them from living their lives in peace?

When did it become okay to test out a whole bunch of nasty, invasive, amoral, unethical, barbaric Brain Assaultive Technology on people–calling it Surveillance, calling it Monitoring, calling it Prevention of whatever latest flavor of “Threat” or “Terrorism” the Covert Ops agencies are concocting as Cover for their evil technology-creation–which no scientist with even one ethical bone in their bodies would permit the creation of?

The fact is, Surveillance Targeting today has opened the door to clear-cut Torture. People are being tortured. This is not something to sit back and look askance at. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS, and every single human being on this planet should be waking up and paying attention and asking what we each can do to stop this monstrous outrage NOW. 

To understand the extreme horror of what is going on today–while mainstream media flat-out LIES to cover up the gruesome facts of today’s horrific, Nazi, Stasi, Pol-Pot-style targeting, please read this brief summary: Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

Please join Dr. Millicent Black and myself today live on my YouTube channel at 12 noon EST as we open our Study Sessions on Targeting as Torture. We are aware Targeting is only the FIRST STEP; what happens after people are randomly listed is a PLETHORA OF ABUSIVE ASSAULT which includes trafficking into covered projects of medical experimentation, social engineering experimentation, DOD/CIA weapons-testing, Torture Club programs–all of them ILLEGAL from the get-go.

The Legal Departments at the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, CIA/NSA, and Defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics may kid themselves they are engaging in Legal Endeavor, but the listing of absolutely innocent people as terrorists and criminals is ILLEGALthat is the FIRST STEP, and they are engaging in ILLEGAL ASSAULT on these people from the get-go. Torture is also absolutely and unequivocally ILLEGAL

Let me spell it out: The US Government–in all its  Intelligence and Security agencies, Fusion Centers–and State, City, County Governments, and Military/Air Force/Navy Divisions running RF/Electronic/Neuro/DEW weapons tests on people inside the USA and  worldwide–is engaging in both extremely ILLEGAL activity, as well as activity which is EXTREMELY VIOLATIVE AND ABUSIVE OF HUMAN RIGHTS. All this, under the cover of “SURVEILLANCE.”

Dr. Millicent Black is a whistleblower on the insidious, stealthy, and extremely pernicious use of Brain Computer Interfaces in Domestic Violence and Torture–this was a focus of her dissertation as she completed her doctorate in Christian Education, a subject we talked about in her Interviews with Changemakers interview:

What Dr. Black is reporting today in her own case–as she whistleblows on how Brains and Bodies are being hacked today, and how local Government is sitting back and letting it happen, to say the least–is nothing less than Torture: please read her story here:

“Electronic Slavery” in America: Military Neuro Weaponry Used Contractually by US Air Force Veteran to Abuse Exemplary and Highly Accomplished Tennessee Woman Pastor & Control Town

I will continue to publish here and report continuously on the Surveillance-Cover Torture Activities being run today worldwide by the US and Global Gestapo using secretive Weapons-Testing and Non-Consensual Experimentation contracts, as more and more people’s stories surface.  To understand the entire horrific landscape further, please join us in our live video Study Sessions.

The intention of all this open discussion and exposure–in tandem with the efforts of all others in this country and worldwide–is most definitely the shutting down of these nefarious experimentation and weapons-testing programs–which are stripping all basic human and civil rights from human beings–and the absolute banning of these terrible and barbarically inhumane weapons (Anti-Personnel EMF/Neuro/DEWs).

–Ramola D/Nov 6, 2018

And here is Episode 1:

Dr. Millicent Black and Ramola D discuss the similarities between Surveillance Targeting and plain old Classic Torture as we open this new podcast series which intends to study extant Reports on Torture from human rights groups, histories of non-consensual experimentation and torture inflicted on civilians and soldiers by the US Department of Defense as well as the CIA, and the current US and International Laws, Treaties, and Conventions against torture. We will also discuss Informed Consent and waivers, loopholes, and weaselly ways in which the DOD and other Fed agencies have succeeded in distorting the Common Rule to their purposes, so as to permit experimentation without consent on Americans.

In this episode, we discussed the US Code definition of Torture, and briefly discussed the Clinton Apology to Tuskegee victims more than 50 years after the fact, the Presidential Bioethical Commission findings re. the Guatemalan victims of US experiments, and the selfsame failed Bioethical Commission hearings wherein hundreds of MIC victims aka “targeted individuals” stepped forward to report non-consensual experimentation on their bodies and brains and were cruelly and callously dismissed by Amy Gutmann’s whitewash committee as needing to refer their claims to the Justice Department. (Which, when victims report energy weapon assault, also cruelly dismisses them as delusional and paranoid and needing neuroleptics, an entrenched Catch 22 strategy designed to silence victims, shut down society, and keep on victimizing MIC victims. This is the sorry state of affairs in the US today.) 

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  1. Attempting to put together a Ti community are an rv park in rural Minnesota. Yes..its gonna be cold but we will be safer than being stuck in apts in inner cities with THOUSANDS of demonic PERPS at every corner.
    Dew attacks will be ever present. But not as bad as the cities.

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  3. Dear Ramola, Hello. Wanted to share some good news with you. Yesterday in a 2010 book by preachers Tom and Nita Horn entitled, “Forbidden Gates” found something I think is amazing. Exact title is… “Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn Of TechnoDimensional Spiritual Warfare.” Anyway researched one of the Horn’s comments at this government website. This government site admits everything that the FBI and State Department have been denying not only about targeted individuals but the US diplomats in Cuba, China and from the 50s-70’s Russia…

    What is really exciting to me, Ramola is that Springfield, MO police labeled a ‘person of interest’ in a report, just because I called and spoke on the phone after two weeks of DEW targeting started and said an ‘electric current is running through my home,’ to Captain Pennington of the Fire Department. I was asking for a free home safety inspection. Pennington didn’t give me a free home safety inspection but called police to investigate me. Two came to the house. In the report they said I was a ‘person of interest.’ Two more unannounced police visits came within the month and two cops told me”… anyone feeling electricity is schizophrenic.”

    Also the government has never admitted to the Russian embassy being hit with microwave weapons during 50-70’s which appears in last red clump. In fact they have never before revealed that they did extreme studies on the Russian diplomats coming home sick and new it to be microwave sickness and knew it mutated DNA back then. Two US presidents wrote asking the Russian leaders to stop microwaving the embassy in Moscow. Wish I could find those letters.

    What a cover up.
    God bless you. Josephine Grace targetedartist.wordpress.com

    Here it is below.

    From the https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK208988/

    Assessment of the Possible Health Effects of Ground Wave Emergency Network.

    4.Perception and Behavioral Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
    Stimulation of nervous structures by electric and magnetic fields and associated currents in the body. Above a threshold that is frequency-dependent, these currents are perceived as a painful stimulus that increases with current intensity…

    Shocks and burns. When the human body is in an EMF of suitable frequency and intensity and it makes contact with a conducting body in the same field, an electrical current is produced that can cause perceptible electrical shock, muscular contractions, burns, and possible death.

    Heating. If enough RF power is absorbed in human tissue, especially skin, it can raise the tissue temperature and cause a sensation of warming that will be due to thermal stimulation of temperature receptors. Thermal perception of absorbed RF energy is frequency-dependent: the threshold energy decreases as the frequency increases.5…

    Auditory perception. A special effect has been reported in which microwave RF emitted in the form of very short pulses (1-20 µsec) is perceived by humans and animals as clicks or other sounds. This perception could well result when thermal absorption leads to thermoelastic expansion of tissues and fluids in the head and is sensed by auditory receptors. If the energy flux in the pulse exceeds about 40 µJ/cm2, delivered in a few microseconds, auditory perceptions occur.8

    The auditory perception of pulsed microwave fields was first reported in 1947 and has been studied extensively… He found that, depending on the characteristics of the field, sensations were perceived as buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking sounds. Sound was perceived at all frequencies up to 8.9 GHz. Guy et al.10 demonstrated that the threshold for auditory perception was four times higher at 3.75 kHz in subjects with neurosensory deficits compared with normal subjects, thus indicating that the effect was in the acoustic elements involved in hearing.
    Behavioral changes. Epidemiologic studies of groups of people occupationally or environmentally exposed to electromagnetic fields in the RF and ELF range have yielded perceptual and behavioral responses, including fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and increased frequency of headaches…

    Studies in Eastern Europe have investigated populations exposed to EMFs ranging from 50 Hz to microwave frequencies.19 Complaints included irritability, lethargy, insomnia, impotence, headaches, loss of memory, and inability to concentrate. The syndrome was identified as neurasthenia or ”microwave sickness.” Energy magnitudes associated with the syndrome have been reported for a few microwatts to a few thousand microwatts per square centimeter. An epidemiologic study of the personnel in the American embassy in Moscow found an excess of the same neurasthenic symptoms, but the symptoms were not correlated with measured individual exposures.20

  4. Great article Ramola, will be watching.


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