Thomas Deegan Enduring Long-Term Solitary: Please Write, Support His Request for Parole

td1Phil Hudok of Hudok.Info reports that Thomas David House of Deegan, whom many may know was unlawfully incarcerated in West Virginia during his quest to restore Constitutional government there, has been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment–he has been in solitary confinement for over 7 months and continuing, reports Mr. Hudok–and has currently been moved to a maximum security prison, for reasons undivulged, is in need of supportive letters to help in his request for parole. His case comes up before a parole board next week, and Mr. Hudok suggests that letters be faxed. The excerpt below is taken from his June 22 and June 23 posts, and includes a template anyone can use (changing names and dates); this (template) document also carries all the prison and fax information you will need. You can fax a file online for free at various sites including Please send letters in support of the character of Thomas David House of Deegan and requesting that his request of parole be granted. Please send rightaway.

Additionally, please also send letters of inquiry, advice, and concern directly to Thomas, to show support and to ensure that prison authorities become aware that Thomas is not forgotten, there are people nationwide and worldwide watching his case. Amnesty International often reports that the number of letters arriving at prison–particularly in the case of political prisoners–makes a huge difference in how prisoners are treated, and in when they are released. No idea if Amnesty is covering this case–they should–but until then, please pass the word and send a letter to Thomas David. Highly concerning reports from Darlene Deegan posted at suggest that Thomas is not being treated well, some believe that his life may be in danger. Please write. This is his address: Thomas David Deegan  #3559707/HCC/P.O. Box 1/Huttonsville, WV  26273


Phil Hudok/Hudok.Info


My letter to Parole Board – Word:Template.docx

In PDF:Template.pdf

June 22 update on Thomas:    (Link to June 23 developments)

I have a sample letter to the parole board linked above. You may use it as a guide.  Please address Thomas’s character.

I talked to a Mr. Paul Simmons recently.  He is a Deputy Commissioner who is head of the correction system’s wardens.

He said Thomas is still in the Mt. Olive Maximum Security Prison infirmary.  I asked him why he was transferred from Huttonsville and he reluctantly admitted that it was because Thomas was not cooperating and Mt. Olive was the only location he could be housed in.  He said Thomas can, but refuses to contact anyone.  He said Thomas has not been asked to sign any “agreements”.  It has been 15 days without any contact from Thomas.  Darlene, I, and others believe there is something else going on here causing there to be no communication.

The reaction of the corrections system was predicted beforehand by Thomas. Please use the template and send a letter to the parole board, I would also suggest that folks send Thomas letters to support Thomas and show the system that Thomas is not forgotten.

Source: Phil Hudok’s June 22 post,


Phil Hudok/ 23 post

Darlene, Thomas’s mother, called me today. She had just received a letter from Thomas, being only the second communication from Thomas since he has been at Mt. Olive maximum security prison.  Below are some of the notes I made from Darlene’s call.  Please use the notes to craft a letter to the parole board on Thomas’s behalf in accordance with his present wishes which is to address only character issues.  If you sent out a focused letter addressing of truths involved as was previously requested, that was meant to be. As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a season for all things.



Parole board will be at Mt. Olive at the beginning of July.

Gene, Phil, and Thomas’s mother should be receiving info on date and time of parole board hearing, can attend and may be allowed to speak.

Thomas does not want anything said of the fraud of the system as it will work against him.

He is in prison because of the Supreme Court case lawsuit 15-0491.

Thomas has caused no injury to person or property.

He enjoys being around his family, as he was last year when he was arrested.

He’s been in no trouble for the first 34 years of his life.

He admitted that he grew medicinal pot. 

Thomas is not nor has ever been a threat to society.

He has the support of a wide network of friends and family.

(Address issues of his character only)

Letters to the parole board must be made immediately.  If possible, they should be faxed.

Source: June 23 post/

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