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Robert Duncan, Regarding 6/10 NYT Article on Gang-Stalking & Targeted Individuals: “When Weapons Are “Field Tested” They Need To Be Very Secretive”

Re-posted from Facebook, with thanks to Dr. Robert Duncan, scientist with a background in working for the military and CIA in Artificial Intelligence, cybernetics, and bio-communications, and author of Project Soulcatcher, The Matrix Deciphered, How to Tame a Demon for his candor and commitment to getting the truth out there regarding neuroweaponry currently being tested on Americans, as also citizens worldwide, by military and Intelligence agencies. This is in reference to the recent fluff-piece in the New York Times purporting to be an investigative report of “gang-stalking” by a reporter who failed to report on key aspects accruing from his investigation, including research he was directed to by Rosanne Schneider, author of Surveillance, Torture, and Control in the Modern World….A Collection of Links to Inform the Public, and information on organized stalking and electronic harassment by  NSA, US Navy, and FBI groups experienced by 28-year NSA Intelligence Analyst veteran, Karen Stewart.

Interested readers keen to explore the gaps in this reportage further may appreciate Rosanne Schneider‘s post on this misleading coverage: The Questionable Reporting of the New York Times

Karen Stewart‘s expose of rampant targeting, harassment, and psychiatric reprisal by the NSA can be researched further online, found at Renew America, and also found here: Ramola D/Washington’s Blog: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Speaks Candidly About Illegal and Criminal NSA & FBI Programs of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment in the USA & Abroad

Also relevant (thanks to Rainetta Jones for calling attention to it) is this report on stalking in the United States produced by the Department of Justice in 2009, awareness of which was missing in the NYT article: Stalking Victimization in the United States


Statement from Robert Duncan/Facebook/6/11/2016 Regarding The United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers by Michael McPhate, New York Times/Health/June 10, 2016

I said that I would tell the public what was asked by the NY Times reporter with my responses if he didn’t publish it. I was irrelevant to his interview. Hopefully Mike won’t be upset that I posted this. You know who to thank for smearing my credibility on the internet and hence created his own demise, A.F. Be sure to thank A.F. for perpetuating your suffering and the many aliases he uses.

“– Is it correct that you worked on some kind of “voice-of-god” weapons for the C.I.A.? Could you describe that work and when you did it? And what makes you certain that it is being deployed against TIs?”

Yes. The CIA was not the only interested party. The Pentagon and DARPA had great interest in it too. I need to be careful here on what I tell the public. The military applications were quite transparent. I worked on the AI (artificial intelligence) natural language responses. They are broadly called “chatter-bots”. They are useful in occupation of the target mind for disablement, NLP (neural linguistic programming), and interrogation. From an unknowledgeable observer’s perspective the target will appear crazy and easily discredited. The CIA formerly used mostly LSD and other substances that would perform similar functions.

I have interviewed over a thousand self proclaimed victims of this newer technology that uses old mind hacking tactics. I have only included about half of those people in my studies because naturally occurring schizophrenia does exist but these sets of technologies can “drive a target crazy with voices”. With “V2K”, as the army called it, or “voice of god” technology, the vocabulary and sentences that the target “hears” is a dead giveaway for the methods used to break the human spirit and probe the memory of the target for reprogramming.

— Who is behind this? And what’s to gain from torturing U.S. citizens this way?

There are many stake holders. A weapon more powerful than the atomic bomb for influencing populations is quite sought after by many countries. It is another arms race.

When weapons are “field tested” they need to be very secretive. The database for the probability matrices of the efficacy on each culture and language needs to be done for improvements, development, and evolution of the AI system. Doing it world-wide is necessary for other reasons too.

The testing needs to be done in a way that few researchers could statistically discover outliers in the people complaining of such torture. In the far future country boundaries will be less important, so the system needs to work on all people.

— There are records going back to antiquity of people hearing voices in their heads. How do you ascertain whether the voices heard by TIs are a product of “voice-of-god” weapons?

True. Moses talked to a burning bush. From a psychologist’s perspective, the increased number of people complaining of non-stop talking in their heads can be explained away by stresses of modern society. It is a perfect cover story. For “area 51”, it was UFOs. For “the Philadelphia experiment” for RADAR jamming experiments, the cover story was they went back in time.

A different technology often called the Frey’s microwave hearing effect and another called LRAD were used in the Gulf War to say in their local language, “I am Allah. Lay down your arms.” If the communication appears non-directional, it is easy for religious cultures to believe it is their God of choice speaking to them.

— Could you explain disinfo agents? I think I saw someone accusing you of being a disinfo agent somewhere.

Technically they are called “offensive information warfare” or “psychological operations” units. Most countries have those divisions. It is a good sign that they don’t plan an assassination if they try that first on you. In fact, one of their tactics on the internet is to point the finger at someone else, while the other three are pointing back at them. Could just be their paranoia or mistakes that I have made.

— How do you think this all ends?

Let me give you a couple possible futures.

1) Here is how the TI community would like it to end. They would like to see the story go mainstream around the world. They would like to see a congressional investigation more deep than the Frank Church Hearings over MKULTRA. They would like an apology to the world TI citizens, regulations passed, and compensated for their participation in non-consensual human experimentation.

2) More probably this will happen. The “Brain Initiative” will achieve progress in the next 10-20 years. The government will hold their position that it was just invented at that time. They will not reveal the many technologies already in use until they are rediscovered in the public sector. Regulations will be passed but no agency will be capable of enforcing them. Schizophrenia will have a cure through modern brain entertainment technologies. Society will have the debate over freewill. Those who join a hive mind become more intelligent and employable, and society bifurcates between the Luddites and the hive mind. People like me will develop a type of “firewall” for the human mind. 40 years from now the majority of the population might read TI history and believe the experiments occurred and maybe a future UN leader will issue an apology.

Empathy only occurs in humans if that human can recall or imagine a similar experience derived through the senses. No blood or torture marks, no empathy.

— Finally, how large do you think the population of TIs is in the U.S.?

That is an impossible question to answer. There are many experiments going on where the pleasure centers of the brain are stimulated and they talk to a kind god. This group is not vocal in public trying to alleviate their pain. They often get a Jesus complex. According to an Army intelligence officer, the Russians were bombarding the U.S. in the 1970’s with psychotronic microwave brain entrainment frequencies to calm the population. Perhaps everyone is slightly affected. TIs are just the population enduring the extreme experiments of splitting personalities and using Monarch Programming methods.

Numbers from support groups based on those who are vocal, speak some English, and know how to use the internet would imply a minimum population of ten thousand people world-wide. Clearly given those restrictions, the number must be much larger.

The public has a right to know.

Source: Facebook



William Thomas–Interview With “Thermoguy” Curtis Bennett

wifi_mesh_publicsafety_diag1Re-posted, with thanks from William Thomas Online. Curtis Bennett, a highly experienced Canadian  electrical engineer, radio frequency expert, thermographic imaging expert, and engineering professor is currently working with energy companies, governments, individuals, Universities, and insurance companies to assess and address issues of liability and damage to both buildings and humans related to wifi networks, cell towers, underground electrical networks, and all EMF/radio frequencies in environments, and sounds the alarm to all of us regarding the extreme dangers posed currently by these networks in our midst. This 2012 interview below from journalist William Thomas is eye-opening and a wake-up call, please read and share widely.

Visit Curtis Bennett’s website for more information at Thermoguy.com.

Also visit the Website Stay on the Truth for a collection of articles from various experts related to the biological effects of RF exposure.

One of the most essential pieces of information below is that human bodies are antennas; as electrical beings, filled with water, we become antennas to these ambient frequencies in the environment. If we do not begin to understand how our bodies are being affected by wifi, we write our own death sentences, and our children’s, our companion animals’. There is also an interaction between electromagnetic fields generated by elements in electrical networks and elements in wifi networks that set up dangerous pulsing harmonics that affect both building infrastructure and human organs. (Cell phones, smart meters, routers, cell towers, cell antennas on lightposts: what do they all add up to?) This interview is one to read and re-read.

Also see this informative talk given by Curtis Bennett at the Enderby Public Forum in 2012, posted by CSTinBC on Youtube on the subject of smart meters and more. He is unflinching and direct, and points unwaveringly to what people need to do to keep our families healthy and safe–we have to learn more about these radio frequencies we’re all being washed in, and we have to stop our utility companies and governments from irradiating us to disease and death. We need to wake up and take action, at the local city and county levels. These frequencies are dangerous for all of us–children, adults, buildings.


by William Thomas

Curtis Bennett isn’t everyone’s cup of unsweetened tea. In his unstinting quest to corral unhealthy and illegal frequencies, the bluntly outspoken founder of Thermografix Consulting castigates those he considers fools and misinformed allies alike.

Even worse — much worse — this Red Seal Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician only speaks to what he knows. And with years experience as an electrical engineer, his knowledge is considerable.

Spluttering critics tend to implode when left with zero wriggle room. Speaking in a peculiarly memorable cadence that places unexpected emphasis on usually unhighlighted words, while leaving others out, Bennett describes himself as “a Radio Frequency engineer.

“Frequencies are my profession,” he adds. “I’m here to deal with those boring codes, building codes, electrical codes, laws, laws, laws.”

As “an energy professional recognized in British Columbia,” this “professional troubleshooter” is in high demand by other professionals — most notably insurers, medical associations, lawyers, government agencies and other corporations that sense a tsunami of lawsuits rearing off their shores.

“Can the invisible frequencies blanketing our homes, offices and communities affect humans?” they all want to know.

“Yes,” Curtis tells them. “Electrical professionals don’t blast frequencies around like this. Any B.C. Hydro lineman will tell you, you can’t change the frequencies in the grid. You can’t stimulate tissue. It’s illegal.”


Stimulating tissue is prohibited under standards set forth in Health Canada’s spectacularly outdated Safety Code 6.

“Safety Code 6 is the law, the ugly, ugly insufficient law,” Bennett says. “Compliance with Safety Code 6 is not optional. BCUC, BC Hydro state this. The predominant health effect to be avoided is the unintentional stimulation of tissue. Heating tissue is to be avoided.”

The code states that the critical scientific mechanism in any radiating device that heats tissue from the inside out is unknown. And that the code will be changed when a verifiable mechanism is available.

Microwave ovens come to mind. Microwaves heat food by vibrating food so violently its molecular structure shakes apart.

Just like microwaving human DNA with wireless gadgets and grids. “Now you have ‘mechanism’ where you’re doing this through electromagnetic induction,” Bennett explains.

Deluged by lawsuits and complaints, power companies are also waking to the nightmarish realization that the smart meters they’ve rushed into service are acting as antennas.

These hungry devices are gobbling electromagnetic fields produced by their own internal transformers, nearby microwave towers, a silent cacophony of routers, and other household wireless devices. In many cases, the resulting electrical currents induced in not-so-smart meters are being dutifully recorded as billable power to consumers assured that their hydro invoices would go down — not double or triple.


Water-filled humans also induce electromagnetic energy as internalized electrical current.

But the eventual costs in compromised health and happiness can be much higher than a wonky hydro bill.

Bennett chokes up when he says, “You have 5 girls in school and deprived their families’ rights to reproduce. All girls have [all] their eggs at birth. You guys are irradiating the shit out of their eggs at birth.”

“What’s the genetic mutation, or the right to reproduce worth?” he continues. “9 MHz going through someone’s testicles is going to cause molecular changes.” These cyclic polarity changes whipping human cells back-and-forth–“1.8 billion times a second is not going to heat tissue? Ridiculous! How many times do you want this guy’s nuts irradiated?”

The less-than-diplomatic Curtis Bennett has nevertheless taken care to leave a paper trail stretching back to the winter of 10, when he first informed Health Canada and provincial authorities at a federal Parliamentary Committee hearing of the induction mechanism that internally heats human tissue.

“Health Canada, Coleman, the B.C. government did not follow through,” he ominously notes.

But Safety Code 6 cannot be updated. If it ever catches up with the EU’s much stricter electrical standards and starts regulating electrical currents induced by wireless devices, Canada’s hugely profitable wireless industry — along with millions of wireless addicts and co-dependent tax collectors — could be left without their fix.


Don’t focus on individual smart meters, Bennett advises electromagnetically exposed governments and power providers. “As soon as you incorporate the routers, head-to-toe you are stimulating tissue. Margin of error: zero. You are not insured for it.”

But all those risky routers have been left out of the discussion.And official testing.

Power companies like BC Hydro and smart meter manufacturers like Itron are “grotesquely negligent,” Bennett charges. They did not “design that cheap-ass electrical equipment to be in an electromagnetic field. They did not even test the routers under full load. The routers are electrically inductive. They cause fires, interfere with pacemakers and health monitoring equipment.” His voice trails off at the implications.

“You left out the routers in the middle,” Bennett picks up again, addressing culpable administrators.

“You left out the tower and the 9 MHz from the tower, the dual frequencies [2.4 GHz microwaves].

What about the tower talking to the phone, with the human caught in the circuit? Being hit head to toe? ‘ We didn’t think about it. Didn’t include it’,” he mimics remiss regulators.

Human beings also complete the smart meter circuit by inducting their wireless currents. “Head-to-toe impacts every function in the body,” Curtis Bennett says. Which is why he calls routers the game changer” in the smart meters discussion.

“One smart meter router is capable of talking to 4,000 smart meters. That equipment should be tested under full load,” he goes on to explain. “It’s just like an aircraft. ‘Oh, you’re going to subject this equipment to an electromagnetic field, you have to design for it.’ They didn’t design smart meters to be exposed to these power densities — the frequency load from 4,000 devices. Just to have it going through a conductor [like home wiring] and you’re generating electricity in something that already has electricity — an electrical nightmare.”

Returning to Safety Code 6, Bennett says its requirements of “plausibility” and the “reproducibility” of human tissue heating through induction are more than met by full-body routers spraying electromagnetic fields like invisible shrapnel in every direction.

“Health Canada, supposed to use weight of evidence, has dismissed peer-reviewed science. They left out the frequencies of people, they left out the routers — it’s illegal,” Curtis Bennett charges.

“The mechanism is there, you can’t do that.”


In addition: “You set up engineers for failure by leaving out the routers.”

As they become informed, civil engineers across Canada are increasingly concerned that electrosmog from a plague of wireless smart meter routers has been left out of engineering designs, regulations and discussion. All those interlocking frequencies are “irradiating infrastructure,” Bennett says. “When you get into buildings, it’s a frequency weapon. It’s induction. It’s vibration.”

This could rapidly become a Gigantic Problem because introducing harmonics into structures not designed for them is illegal under both the BC Building Code and the Canada Electrical Code.

“You can’t cause molecular earthquakes in buildings. At 1.8 billion times-a-second you’ll take the legs out from under the building,” Bennett states. Along with bridges. And nuclear power plants.

Even Toronto’s manhole covers are corroding much faster than engineering specs anticipated under a growing onslaught of continuous microwave radiation.

Does anyone seriously think that human organs are immune to energies that so speedily rot iron?


No wonder insurers are calling Curtis Bennett.

“The Telecom industry says it isn’t worried. It has $100 billion in assets to pay lawsuits,” Bennett says.

But the insurance industry “has $5 trillion” in potential claims. And now that the mechanism of wireless induction has been identified, “they will not take a loss.”

One insurance agent told Bennett that in the case of a $360 stereo some kid had shoplifted, they would go after the parents. “This is business,” the agent said.

Now insurers are being told that they will have to pick up all the liabilities for all the failed pacemakers and medical monitoring equipment, all the fires and damage to home and business computers and appliances. Their three-word response: “No, we won’t.”

“Do you think insurers are picking up the cost of those bridges?” Bennett asked. “Shipping, the military, airplanes, refineries — you name it.”

Not when — “across the board” — power companies have “bypassed the whole process” of peer review and public consultation.


Sure, he adds, once fire departments realise that mandatory fire bulkheads are weakened by wireless frequencies, insurers will pay out $200 million for an unsafe school that no longer meets fire codes.

“Then their recovery team will go after that money and damages.”

And the insurance companies will win.


The ramifications of routers stagger minds not yet permanently clouded by microwave induction.

“We work for the energy department,” Bennett explains. “We work for their insurers. If a building is not insured, banks don’t fund it, municipalities don’t pass it.”

What happens, he asks, when occupancy permits are withdrawn from buildings sprouting dozens of smart meters, as well cellular antenna farms on their roofs?

What is the future of mortgages and insurance for homes compromised by smart meter radiation?

“We work for risk management,” Bennett also says of his profession. “At the end of the day it’s dollars and cents. The frequencies are illegal. You can’t do this. Loss of bees, buildings, infrastructure…” power companies are “going to be bankrupt.”


No wonder “an international group” of insurers wants to talk to Curtis Bennett about a Sept.16, 2011 letter he sent to B.C. Energy Minister Rich Coleman.

The Thermoguy’s correspondence read in part:

Health Canada presently represents to the provinces, BCUC, BC Hydro, etc that there is no peer reviewed science linking the frequencies but they fail to report the mechanism was reported to Health Canada and by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health on “potential health impacts of RF EMFs”. The peer reviewed science is called electromagnetic induction which is the same mechanism BC Hydro uses for creating electricity.

As a result of the mechanism found and reported by professionals with government recognized credentials in BC as well as the rest of Canada, the application of existing law changed and the frequencies as well as the grid are in violation of Safety Code 6. Enforcing Safety Code 6 must be done because it is the government’s code that references nerve and muscle stimulation. While Health Canada’s administration and others will be held accountable for their criminal negligence, BC does not want the liability or health costs associated with causing neurological challenges or affecting pollinators.

“We’re telling Mr. Coleman to duck. Reckless endangerment is criminal, not civil,” Bennett amplifies. “You left this out, Mr. Coleman. Stop this.”

Lest there be any doubt, this plain-speaking electrician insists, “We’re not here jokin’ around. We’re not here to lobby and opinion. We work for the government of B.C., the government of Canada. We work for due process. Not for a weak-ass administrator who decided to step outside of that.”

As an adviser to B.C. municipalities and the Canadian Forces, as well as an expert witness in an ongoing Oregon lawsuit involving smart meters, Curtis Bennett carries clout. And he is not alone in his desire to see B.C.’s Premier and Energy Minister brought to justice.

“These guys need to be arrested and charged with criminal negligence,” he says, mixing genders. “Is it okay for them to hurt somebody’s children? One-hundred percent, no. Does their stupidity and greed absolve them? No.”

As professional electricians, Bennett says, “We can’t watch people get hurt and shut up. You or I would be accountable. These guys, it’s their job as elected officials.”

His message to every federal, provincial or local official who approved or apologies for smart meters and their cell phone tower kin: “You’re hurting people. What did you do with the weight of evidence reports in regards to towers and frequencies?”


When it comes to the effects of pervasive wireless pollution, doctors are asking Curtis Bennett,”What’s going to happen?”

“Extinction,” this EMF expert says succinctly. “This is the biggest threat to mankind.”

Hyperbole? Leading researchers — including

Olle Johansson (Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute);
MD Gerald Hyland;
Dr. David Carpenter (Dean at the School of Public Health in New York);
Dr. Leif Salford (Lund University, Sweden);
Dr. Neil Cherry (biophysicist, Lincoln University, New Zealand);
Dr. Peter Franch (St. Vincents Hospital, Australia);
Dr. Robert Becker (author, Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution);Dr. Ross Adey (chief investigator of cell phone radiation for Motorola before he was fired over his findings) — all speak of exponential EMFs in dire terms.

Speaking for many, Dr. Vini Khurana, renowned Associate Professor of Neurosurgery in Australia, urges everyone to stop using cell phones immediately.

Smart meters operate on cell phone frequencies. And studies have confirmed that low power levels are extremely dangerous because they more closely mimic — and confuse – the human body’s intercellular communications. As a Jewish lawyer told Bennett: “The holocaust pales in comparison. This is getting them all.”

Another scientist worries about the heavy petrochemical loading in human bodies — “and now you’re pulling this electromagnetic trigger.”When it comes to a smart meter’s jagged 2.4 billion hertz pulses overpowering 8 hertz human brains, Bennett predicts that if it is allowed to go ahead, the smart grid will cause “catastrophic electrical failure of the human grid globally.”

Before that happens, we could be looking at entire nations of electromagnetically lobotomised zombies. And before that, an electro-hypersensitivity epidemic could unleash a firestorm of lawsuits against MDs alleging malpractice.

“All medical diagnosis are inaccurate that don’t take into account the electromagnetic environment — misdiagnosis across the board.” Bennett sighs. “What a mess. And that’s the reason we’re not supposed to do it. As professional electrical engineers, we wouldn’t send children to school and electromagnetic induce them and cause neurological problems and then test and grade them — ‘You appear to be a little slow here. Better take this drug.'”

Then he brightens.

“The best part,” he affirms, “is North America medicine. They’re taking this very seriously.”

In the past six months Bennett says, North American medical education has been drastically upgraded with accredited courses in electromagnetic fields now required for licensing.

“What we are representing is acceptable medical education,” Bennett elaborates. “EMF education credits are now recognised in Canada. These continuing education credits are mandatory for health, legal and other professionals to maintain their accreditation.

“Once they are informed about EMF dangers,” he adds, “Doctors cannot leave this out of their diagnosis. You cannot leave out the wireless environment in your diagnosis.”

Now that’s a game changer.


Curtis Bennett’s advice for Hornby Islanders and anyone else facing smart meter-wielding invaders is simple: “Don’t let them come on your property. Recklessly endangering you — that’s a criminal matter. They have no right to be on your property to install and maintain illegal equipment.”

Addressing our trustees, Bennett says that in all their spin-doctoring, BC Hydro left out the mass effects of routers buzzing in a human-inductive grid. “How are you supposed to administer with this info left out? These things are very dangerous. You need to pay attention.”

Heads in the sand leave vulnerable butts to be kicked. Saying “I doubt it” to the weight of scientific evidence, while passing on BC Hydro propaganda unquestioned does not exempt an administrator from criminal negligence, Curtis Bennett adds.

“Authorities are investigating,” he warns. “What’s coming down the road you can’t even imagine. There’s going to be some real hell coming to pay for this.”

Source: William Thomas Online

Judge Anna von Reitz: Red Alert! Shout Out from Judge Anna

usa1Re-posted with thanks from Our Greater Destiny. Judge Anna issued this call on June 9, asking concerned state residents from every state in the USA to step forward and assist in reclaiming the states. Please check below to see if you are eligible–you need to be born in the US and apparently be male, and a Caucasian, and be able to trace residence on the land (in your state or another) to your grandfather’s generation (I suppose all of this goes back to the good old days of yore when such considerations mattered), and you will need to state/document a claim to your state. Please step forward if eligible and if you understand what’s at stake–to explore more, visit http://www.annavonreitz.com, or see some of  Judge Anna’s posts on this subject collected here.

Judge Anna is also seeking funds to help complete this project, please see below for sending information.


From Judge Anna von Reitz—- I need your help! RED ALERT!!!

From: Anna von Reitz mailto:avannavon@gmail.com
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2016 3:04 PM
Subject: Red Alert! Shout Out!

Judge Anna here—- I need your help!

The rats are trying to tell the rest of the world that we no longer exist as a political reality.  Because we haven’t convened a Continental Congress is over 150 years, they think that that gives them the excuse to claim that our property is “abandoned” and our States of America defunct.

This is nothing but an attempt by the bankrupt housecleaning company to place a false claim of ownership against our estates.

They tried that last fall and the supposedly dead man sat up in his casket at the funeral and gave them all a big “Huzzah!”

We beat them back at the national level, so now they are attacking at the level of the individual states.

I want you all to know that thanks to work done by Pennsylvania and Michigan, your states have the basis of an Equal Footing Claim.  That’s the good news—- but we need actual bodies with “an unimpeachable claim” to come forward.

I need at least two native-born men from every state in the Union to stand up and lay claim to their heritage in behalf of their state and the people in it.

To have an unimpeachable claim you must, according to the terms of the agreements and treaties in the time frame they were made, be able to prove that you are:

(1) a male Caucasian above the age of 21 years;

(2) that you were born on the soil of the state you are claiming;

(3) that one or more of your Grandfathers was born either in the state you are claiming or in another state of the union prior to 1888.

(4) a properly witnessed—-that means three living men above the age of 21, a Common Law Justice, a Common Law Clerk of Court,  or a public notary acting as a witness without claim of jurisdiction—–Act of Expatriation.

This is just a simple statement:  I, John Doe, a living native-born Texan, hereby expatriate from any assumption of United States Citizenship or any presumption that I am or have ever been a “citizen of the United States”. I explicitly claim my birthright political status and heritage as an American State National and native son of texas.

You print this out by hand —not typewritten—and affirm it by printing your name in Upper and Lower case as indicated below:

So done and said this day by:  John Doe (thumbprint in red, touching the letters of the last name), with all rights reserved.

Just plug in your name instead of “John Doe” and the name of your birth state instead of Texas, and you are ready to go.  Please note that for the purposes of this paper chase, the name of your state is not capitalized—– you are a “native son of texas…..or wisconsin….or ohio.”

Please double-check the list above to make sure you can meet these requirements.

Its okay if you don’t immediately have proof for your grandfathers, just so long as you know their names and where they lived and the general family history.

In the vast majority of cases we can lay hold of public records such as land claims, wills, and other records to show that they were living in one of the states of the Union prior to 1888.

A special request to the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) among us—- we will need volunteers to help trace the family trees and collect the records for these claimants back to their grandfathers.

Also, those who can afford a few shekels: Caesar continues to claim his due in the form of court fees, expert witnesses, accountants, airline tickets, hotel rooms, and other expenses.  Those who have brought the cause so long and so far are not rich people and many are retirees, lawyers who have given up their Bar Cards, and young people just getting started in life who are donating their time in defense of this nation.

If you can help with funds in support of this effort please go now to PayPal and make a donation to:  avannavon@gmail.com.

Those who can act as claimants, please send your contact information, information about your grandfathers, and your “Act of Expatriation” to:

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

c/o Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska [99652]

I will be the contact person for this project and can be reached at: (907) 250-5087.

Because of the heavy workload I ask that people not call me unless it is absolutely necessary.

Thanks to all of you who have already done so much to reclaim America.  We are headed down the home stretch and on the right track!


Source: Our Greater Destiny