Reporter’s Note 5: Personal Update, October 12, 2023

Ramola D | Reporter’s Notes | October 12th, 2023

Yesterday, while working on the Human Rights Protections post relevant to the US Air Force DEBR contract I have been reporting again lately–while I still await documents on both the older and renewed FOIA request for same–and the day before, but especially yesterday midday, I was obliged to field sudden and continuous precision heart-hits with shielding, movement, and abandoning the post altogether for a few hours to rest in front of an equally suddenly gone-wild Netflix with sudden high-spy intrigue and blowing up of cars on The Diplomat and clear network-pay-offs and entrenched courtroom corruption on Suits, shows I watch sometimes in desultory fashion while continuing to work on reporting the entire Carney-South Shore-Bournewood-Brewster-Quincy-Boston disasters of last year, which have implications for all–and which clearly I have much to do on. The last few days have been filled with remote-access RF HPM hits on my left upper arm, shoulders, shoulder joints, and heart. Especially insane yesterday was the sudden flurry of flying SUVs, jeeps? Range Rovers, fusion-center pickup trucks flying down the street from midday onward while I was blasted with heart hits from the direction of parked SUVS, trucks, pickups, and witnessed tracking maneuvers from many on street including mailmen and USPS trucks.

Right next door, those who have been called out for harassment and provocation the last few years and especially the last year have continued their harassive provocatory actions, banging car doors yesterday, slamming screen doors, and clearly assisting in both daily monitoring and aiding aerial vehicle tracking and hitting — run of drones, helicopters, and concomitant pulse-shots.

At Pine Haven, October 12, 2023/Just after a walk with dog and bag/Still recovering from this past week of rather intensified RF HPM/ELF/Pulse wave assault, all unlawful, which needs HALTING by one and all–Shielded from, and yet…One has to write.

On the 10th, a Brewster Ambulance went careening down the street in the evening, lights flashing, followed by another–both had sirens off. That was the day I was being hit both in the upper arm excessively and in the heart after fielding a night of excessive hits as well, shielded, but sleep-deprived with waking early (heat at spine). I was also pulsed so strongly at the shoulders and joints I felt quite ill in the evening. Most people who have no idea about the existence of these weapons–now in the hands of “police” “EMS” and their friends–also have no idea that what has really been transpiring for years is that they are being used in neighborhoods to cause physical harm, debility, fatigue, pain, disease, sickness, and sudden physical emergencies either requiring people to go visit their doctors or “Urgent Care” interminably or rush to hospitals calling ambulances.

My recent experiences with ambulances–three unlawful Kidnaps–have now caught me up to speed with the absolute crime ongoing in our about 20,000 cities and towns in this country–I mean the United States of America–and it involves EMS staff in Ambulance Companies and in Emergency Rooms, police and their families and friends in neighborhoods, and apparently Sheriffs as well: when did America become such a Banana Republic? Reading Preston James’s article from 2015 offers quite a bit of a clue: Preston James, Phd/Veterans Today: Divided Loyalties Inside the Pentagon. Note for the record: the characters involved in running “Entrapment Operations” on me last April continue to occupy their quarters across the street, while also hosting folk who I suspect are indeed Police, judging by their police cars on street prior to their moving in here and occasionally later.

Secret Police: This concept is interesting because of that word “Police.” But are they police? No, this is crime and these are criminals.

Yesterday, I ruminated in my private log on the nature of these crimes directed at many, wondering who exactly was involved, which agencies and how. Clearly Abuse of Powers is rampant. The very very “sophisticated” weaponry I am being hit with–as also hundreds of thousands of others–300,000 by Dr. John Hall’s early estimates, 350,000 by Deborah Dupree’s estimates, 10,000 by Dr. Robert Duncan’s estimate, about 15,000 by Paul Baird’s estimate, about 2 million in the USA now by my estimate (my thinking on this guided by deeper research lately) subjected as Counter-Terrorism suspects, “Troublemaker”-tagged, Threat-tagged, Counter-intelligence COINTELPRO, FISA-tagged, alt-media, underground-media, “Creatives” in music, art, writing, dance, sculpture etc, as well as “Highly Intelligent” or “Geniuses” in science, law, medicine, business, engineering, IT, computers et al–all putatively AI-tracked and used and exploited for AI–that’s Artificial Intelligence: Neural Network Mapping and Full-Spectrum Surveillance, and Brain experimentation, non-consenting–both to unlawful DE weapons-testing and operation as well as biomedical experimentation kept secret, while I would estimate greater numbers (from work, home, outside life) are being and have been rolled into Countering Violent Extremism, Public Safety, Public Health and Behavioral Health programs, and that would mean something more like 150 million, targeted at different levels of intensity and assault with these DE weapons now being termed “technologies” and attempted to be legitimized–when they should be STOPPED COLD–and 300 million if you think about all the aerosol-targeting which is wide-ranging and harder to run Precision on, at least, that is my thinking–which means 100 million at least are now working in “Intelligence” “Surveillance” “Security” “Police” “Medicine” “Psychiatry” “Government” “Law” “Business” aka Corporate Amerika and are busy targeting people nonstop; my thinking out loud on my laptop may have had something to do with the sudden vehicular roll-ins, Nazi-style, into our street midday and sudden precision heart hits coming from basements nearby mostly.

On which subject I should add: several Nazi Alsatians and Nazi attitudes from dog-walkers evident in this Quincy neighborhood lately–bulldogs too, pit bulls, and other such (mostly dogs who’d like to meet other dogs but are being uber-restrained and yanked about by the slightly Uneducated in these parts keen to wear “chains from pockets” and generally play Prison Guard. The numbers of aerial flyovers and needless re-routing from Logan across Elmwood and Sherman, not to mention Granger and Beale, adding a constant thrum of aircraft engine ELFs to the atmosphere.

Nearer in right now as I type: friendly neighborhood gassing with noxious smells, shit-related sadly–pointing also to the sudden degradation of this neighborhood, which has in recent times also played with chemicals of darker smell, including the ubiquitous Skunk-Smells of CIA fame. Hits on my left upper arm, a new feature since my abducted sojourn at South Shore Hospital last December, and subsequent abducted sojourn at Bournewood–matters I need to address more fully currently. Meanwhile I continue my larger reportage — in bits and pieces — of contemporary and to-be-halted targeting practices, hoping always that people on the Inside in every field will get their act together and start acting For humanity and not Against all of us as they have been doing for years, decades. Centuries probably.

I have more to report tonight so will close here for now. At some point I will share more from my logs and videos made during the past few months.

6:36 pm: Just stepped outside on the back deck for a minute and witnessed large brown muddy clouds, smelling an absolute smell of sewage in the air–are they dropping sewage on us now? Sewage clouds and acoustic radar on shielding in “police” fashion, something I have recorded now both on audio and in my logs (they do like to stop when you audio-record)–while a bank of red lights from a house on Norfolk glares, and insistent signalling from a drone above or just next door from Resident Mafia in Quincy is sent to an unknown device locked now in my left upper arm, I suspect implanted there last December 20th–while I was held under “medication”–let’s call it Forced Drugging–unlawfully and criminally in the South Shore Emergency Room by beyond-miscreants, and South Shore “Mental Health” sought to disappear me for good under blanket lies and labels, aided by numerous parties in Quincy, in particular Brewster Ambulance, Quincy Police, and the Quincy DIstrict Court, along with certain Larger Parties–which they will all certainly be hearing more about.

It is 6:59 pm now and I am fielding hits on shielding at my middle as I sit in the front room and write while a car zoomed by just prior, and heat pulses seem to spread.

I do aim to podcast soon but seem to need to finish some of the writing I have to do first, so will have to delay that a bit. But most definitely: back to News Reportage on video soon.

Today is the date of my parents’ wedding anniversary: a Union I am most grateful for. It is only in later years it seems that we look back on our lives and our childhoods and thank God and our parents we were born, that someone brought us into this Insane World!