“Exemptions to Informed Consent” in Classified Research and Non-Consensual Covert/Clandestine Human Subject Experimentation in the USA Today Versus “Consent of the Governed”

Because we live today in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, many countries in Asia, and Australia, Africa, under conditions of excessive governmental surveillance, censorship, and also, c/overt technological assault of various kinds–including non-consensual human subject experimentation in Covert/Clandestine Ops involving RFID/neurochip implants, DEW weapons-testing, and Neuropsychiatry/Cybernetics/Electronic Brain Link research–it becomes valuable to remind ourselves of the founding purpose of government, particularly in the USA, its place in our lives, and what part we play in its creation, support, maintenance, and continuance. Do we count? Do we have a say? Does our opinion matter? Can we be “governed” without our consent?

Can laws, for instance, be lawfully made and lawfully passed by a corporation-bought Congress permitting the government to engage in weapons-testing on its citizens--such as the NDAA–or permitting the Secretary of Defense to rescind, revoke, obliterate, obviate, and completely steamroll the post-Nuremberg exigencies of Informed Consent into oblivion, on whim, anytime a new weapons-system needs to be tested, by creating loopholes in the Code of Federal Regulations variously allowing various agencies of the Government and military to claim “Exemptions to Informed Consent” exempted by no other than His Holiness, the Secretary of Defense? Can Executive Orders be lawfully made, pronounced by, and accepted from a President, permitting citizens to be targeted in secret, blacklisted, blackballed, defamed, slandered, sabotaged in every way, covertly implanted with tracking devices, experimented on covertly, surveilled to death, and assassinated by secret order, using New-Age remote radiation neuroweaponry, secret service personnel, covert operations, and a colluding “Homeland Security”/Law Enforcement brigade?

Going back to those wonderful founding documents of yore, it turns out somebody was looking ahead to just these pesky problems.

Please see this excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –-That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The National Security State and the Inability of Human Rights Groups to Affect It

words-2Given that, to date, neither the ACLU nor Amnesty International will take up the widely-prevalent, supremely pressing, and unignorable issue of Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Subject Experimentation and Electronic Harassment–Targeting & Illegally Surveilling/Assaulting Americans with EMF/scalar/sonic weapons in Covert/Clandestine Ops (reported by hundreds if not thousands of c/overt assaultees) that are being run all over the USA today under extensive, and secretive “Intelligence Surveillance” headers (see this recent article in Veterans Today, The Big Squeeze is On the Khazarian Mafia covering the subject of Covert Ops Surveillance/Targeting, among others), and given that specious arguments on the subject of Informed Consent are put forth by so-called ethicists in Universities eager to engage freely in non-consensual research and experimentation (see this recent Dec 28, 2015 article at the Electronic Frontier Fund (EFF) on loopholes in Federal Policies for the Protection of Human Subjects: Human Research Loopholes: Alive and Well, and also note the entire debacle of the oddly-named 2011 Presidential Bioethics Commission refusing to investigate bioethics violations reported by a large number of individuals experiencing non-consensual experimentation today), perhaps it’s time for the American public to independently examine this entire notion of Exemptions to Informed Consent in light of Consent of the Governed.

As the EFF article notes, and as the OHRP (Office of Human Research Protections) informs us, classified research is ultra-special; under “Intelligence Surveillance,” “Defense,” and “National Security” loopholes, human subjects–and in the USA, this would mean Americans–don’t need to be consulted for invasive and so-called “non-invasive” experimentation on their own bodies (did you think Americans owned their own bodies? Funny, so did I), brains, psyches, personas, “unintentionally radiated Intelligence” in the form of your own personal EMFs, emanating from your brain or heart or anywhere else, you-name-it. Perhaps you become, on paper, in Covert Ops files marked “Above Top Secret” or “Unacknowledged Special Access Program,” an “Intelligence Asset.” Or perhaps you are transformed–without your consent or knowledge of course, given those Exemptions–into an “Experimental Soldier.” Did you know you worked (free) for the military? Or for the CIA? No worries, what’s important is that the Principal Investigator on your Covert Ops research project keeps track of these niceties. Lean back, pop a peanut, and relax. Let US fly the plane.

Non-Consensual Governmental Neurochip/RFID Microchip Implantation & Monitoring, Like Weapons Testing, Does NOT Have the Consent of the Governed in the USA

The discussion below is related specifically to the information on ongoing non-consensual and covert implantation and operation of RFID tracking microchips, Bio-MEMs, neuro-chips of various kinds, and any other kind of microchip, including nanotechnology, in covert, secretive, “classified” programs of extreme surveillance and human experimentation in the bodies of Americans explored in the articles here on “Targeted Individuals,” “Covert Non-Consensual RFID/MEMS (Microchip) Implants,” and others. 

While repeated FOIA requests to Federal agencies such as the CIA, the DHS, the FBI, the DIA, the Department of Justice, the FAA, DARPA, and State agencies such as the Massachusetts Commonwealth Fusion Center and the Massachusetts State Police (by this writer/please check in at Muckrock.com to see the list–name used: Ramola Dharmaraj) have failed to yield definitive and open acknowledgment of ongoing open investigations or obvious surveillance and physical abuse including persistent aerial surveillance (although persistent plane flights have been acknowledged), covert implantation/operation of tracking chips as described above, covert 24/7 use of Directed-Energy Weapons/”non-lethal” EMF/scalar/sonic/Remote Neural Monitoring weapons, open community surveillance/harassment/policing, and covert enrollment in classified research or surveillance programs, with exemptions related to “national security” and “public safety” being cited, these activities of surveillance, implantation, tracking, and assault with DEWs/Remote Neural Monitoring weapons, nevertheless continue–as continually reported here and elsewhere by many, many other Americans online.

It becomes essential therefore to point out for public consumption that these covert activities of assault taking place in our midst certainly do not have the Consent of the Governed.

Consent of the Governed, according to the Declaration of Independence cited above, is what gives this Government any power at all–without the Consent of the Governed, Government has no power.

Barack Obama: You must maintain your power through Consent, not Coercion.

John F. Kennedy: Government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security.

Per this premise, consent is primary, central, foundational, essential, necessary. Consent is the fuel, the energy, the flame that sets Government in motion. Without Consent of the Governed, Government cannot function as Government. Also note: Consent of the Governed posits that Government exists primarily to secure the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for the People, by our consent.

Government, in other words, cannot engage in Any kind of actions upon the people, let alone pernicious, without our consent.

Non-Consensual Implantation of Americans Today Does NOT Have American Consent

In continuing to probe the issues of Non-Consensual Implantation of extremely small Electronic Monitoring devices such as RFID chips, MEMs, nanotechnology (such as delivered covertly via aerosol or vaccinations/diet supplements) and others that are reportedly being widely and continuously implanted covertly in Americans today, in abusive, non-consensual, and Covert/Clandestine/Undisclosed surveillance and experimentation programs, and operated covertly by the joint Intelligence Agency/DoD/DoJ/Academic cartel in programs of Concealed Electronic Monitoring, Concealed Electronic Surveillance, Signals Intelligence Acquisition, Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Covert Neuroscience Research, Threat Assessment, Community Policing, and other such programs that seek continuously to classify, conceal, and whitewash themselves, it is vital to note the following:

No American citizen or resident is going to approve a law or statute that says essentially that anyone in the USA can be randomly and covertly invasively implanted and biologically monitored anytime, if the Government says so. Note the emphasis: Random and Covert.

Similarly, no American or resident is going to okay a law permitting random and covert weapons testing of any kind of weapon–chemical, biological, radiological, electronic, or any other kind of technological–on themselves or their families, for any reason whatsoever, let alone “National Security.”

If laws, statutes, and Executive Orders have been passed by the US Government permitting themselves the above criminal intrusions on the bodies of Americans and residents, these laws, statutes, and Executive Orders do NOT have any Consent of the Governed: in other words, these are attempted unilateral appropriations of power and are not in any way representative of the People who are supposedly represented by this Government. 

Laws and Executive Orders That Run Counter to the Interests of the American People

Here is some information on Executive Orders and Laws passed in recent times over the past few years, from the highly informative Writ Mandamus issued by the National Liberty Alliance, and cited in a Nov 23/2015 article titled, “Will the imminent insolvency in the US lead to the planned mass arrests?” by Ella Ster, posted on Starship Earth, here.

The Patriot Act: from democracy to dictatorship

Quotes and some key points from the Mandamus of National Liberty Alliance:

430 “Congress under the color of law granted government spying on the People, empowers the government to deploy unwarranted “dragnets” for massive amounts of information on private citizens, (Patriot Act, 2001) in violation of Amendment IV. Why?”

435 “Congress under the color of law granted authorization for government to indefinitely detain American citizens/nationals without probable cause, without warrant, without charges and without due process in law, (National Defense Authorization Act, 2014) in violation of Amendment V. Why?”

445 “The Administration under the color of law has prepared Martial law, including:

The removal of all property rights;

Seizure of all communications media in the US;

Seizure of all electric power, fuels and minerals both public & private;

Seizure of all food supplies and resources, both public and private and all farms and equipment, including what people are storing for emergencies in their homes;

Seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways.

(Executive order #100 & #10995 – #11005) Why?”

455 “The Administration under the color of law has prepared for the seizure of the American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires (this happened before in Europe during the Nazi regime) (Executive order #11000). Why?”

475 “The Administration under the color of law has given FEMA complete authorization to put above said orders into effect in times of increased international tension of economic or financial crisis in case of any declared “National Emergency” (Executive order #11051).

Furthermore: “Army field manuals specify the command and control related to the running of the FEMA camps would be conducted by foreign troops.” Why?

First, Some Very Relevant Questions to Ask

  1. What right has the US Government–or any branch of it–whether an Intelligence agency, a National Security Agency, or the Department of Defense got to non-consensually implant any individual resident within the United States of America, whether a citizen or resident, or anyone, worldwide, with Radio Frequency Identifying Devices, Micro Electro Mechanical Stimulators, Nanotechnology, or any other kind of microchip devices which can be remotely accessed, stimulated, charged, or switched on, for whatever fabricated purpose, whether “concealed surveillance,” “concealed electronic monitoring,” “threat assessment,” “neuroscience research,” or any other obviously concealed purpose?

None whatsoever.

This is an obvious outrage, and the Government knows it; by “classifying” these programs, they are permitting themselves to criminally violate and assault Americans (including this writer), while holding up FOIA exemptions for “National Security” and color of law via self-appropriated DoD directives and obviously one-way Executive Orders to maintain concealment and pretend “legality” for these actions.

These are UnConstitutional and inhumane abrogation of all natural, God-given rights.

They are extreme violations of privacy and bodily sovereignty.

They are also extreme violations of our common social pact for peace, harmony, and community in society.

chipEssentially, they are acts of terrorism. Here is the Webster definition of Terrorism: “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal” and “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

And here is the CIA definition of terrorism: “The Intelligence Community is guided by the definition of terrorism contained in Title 22 of the US Code, Section 2656f(d): The term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.

In this case, it seems, the “subnational groups and clandestine agents” permitting and executing non-consensual implantation of RFIDs/MEMS/neurochips/microchips of any kind, and non-consensual human subject experimentation, and non-consensual weapons-testing emanate from inside the government–and include the CIA. And should the CIA wish to dispute this information and prove conclusively that they are not engaged in any of the above, with open disclosure of ALL their “sources and methods of gathering Intelligence,” I will be the first to welcome their open addressing of this issue, given that their responses to FOIA requests are deliberately vague.

... jet engine is so hot - it's classified - sets new temperature record

“Sources and methods of Intelligence,” are kept classified, as this response to a FOIA request for notice of Informed Consent in open Human Subject Experimentation programs in the US notes, which tells us a great deal in fact, about these classified sources and methods (which was not the information being sought), that they are indeed related to issues of Informed Consent–which is, unbelievably, let us re-iterate, not required in classified human subject experimentation projects–clear and open pathway created right there, for abuse. And as we know definitively in 2016, abuse is most certainly taking place.

The fact is, despite constant efforts by the covert Intelligence Community to discredit the accounts and complaints of reporting individuals (most usually by labeling them mentally ill/schizoid/paranoid/schizophrenic), increasing numbers of Americans, and people worldwide, are reporting illegal and non-consensual Electronic Surveillance and Electronic Harassment today (see notice of this recent petition signed by 1000 Americans asking for a shutdown of Electronic Surveillance/Harassment), and many report both the felt-experience and recorded-experience of covertly-implanted radio-transmitting chips in their bodies, being operated and tracked remotely; some have indeed surgically removed chips from their bodies, in nationally-publicized reports (many published in The Examiner, by human rights activist and journalist Deborah Dupre), including, notably, James Walbert, Richard Cain, and David Larsen.

Given this reality, it is not a stretch today to contend that these classified “sources and methods” clearly include covertly–and non-consensually–implanted RFID chips, which carry transceivers–a combination transmitter and receiver of radio waves. Meanwhile, this ACLU article (with a train of very revealing comments) points to the domestic activities of the CIA, and links to CIA documents which blithely redact “sources and methods” information of monitoring, and of acquiring Intelligence.

But covert implantation of a microchip–whether by the CIA, the DoD, the DIA, the NSA, the NIH, the DHS, DARPA, any other Federal agency, or any contractor to these–is a violation of a basic human right, and we must establish and publish this awareness for all, including and especially the Intelligence Community to see. Whatever “legalistic” loopholes the Government may dig out for itself, the fact remains: no Government, and no agency or department of the US Government, in particular, has the right to non-consensually invade and implant RFID or any other chips of any kind in the body of a citizen or resident.

2. What right does the US Government have to engage in any form of “concealed electronic monitoring” via bidirectional signal exchange from non-consensually implanted devices let alone the continuous harvesting and acquisition of distinct signature bio-electromagnetic frequencies from an individual, without public discussion, debate, disclosure–and, significantly, Consent–from a rightfully informed citizenry?

None whatsoever.

Congress–which is supposed to be composed of the people’s representatives–is supposed to ensure an open and public discussion of any impending legislation. Congress, as we know, doesn’t even read Bills anymore. They don’t write them, they don’t read them, they sign them into law instead. The (Corporate/Government-owned-and-influenced) Media–which is also supposed to provide a forum for open debate and discussion–is controlled internally by the corporations and their watchdogs, the Intelligence agencies, and so writes itself out of this equation also.

Regardless, the supremely invasive and intrusive nature of this monitoring cannot be excused away by any decorative legalese citing “surveillance” or “monitoring.”

Simply put, the Government has no right to:

1) Non-Consensually implant a device in an individual’s body–his/her private property, and not a possession of the State– and then

a), consider this implanted device now their property, when it is patently now being incorporated into the individual’s body (their own private property, not a possession of the State), and

b), send radio signals to it repeatedly, in order to record the returning radio signals, and call that “electronic monitoring” or “electronic interrogation” or “electronic surveillance” or “consensual electronic monitoring,” and

c), send radio/sonic/other signals to it repeatedly to remotely stimulate various parts of the individual’s body–whether his/her nerves, muscles, cells, organs or other–for any purpose whatsoever, experimental, correctional, interrogative, transformational, deleterious, malevolent, or any other, because, very primally speaking, that is Undisclosed and Unauthorized Remote Bodily Access, Torture, and Invasion of Privacy, or

d), harvest the individual’s bio-electromagnetic frequencies–his or her brain waves, cardiac waves, etc–his/her own intellectual, emotional and energetic property, not a possession of the State–via remote EEGs, ECGs, and other means, without his/her consent, then consider it a “communication” or a “gift” or “consensual” or “unintentional” or a result of “Intelligence,” and then glibly legalize its acquisition and usage–arguably Theft of Intellectual and Somatic Property–and call it “Unintentionally Radiated Intelligence.”

Under the Declaration of Independence, in a free and sovereign nation, peopled by free and sovereign people who freely elect their leaders, the Government–which is supposed to represent you, and act for your welfare–has no right to Non-Consensually Implant you, Access you Remotely, Attack you Remotely, and Steal Your Intellectual and Somatic Property.

Do we really need a government of any kind today, particularly one which tramples on our rights, makes its own laws, and acts against us?  Many might argue we don’t. The concept of government surely needs to be re-visited.

But most importantly, I believe it is important to recognize for ourselves and to remind ourselves–whether we work for the ACLU or the Bureau of Investigative Journalism or any other organization chock-full of attorneys and have been entrained to stop ourselves at the closed gate of legalese emanating from the NDAA, Executive Orders, and numerous self-granted Exemptions to Informed Consent--that non-consensual assault on the human body–under whatever guise it hides and is concealed under, by the Deep State–whether “concealed monitoring” or “consensual monitoring” or “electronic surveillance” or “behavior modification” or “community-based participatory research” or whatever other lie/euphemism/legalism/semantic deceit they’d like to whip up, and in fact do–is betrayal of the highest order, treason against the people, an unvarnished invasion of bodily sanctity, sovereignty, and privacy, a violation of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics and the Geneva Convention, a blatant and major crime against humanity, and most definitely does NOT have the “consent of the governed.”

The US Government is a Private Corporation; Common Law is the True Law of the Land

In this atmosphere of extreme invasion of bodily privacy, which has become permissible within the over-reaching aegis of our current secrecy- and classification-pursuing Surveillance and Security and Secret Police state, it is perhaps exactly the right time to pursue the new understanding that is currently being spread far and wide by various astute researchers: that this government in actuality does Not have our welfare at heart as Americans, and in fact that the US Government is a Private Corporation, being run by international banking interests, and as such, has No validity, No legitimacy, and certainly No Right to act against Americans.

Common Law–the Law of the Land–is making a comeback, and the historic truth about the US Government is being unearthed. As educated, thoughtful, independent, and self-informed Americans today, it is our duty–as citizens, as adults, as thinking humans with an awareness of our own part in ensuring the future sanctity and safety of the entire world, including America, for our children, our grandchildren, for generations to come–to make our own efforts to unearth the truth here, and to stand in our own light, and to take peaceful action to create a better world. 

What is the alternative? The current status quo. And future mayhem. Could any of us  live with that..? It is a troubling, troubling reality that we are facing now. See State of the Nation‘s January 18 compendious article on what has happened to America–including information on ongoing Neurowarfare projects from DARPA as well as Neurotechnology patents (many reported by non-consensual experimentees): False Flags are Legal Propaganda Produced by the Department of Defense. We are truly at a turning-point for humanity today, and every one of our voices counts. It is most surely way past time to step beyond skepticism and cynicism and take a stand. Ken O’Keefe has some meaningful words on this subject, that are truly inspiring, here.

I call upon all educated Americans, in particular those educated in the law, medicine, and journalism to wake up, get informed, and take action: Non-consensual human experimentation in America--and the world–is absolutely going on today, and it is Not something any one of us should be sitting back and let happen in our midst. Nothing can excuse it, and most especially Not Exemptions to Informed Consent.

“…there is really only one war: the war between those who would like the future to be, in the words of George Orwell, a boot grinding forever into a human face, and those who would like it to be a state of something we still dream of as freedom.” Margaret Atwood


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