Reporter’s Note 4: Personal Update, October 7, 2023

Ramola D | Reporter’s Notes | October 7th, 2023

Recording here that in the past few days as I strove to complete and post the updated Note on Psychiatric Labels to include further information on the labels I have been examining and reporting lately there has been exacerbated noise harassment action in this neighborhood, particularly the last few days with extreme assault loud weed-whackers and leaf blowers at very close quarters early in the morning on 10/5, acoustic radar thrown at windows, and excessive RF HPM/ELF heart hits as well as upper arm hits in addition to much military plane flyovers, drones as well, and helicopters crossing the yard in front and back, chem trail planes incessantly filling the sky with brownish haze, a white cigar-shaped plane crossing the sky high quite often, and zooming cars and SUVs and trucks making an incredible racket as they burned rubber tearing down and up the street.

Certainly such action could be proceeding with no reference to my work whatsoever, but when I am sent heart-hits and arm-hits with the very same radio frequency/radar weaponry I have been hit with for years and have been reporting with evidence lately it is obvious some major hostility is being aimed at me. This is uncalled-for and I reject it wholeheartedly. I am shielding and am safe, but vigilant, as I continue my work and life.

I am aware that questioning the so-called “diagnoses” handed out without reason–and preceded by Section 12 terror-creation–by so-called doctors and psychiatrists is significant, and that the information I am surfacing and reporting regarding the long-term weapons testing of counter-personnel energy weapons and neurotechnologies on civilians in the USA and worldwide is also.

Psychiatry has long been used in fraud as a Masonic lock to keep the use of such Electronic Warfare technologies on people secret. This is not and should not be acceptable to any civil society.

In the course of my research the past few days as I tried once more to make sense of some of the untruths, flagrant lies, distortions, acronyms interspersed with whatever conventions of medical reportage prevailed in the medical records handed to me by Carney Hospital and Optum–earlier addressed by me in the Living Testimony affidavit but only partially it seems since I have missed a bit–I examined once more what “BEST” and “Access” meant–teams supposedly evaluating me at the Carney Hospital ER on April 14 and 15 2022, and recorded some of my findings in a private log I have been keeping, month by month on my desktop. This log, for September, was wiped after I made those notations, destroying a week’s worth of daily reportage on the actions against me recently. Again, this is cyberhacking and indicative of fear on the part of those unlawfully surveying my desktop and acting to destroy my reportage.

Delving into the fields of psychiatry, mental health, behavioral health online is a massive venture since it seems these fields have proliferated hugely in recent years. What also strikes me is that efforts have been made, not just in the past, but increasingly in recent times to revive the interplay of Law with Psychiatry–this means as a society we are stepping backwards in Time, not forwards. I am horrified by what I read and I will indeed address this subject more closely going forward.

No doubt there is more to report on the subject of my own experience in this space over last December and the months succeeding, matters I am working on now to address, but again I am aiming to return to podcasting soon, and will pick up the reins there shortly.

I am still working on the FOIA request-Muckrock and US Air Force document returns lately and will keep reporting what needs to be highlighted there.

I send prayers and thoughts of resolution and fortitude to all. In matters of human rights reportage, we must persist, despite opposition. Notions of ascribing definitive power and closed-door domination to “The Powers That Be” on our earthly plane are passe and should be stepped beyond. Those within those closed doors in our military and intelligence agencies know themselves the truth of this. They too have families, they are within families themselves, and maybe they need to start seeing themselves and their kin as within these spaces and human contexts rather than without, and singular, and superior, and necessarily so: it is not National Security to terrorize, afflict, and persecute a select coterie of civilians and veterans in the country, locked behind classified cover, calling them “human test subjects” for “National Security” reasons, it is cowardice, exploitation, and misled actions in greed which must be surfaced and stopped. As a nation, as a people worldwide, as conscious, living beings, we are better than this.