Reporter’s Note 6: Personal Update, October 19, 2023

Ramola D | Reporter’s Notes | October 19, 2023, Updated October 20, 2023

Lately, it appears a lot of people in the once-well-educated state (I hear) of Massachusetts have just plainly lost both their manners and their minds. In addition to needing to fend off congestive heart hits, arm hits, head hits (all with HPEM–high powered microwave weapons, electromagnetic weapons, neurotechnologies designed to Act from a distance) this week, as I have now been reporting for 10 years, lately with increasing disclosure from the very Military parties who developed these, as well as in part, the Law Enforcement parties who grabbed these and began to work on them for their own nefarious purposes in their own stations and spaces–but in our neighborhoods–I now have to deal with absolute strangers it appears appearing on my doorstep and seeking to “speak to you.”

This afternoon a woman saying she wanted to “speak to you about representing you” and announcing herself as Virginia Connolly at my front porch dining-room window and a man calling himself David Aptaker showed up at my doorstep unannounced, ringing the doorbell and banging on the door, then leaving messages on my answering machine demanding I appear at the door and then tell him there (at the door?) I did not wish to speak to him. (Maybe they did this kind of thing in 1777 Massachusetts?)

David Aptaker appears to be an attorney, from his profile online, with “specialties in mental health law, guardianship” among others. I have no connection with this man whatsoever. However, one month ago, on September 25, 2023, an email from this Name appeared in my Inbox, with an enclosed letter addressed to a “Ms. Dhamaraj” (not any Name of mine) and stating in it he had been “appointed” by what he named “the Norfolk Probate and Family Court” “to assist you,” he said, “regarding the pending divorce from your husband Name Name.” Further, he said, he “would like to be able to help you in this matter.” Mention was made further in this letter of a Virginia Connelly he had asked, he said, “to accompany me to your home for a meeting to discuss your legal rights.”

That day, this email was forwarded to my husband with counsel (from me) to address this matter (and summarily dispose of it) since I did not believe I had anything to do with it, refused to be threatened and intimidated with intimation of “legal guardianship” which appeared implicit and could not receive nor respond to such extraordinarily intrusive emails. The minor matter of my husband’s name being Impersonated is one also apposite to this discussion which must for now remain partial for purposes of family privacy. “No-one is permitted to come and visit me in my private home who sends letters like this to my email ids,” is part of what I said then.

No appointment with this man nor with the Named Virginia Connelly was made then by me. Any “pending divorce” between my husband and myself is and has always been a private matter. No court in Massachusetts could possibly “appoint” a stranger to “assist” anyone in Massachusetts with a “pending divorce” except, perhaps, in the case of “guardianship of the incapacitated” which appears to be, from their website online, one of the things they busy themselves with, or perhaps applies in the case of Criminals who want divorces? I’m not sure, since I haven’t studied this court in detail.

Clearly none of this pertains to me–being neither Incapacitated nor a Criminal. As a private American and Massachusetts state national and citizen who has taken care to complete a significant set of documents to expatriate all “Names” from the Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction of the Sea in which most courts in Massachusetts and the United States float, and to maintain my standing on the Land and Soil of (unincorporated) America, as a Writer and Mother working privately on my own Writing and Mothering and as a Journalist writing and speaking and podcasting to assist all in safeguarding their own human rights, lives, and health, I cannot actually–and do not–enter courts not in my jurisdiction (Land and Soil).

Perhaps David Aptaker and Virginia Connelly need to check their Facts before showing up rudely on women writers’ doorsteps, unannounced, unscheduled, and unwelcome. This Notice was written and published this afternoon, as a heads-up to all those out there who may imagine it is okay to target a Writer and Journalist with Wargaming, Military Deception, Threat and Intimidation of Civil Committal, Mental Health Incarceration, Mental Incapacitation via Forced Drugging, Guardianship for a Divorce, and other such. How often must a Writer establish she is perfectly mentally competent to handle her own affairs to prevent Home Serve Terror on her doorstep? And to whom?

The answer is very simple, as noted here: Ending the False Psychiatric Profiling 2013-2023 of Ramola D, Investigative Science & Technology Journalist & Writer, Not “Mentally Ill”. Abusive, privacy-intrusive, and unlawful “Employee Assistance Programs” and “Behavioral Health” programs and obviously corrupt “Care Co-ordination” and “Community Care” programs running on prior False Psychiatric Labeling, extant recourse to Terror–that’s Patriot Act crimes–and desperation in desire to Cover Up obvious Human Rights Crime in Directed Energy Weapon Bio-Behavioral Research operations and DOD-DOJ military Operations Other Than War all over the USA–which this Writer has worked to research, comprehend, help expose–(helicopter over yard as I write: 7:53 pm)–must be Stopped, Not used to commit More Crime.

This Notice needs to be read by everyone involved in Mental Health and Hospital “Health” in Massachusetts who may believe this Writer can be targeted, attacked, intimidated, and threatened falsely with Guardianship and Civil Committal on Mental Health grounds:

Notice to All Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Hospital Staff, EMS Personnel, Ambulance Staff and Owners, Licensed Social Workers, Mental Health Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers

I must note as well that it is probably no coincidence that this Mania from Mental Health arrived on my doorstep today, two days after I sent in a FOIA request to local Quincy Police to enquire as to why exactly they imagined it was okay to subject me to a Second Round of Unwelcome and Unnecessary Police Terror in 2022, on December 20, 2022, to be exact, after their actions against me in April 2022, much in the way I was attacked on November 26 to several weeks later and subsequently December 20-29 right after I published and sent out, along with letters of claim, my Living Testimonial regarding April 2022, now, right as I am in the middle of my ongoing efforts to address the Train of targeted attacks on me during that time–Christmas 2022, consumed by (Central) Health targeting assaults, and the whole of 2023 up to now: it appears their route to covering up One Crime is the commission of More Crimes, and yes, I do mean Mental Health Crime, being committed by all 3 pillars of crime in that arena: Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement, and Psychiatry. Aided and abetted by what has passed for Media in this country (and worldwide). All matters I have come to know, learn about, comprehend better only now, post all these years of piling and piling on of their crimes against me, often set aside as I focused on my journalistic work of investigation and discovery, working continuously with others to highlight the crimes and abuses they have suffered, or observed, analyzed, reported–always in hope of raising public awareness.

It is vital therefore for me to set the record straight, to remind all educated, literate, living women, men and those still trapped inside the mayhem of hierarchies and systems outmoded which need to be Ended that attributing Mental Illness to anyone is a Crime, that seeking to Represent or Guardianship anyone with a false Court in one hand and a Syringe in the other is a Crime, that Conspiring to Deprive a Writer and Journalist of her basic human rights is a Crime–and all such Crimes will, should, and must be exposed and corrected.

At Pine Haven, Oct 19, 2023, working hard to return to my writing (Waylaid by reporting Crime)

I will have to save my closer reports of other and more continuous recent targeting aimed at me in this neighborhood for another day; as a journalist I continue my research and will keep publishing my reports as I proceed (another helicopter over backyards, whatever that means: 9:29 pm).

My FOIA requests, as I continue them, can be followed at my ECC-FOIA Request log. My reports on addressing the two incredible sets of Forced “Mental Health Hospitalizing” run on me in April (14-19) 2022 and December (20-29) 2022 can be followed at:

Ramola D | Note on False Psychiatric Labels

Additional Information, With Letters | 2013-2023: False Psychiatric Profiling

Ending the False Psychiatric Profiling 2013-2023 of Ramola D, Investigative Science & Technology Journalist & Writer, Not “Mentally Ill”

Addendum, October 20, 2023: In addition to what I have learned and seen about David Aptaker as noted here and in Narration and Account of Occurrences on October 19, 2023 related to Unlawful Attempts at Legal Guardianship Civil Committal and Forced Medicating of Ramola D, Writer and Journalist | October 20, 2023, I have unearthed earlier information in my Inbox which points clearly to this Person being engaged in communication with one engaging in or being exploited in Impersonation-Fraud scenarios related to obvious Mildec, Wargaming playscapes ranged against me (involving the noted “pending divorce” ploy). About which I must also note that the opener in this particular Wargame missive enclosed here (email link above) is apparently Phishing–as the rest of it obviously is–a clever way to open a Deceit, with an open Lie. An “Intelligence” op of desperation? Or mere Bungling? I may have to start telling the whole story soon…(loud radar crack downstairs on that one–or wait, maybe just the Cat walking upstairs: 11:40 pm.)(Global Hawks overhead as well.) (Note, today”s the day we hear the Aardvark-F-111’s been retired (which happened long ago)–wearing Army camouflage: Why Was The F-111 Aardvark Retired? ( — Just one more plane running Electronic Warfare on the world–there’s a few: The Legendary Top Gun Fighter Jet That Will Take Your Breath Away ( More on MQ-9 Reapers and RQ4-Global Hawks and Stingrays soon. For all confused about counter-personnel “electronic weapons” and their kin being used–and needing to be Stopped–on people today, this page may be a good start: Documentary Evidence of Mil/Intel/LE Crimes.


Narration and Account of Occurrences on October 19, 2023 related to Unlawful Attempts at Legal Guardianship Civil Committal and Forced Medicating of Ramola D, Writer and Journalist | October 20, 2023