Paris Mayhem on Friday the 13th: Created Chaos/False Flag?

No doubt we’ll know more in the days to come about what exactly has been going down in Paris tonight, since news reports say 150 dead but if you’re online right now, please consider that we are in a world situation where a group of world powers seem hellbent on starting World War III, nuclear holocausts included, while the rest of us on saner planes are awakening in mass numbers around the globe to the nature of the tyranny that has been and continues to be imposed on us.  Is France being targeted? Questioning what we see/are being told could be a first step to stopping the further unfoldment of chaos.  Realizing the underlying truth a second.  Sending waves of calming peace and heart energies to the center of chaos from our own powerful centers seems vital right now.

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Also consider that the images of heavily armed police we are being treated to are not incidental, that they offer the face worldwide to an envisioned police-state reality that has been building for years now, and continues to try to consolidate power. We are being asked by these images to believe political and social chaos is inevitable today, and only heavily armed gendarmes can save us.

Finally, please read this excellent reminding 2010 article on False Flags from The Corbett ReportWhen False Flags Don’t Fly

For all the innocent victims of intentionally-created violence tonight: waves of prayers, the energies of peace, canopies of love.

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  1. Margaret Stern McJannet

    re false flags…..after investigating 911…I must admit that I no longer accept mainstream medias account…I don’t automatically disallow ,,either….but now….I question…and there are soooo many questions about 911….and I’ve already got a few about nov 13 in Paris. Sending much love and peace to all those affected by this sad state of affairs in Paris….the injured,the families and friends, the first responders,the parents trying to allay their childrens fears,the ordinary people like you and I who have the enormous challenge of integrating this into our relative reality……..and also….I send much love to the Muslims who have come and ‘want’ to come to the west… ‘escape’ terrorism..

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