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Image: Screenshot from Report #173: Part II, Interview with :Russell-Jay: Gould | Freeing Oneself With Quantum-Banking

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Ramola D Reports | Report #170:: Russell-Jay: Gould, Post-Master-General on Quantum-Grammar, Quantum-Banking, CV-19 (Improved Audio/Part I) | April 14, 2020


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Post-Master-General-of-our-world, Chief-Judge-of-the-Supreme-Court and Federal-Postal-Judge :Russell-jay:Gould offers insights into current events with the COVID-19 scare shutting down the entire world and governments imposing shutdowns and lockdowns on all of us worldwide.

In a West-Coast-to-India conversation that sadly was hacked and interfered with and prematurely cut short, :Russel-jay offers a brief summary of the work he and his business partner :David-wynne: Miller accomplished as they went around the world examining the banking systems of the world and the language of contract law underpinning fraudulent banking, governmental, and judicial system contracts, then applying their mathematical, clear-accountability, and clean-talking system of parse-syntax-quantum-grammar, the first clear-cut construct to challenge and obviate the fraudulent and fictional contract-law-language in which all previous Admiralty Law contracts have been written—knowingly so, it seems, by large corporate syndicates who have operated fraud and exploitation on We the People consistently across generations and across Time.

Quantum-grammar essentially offers a mathematical way to write contracts in—a “proper and correct way”–which cannot be misunderstood, upholds integrity in contracting, and holds all parties duly accountable for whatever they promise to deliver. Unlike English, which is rife with confusion and carries contradictions and denials that most people know nothing about—prefixes like “un” and “re” and “in” and “de” for instance are actually negations—but which manipulative central bankers, moneyed bloodline families, and long lineages of moneylenders have operated to their secret advantage and to the detriment of the ignorant citizenry, quantum-grammar puts everything on the table in plain sight and precludes any kind of shoring up of advantage by anyone, while holding people to their word.

Noting that judicial systems of the world have currently been shut down by way of the martial law or martial theater of war that has been declared, :Russell-jay: Gould acknowledges that people acting wrongfully in the bankers’ military and governmental arms–military and Intelligence agencies such as the CIA—have engaged in such longstanding actions of crime against the people that we are now facing a situation of electromagnetic radiation technologies such as 5G being used against the citizenry, and have kept full-disclosure from them for too long.

His work to close down the UPU, rescue the USA—recounted in the War Castles videos and documents—has been recognized he said by all the top players; Robert Gray at the UN recently conceded to him that the UN was aware they were running a scam on the population; clerks at the Supreme Court recently acknowledged his status as Chief Judge of the Supreme Court, and although the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have wielded power over the world in the past and are plotting to do so in the future, he is holding the now-space, he says, within which all positive change for humanity is possible.

There is no poverty in the world, he says, but great wealth, yet people have been prevented from obtaining it, while their capacity to live in the world exercising their own potential and utilize their own capacity to contract lawfully with others, engage in trade as they wish, and all prosper, has been severely obstructed. Now of course it appears that 5G (which he says a top military base official confirmed to him “could be a problem”, bio-engineered viruses, and mandatory vaccinations with mass subordinating surveillance are seeking to bury us all en masse.

This has to change—and, he suggests the answer is in knowing the right language, asking the right questions, making the right claims. With quantum-grammar, :Russell-jay: Gould is offering to help people obtain their rightful shares; he is very busy but can be contacted via his web site: Finally, :Russell-jay: Gould cautions countries against war and suggests he can be consulted to settle any disputes, while reminding all that people are out there teaching quantum-grammar who may not be teaching it right.

Please look for Part Two shortly where we can discuss solutions and remedies to the tyranny being imposed on all and how we can each move forward lawfully to reclaim our lives and help others, using quantum-grammar and “proper” ways to contract with each other and create the systems—banking, judicial, educational, communicational—which will truly work for us.

CONTACT VIA WEBSITE: https://quantum-bank.world/contact/

Ramola D Reports | Report #173: Part II, Interview with :Russell-Jay: Gould | Freeing Oneself With Quantum-Banking | Apr 25, 2020


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Informative conversation with multiply-titled :Russell-Jay: Gould, whose primary actions in securing the USA against recapture by the British crown, creating Quantum-parse-syntax-grammar with :David-wynne: Miller, studying postal and shipping protocols, and acquiring the status of a sovereign above sovereigns have led to him coming forward to inform the world of the freedom waiting within the quantum-banking construct, and how best for each of us to move toward it.

This is Part Two of a conversation we began earlier here–Improved Audio version will be posted soon but this is what we have currently/will post link to better audio version shortly:

Report #170:: Russell-Jay: Gould, Post-Master-General on Quantum-Grammar, Quantum-Banking, CV-19


More information based on this interview will be posted soon at my website, everydayconcerned.net, I’ll post the link here as soon as I publish it.

Article published: New Global-Quantum-Banking-Construct with Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould Offers Way Forward for Freedom from Fascist Govt. Corporation Edicts: Create a Claim-of-the-Life, Use Quantum-Parse-Syntax-Grammar in Contracts & Claims

Meanwhile, please do explore the War: Castles videos on Youtube, listen to Sergeant Horton’s beyond-excellent lecture. Links to these videos are in the article above.

Ramola D Reports| Report #177 | :Russell-Jay: Gould, Post-Master-General, Global-Quantum-Postal-Construct | May 2, 2020


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Further informative conversation with :Russell-Jay: Gould on matters related to the Global-Quantum-Postal-Construct he has set up using fact-based parse-syntax succeeding his rescuing of the USA from continued subjugation under the British Empire and the world from continued enslavement within the legal-fiction constructs of the ancient masonic Law of the Sea presided over by the Vatican, 13 royal-families, and other personages heading the worldwide defrauding ring which has captured and kept down humanity for millennia.

Ramola D Reports | Report # 179 | :Russell-Jay: Gould, Postmaster-General-of-the-World, Part 4 | Message to the People | May 10, 2020


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Informative and enlightening conversation with :Russell-Jay: Gould on a few of his primary titles, the accomplishments behind them, and closure and reassurance from him to the peoples of the world, in particular the indigenous peoples of America and worldwide, bound to one another as one humanity in Spirit, not to fear or live in fear amid the fears being churned up by totalitarian and over-reaching governments regarding vaccine mandates or loss of children and families, and to take heart, as he is preparing to change the larger world scenario toward freedom through the global-banking construct, within which all peoples are safe to live freely and peaceably worldwide.

:Russell’s Quantum-Banking-System Website: https://quantum-bank.world/ :Queries to :Russell-Jay: Gould: https://quantum-bank.world/contact/


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New Global-Quantum-Banking-Construct with Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould Offers Way Forward for Freedom from Fascist Govt. Corporation Edicts: Create a Claim-of-the-Life, Use Quantum-Parse-Syntax-Grammar in Contracts & Claims

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