Report 231 | News Panel 16 | Feb 7, 2021: Rejuvenation and Detox: Restoring Health & Vitality with Dr. Marina Carew

Ramola D Reports Broadcast Center | Video Links | Feb 8, 2021

News Panel 16 premiered at Youtube, which has currently deplatformed this Service-to-Humanity Public-Education channel, so please look for it at Lbry and Odysee, in-process-in-posting also at Bitchute and Brighteon:

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Report 231| News Panel 16 | Rejuvenation and Detox: Restoring Health & Vitality with Marina Carew

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News Panel 16 | Report 231|Rejuvenation and Detox: Restoring Health & Vitality with Marina Carew

Informative discussion on a deep detoxifying and cleansing product with Marina Carew, a former holistic dentist who has dedicated her life to helping empower people with natural healing solutions to help restore health and vitality, and which also are not exploitative of animals, human, or environment in their creation and use.

Marina also explains the referral system of marketing which defines this product and helps all using and referring it to earn benefits–each time you refer it out and your friend makes a purchase you also obtain credits and discounts in an expanding stream. The PDF to share with your friends has the purchase-URL in it and is being posted here and the Saturday News Panel website (upcoming)–PDF download link below.


The PDF with the purchase URL on the last page:

Referral Code is micmar (but check out the pdf for the web site link)

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