David Wilcock 5-6-15… “Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure!”

Fascinating stuff. Reblogged from Kauilapele’s Blog, who reposted from David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos.com.

Kauilapele's Blog

David_Wilcock_Search135Here it is!!! David’s new article. And this is only Part 1 of 2… I have read this while lying on my side in bed (at 4 AM), and I could not get back to sleep, so I presume that was to tell me to “get this thing out there, right now!!”

As always, I’m posting a part of this from the beginning, followed by a link to the article at DivineCosmos.com.


david_wilcock_article_top_image_150506Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure!
by David Wilcock… May 6, 2015, 12:00 pm

The truth is far, far stranger than fiction. We can barely even imagine the world we will have once the Secret Space Program is exposed and the change is complete. Very tangible steps are now being made in that direction!

[Updated Next Morning: Pullquotes added and new sections included for clarification of some comments. The new sections have red-colored…

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