Supplemental Information: Non-Consensual Experimentation Victims Stakeholder Summary, Comments on NPRM/SACHRP

Supplemental information to the reporting of public comment at SACHRP May 18-19, 2016, on the subject of proposed Intelligence Surveillance/Criminal Justice exclusions in the September 2015 NPRM to the Common Rule is posted here, for purposes of further public information and research.

NPRM Victims Stakeholder Summary–Non-TI Comments:


NPRM Victims Stakeholder Summary–TI Comments:


Text of Karla Smith’s Public Comment, as Written: SACHRP_kas_may19_2016_comment1

Text of Cait Ryan’s Public Comment: Cait-Final to Julia-SACHRP meeting

Text of Nola Alexander’s Public Comment, as Written: To the Secretary’s Advisory Committee On Human Research Protection-

Text of Norman Rabin’s Letter to Julia Gorey, Executive Director, SACHRP: Norman’s Comments for May 18-2016 SACHRP1