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Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council in Massachusetts: A Focus on Crisis Intervention or Crisis Creation?

Report & Op-Ed | Ramola D | September 14, 2023, Updated September 19, 2023

A “Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council” meeting was held online in Massachusetts yesterday–news about which remains to be further reported locally, little can be found reporting these meetings.

Such meetings–and such a council–have apparently been held and existed for a while, as listings at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health note.

Not exactly reported in Boston newspapers, the Council itself was apparently set up in 2018 after a bill requiring the establishment of a Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission, presented in 2017-2018 to the State of Massachusetts House and Legislature, was seemingly transformed into a Resolution and thence a Session Law which was passed in 2020: House No. 4866; Chapter 253: An Act Relative To Justice, Equity And Accountability In Law Enforcement In The Commonwealth.

The Council itself refers its Legal Authority to an expanded provision in extant Mental Health laws while also calling on the Act so created (above) which purports to stand for justice and accountability but which clearly requires further scrutiny on all fronts: M.G.L. Chapter 19, Section 25(e); https://malegislature.gov/Laws/SessionLaws/Acts/2020/Chapter253

[Disclaimer: This writer is just beginning to examine the Mental Health landscape in Massachusetts law and praxis and will revisit this section further post exploration of the history of creation of these laws which seem to be in use in Massachusetts but which surely point to regressive dystopia no-one in Massachusetts (educated, aware, with children, with parents, with families, single, old, young, elderly, newborn) could possibly want. Is Massachusetts on the Leading Edge of UnBrave New World here…? Another subject to explore.]

A lot of disparate news in Boston however over the past couple years on the subjects of community policing, “crisis intervention,” “behavioral health,” and “substance abuse disorders” point to a growing interest in further stratifying and expanding an already questionable and over-reaching field.

Bringing together executives in State Government from Health and Human Services, Public Safety and Security, Mental Health, city Police Chiefs, and “consumers of Behavioral Health services” the Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council is apparently keen (as per published agendas) to meet regularly, offer public meetings, discuss police reform in relation to mental health, and steadily advance the agenda spelled out in the bill overseeing its creation, while the distributed Centers–Crisis Intervention Team-Training and Technical Assistance Center (CIT-TTAC) associated with it appear focused on transforming police officers into “crisis”-fixated mental health professionals–surely something police officers themselves do not want.

Not merely is there an emphasis on training law enforcement on different perceived aspects of the mental -health-officer nexus presumed, there is clear evidence here that police teams are being trained to force people labeled “mentally ill” or “in crisis” into “treatment,” as for instance in the interest of the Center in “providing technical assistance to cities and towns by establishing collaborative partnerships between law enforcement and human services providers that maximize referrals to treatment services.”

“Municipal police,” note, get a special mention. Municipal Government is described here by Anna von Reitz. Massachusetts General Law Part I, Title II, Chapter 19, Section 25 can be found here.

Crisis intervention inside the Mental Health creation paradigm within the urban scape is also a focus of the closely-named and older Community Oriented Policing Programs at the Department of Justice, who appear to have transitioned lately into openly acknowledging intent to transform community responses into mental health crises in this guide–perhaps a slip in phrasing, still, an oddly evocative one for all who have witnessed or experienced the avid crisis-creation of such teams: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs: A Best Practice Guide for Transforming Community Responses to Mental Health Crises.

Subjects to keep an eye on and pursue further in reportage, this long-term marrying of law enforcement to mental health becomes especially concerning in light of how children, youth, young adults, employees at any workspot, elders, or indeed any one are being perceived today–when any “behavior” exhibited can be read as a “symptom” of crisis, impending crisis, or some DSM-manufactured “disorder” which police and EMS are now being trained to fall over backwards to prevent.

Policing Behavior Cannot Really Be Called Health–& What Kind of Technology is Being Used?

In an age of rampant electronic warfare, cognitive warfare, and undisclosed use of radiative, acoustic, vibrational technologies developed by the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies which can and do access people remotely and produce distinct and deleterious bio-effects, none of us can remain sanguine in the face of this encroachment.

Community policing has always been a problematic construct, post Patriot-Act with the rise of “gangstalking” or co-opted social harassment; today that construct is being turned silently into a much larger hold on our communities.

Much that is secret and not spoken of is kept sheathed by these terms–yet as more and more people are harmed all around us, we need to question all aspects of “behavioral health,” not blindly accept it as a new norm we all need to be shaped by. Fixations on “wellness” and “well-being”–now to be ensured by police and Public Safety–and how exactly?–need questioning.

Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission in Massachusetts

Newly created, in 2018, while laws, commissions, and statutes have suddenly proliferated on the books, all aimed at control, hierarchizing, and disappearance of freedom, independent critical thinking, and creative expression, a very special Commission in Massachusetts promises to force behavior modification on populations of every kind, from children to adults to elderly, all in the name of Mental Health.

Backdrop to the Community Policing and Behavioral Health Advisory Council–set up in 2018 as noted above–which brings Government and Police into communities, the Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Commission brings Health and Human Services together with Courts and Mental Health, inclusive of Substance Use Disorder, into the suddenly enlarged realm of Behavioral Health, no doubt soon to openly include Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Neuropsychiatry as maestros of human deliverance right at the very top.

All this while populations of every kind are indeed being rained on with energy-weapon and technology testing, operations, and aerosols, which local “authorities” will not acknowledge as ongoing–open channel to bringing in Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Community Care into universities, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, hospitals, police stations, prisons, stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, swimming pools, community centers, devised by those who seem to have written themselves out of this equation–yet cannot, if “statutes” and “Acts” are to be kept by all.

(Excerpts above from the Legal Authority named above.)

Community Behavioral Health Centers have now popped up all over Massachusetts, while a “Network of Care” links Behavioral Health providers with communities, and community centers– where mental health “patients” treated to 24/7 surveillance by tired “mental health counselors” playing prison guard are secretly, continuously treated as wanting, and less-than, and deficit–take on comforting names like “clubhouses.”

Baker opens 24/7 crisis helpline, 25 new community behavioral health centers | The initiative is part of Gov. Baker’s Roadmap for Behavioral Health Reform. /Boston.com/January 3, 2023

“Crisis Intervention” and “Trauma-Informed Care”: Creating Crisis, Creating Trauma

“Crisis Intervention” is more than nominally problematic–and while Boston Police seem to have drawn up a system of protocols to run, essentially, trauma on people–children and families, mothers and fathers– as this discussion of Section 12s points to, this is so patently an unacceptable normalizing of trauma and crisis-creation that all in Massachusetts and in the USA should step forward to further explore and act to end this travesty. Section 12s, invidious as written, hubristic and terroristic–as this writer has experienced, written about, and will write further about–are being used fraudulently in Massachusetts and should be abolished.

In communities, police given labels of “mental health professionals” act as “co-response,” this graduating to “embedded clinicians” with police, as a South Shore Mental Health brochure (below) advertises; in schools, they are now being trained to act as “school resource officers” given training in Adolescent development: if parents haven’t seen this yet, they may want to know children are being policed (in what numbers?) into mental health and, it appears, “crisis intervention” in school, in the absence of parent presence.


Remote Biometric Recognition

Worse, it appears laws enacted in 2020 are projecting a complete takeover of human beings through the monitoring of facial expression, gait, to infer and record emotion, and a distinct intent to use “behavioral health” against people, including police.

While indeed emotion, expression, gait, facial contours can all be affected by energy technologies, and have been reported by hundreds of people unlawfully targeted and beta-tested with these technologies, including this writer.

And the casual insertion of “remote biometric recognition” is hardly the way to surface police use of energy-weapon technologies using 5G, AI, remote-access surveillance inclusive of audio, video, MilDec to acquire same, and the deceptive use of nanotechnology as well to shape or re-form faces.

Uniting Public Safety, Mental Health, and Community Services

The number of mental health and law enforcement coalitions and joint services increasing steadily nationwide seems to be avidly pushed for today –and has been earlier–by the Department of Justice and police associations, such as the IACP–the International Association of Chiefs of Police–which advertises the “One Mind” campaign bringing together Public Safety, Mental Health, and Community Services:


To what extent is this a legitimate endeavor? To what extent are the figures cited by these campaigns credible?

A key to this conundrum might just be the fact that all or nearly all those reporting being unlawfully targeted with energy weapons technologies–for decades in some cases, multiple years in some cases– have been unlawfully labelled “mentally ill” along with a whole lot of other populations mislabeled, miscast, and misread as such–further subjects to explore.

This report from 2006 from the Department of Justice’s COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program “People with Mental Illness” illustrates the dangers of policing mental illness–when mental illness itself is being invented and falsely attributed to hundreds of thousands. 2006 is also when weapons-testing on Americans was announced by an Air Force secretary, Michael Wynne.

And “crowd-control situations” is not the only circumstance in which such weapons-testing–an eternal shame to America and all nations which have followed in our footsteps here–has taken place, harming civilians and veterans both: matters which must and should be widely known.

This subject–and the current modalities of it–will continue to be covered at this site. No-one is safe when deceiving and criminal actions of mislabeling for profit and repression are taken against people in the holy name of Justice, Safety, Health, and Community.

Wildfires, Directed Energy Weapons, Smart City Health & Controlling Humans

Brief Report & Op-ed | Ramola D | September 6, 2023

Examining the scene of destruction in Lahaina, Maui, and theories of Directed Energy Weapon use there via images of the real destruction versus padded media narratives of carnage–while Smart City mayhem, inclusive of Smart Grid takeovers (JUMPSmartMaui (energy efficient but oligarchic at heart) and Smart Health sweeps via Nanotech (Digital Health/Tele Health/Behavioral Health for psych label pigeonholing and interactive communism-by-consent citizenwide) is being rolled out in Maui and Hawaii in general–it looks like it is possible DEWs–possibly airborne lasers were used to start these wildfires, in a spectrally precise way (military language covering for frequency-based), although I’d imagine any fire-fighting expert would have a better understanding of whether DEWs were indeed used or whether this is evidence of general fire destruction: glass blown out of cars and building windows, tops of roofs removed, carboned metal, a historic banyan tree charred and so on.

Devastation in Maui/Landsat/Visible Earth, NASA

Still, many mysteries surround this fire which leveled a beloved and royal historic site, home once to a king, with grass and wood from houses burning, roofs burnt, cars charred not burned, historic storefronts burning, a library burned, a historic church named Waiola (“living water”) burned–while a lone red metal-roofed house surrounded by stone was left standing. (Metal and wire mesh can protect houses from fires, notes this report.)

Lahaina historical landmarks before and after they were devastated by deadly Maui wildfires/CBC News/August 12, 2023

(Images above from CBC News)

The red-roofed house, coincidentally, is owned by a couple with roots in Massachusetts, Trip and Dora Atwater Millikin, while it appears the tailing off of the unusually strong trade winds associated with Hurricane Dora at the time and thought to have fanned the flames of the wildfires may have spared their house just as much as the other fire-resistant actions of preservation they took, such as laying stone around the house.

“Trip Millikin and his wife, Dora Atwater Millikin, bought the Front Street house in 2021, according to the Civil Beat. The home, which once housed a local sugar plantation’s management employees, is thought to have been moved from the plantation to its current location in 1925, the Civil Beat reported.

The house was pretty rundown when the Millikins bought it, so they decided to renovate it and preserve a piece of Lahaina history, the Civil Beat reported.”

Photo: Why a Wooden House in Lahaina Was Spared in Maui Wildfires (insider.com)

The question of drought carries a hidden secret.

News analysis examining the carrying of fire by dry grass and brush has looked at drought conditions on Maui and Hawaii in general at the time, and found that indeed sudden drought was registered a few weeks before the fire, going “from lush to bone dry and thus more fire-prone in just a matter of weeks”: A look at the Maui fires, and what’s behind them (spectrumlocalnews.com, Associated Press, August 10, 2023).

“As of May 23, none of Maui was unusually dry; by the following week it was more than half abnormally dry. By June 13 it was two-thirds either abnormally dry or in moderate drought. And this week about 83% of the island is either abnormally dry or in moderate or severe drought, according to the U.S. drought monitor.

A look at the Maui fires…/Spectrum Local News/AP

Now how on earth did Maui move suddenly to D2, Severe Drought conditions? Perhaps through large-scale drying up of the atmosphere with electromagnetic weaponry such as HAARP, HELs, HPM maybe?

Drought has abruptly descended on Hawaii before:

Drought conditions during rainy season reported in March 2022

Drought reported by the National Weather Service in June 2022

Satellite imagery of Hurricane Dora around the same time as the fire shows possible microwave transmission patterns, of the kind identified to be HAARP-related. Is it possible HAARP may be used to manipulate weather to address (also manipulated) drought conditions in specific areas?

Earth Data, NASA

Radio frequency manipulation of weather in weather warfare actions on the Earth covered by Geoengineering Watch has more information.

HAARP facilities are worldwide now. Interactive Map of HAARP and Ionospheric Heaters Worldwide • Live Earth Monitoring & Educational Resources • ClimateViewer Maps

Image from site on Geo-terrorism/HAARP Microwave Warfare Scenario

New images use AI to provide more detail on Maui fires/Phys.org/August 29, 2023

Hawaii wildfires: how did the deadly Maui fire start and what caused it?/The Guardian/11 August 2023

Information from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency: August 2023 WildFires

High Energy Lasers

Looking briefly at the laser weaponology from the US Government, High Energy Lasers developed by the Department of Defense–as also High-Powered Microwave Weapons–seem to occupy a whole class of scaled energy weaponry from very large to very small, and appear to be deployable from battleships and airplanes as well as Army tanks and trucks.

Directed Energy Weapons Testing along with MilDec Wargaming, Modeling, and Simulation

Development and weapons-testing of these HELs seems to be a joint Army, Navy, Air Force venture with Defense contractors being rather preeminently involved. Modeling and simulation games–“wargaming” in fact–appears to have become a modern military preoccupation, rising to manic heights with the rampant tear-down of Smith-Mundt sanity engineered by the Obama Administration in 2012, opening the doors to Psy Ops, MilDec, NLP (neuro linguistic programming aka echo-stalking), Storytelling-in-Media, Disinfo-smearing and simulation nonstop: the Modern advent of Anything Goes. So it’s become very easy now for these mavens of the 77th Brigade who specialize in Psy Ops to roll in a whole number of actual on the ground Army actions and in the air actions and on the sea actions with Futures-testing “modeling and simulation” what-if covers (including media actions) and leave no-one the wiser as to what exactly is happening.

Treating American citizens as enemies of the state to propagandize domestically–essentially making all captive rather than free–has led to inordinate abuses by government against the citizenry, both in terms of actual physical abuse and massive psychological takedown within families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities, using systemic deception and lies.

Laser Use in Anti-Personnel Weaponry Testing for Human Bio-Effects

The Directed Energy Futures 2060 report as also much other military publication on lasers certainly admits, if only minimally, to laser-deployment in anti-personnel attack weaponry–as also to laser use from planes–while news from weapons-testing contracts across the past several decades, never disclosed in mainstream media as harmful to humans, reveals quite a bit of harmful electromagnetic weapons testing, both large-scale and counter-personnel to study human bio-effects.

“Intermediate Force actions” in this excerpt below from this overview report refers to non-lethal weapons and technologies–which include such unapproved DOD-DOJ technology as infra-red lasers and millimeter wave through-wall detection technologies, some described earlier here (and unapproved here meaning unapproved by the American public via public interactive, openly-debated, openly-regulated government disclosure on the ground or in mainstream/corporate media–which latter has become defunct now, in this regard: the surfacing of truth).

Damaging the human eye in an “offensive technique” using anti-personnel non-lethal weapons, surfaced here below is not presented here–nor experienced by many reporting victims of unlawful weapons-testing, including to this writer–as testing alone but operations now. Does mention of non-State actors here (in operations) mean private mercenary corporations, being used to deploy Crowd-Control Technologies inclusive of Active Denial Systems (microwave/milliwave weapons systems) against a questioning public? (And do private corporations include “Law Enforcement” corporations now?) (They’re all incorporated.)

That “laser weapons can also cause damage by igniting fires” is probably well-known in the Defense industrial world. New laser weapons being developed and sold to governments implies testing of same–where, when, how, and why such weapons are being tested and operated are further questions to ask of government officials–using FOIA requests.

Smart City Health and What It Might Entail

Meanwhile it appears Maui like many other parts of the world have people on City Councils corralled by the real estate and technology sector “top dogs” who run media, hospitals, Universities and public relations campaigns presenting the (currently being modeled and simulated) future as both Clean, Energy Efficient, and Inevitable.

Fires which consume trees and impel a touching reliance of whole populations on questionable Emergency Medical Systems and the equally questionable city/state infrastructure behind them are being used and have been used to bring in “digital health technologies” via COVID-19 and its “vaccines”–also known as 5G technologies: nanobiosensors, 5G transmitters, “wifi health” or “tele health” while the harms of radiating devices and the loss of organic biosphere from ravaged or cut-down trees, known to facilitate close-range 5G transmission, are being played down.

21-102-DOH-brings-health-and-digital-navigators-and-telehealth-services-to-underserved-communities.pdf (hawaii.gov)

The Pandemic Has ‘Permanently’ Changed Health Care In Hawaii – Honolulu Civil Beat/May 28, 2021

Transforming health care at the edge | MIT Technology Review/June 10, 2021

When public safety, public health, and public security collide, we can be sure it’s not public welfare we’re looking at here but a much more invasive form of eventually intended remote body monitoring, without consent, as earlier posts on NBIC Convergence here and here point to–matters to be further reported.

Behavioral Health and Community Care: Cause for Concern When the Mental Health Enterprise is Obviously Flawed and Seriously Harmful to all Citizens

Lahaina’s wounds to mental health could ripple through generations: Experts/Hawaii News Now

The sudden “Mental Health” and “Behavioral Health” concerns–all around the USA today and world–of suddenly reinvigorated social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors using “Collaborative Care” or “Community Care” or “Care Coordination” models seek to psychiatrize pretty much everyone, terrorizing the rest into silent subjection as they transform all into “patients” to be imminently harmed with a label of whatever level of subjugation is desired by the oligarchic network wielding NeuroPsych weapons of war on the populace: “anxiety” to “depression” to “schizophrenia” to “tardive dyskinesia” to “dementia” to “mania,” just as arbitrarily as they please. Then corral the whole community into action against them–with lies–as they pull in ever-fatter paychecks and police all their newfound patients with passion, pursuing them from pillar to post with more and more sugar-coated terror (white gloves and coats over their snowy white boots).

“Bipolar Disorder,” “Manic Depressive Disorder,” “Schizophrenia,” “Delusional Disorder,” “Acute Delusional Disorder,” for instance: Extremely terrifying “Diagnoses” to most–but which should really be known as False and Fraudulent Psychiatric Labels, meaningless and expedient–which can be manufactured overnight on anyone today, primarily to remove basic human rights, by a marauding hierarchy of State actors seeking to politically suppress stand-out citizens including journalists and writers, professors and nurses, consultants and creators, veterans and families. As has certainly been reported today by thousands of Americans, including to this writer. Labels and lies which become means for uneducated but easily-trained-to-be-communist-socialist-minions of the “smart city” buildout of community prisons to suppress others using cell phone and handheld satellite tracking, Bluetooth interception and interference, and matrixed monitoring and “e-heathcare” action inside a networked satellite-drone-celltower-portable-and-handheld-device system of action delivering “innovative healthcare technologies”–nothing but tech-transfer energy-weapon privacy-invading vibration technologies, designed to remote-access and alter the human body and brain without consent.

That is the greater danger behind such fires which consume cities and towns and forests as well.

Whatever level of “Smart” anything–whether energy, health, cities–people may choose to embrace, it is that awareness–that exploitative and eugenicist oligarchy, monarchy, communism, destructive socialism (such as forced migration, forced public health monitoring, forced energy/health technology use on people) today is being brought forward into our midst on the back of very sophisticated (and wrong-turn, no-ethics) neuro-biotechnology, military physics and mathematics, undisclosed high energy weapons testing, undisclosed biomedical experimentation, undisclosed Artificial Intelligence brain takedown of people, seeking insidiously to enslave–that we need to keep before us, and that intended enslavement which we must refute, reject, resist as best we can as we seek to keep and uphold our common humanity.

Terms like “Digital Government” “Digital Hospitals” “Digital Health” — seeking to digitize the human body — need to be explored and exposed by all. None of us needs Human Control Technologies running through our veins or seeding our human skin. Nor False and Fraudulent “Mental Health” labels: The entire edifice of medieval Psychiatry, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, which is working as a seal to enslavement today inside corporate globalist and CIA/DHS/NSA/FBI constructs of secrecy-driven subjugation of the citizenry needs to be publicly investigated, fully exposed, and torn down.

Smart and Digital

JumpSmartMaui seems to offer a viable electric-car alternative to fuel-driven cars, but is there a catch here? Corporate oligarchies in particular running such ventures should give everyone pause. Again, something to explore further. This case study offers further insight.

The New Smart Grid in Hawaii: JUMPSmartMaui Project/Hitachi

Digital Governments galore: Govtech Events

Hawaii Digital Government Summit

International conferences on system sciences, bringing a few sciences together: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2023