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Hi-Tech Weapons Webinar | Nov 4, 2021: Celeste Solum Interviews Ramola D (on Targeted Individuals, DEW Tech, Neurotech, Covert-RF-Implant Tech: Abject DOD/DOJ/DHS/NSA/FBI/CIA Crimes Against Humanity)

Video post and link | Ramola D | November 9, 2021

No-one needs to be reminded we are currently living in a massively dystopian version of someone’s dark future — and have been for a while — but to many in the world suffering through COVID indignities at the hands of grasping and reckless globalists, the question of “Targeted Individuals” and stories of in-home torture with heat and pulse-microwave weapons, stealth neurotechnology with Voice to Skull harassment, and AI-takeover of human social interaction in collusion with Law Enforcement, fusion centers, military neuroscientists is simply too too dark to take in at all.

However, some of us know tragically too well how real this scenario is, beyond-dystopian as it is–and for how long it’s been going on, and what absolute facets of bio-hacking, neuro-hacking, remote-access physical assault, remote-access brain assault, 24/7 torture–yes, most definitely torture, deliberate trauma-and-stress-creation, deliberate social and psychological terrorism it entails.

And how the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired and all the complicit and grossly unethical psychiatrists/psychologists working with the coven of terrorists in the FBI/CIA/NSA/DOD/DHS (NATO & 5-Eyes/15-Eyes too) and lying mainstream-media-complex have ensured that the regular American, the everyday human stays completely oblivious of this most Nazi of all atrocities, occurring in plain sight, in our midst: by simply dismissing all reporting targets of DEW and Neurotech Torture as Schizoid, Delusional, Paranoid, Mentally Ill–a handy ploy used by the KGB in political persecution, and adopted by the MK ULTRA specialists today to create a large pool of available victims they can keep preying on, predating, and harvesting at will.

These were the subjects of the recent historic Online Press Conference on Worldwide DEW Targeting, Trafficking and Torture held Oct 15, 2021 at Ramola D Reports and posted at Bitchute (thwarted from posting elsewhere–I’ll keep trying), to be reported on shortly–and of course the subject of much coverage here including this article I read from at the conference which spells it all out:

Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

Celeste Solum, former FEMA employee, whistleblower, broadcaster, watchman on the wall, caring Christian, who is unafraid to face down the dark topics of today’s dementia, was gracious enough to host this writer on a follow-up show to last year’s interview on Neuro/DEW Surveillance where we spoke about what “Targeted Individuals” — label and reality both– are, what they are reporting, and how the program of slow-kill extermination via military/Intelligence experimentation and unlawful FBI watchlisting & mislabeling is destroying lives, families, and communities today.

Celeste also shared her research on Post-Humans, Synthetic Humans, Virtual Twins and much else as we spoke candidly across a range of subjects from how this writer was wrongfully targeted, back in 2013, how the US Airforce (and General Dynamics) spent seven years flying drones, planes, helicopters nonstop over the house in which she lived while covert, non-consensual implants, nonstop assault with microwave weapons, energy assaults of several exotic kinds involving Pulsed Energy Projectiles, Vibration Weapons with Extremely Low Frequencies and Millimeter Weapons made havoc of her life (reported here recently to a few people, none of whom have acted to stop these continuing assaults), and how many of these assaults continue, with a current, medieval focus of assault on her writing arm.

Speaking about my story made me recollect the few previous interviews I have given detailing my story and I link most of them below the video. (Not all.) The story I detail was also printed by Washington’s Blog in 2016–PDF posted here. We also shared notes on shielding from invasive energy and quantum tunneling/scalar weapons it is impossible to shield from, and took questions from viewers–it was a live webinar.

As with all disclosure of targeting atrocities, this conversation aims to raise public awareness, inform all viewers, and advise all that the Smart City AI-Run Mind-Hiving Bio-Hacking Neuro and Always-On Surveillance & Punishment regime envisioned by the Great Resetters is already here (retaliatory hits for posting podcasts and articles and revealing these Mil/Intel/Homeland Security crimes have been aimed my way for years now), and has been for a while: it is up to every single viewer and reader to take action to bring these atrocities (intended for all) to an end.

Please be aware what I am reporting is the experience of countless others as well; in the 8 years of my reporting on this issue I have spoken, emailed and corresponded with hundreds of others, in USA and internationally, reporting very similar crimes. Those executing these crimes frequently indicate that they believe they are entitled and justified in harming others: just take a look at Amy Gutmann’s book title. (Amy Gutmann famously chaired Obama’s Whitewash Commission for Bioethics in 2011 where 600 American victims of extrajudicial targeting/military-Intelligence experimentation crimes showed up to testify, and later stated duplicitously on CNN that she had not found abuse in research experiments in the US–which over 40 of them who were permitted to speak, and 300 permitted to register, had clearly testified to.)

From where I sit, it appears clear that this system they have set in place they are wedded to, and they believe they can continue these crimes in secret forever: it’s only caring and awakened humanity who can come together to prove them wrong.

Aftermath: Yes, I was hit immediately afterward with microwave migraine hits and upper arm hits, heart hits, cyber hacking, and massive swarming and brighting this afternoon on a drive out with the kind of demented COINTELPRO driving intending to cause accidents–motorcycles and cars, pickups and sedans zooming past me and toward me on a usually unpeopled nature-reserve road (with one woman catching me mid-cross with my dog across the road, grinding her brakes to a screeching halt while we ran across–no qualms here in Quincy and Milton, Massachusetts obviously about Rule of Law, traffic awareness, or keeping the speed limit)–helicopter and small-plane harassment, focused hits on eyes and upper arms all evening, and, curiously enough, not one but three fire trucks pounding past and toward me in some kind of frantic signalling that all their dreams of assault-in-secrecy are on fire with my candor, probably. (EMS and Fire Station personnel work with Police, FBI, CIA, DHS to harass targets on roadways and neighborhoods, constantly–perhaps the Freemasonic component therein, but they are definitely involved; most I have interviewed and who have spoken with me about their targeting report Fire/EMS harassment.)

The alternative to engaging in candid Disclosure is of course Silence–and this is what these retaliatory hits are intended to convey, they are silencing, retaliation, and intimidation hits–but Silence never served anyone, and it’s not going to serve anyone today, as we see the entire panorama of human life as we knew it once being smashed by megalomanic billionaires today: We need to speak, and never stop speaking, to take their power away.

This video conversation is a Celestial Report production and is re-posted with permission at Bitchute. Please watch and share widely.

Deborah Dupre, Before It’s News: Military Secret Lethal Weapon Activated

Please visit Before It’s News to read this vital and necessary-reading article by outstanding investigative journalist and human rights advocate Deborah Dupre, covering the realities of covert RFID microchip and nanochip “neural dust” use on all of humanity today.

chipIf you’ve thought covert microchip implantation today, in 2017–which many are reporting worldwide–is a “conspiracy theory” or a paranoid delusion, as corrupted and ignorant psychiatrists working hand in hand with corrupted Law Enforcement and corrupted Mainstream Media for the corrupt banking and Mil/Intel cartel have been working very hard (for decades) to have you believe, you are ignoring the piles of evidence facing us on this subject. (Articles on this subject at this site continue to be collected here.)

Ms. Dupre delves into this research, featuring the evidence from decades of DARPA research on creating supersoldiers, from “Spychip” author Dr. Katherine Albrecht’s deep knowledge of the RFID tracking industry, from FDA rules and current legislation, and from disclosure on current-day covert targeting and tracking of civilians from William Taylor, a former Marine Corps Investigator active in private investigation. 

Also invaluable are the links here to related articles written earlier by Ms. Dupre who has worked single-handedly for years on the cutting-edge of exposing these covert crimes of targeting, implantation, electronic surveillance, neuro surveillance, mind-control, and non-consensual neuro-experimentation on thousands in America and worldwide–crimes against humanity which are still being ignored or lied-about openly by clearly defunct and complicit corporate media. Making themselves irrelevant in the process obviously–while opening the field for alternative press to step forward.  An example would be this revealing and very recent article by Ms. Dupre featuring Hollywood actor Stephen Shellen: Hollywood Targeted Individual Stephen Shellen Shocking Plea Reverberating Globally

From the opening of Military Secret Lethal Weapon Activated:

“The ultimate covert weapon, that the military’s secret research branch DARPA has been developing for decades, that the Federal Drug Administration approved for use on United States soil, has been quietly deployed across the nation.
This weapon is the ultimate means for remotely torturing targeted individuals for “targeted assassinations,” as approved and signed into law by President Barack Obama, inherited by President Donald Trump. Critics say this weapon is the ultimate secret silent weapon for the demise of the human family, humanity.

Radio-Frequency IDentification, (RFID) is a small electronic device consisting of a small chip and an antenna.

The RFID chip, also called a spy chip, is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data. The antenna, contrary to popular belief, both emits and receives information, even when embedded in the human body. Many chipped targeted individuals experience receiving both injurious psychological messages that are self-destructing and physical attacks that amount to torture due.

Each tiny chip, some now the size of nano particles, can be swallowed or inhaled. They immediately connect the unwitting human through the antenna to electromagnetic energy beamed at it from a reader device – yes, invisibly “beamed.””

Please read the rest of this brilliant article at Before It’s News and please follow and share widely Deborah Dupre’s trailblazing news coverage in this area. More of Ms. Dupre’s critical and essential work for humanity and human rights in this beyond-Orwellian 21st-century will hopefully be highlighted here soon.    


Charles A. Schlund’s Affidavit: Early CIA Leaks from the Don Bolles Papers, and Evidence from the 1970s of Remote Electromagnetic Torture with US Govt. Implants

Many thanks to Arlene Johnson of TrueDemocracy.net, who has posted this extraordinary affidavit in full on her true-history site, The Journal of History, here, and recently brought it to my attention, with permission to re-post. As founder of News Source, Inc., documentarian and archivist, Ms. Johnson, named an International Woman of the Year 2001, among other honors, provides an invaluable resource on the Net of collecting and publishing important historic information which is not widely available elsewhere.

On her site, Ms. Johnson notes that this affidavit was provided to Martin Abernethy, who records elsewhere that he has met Charles Schlund and commends him as an American of great courage, who not only brought suit against the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) for framing him as a drug dealer, but also later sued then President George W. Bush for the high-tech torture inflicted on him as a political witness “in protection of the Bush family and cover-up for the fixing of the Presidential elections”.

From The Journal of History:

[Note: The Schlund Affadavit is a lengthy document (approx. 450Kb).

This document was written by Charles A. Schlund under severe *torture*.

This is an EXTREMELY important document!!! Please take the time to read the *entire* affadavit. Please copy it, download, reproduce it, and share the information with as many people as possible!

Mr. Schlund provided this document to Mr. Martin F. Abernathy; as editor-in-Chief of this magazine, I gratefully acknowledge that Mr. Abernathy posted this information on the CIA-DRUGS listserv.

The corporate-controlled media REFUSE to discuss this case — it is *off-limits* ! Please demand that the government compensate for its action and never commit this heinous crime again. YOUR *LIFE* AND LIBERTY ARE AT STAKE !]

bushcia1Charles August Schlund III, who passed in January 2010, was an electrical contractor and later article-writer, at one time connected to drug operators and dealers in California (including the CIA-connected group the Dirty Dozen), who came into contact in the late ’70s with a vast trove of papers and other records stolen from a CIA safe, which he has characterized elsewhere as papers removed by George Bush from the CIA, which he came to call the Don Bolles papers, and which he found to disclose in grisly detail various shady dealings of various of the Federal agencies including the CIA, DEA, NSA, FBI, OSS, DIA, NRO, and others, as well as the Departments of Justice and Defense, shady dealings which included assassinations, political interference in various countries, drug-trafficking, and pedophilia.

He states in his affidavit that in response to his having had access to this information, he was consistently approached by the DEA to become a drug-dealer, and in refusing, was subject to all manner of harassment and invasion, which eventually led to multiple abductions, gassing, drugging, covert implantation, and horrific long-term torture with remote implant activation by the DEA, which he has stated elsewhere is a covert operation of the CIA.

Don Bolles was an investigative reporter and writer who worked for The Arizona Republic and who published at length on his investigations into the Mafia. In 1976 he was murdered by use of a car bomb, his death becoming the subject of investigative enquiry later by a group of journalists, whose efforts led to the prosecution of those responsible. In the papers Charles Schlund read were governmental directives, he reports, for the assassination of Don Bolles.

The disclosure in this affidavit is tremendous, and warrants close reading. Among the revelations here, it is noteworthy that the supreme corruption in these agencies—who are clearly not acting in the best interests of the American people but rather in the best interests of well-connected criminals with ties to high-profile families (the Bush family, the Rockefeller family, the Rothschild family) engaged in crime as a matter of constant profit-creation—is freely on display for all to see.

But what is also astounding to note from this affidavit, is that radio frequency identifying chips (RFID chips) with transponders (which emit radio signals in response to received radio signals) were being used for illegal and criminal torture, vengeance, and retaliation by Government agencies like the DEA and CIA even in the 1970s. The continuation of this Governmental use of RFIDS, as reported by thousands of “targeted individuals” worldwide, and as noted in affidavits of people who have variously proved their existence by radiology scans and surgery, is still being overtly denied by Government agencies, and reported as delusional by CIA-run corporate media—meaning, all major mainstream media, currently known to be purveyors of Fake News and government propaganda. Whistleblowers like William Pawelec and Patrick Redmond, however, give lie to these cover-stories. There is a tremendous disservice evident here, in the failure of mainstream corporate media to report the truth, investigate the truth, and present the truth, about the long-standing Governmental use of RFIDs to illegally implant, track, and torture individuals. Thanks to this failure, psychiatrists, physicians, and uninformed Law Enforcement personnel faced with reports of covert implants, radio frequency activation, and remote electromagnetic assault today immediately label reporting victims as paranoid and delusional, a circumstance happily provided for by the CIA, NSA, DIA, DOJ, DOD, and others, who refuse to divulge the truth on grounds of “national security.” The perfidy is extreme, and the culpability of mainstream media in maintaining this cruel farce should be prosecutable. On their lies, whole lives are being destroyed.

This affidavit brings to light the facts surrounding the criminal covert implantation and torture of individuals by vindictive agencies seeking absolute power and domination over human bodies—while maintaining cover stories of being legitimate Governmental bodies working for Americans. Also touched on is the essential overthrow of America by the CIA. Excerpts presented below, please visit TrueDemocracy.net for the whole affidavit. Please share this information widely.

Excerpts from Charles Schlund’s Affidavit from his 1999 lawsuit vs. The United States:

I’m going to try to explain how the DEA has framed me as a drug dealer to cover up their covert operations against the American people and me. This is a very long story and I’m mostly disabled from the torture and control modes that the DEA is currently using against me with the electronic implants that the DEA injected into both sides of my neck in about 1993.

My health is failing slowly from the continual torture by the DEA. The DEA is systematically murdering me in the most satanic ways possible with technology, including but not limited to electronic implants. These were injected into both sides of my neck. The injection of these implants was, and is, a covert operation by the DEA to cover up their criminal actions by removing me as a witness against the DEA and others. The injection of these devices into my neck is and always was an attempt by the DEA to deprive me of my Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and God given Rights. These implants were designed by the CIA to remove political witnesses and other threats against the CIA’s and the DEA’s organized crime network and to also protect those under their protection.

You must understand that I’m very physically and somewhat mentally disabled from my torture by the DEA. My mind is gradually being burned out using the “weapons systems” that are integrated in these implants, according to the Bolles Papers read by me. I am slowly dying as the DEA tortures me in the most hideous ways possible. Pain and suffering are invisible to the eye with the use of these devices. These are the most technologically advanced torture and mind control systems ever designed by mankind, this system is and has been used widely by the DEA for over 25 years, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of American citizens under the protection of the courts and the laws of the United States.”

We’re now moving up to 1977. My friends were people such as Richard Remember, Evelyn Thomson, Mel Ford, and Jim Andrews (who I would go fishing with) and many others. I would see Gary Abbott, and once in a while I would see Yova or one of the others at a party or a wedding, and at other places–like a bar. I would also see Wayne Woods sometimes, and he was still setting up people to be arrested to protect their drug operations plus give the appearance that the police were really doing their job busting drug dealers. Wayne was still killing people to protect their drug operations and political corruption.

(NOTE: The DEA increased the electronic torture against me after I typed this part of the letter.)

Mel Ford and his wife, Evelyn Thomson, and Richard Remender along with others were now looking for information on the massive corruption in Arizona due to the assassination of Don Bolles, who was a reporter for the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette newspapers, as well as other information they had. Richard Remender was defending Cornwall in his conviction for perjury before the Grand Jury in Arizona. Cornwall’s wife was working for Richard Remender in his office to help pay the legal expenses. Richard was sharing an office with John P. Moore and Novak. I was working as an Electrical Contractor and Jim Andrews would sometimes work for me. I’m not sure if Kathy Griffith was divorced yet or if she was still using her married name of Kathy Meyer. Kathy was working as a go-go dancer.

A thief who had just gotten out of prison broke into a safe in a hotel on Central Avenue, which he believed contained a large sum of money because it was so well guarded. I do not remember his name anymore and I only met him a few times. I believe his first name was John, but I am no longer certain of that. This safe was a walk-in safe (from what he told me) and was very large. When he realized there was no money in the safe but it contained only a large amount of paperwork, films, tapes, photos, maps and other such things, he then believed these papers must be worth a large amount of money because they were so well guarded. From what he told me, he then loaded up as much of these aforementioned items into the full size pick-up truck that he was driving could carry. He filled the entire bed of the truck with these papers and the passenger side of the front seat and then drove off with papers blowing out of the truck and headed home to see what these papers were. Once he was home he started to read through these papers and files and realized that many of these files were government documents of the most sensitive type. In the small amount of the papers he read were CIA documents of the running of the Aryan Brotherhood and other racist organizations. While he was reading these files he was watching TV, and Evelyn Thomson was on the news. He then thought it would be safe to call her to see if he could sell the files to her, because she was Black and the CIA documents were racist in nature.

After calling Evelyn and agreeing to let her see the papers, he then took these papers over to Evelyn’s house. Evelyn lived in a two-story house built by Ponderosa Homes in Ponderosa Homes South. Evelyn and Mel’s house was located in the area of 40th Street and Southern. Their home had a double car garage where he unloaded the files and papers for Evelyn to read. Evelyn told him she would try to get him some money for the files; he wanted $10,000 or $12,000 for the files. As Evelyn and Mel started to read the files they realized that they had the files on the framing of Cornwall for perjury, whom Richard was now defending in his appeal and the assassination of Don Bolles–including the orders to have him killed.

I am not really sure what happened next. I believe Evelyn was at my house, and she told me about the files, and I was going shooting with Richard the next day, but this is only a guess at how we all got together and started reading the files. Evelyn may have called Richard directly, but I don’t remember for sure how we all got together to read the government documents.

Within the next couple of days Richard and I went over to Evelyn’s house and got some of the files to take over to Richard’s house to read through them. The files were all mixed up from the thief throwing them into the truck and then taking them into his house and then putting them back into the truck to take to Evelyn’s house, and then from us taking the files to Richard’s house.

As we started to read through these files and papers, it became evident that either we did not have all of the papers from the individual files or that some of the papers had been mixed up with the other papers at Evelyn’s house. We then decided to put all of the files in one place and sort through them, and put them in order, to try to reassemble the files correctly. Next, we moved all of the files to Richard’s house and placed them in his garage. Then we started to bring the papers into the family room of his house to sort through them, to try to reassemble them in an order where we could understand what the files really were. Richard Remender at that time lived at 526 West Vernon in Phoenix.

The first thing we did was to sort the files into the agency from which they originated. There were files from almost every agency in the government. These files included CIA; OSS; DIA, DEA; FBI; IRS; ATF; SS; NSA; NRO; FMS; Justice Department files; AF; Army; Navy; Presidential and Vice Presidential papers; and even some Corporate files. We also had Grand Jury testimony and papers from the Warren Commission as well as many other kinds of files and papers. The vast majority of these papers and files that were dated 1973 and later, were CIA and DEA papers and files.

(NOTE: The DEA is horribly torturing me as I try to write this letter. I’m not screaming as they used to make me do, but I’m at least 90 per cent mentally disabled at this time due to the torture.) The torture mode they are currently using on me consists of a number of different frequency sounds (I am unable to tell how many but I believe there are about 10 to 20 different frequencies in millisecond pulses which are all bunched together to make a sonic pulse or electronic bullet that is very disrupting.) These sounds so occupy my mind with the torture that it is impossible to concentrate, write, or function as a human being. These sound pulses are very painful also and do constitute torture.”

I stopped typing this letter an hour or two ago because of the torture. The current torture mode is far more severe than it was while I was typing before. I can walk but the torture has been dramatically increased to threaten me with death if I continue the typing of this letter. The DEA knows it can murder me at will with the devices they injected into my neck and ears.

The DEA also knows that the cause of death will be listed in the autopsy as death from natural causes. The cause of death is usually listed in the autopsies as being from a heart attack or stroke. In the DEA and CIA files we had, they had murdered, in this way, many of the witnesses and people that were of a political threat against them. I am almost totally disabled at present and it is taking me a very long time to type this paragraph. The DEA is now using the sonic modes against me from both sides of my head and has added a constant hideous sound with the other pulsed sounds. You must understand that I’m only describing the modes that I can hear but the DEA is doing other things to me at the same time. I will not yield to torture and the DEA will have to kill me to stop me from completing this letter. The only thing that will stop me from typing this letter is the DEA’s agreement to my terms of a settlement and I do not believe there is any chance of that. It would be very politically incorrect for the DEA to torture me to death at this time but they may not have any other way or choice of covering up the information and protecting the members of their drug cartel and others in high positions of power in the State and Federal governments.

As Richard, Evelyn, Mel, and myself started to read these files and papers it became self evident that these papers contained the orders for many thousands of political assassinations in the United States and around the world. These papers contained the files or papers on many of the political assassinations that had taken place in the United States and also contained the information on who had committed these crimes and who had ordered them. We also had many other kinds of files including files on how the CIA had or had tried to, or was going to, alter the outcome of future, present, and past Presidential elections in the United States as well as in many other countries. We also had files on many other kinds of Federal, State, and local elections that had been covertly directed by the CIA and the DEA, and others under the CIA’s direction and control. We also had the plans of the CIA and the DEA under their control to retake the presidency from the Democrats. These files also contained files on the bugging of President “Jimmy Carter” to direct and control his Presidency.

There were also files on the funneling of billions of dollars out of the local, state, and Federal governments in the CIA’s covert operations. These files contained so much information that it would take 50,000 pages for me to try to reassemble them in just a limited way. All of this information was of an illegal nature and the total sum of these papers amounted to the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA.

The following is a short list of the kind of papers, files, and documents contained in the paperwork we read through. I am limiting some of the details at this time for security reasons and to make this letter more understandable. I have never believed that all of the information should be released. The release of this information is only being done to defend myself and is an attempt by me to stop my torture by the DEA in the cover-up of these papers and files. Some parts of the information I’m sure should be released to correct past wrongs by the government and to stop future corruption by the government.

1. Files and papers on the assassinations of two Presidents of the United States: Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

2. The plans of the Rockefellers, CIA and DEA to covertly direct future Presidential elections in the United States and place their people in these positions of power.

3. The framing of people like Ted Kennedy for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick.

4. Files and papers on the assassination of Martin L. King and the framing of Ray for this assassination.

5. Files on crimes against humanity and acts of genocide and other human rights violations that had been secretly or covertly committed.

6. The framing of many people like Ted Kennedy as being involved in the drug trade to authorize the monitoring and control of them.

7. The framing of many people like Federal Judge Carl Mickee. I’m sure this name is misspelled. In the Don Bolles Papers, President Kennedy had appointed him and they could not kill all the Judges that President Kennedy had appointed because it would look too suspicious. The Judge I’m speaking of retired a couple years ago from the Federal Court in the District of Arizona. They needed to monitor him because they believed he posed a threat to them so to obtain the warrants necessary, they framed him secretly as taking a bribe in a drug trial to justify the investigation against him. This was never to become public; it was only done to authorize the monitoring of him. We had many such secret warrants that had been issued against people in positions of power in the Don Bolles Papers.

8. The assassinations of other heads of state around the world.

9. The assassinations of Congressmen, State Judges, Federal Judges and many others in high positions of power in the government to replace them with their people.

10. The assassination of many thousands of political witnesses, threats, and dissidents in the United States and around the world.

11. Files on the overthrow of other countries around the world.

12. Files from the Vietnam War.

13. Files from the Korean War.

14. Files from the 2nd World War.

15. Files on Federal and State Judges and others in other court systems that were under their direct control and direction.

16. Files on Senators and Congressmen that were directly under their direction and control.

17. Files on Police Chiefs, Governors, Mayors and many others that were under their direction and control.

18. The orders and plans to replace the CIA in the United States with a new Federal agency called the DEA.

19. Plans to put people in positions of power in the future such as Senators, Judges, and Congressmen and many others.

20. Radiation experiments.

21. ESP experiments.

22. Files on Mind Control experiments and other experiments such as the LSD experiments that had been secretly done on American citizens.

23. Bending light experiments and reflected light experiments.

24. Project Blue Book and other files on the cover-up of extra-terrestrial life.

25. Future weapons systems and the funneling of billions of dollars out of the government into these and many other research and development projects.

26. Biological weapons experiments.

27. Genetic engineering experiments. 

  • 28. Plans for future wars and conflicts and other files on the Cold War.

29. Highly classified information too sensitive to list.

30. Foreign intelligence information of a national security nature.

31. Files on Actors, Singers, Newscasters, Talk Show Hosts, Directors, and many
others that they controlled and directed.

32. The files on Magazines, Newspapers, TV Stations and Radio Stations that were directly controlled and or directed by them.

33. The files on Magazines, Newspapers, TV Stations, and Radio Stations that covert operations were being conducted against to takeover or control them.

34. Information on missions into outer space and to other worlds like the Moon and Mars.

35. Designing and manufacturing information on many future military and civilian systems like computers, and many other kinds of technologically advanced future equipment.

36. The designing, testing and use of new kinds of surveillance intrusion and monitoring, torture, and control devices.

37. The CIA’s plans to monitor all Americans and many others around the world and the support of covert operations.

38. Files on the running of most of the drugs in the United States and the laundering of the drug money and the covert operations this drug money was used to support.

39. Corporate files such as the plans for the break up of AT&T and many other corporate files that were under their direction and control.

40. The making of many movies, TV shows, and TV series.

41. The framing of many political witnesses and others to imprison them and discredit their stories.

42. The answers to many of the mysteries of the past 70 years.

43. Files on the monitoring of Judges, Congressmen, Senators, actors, singers and many others to direct and control them as needed, or to collect information to be used for blackmail, to discredit or destroy their lives and/or assassinate them.

44. Briefing from the United States Department of Justice on the legality of the use of these new kinds of torture and monitoring implants and other electronic devices.

45. Plans to build the Fiber Optics Network.

46. Plans to build the Cable TV Network.

47. Files on the designing of Cellular Phones and the plans to build the Cellular Phone Network.

48. Corporate files on many major corporations under their direct control and direction.

49. Secret sites of mass graves of people that had been murdered for political and other reasons around the world including papers on such graves inside the United States.

50. The plans to take two obscure street gangs known as the Crips and the Bloods and make them into a national drug distribution network for the destruction of the inner cities of the United States.

51. Files on the making of most of the child pornography to be used to discredit and destroy the lives of political targets.

52. Their plans to control religion, including the plans to place their people in key positions of power in the church and others not under their control for political reasons.

53. Files on the running of the Italian Mob, Jewish Mob, Irish Mob, Dirty Dozen and many other organized crime networks.

54. Holographic experiments.

55. Computer printouts, files, and papers on Global Warming from the increased CO2 output into the atmosphere during the industrial revolution and the coming effects of Global Warming due to the continued increase in output of CO2 into the atmosphere. These CIA papers, printouts and files included world-wide printouts on future projected climate changes. These papers also had the CIA’s cover-up of what was happening. In the CIA’s report in 1975 the CIA had concluded that the earth was going into an ice age. They made this report fully knowing that 2/3rds of the sea ice around Antarctica had melted by 1975 due to the warming of the planet. This report by the CIA was done to protect the Rockefeller’s and their empire, which was based on the burning of fossil fuels, which was responsible for the increase in CO2 output. We also had all the projected climate changes and the projections of the fall in oxygen in the atmosphere, which would stabilize at 19%. This will be a catastrophe in the short term, but in the long term, it will be of a benefit to mankind due to the increase in land that will become habitable and be available for cultivation. The warming of the planet will move the wheat fields north into Canada and into Siberia, which will allow the existing crop land to be used for other crops.

56. The detailed plans for the break-up and destruction of Rock and Roll music including the assassinations of many people to achieve their goals. The detailed plans to replace Rock and Roll music with All-American music called Country Western. This massive CIA and DEA covert operation was being conducted to stop political overtones in the Rock and Roll music and to stop foreign influences on Americans caused by the exposure to foreign music. This operation was conducted because the Rockefellers had lost the Vietnam War because of the protest that was in part directly linked with Rock and Roll music. In these files, the Rockefellers had needed the natural resources of Vietnam for the expansion of their corporate empire, and they blamed the loss of the war in part on Rock and Roll music. The assassinations started long before Vietnam but the plans to replace Rock and Roll with Country Western music started during the Vietnam War and have continued to the present.

Editor’s note: In terms of the financial gain that the elites garnered, the Vietnam War was a success, not a loss.

57. In these papers and files were the launch codes and targets for all IMBM’s, ICBM’s, and other nuclear weapons worldwide. The launch codes of the Soviet Union were made up of the Russian alphabet, which is comprised of 36 letters. As I read through these launch codes for the different ICBM’s and their targeting, I remember asking the others that were reading the papers and files with me why the launch codes hadn’t been translated into English. The others laughed at me and told me the Russian launch codes could not be translated into English because the English language only had 26 letters in its alphabet. I then asked why the Russians had used their alphabet instead of just numbers in their launch codes; and at that time the others made me read the files on the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons in their entirety so I could understand the information correctly.

58. There were plans to build a national newspaper in the United States. This newspaper could not be profitable without being heavily subsidized by the CIA, DEA, and others using covert operations such as drug proceeds and/or other funds that had been funneled out of tax revenues or directly from the people by corporations they controlled. This national newspaper then could be used for political reasons and to direct the people in the ways they needed to direct them. By directing the public, they would also be able to direct the public opinion and have some control over who the public voted for in public elections. This would help them in the fixing of public elections in the United States. Today’s date is November 21, 1999. I’m going to add into this letter how I was tortured while I was working on this letter to show the court how these devices are used against the American people to control, disable, and torture political witnesses, dissidents and others that are of a threat to them in the United States.

Yesterday I was tortured almost all day with different kinds of sounds that were pulsed in my head from the implants. These hideous sounds disabled me so badly that all I could do was watch TV until evening. These sounds were pulsed by the implants to deprive me of my ability to write this letter to the court and to deprive me of my Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, God given Rights and other rights of mankind. The court must understand that the facts are self evident in my case. I’m being tortured in my house by implants. Any amateur DEA agent could monitor everyone in my home, including me without using implants and torturing me with them. The DEA’s only possible intent is to deprive me of my liberties in the most hideous ways possible.

As I’m typing this letter, the DEA has changed modes to where they are crushing my head with magnetic fields, radio frequencies and/or other modes they are currently using against me. This is what I feel from the implants, and it is very painful and severely limits my freedom of speech and _expression. The pain is torture, and this is an entirely deliberate act and is not being done under good faith by the DEA and/or others. Anyone could easily monitor me totally while I’m sitting in front of my computer typing, without using implants to monitor me. The use of these implants is a deliberate act to deprive me of my rights so that the DEA can torture me under the protection of the law and the courts. There can be no freedoms or liberties when the government has the rights to the person’s body. The only thing that we really own in our lives is our body, and the government has no right to violate our bodies under the cover of law without a trial first. This court has no right to electronically change us into robots or zombies and torture us as long as we are still a free people. I am trying not to make my statements too overpowering to the court, but there is no nice or easy way to say this.

These acts are treason against the American Constitution and the rights of mankind. These acts are politically motivated, deliberate and satanic in their intent and nature. The case against me is simply an act of funneling monies out of the government to torture me to remove me as a threat against the DEA and others about whom I have criminal information. These acts are more than just Outrageous Conduct of the United States. They are acts of treason against the American Constitution and the American People.

It is my belief, and from the United States Department of Justice files I read, that it is illegal to gas someone in the middle of the night to keep them in an unconscious state while the government serves a secret warrant on them and performs secret medical procedures on that person. It is also not within the powers of the government to have my CT Scans, X-rays and other medical records altered under the protection of the court to deny me critical evidence for court or for any other reason. The government does not have the legal authority to have records altered. I believe it is also illegal for the government to take that person from his home in an unconscious state as was done to me, to set that person up for photos, and to work on them to frame them as a drug dealer to justify the government’s hideous and outrageous conduct. All of these things have been done to me. I must protest in the strongest ways possible as a American about these injustices and the conduct of the government, and I must try to right these wrongs for the coming generations so their rights will be preserved intact for all of time.

Back to the letter. As we started reading these files in the spring of 1977, I asked the others reading them what we should call these papers. We had the assassination of Don Bolles in these files including the orders to kill him. These orders came from the Attorney General of Arizona who at that time was also running the Gang known as the Dirty Dozen. This Gang was comprised of Arian Brotherhood and CIA agents and other prospects and associates. I asked the others if we should call them the Don Bolles papers. Some of the papers had been removed from Don Bolles before his assassination and were about corruption in Arizona while other papers were on corrupt government officials. We all agreed that the Don Bolles papers was as good a name as any until we read the files. For the next four or five weeks we organized and read the files. Then the others decided to bring other people into the investigation. There were some investigative reporters coming to town to investigate the assassination of Don Bolles and the others picked certain people from these investigative reporters that they believed they could trust to help in this investigation. You must understand that this investigation was way above our heads.

At about six weeks into the investigation, I asked Evelyn if these files and papers really prove the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA. Her reply to me was very disturbing. We had just read how the United States military was going to adopt the American version of the old German helmet for our troops, the plans for future wars and other files on the plans for the New World Order. We had also just read the files on Japanese war criminals that the United States had brought to our country, and other places to continue their research, and the same with German war criminals. You must understand that I was not an investigative reporter like the others, and at that time I did not know who many of the people in these files were. The files were very unbelievable to me, and I did not believe it would be possible for the things listed in these files to be true or come true. Evelyn answered my question with this: “These papers prove far far more than just the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA; they prove the rise of the Fourth Reich; the conquest, enslavement and slaughter of mankind.” I understand that my statements are of a nature that the court won’t want to hear, but nevertheless, they are based on fact and are very truthful and accurate in their content and are very provable during trial.

As new investigators entered the investigation they brought new skills with them including the ability to decode some of the documents with the code books that we also had, and at that time the information became more believable and understandable. With these new people also came the threat of exposure of these documents. The period of time is now, I believe, about May of 1977.

The CIA, DEA and others now knew we had the documents. I was at Richard Remender’s house, and we were talking about the papers; and Richard asked me what it would take to get me to change sides and join the CIA. I asked what he meant. He then asked me if I would change sides for a million dollars. I then replied, “You mean in cash”, and he replied that it would be paid to me in a contract as an Electrical Contractor. I then replied that, “No, I wouldn’t change sides.” Richard then offered me two million dollars and then three million dollars. I then said that three million dollars is a lot of money, and I asked him what did they want me to do for this money. He then told me that they wanted me to become a DEA agent. I asked Richard what they wanted me to do as a DEA agent. He told me they wanted me to help in the running of the drugs to the inner cities of the United States, and my job would also require me to set up and frame the witnesses and help in the assassinations of witnesses and political dissidents. I then told him I wanted to think about it. He replied that I did not have any choice and that I had to give him my answer then.

I asked what would happen if I decided to fight them and refused to join. He told me that they are the law, and that they are above the laws, and that there is no way I can fight them. I then told Richard that I do not even have a high school diploma and that I can’t become a DEA agent. Richard told me they would furnish all of the necessary documentation and that I would be rapidly promoted in the DEA and take a position of power. I told Richard that I did not want to bust people and destroy people’s lives as a DEA agent. He, then, again told me that I did not have any choice and that in exchange for my loyalty, I would be rewarded in any way I desired, including sex with girls, boys, or whomever I wanted, and that I would have the power to use the newly designed monitoring and torture device to torture to death whomever I wanted. I replied that I did not want to torture anyone to death. Richard then replied that the price was for my soul; and I replied that my soul wasn’t for sale for any price. I left Richard’s house and went home and told Kathy what had happened.

I can no longer feel most of my hands or fingers from the DEA torturing me to disable me in order to stop me from typing this letter, and I have to lay down to recover enough to try to type some more. There is only freedom of speech in the United States if you’re ignorant of the truth or if you’re a witness against their enemies, then you can say what you wish. For people like me there is only pain and torture to punish me for my _expression of freedom of speech.

A day or two later, Richard asked me again if I would join their operations as a Phoenix Police Officer or in any other position that I would like. Yova and others had also tried to get me to join the Phoenix Police years before this and I had also refused then. When I was discharged from the Marine Corps, the FBI and the California Police at that time tried to get me to join for non-corrupt reasons; and I had refused them also. Richard told me I could be an actor or a singer or anyone I wanted to become. I then told Richard that I can’t sing or act and there is no way I could become an actor or a singer. Richard then told me that I still didn’t understand and that they can make me anyone I wish to become in exchange for my loyalty to them. Again I refused to sell my soul, and I refused to join their operations. It was at that time incorrect to kill me, because I knew so many of them and I was or had been friends with some of them. It was their policy not to kill people in the inner circle, because it made others wonder if they were next and that disrupted their organization. This information was in the DEA and CIA files we had.

In the next couple of days, Mike Rapasoda’s dad came over with his new girlfriend. He worked for the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. The owner of the Riviera Hotel was involved in Valley National Bank in Arizona, and this was where they had been laundering billions of dollars in drug proceeds as cited in the Don Bolles Papers. His girlfriend is now a super star. She asked me if I would deliver some classified documents to a Russian agent for them and in exchange she would pay me. The first offer was eight thousand dollars, and when I refused it was raised to fifteen thousand dollars. I threw both of them out of my house and called the FBI and told them what had happened. I believe that was on a Saturday and on Monday when I had returned from work Kathy gave me the card of an FBI agent who had come to the house. Kathy told me I was not to call the FBI again unless Mike Rapasoda’s dad or his girlfriend contacted me again and that the FBI said that they were conducting an investigation into the Don Bolles Papers as well as her offering me money to deliver classified documents to the Russians.

At that time I did not understand that Kathy was working directly for the DEA and that her boss was Phillip Jordan. Her sister, Reta, had brought Kathy into the operation as a child for sex with high-ranking political figures in the government. About a couple of weeks after that, Evelyn came over to my house and asked me if I would sell her a lid of pot. I had sold her pot for some time, but it was usually Mel that came over. I went out back and picked some pot from the six or so pot plants I was growing in my back yard, and came back in the house and started to dry the pot in the oven. Evelyn asked me if the FBI had contacted me and told me that (again I have to stop typing because the DEA is crushing my brain to disable me to force me to type things inaccurately. It is impossible to remember the events correctly while I’m being tortured by the DEA. I must stop, and then the DEA will reduce the torture and I will recover enough to begin again. If I try to continue the information will be all mixed up and not in the correct order or time frame.)

Richard had been busted by the FBI and that the FBI was conducting an investigation into the papers and that Richard had told her that it was a national security investigation and that we were no longer allowed to talk about the papers. Evelyn then took me to the front window of my living room and showed me the car that had been following her. The car was a large car and was dark colored. She thought it was the FBI, and there were two men dressed in suits in the front seat of the car. I lived at 15446 North 23rd Lane in Phoenix at that time. (Kathy had moved out a couple of days or so earlier, for some unknown reason, and now lived with Ron Brownel who lived at approximately 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix.) I then told Evelyn that I had not heard from the FBI and that I had called them just after we lost the Don Bolles papers and told them about the files. I then believed this was why the FBI had busted Richard. I then told Evelyn that the DEA had moved into the house behind me and was monitoring everything. She then said, “What about the pot? Aren’t you afraid of being busted by them?” I replied, “How can they bust me? We had just read their files on thousands of political assassinations and the files on the DEA’s running of billions of dollars of drugs.” She said, “I see what you mean,” and told me she was afraid and didn’t know what to do. I told her there is nothing we can do and that the cat is now out of the bag. That was the last time I ever saw Evelyn. Years later, she died in a helicopter crash, from what I heard. From the profile I read in the Don Bolles Papers, I believe this was a political assassination by the DEA. Let me re-phrase that…I know that it was a political assassination, but I cannot prove it.”

Please visit this page at TrueDemocracy.Net for the continuation of the story from here, or the opening page for the whole affidavit. 


Charles Schlund vs George W. Bush



Dr. Rauni Luukanen Kilde: Mind-Control, Robotization, and TransHumanist Agendas Can Be Defeated Only with Awareness

rauni kildeIn this wide-ranging conversation with Alfred Lambremont Webre on various subjects including after-life experiences and extraterrestrial contact, Dr. Rauni Luukanen-Kilde emphasizes how important it is for information on ongoing Military/Intelligence experiments and activities in the areas of Mind Control and Behavior Control using remote EMF weapons and technologies to be widely disseminated, and how essential it is for more of the world to wake up to what’s in process today as underlying agenda for all humanity behind the testing and operation of these technologies today on select “Targeted Individuals” in communities worldwide.

The agenda is transhumanist in nature, and the agenda is robotization of humanity, with RFID chips and brain EMFS being picked up and read remotely by satellites and drones, and thence influenced remotely, with remote Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and other remote-influencing technologies. Humans can thus be influenced to think, feel, act, behave, as State controllers behind the cyberneticists and neuroscientists and Artificial Intelligence engineers want humans to think, feel, act, and behave–this is what they want for our children. This is also the future envisioned for the remainder of humans post-depopulation scenarios already being enacted in skies above us via nanotoxin-loaded chem trails, now loaded as well in the waters we drink and use, in the food laced with GMOS and pesticides and processed with endocrine-disruptors we are being served, unlabelled, in viruses, vaccines, and other bio-weapons we are both being sprayed with and sold on, scenarios expected to remove 85% of humanity so the rest can subsist as servants of the “elite.” 

They can do anything these days, they can induce a myocardial infarction in a minute, they can induce brain damage in a minute–and people don’t know about it!…If people knew, they would all say they don’t want their son or daughter to be robotized, that is not what they envision for humanity–but people don’t know. The only way we can get out of this is through goodness, through connecting with the goodness of the Universe through the goodness of our own hearts and to ask for help, for assistance, but we cannot do that if people don’t know about these weapons. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness! We need people to know about these technologies, about what is going on.

There is much that is reassuring as well in this interview, and the repeated message that as life-forms we are all pure energy presently inhabiting a material body and world, that there is no death, that we are not alone in the universe, that God is love. Posted today at Alfred Lambremont Webre’s website newsinsideout.com, where he presents a message to the International Day Against Mind Control Conference in Europe in honor of Dr. Rauni Kilde.

What Does “Exemptions to Informed Consent” Mean, In Light of “Consent of the Governed”?

New page in Human Rights pointing out that “Exemptions to Informed Consent” permitted extensively today in classified Human Subject Experimentation/Research projects to US Military and Intelligence agencies and contractors via increasing loopholes in the Code of Federal Regulations, as noted also recently in the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s article, Human Research Loopholes: Alive and Well, cannot possibly have the “Consent of the Governed“:

“Exemptions to Informed Consent” in Classified Research and Non-Consensual Covert/Clandestine Human Subject Experimentation in the USA Today Versus “Consent of the Governed” | 2016/01/21

Further Information on RFID Chips, Nanochips, Neurochips, Chipped Vaccines/Excerpt from Research by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler

In the interests of documenting and collecting historical and current information on the development, use, and covert implantation of microchips in humans, please see this list at the valuable archiving site whale.to. The last article linked is dated June 2014, and posted links point to articles down the 2000s tracing the growing development of microchips, their decreasing size, their use by Intelligence agencies, and their planned use as nanoparticles in vaccines.

deeperinsightsIncluded is this highly informative chapter on Electronics and Electricity from the book Deeper Insights into the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, with detailed and sourced  information on Electromagnetic Weapons, Implants, ELFs (Extremely Low Frequency waves) and Direct Remote Brain Monitoring and Manipulation, among other related subjects.

Excerpt on the subject of implants:

B4. Body suits 

Victims of mind-control who receive implants often are given a body suit of implants. The location of these implant sites used on the human body have been mapped 10.00 out on the following charts. The mapped sites on these charts are verified by a. an insider, who learned from the inside what is going on, EM (H) & b. this author’s experience in working with a sizable number of implant victims. Implants can be placed anywhere, but there are certain key sites that tend to be used. The location used also depends upon the type of implant. Implants over the body create the ability to trigger moods, pain, and other phenomena. Implants for auditory sounds are in the ear. Nasal implants are used for mind-control. Tracking implants are also placed into people.

Section C. Specific Implants

Cl. Audio implants (a. public. b. secret)
C2. Body manipulation implants
C3. Visual holographic implants
C4. Memex/Brain Link implants
C5. Torture/Nerve & Muscle Stimulation Implants
C6. Tracking & I.D. Implants.



The concepts used in audio implants had been discovered in the first half of the 20th century, but the refinement of technology to take advantage of what had been discovered waited until the second half of the century.

The development of audio implants ran on two tracks, one was the public medical research and the other was the secret Illuminati/Intelligence Agencies’ research.

Audio implants began to be publicly placed into people in the 1960s. The Illuminati was experimenting on some victims at this stage, and the military in the Vietnam war used auditory implant devices to aid communicating to their men who were sent into tunnels and who were placed into forest situations where audible noise would compromise their locations to the enemy. The Illuminati/Intelligence/& Military consortium was keeping the experimentation secret.

It appears from looking at the worldwide research on audio implants that the Illuminati realized that the field was so ambiguous, and open to so many different approaches, that rather than straightjacket the research community by a specific strategy, they encouraged a wide variety of approaches in the research.

Consequently, research by one group would overlap or duplicate research by another. Much to their credit, a few researchers rejected offers to get involved because they saw the sinister ramifications.

By the 1970s, the intelligence agencies were willing to start using hundreds of people to experiment operationally with the implants. People in every state of the U.S. were selected as victims.

Many of these implant victims had programmed multiple personalities already. The controllers were very heavy handed with the people they implanted, and they used the full force of the Illuminati/Intelligence agencies power to keep these people under their control at all times.

These innocent victims have had their lives totally destroyed. Some tried to fight back, spending thousands of dollars to get out from underneath the incessant audio messages that the implants sent, but the system was too big and too powerful to fight.

Police, congressmen, psychologists and many other people turned their backs on these victims. Some victims who initially fought back gave up resisting, some committed suicide, and some continued to fight.

Meanwhile, on the public track during the 1970s & 1980s, medical researchers kept putting more and more audio implants into deaf and hard-to-hear persons. Hundreds of people in the U.S. and many hundreds in other nations such as the U.K., Germany, Austria, Israel, Australia, France and other countries began to receive the cochlear implants.

Australia was so proud of their audio implant research/development they issued a postage stamp showing an implant device (“bionic ear”) developed in Australia.

The question begs asking, if thousands of people have publicly received audio implants, isn’t obvious that the secret societies and secret intelligence agencies have done at least as much if not far more?”

From later on in the chapter:

“A more recent NY Times article (2/2/97, p. E6) discusses how Xerox Corporation has created sensors the thickness of peach fuzz. These are called MEMS (micro-electomechanical systems). The article states, “MEMS are all about doing more with less, about being lean, mean, and next to invisible.”

The article is lean on facts. It does give a hint of the incredible power these little gadgets have when the writer launches into his propaganda tirade at the end of the article, “Paradoxically the fear that accompanies the fantasy of nanotechnology is not that the culture will be as stratified and fragmented as Victorian England, but that the new culture will be one that is unrecognizable to everyone alive today.” That is true, this nano technology is taking us to the place that society will not be recognizable.

The age of the future is planned to be the age of robots–humans if they are to survive are to be robotic slaves for the illuminated elite. However, this is not paranoid fear as the NY Times writer implies, but it is the unfortunate reality humanity faces.

Some people apparently are already experiencing it. One victim of mind-control, whose father is Military Intelligence and whose family is part of the Illuminati, claims that he has been subjected to tiny robots called nanobots.

These nanobots have been featured on TV, where they have been billed as an asset for surgeons. Reportedly, these tiny robots can work off of 10-100 kilohertz of beamed power. They have coil-shaped antennas, 2 little six-pointed “wings” to attach and move themselves with.

These tiny boron-carbon nanobots have all kinds of purposes. One use is for multitudes of these Nanobots to be placed into a single victim’s head, where they are programmed to migrate to certain programmed positions where they can suppress the optical signals to the brain and replace these signals with their own holographic images that can be externally transmitted to the nanobots or preprogrammed in. They are trying or have succeeded, depending upon who is talking about nanobots, in making self-replicating assemblers. In other words, they have built miniature robots that build other robots. “

Please continue reading at this linked page from the Implants page on Whale.to.

I should add though that while I continue to post these articles and information here regarding the dismal dystopian future still being worked on by various psychopathic and criminal groups and agencies mistakenly termed the “elite” and “intelligent/ce,” I believe fully, along with many thousands of others, it is the posting, sharing, and comprehending of this incredible attempted power-grab which will ensure that this dystopia is thwarted and will not come to pass. What you do not know about you can scarcely resist. Open public knowledge of what has for many years and decades been kept secret and covert, and which certain “intelligence” agencies are frantically striving to continue to keep covert by manically discrediting those who write or report its existence is supremely powerful. Our collective consciousness can change the world. For those who are currently being covertly assaulted too, and their families, this may be particularly interesting information.

Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works — UFO Secrecy, Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, Scalar Technologies, Disinfo Tactics

This video of Dr. Steven Greer‘s recent workshop talk in Washington, DC offering disclosure on many issues surrounding the national security state and its connection to the tremendous secrecy built up around UFOs, ETs, and space-age technologies deriving from ET contact still being-kept-secret has been passed around on the Web for some time and can be viewed on Youtube.

Update and Correction, September 2016: The letter presented in Dr. Greer’s video and covered below as from the Strategic Studies Institute was apparently wrongfully attributed as such, and is in actuality, as per her own correction, a letter penned by Julianne McKinney, Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project.

I understand Ms. McKinney has now corrected Dr. Greer on the matter of authorship and intent of this letter. In a March 23, 2016 letter to him, notification of which was provided to me, she wrote:

 “I had intended this letter as a sardonic slap-in-the-face, drawn in part from my former role as Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project, affiliated with the Association of National Security Alumni.

In that capacity, I had had extensive contact with former satanic cult members and with so-called UFO “abductees,” as well as first-hand experience with the deceptive practices employed by the U.S. Government, especially in the intelligence and UFO-abduction fields. I employed the knowledge gained from those experiences in my letter to Metz and Kievit.” Julianne McKinney, March 23, 2016

While it appears from the correspondence exchanged between both and reported to me that accusations of CIA affiliation and lack of integrity were aired, I personally seek to stay somewhat neutral on this subject and post here only the most relevant information (in my view). I am sure Ms. McKinney or Dr. Greer would be able to publicly post further on this fracas on their own, should they wish, to clear up any doubts on their views or affiliations. If both parties would like to contact me, however, with specific intent to add more to this report, I will be glad to report further.

Dr. Greer’s March 24, 2016 response, as reported by Julianne McKinney, contained the following:

I very much apologize for the confusion on this matter. All I was ever given were the 2 pages I showed and was told it was FROM the Institute , not to it. I did not know about you at all!

I will certainly make this clear in the future.

However I am curious how you know – however sardonically you may have presented it- about the para-governmental involvement in hoaxing many UFO and Abduction events. That part of what you wrote is no exaggeration as I have multiple independent military and government sources who have specifically explained to me this ” stagecraft”- and some who have been directly been involved in those ops.

Like you, I am actually very skeptical of much of what is out there attributed to “aliens”. Many cases are attempts to hide advanced human electro-magnetogravitic aircraft that are highly classified.

There is also an enormous amount of psyops disinformation designed to, frankly, scare people and create fear and hatred of ETs- for future propaganda conditioning purposes to be announced.

Again, I apologize for the confusion as all I had has part of your letter (can you send me all of it? ) and it conformed with other evidence and sources who have confirmed to us the hoaxing of many UFO/ Abduction events ( as well as the so-called animal mutilation phenomena) .

There is also a very substantial op dealing with electronic, psychotronic and radionics warfare technology.

Any info you have on these matter(s) is appreciated. Dr. Steven Greer, March 24, 2016

The Julianne McKinney 1995 letter at core of this controversy was apparently long-posted online in full at MindNet Journal, but, by Julianne McKinney’s recent report to me, “no longer exists. This, after being left intact for ten years, but following my having brought this to your attention..”

Ms. McKinney also noted: “As it happens, I made a copy of that letter and am attaching it below, should you require continued access.”

Since Ms. McKinney has provided a copy of that letter to me, I will post it on this site, with a link below, for continued access by anyone interested. Should anyone find this problematic, please contact me.

I note further below which part of this post is part of my original Dec 15, 2015 post, when I did not have this information about Julianne McKinney’s letter. Thanks!

–Ramola D

All this below is my original post on this video, from Dec 15, 2015.

I waited to post it here because I wanted to view it myself, which has taken some time–it’s long, I could only watch it in snatches–and of course, I watched it primarily with an eye to further understanding how our highly-secretive Intelligence agencies–which are running extremely damaging Covert Ops on the American public today (see this post on “Targeted Individuals”)–are functioning, and why they think they’re inviolate and invincible.

They’re not of course, no-one is, they just don’t seem to know it. Exposure of their deeds and misdeeds, past and present, is today exploding all over the place, and we owe huge debts of gratitude to those like Dr. Steven Greer, who have spent years of their lives researching these heavily classified subjects, who have persisted in their questioning, and who have come forward with extraordinary courage and integrity to present their findings to the public, minus media fanfare, and often in the face of government opposition and intimidation.

There is quite some incredible disclosure in this video (more information on this in the Description section below the video at Youtube), and it’s highly recommended, on all counts. I’ll note below though what I found interesting in relation to the development and use of electromagnetic and scalar and RFID technologies that are implicated in today’s Covert Ops of Brain, Body, and Mind Control experimentation on Americans–and which seem to be part of the globalist push for same via similar Covert Assaults on populations worldwide. (An issue that our media should be covering in detail, but isn’t, because of course they’re either run by the CIA or gagged by the NSA or misled by PsyOps Disinfo from both–more below.)

Extreme Secrecy & the Deep State

Dr. Greer traces in the  opening parts of his talk (5:00 minutes on) how the Deep State as we know it today, with its penchant for black ops and unaccountability, started with the UFO issue in the late ’40s, during the time of the development of the atomic bomb, and the Roswell incident, and the extreme secrecy that came to be built around the UFO issue succeeding this time period. This segment is interesting not merely by way of the story behind Roswell–that the spacecraft was actually shot down–but by reason of the technology used: scalar, longitudinal electromagnetic technology, used in a kind of beam weapon, developed way back in the ’40s. (Around 13:00 minutes on.)

Scalar Technologies

In other words, Tesla’s scalar technology or the understanding of scalar waves by the military/Intelligence/industrial complex, which today is thought to be used in Remote Neural Monitoring weapons whose tracking beams appear to defy shielding of all kinds, was developed way back then, and was used in the ’40s. Scalar waves are superluminal (several times faster than light), and this information is classified (!) — it’s still not taught in schools. (Note that scientists do speak about it today though, including, notably, the late Konstantin Meyl.)

Projects Off the Books

Unacknowledged Special Access Projects and their off-the-books aspects, compartmentalized secrecy maneuvers, concealment from elected government, and atmosphere of threat and intimidation is talked about around 50:00 minutes on. Illegal, unconstitutional, criminal, dangerous, is how Dr. Greer describes these–and who can argue with that.

Scientists Forced to Lie/Or Paid to Lie

How scientists at Harvard and elsewhere have been strong-armed to maintain silence over UFOs and ETs, or have been on the payroll of Intelligence agencies such as the CIA to propel falsehoods and lies on this subject for years, including Carl Sagan, of Cosmos fame, is talked about around 1 hr:58 minutes on.

Technology Interfacing with Thought

Also fascinating is the discussion of electronics picking up directed intended thought, or brain-electronic interfaces, incorporated into ET navigation systems, covered around the 2:00 hour mark. As many of us know today, the Electronic Brain Link technologies developed by DIA and CIA and DARPA neuroscientists interested in “hiving minds” and controlling the brains and thoughts of individuals (part of Mind Hacking projects referred to by Dr. Robert Duncan in this post) are some of the technologies being covertly tested today on nonconsenting Targeted Individuals, freely supplied to unethical military/Intel experimenters as EMF weapon fodder by an unscrupulous security state (the way it’s currently working, first they target you, then they think you’re free game and can be experimented on)–and by a government that is no longer representative of the people, but rather, of criminally-active transnational corporations desperate to control the people. (We are currently inside the fascist New World Order, even if not everyone knows it yet–the question is, how do we get out of it.)

Extremely Micro RFID Chips and the CIA

Around 2 hrs: 47 mins is mention of Dr. Greer’s conversation with Air Force computer specialist William Pawelec, now an interview available on Youtube ( which warrants its own post another day) on the subject of CIA involvement in the manufacture of RFID chips in the ’70s and ’80s manufactured by Siemens in the billions–miniature, edible chips, some with Neurophone capabilities, permitting radio-control of thought and behavior. Dr. Greer notes that EG &G, a chip implant manufacturer near Area 51, makes chips that have been found implanted in victims of abductions — proving that these abductions were part of the PsyOps Psychological Warfare set up and run by the Deep State, to muddy the waters and deflect attention from report or anticipation of any positive UFO or ET experiences–but also proving that RFID chip implants have been planned for a long time, have been experimented with, developed, and fine-tuned covertly for years–in particular, by the CIA. RFID chip information is being followed on this site.

Open Admission of Directed-Energy Weapon Use on Americans/Abductions of Citizens/Psychiatrist Complicity/Controlled and Compliant Media

In reference to the Update and Correction, September 2016 information at head of this post, the letter presented by Dr. Greer at his webinar as emanating FROM the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, was covered in this section of my original Dec 15, 2015 post. As Julianne McKinney has informed me, this is her letter TO the SSI, and here below is the start of the letter, taken from MindNet Journal in August 2016, when it was still online. The link to the full letter, now being  stored on this site, can be found just below this excerpt.

"Homemaker's Recipe" for a Successful Revolution in Military 

By Julianne McKinney

January 1995


            Association of National Security Alumni
                Electronic Surveillance Project
                        P.O. Box 13625
                 Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
                       (301) 608-0143
January 8, 1995

Steven Metz, Ph.D.  
LTC James Kievit  
Strategic Studies Institute
U.S. Army War College  
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013-5050

Dear Dr. Metz and LTC Kievit:

I read your _Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of
War_  with great interest. Noting that you encourage discussion
and debate on this subject (and presuming that the average U.S.
citizen is not to be excluded from these discussions and
debates), I would like to comment on  this paper.

First, I noticed a rather curious omission in your paper, namely,
the impact of a "revolutionized" military upon the rights of U.S.
citizens as they might be inferred to exist under Article IX of
the United States Constitution. True, you have expressed some
concern about potential "ethics" violations resulting from
unconstrained evolutionary or revolutionary processes; however,
I see no reference anywhere in your paper to the military's
primary responsibility in upholding, protecting and defending
the U.S. Constitution.

Absent any such reference, your use of the term, "ethics,"
becomes relativistic, in my opinion--more suited, perhaps, to
discourses by followers of Nietsche. This is not a criticism,
incidentally. If you are unprepared to discuss an RMA in the
context of its impact on the U.S. Constitution, then I will spare
you the hassle, since what I am about to propose is similarly
bereft of any such considerations.

Full Letter at MindNet Journal/link no longer working

Full Letter posted here, as supplied by Julianne McKinney/September 2016

Please note, the discovery of this full letter by Julianne McKinney necessarily affects the nature of the information presented below, earlier, when further knowledge of this letter was not available. I am leaving this latter part of the post as is, just for the record, but to fully understand the scenario regarding this letter, please read the Update and Correction, September 2016 note added to the head of this post. Thanks!


This part of the post offers the original text about this letter from the Dec 15, 2015 post:

The most explosive information though from this talk, from the point of view of Disclosure of Directed-Energy Weapons being used today as means of Surveillance and as Assault on Americans and other populations, comes from a document (around 2 hrs: 50 minutes in video) from the Strategic Studies Institute, dated 1995. Please note there’s huge disclosure here too about other horrific CIA/NSA practices, plans, and intentions–Satanic cults, MK ULTRA trauma-based mind-control, false-flag alien invasion scenarios, complete with “stage craft,” planned abductions of citizens.Note the “Recipe” format, and the “ingredients,” which include imported mercenaries and a controlled and compliant media.

With regards to how Targeted Individuals are being assaulted today, note the verbiage re. Official Denials, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, and Government-Funded Brain research.

Text below thanks to Paul Getson from Real Hidden History on Facebook:

Strategic Studies Institute 
January 8, 1995 
Page 3 of 11 Pages
Ingredients (continued);
Imported East Bloc Mercenaries and Military Equipment
Imported Foreign National Scientists
A Controlled and Compliant Media
Decentralized U.S. Government Control
An Induced Crime Wave


1. Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of government-approved satanic cults, such as COL (USA ret.) Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set. Violent sexual, physical and psychological abuse of these children over a period of 15 years will produce generations of dissociative automatons who will comply with instructions in obedient, unquestioning fashion. Their required adherence to cult tenets precludes any consideration of laws governing U.S. society, generally. Cult-programmed “graduates,” among other things, will be expected to participate in contrived UFO abduction scenarios.

2. Create a global UFO cult, which will involve the abduction of citizens so as to foster an illusion that this earth is facing an extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees-of-preference will have an expertise in computer technologies, since that expertise will be required in future technocratic R.M.A. scenarios. Use of experimental drugs, holographic projection capabilities, directed-energy technologies, induced auditory input, experimental aircraft, and special effects costuming and stagecraft, among other things, will be used to persuade abductees of the reality of their circumstances. Official denials regarding these events will employ reverse psychology, to ensure that all such denials are taken as official confirmation of an imminent and/or ongoing extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees will be persuaded to worship their anticipated extraterrestrial “conquerors” in cult-enforced religious fashion. UFO cult networks will be controlled by U.S. Intelligence to limit infiltration and ensure that dissidents do not disrupt UFO Cult long-term agendas. Dissociative satanic cult graduates will handle all such executions; i.e., when not actively lending logistical and theatrical support to UFO abduction operations.

3. Directed-energy surveillance and weapons technologies of all types will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion in the population at large (under deniable circumstances); for eliminating persons deemed “adversarial” to U.S. national security interests; and for spotting, assessing and manipulating potential recruits to R.M.A. causes.

4. Neurocybernetics and other psychotechnologies will be used to sow confusion and hypochondria in the population at large. The symptoms and effects produced by these and other directed-energy technologies will parallel the effects produced by various microbes, viruses and chemical imbalances, thus compelling a large segment of society to seek medical intervention, which in turn, will be a basis for their being used for medical experimentation under “voluntary” circumstances. Psychiatrists and psychologists will play an important role in these experiments, particularly where denying the efficacy of neurocybernetics/psychotechnologies is concerned. Citizens complaining of “hearing voices” will be used as a basis for (generously) government-funded, schizophrenic-related brain research, since comprehension and control of the human brain is critical.

The Strategic Studies Institute is located inside the US Army War College. This is one part of a much longer document. Perhaps Dr. Greer will post the whole document on his site sometime.

More on Dr. Greer’s solutions and action items in a separate post–they can be found at the end of the video.

Roxy Lopez/The Truth Denied: How to Remove an RFID Implant

Please visit The Truth Denied‘s site for this extensive Nov 11, 2014 post reporting on RFID implant technology, varied views on removing these implants, and links to relevant documentation from various sources, including a very compelling report from David Larson detailing nonconsensual implantation, in 1997, of microstimulators used in neural prosthesis research by NIH-funded researchers–he was able to remove various of these microchips, match them up to extant patents, and track down the inventors and their unethical research; his document includes photos and patent information. 


RFID technology could lead to political repression as governments could use implants to track and target human rights activists, labor activists, civil dissidents, and political opponents; criminals and domestic abusers could use them to stalk and harass their victims; slaveholders could use them to prevent captives from escaping; and child abusers could use them to locate and abduct children. So what do we do about this?

Apparently, the removal of an RFID Implant is complicated  whether you are a pet or a human. First you have to find a practitioner who can detect the chip. This is usually not so easy to do as some of the chips do not show up on X-rays, ultrasound machines, or scanners. Once you have successfully determined that you do have an implant ,you better hope the chip stays in once location, they tend to move.  Secondly, you must find a surgeon who is willing to remove the chip, or find a technician who can erase the chip and stop it from transmitting data. The following is sure to help those of you who may have strong implications of chip implantation. This article is to aid you in your search for either chip detection and or chip removal.

James Walbert, who has testified at the Presidential Bioethics Commission, and who is well-known for having pursued his covert-implantation/electronic stalking and abuse case in court and obtained a restraining order on the technology used and against the local abusers, is mentioned in this post. Posted  also is a radio conversation with Jesse Beltran of ICAACT, James Walbert, and Lars Drudgaard, which also features Dr. Barrie Trower’s information. (James Walbert reports during this conversation that five doctors he has visited refuse to remove his implants, because they are afraid of the government and don’t wish to get involved.)

Please visit The Truth Denied for the whole informative article and radio talk and click on links there for David Larson’s report, and other documents.

Exposing Covert Implantation with RFID Chips, MEMs, Microchips

This is a serious subject, one that this site continues to excavate and publish. It is Not acceptable that people are being implanted covertly today, all over the world; it is Not acceptable that “Classified Research” (which does not bother with Informed Consent) is being conducted in the USA and elsewhere on people (this includes pregnant women and children); and it is Not acceptable that such research can go on in our midst using “color of law” by way of bogus Statutes and Executive Orders which, in blatant violation of the US Constitution, the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and every basic code of common human decency, completely ignores human rights, ethics, birthright, and sovereignty in its intrusions, invasions, and mutilations of the human body. 

None of this can be excused in the name of “National Security,” and none of us should be sitting back letting this happen to a single person in our midst.

New page collecting all articles posted on this site on this subject posted here, please stay tuned for more:

In 2015, Covert Non-Consensual RFID/MEMS (Microchip) Implants Are a Reality Everyone Should Know About

Understanding RFID Chips–An Introduction to New Technologies by Ex-IBM Executive Patrick Redmond

(Article by Patrick Redmond re-posted with thanks from the Michael Journal.)

Continuing my exploration of RFID chips–begun in the article recently posted here on covert implantation of RFID Chips–to openly examine what the state of the art is for this technology, what areas of industry are using it, and how in particular RFIDs are being used in the medical world currently, both overtly and covertly, and to further explore how RFID chips are being implanted covertly in individuals globally for nonconsensual electromagnetic experimentation, harassment, and torture, here is this really informative article from the Michael Journal, transcribing an April 13, 2008 talk given by Patrick Redmond, ex-IBM executive, on the 2008 status of RFID chips.

WorldUnderWatch, a blog covering Surveillance issues, also reports on this article–I will post their report next–and notes that this talk was given to “the Catholic patriot group known as the Pilgrims of Saint Michael, which also is known for advocating social credit, a dramatic monetary reform plan to end the practice of national governments bringing money into existence by borrowing it, with interest, from private central banks. The group’s publication The Michael Journal advocates having national governments create their own money interest-free. It also covers the RFID issue.”

Today in the US–2015–RFID chips are in our clothing, our shoes, our toiletries and cosmetics, our passports, our driver IDs, and our credit cards. I recently received an “updated” credit card in the mail with a chip (unfortunately in my case hardly the most of my worries given my current ongoing experience as a covertly-implanted “Targeted Individual.”) See this article by Scott Granneman in 2003 which is already dated because it predicts tags on retail products–those tags are here today–the article is titled RFID Chips Are Here and it is nevertheless very informative.

But the most disturbing thing to explore of course–especially for the general public new to these subjects–is whether these RFID chips are being covertly implanted in humans, how they’re doing it, and how credible the accounts of witnesses are, reporting covert implants on their bodies. 

This 2008 article by Patrick Redmond especially throws light on how tiny these chips are-some of them are just like ink or powder, how easily they can get into human bodies, either consensually or nonconsensually, which companies are making them, how they are being linked–via computer networks and satellites–into a global surveillance system, and what dramatic potential they offer for hacking and abuse. Please read, take in, absorb at your leisure, please research further, and please pass on the word. Every one of us needs to know the truth about RFID chips today–we need to banish the disinformation gimmicks out there which strive to charge all reports of RFID implants as “conspiracy theory.”

(“Targeted Individuals” in particular who report being covertly implanted and experience the presence of these mostly-passive but also-active RFID chips in their bodies–especially vivid during transmission when they are scanned by RFID-scanners/readers, whether from just a few inches away in grocery stores by covert grocery store Mil/Intel operatives, or from 100’s of meters away from ground-based vehicles or helicopters, 1000’s of meters away from Electronic Warfare planes circling their neighborhoods, or 22,300 miles away from stationary satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth (radio waves are long waves, up to 3 km in length; and patents for these chips mention “repeater devices”)–and who are fighting today for their voices to be heard by an easily misled public (reporting RFID implants to medical personnel today continues to invoke misdiagnoses of “schizoid disorders” by uninformed, colluding, or conned psychiatrists) can be seen to be completely credible in their accounts, given the information in this article.)

Posting the article as is. Please visit Michael’s Journal for more. (All emphases/highlighting in red below is mine.)

An introduction to New Technologies (Part I)

by Patrick Redmond

Patrick Redmond graduated with a Doctorate in History from the University of London, England in 1972. He taught at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, then at  Adhadu Bello University in Kano, Nigeria before joining IBM.  He worked in IBM for 31 years before retiring. During his career at IBM he held a variety of jobs. These included; from 1992 until 2007 working at the IBM Toronto lab in technical, then in sales support. He has written two books and numerous articles. Here is a presentation he gave in Toronto on April 13, 2008.

* * *

I want to thank Yvon for inviting me here to talk about new technologies. What I’m going to do is give you an introduction to three technologies that are becoming more and more important. The first is RFID chips, the second genetic engineering, and the third synthetic biology. This will give you an understanding of what is happening and where science is going.

We will start with RFID chips:

So what are they? They are Radio Frequency Identification Devices. An RFID is a microchip with an attached antenna. The microchip contains stored information which can be transmitted to a reader and then to a computer.

RFID’s can be passive, semi-passive or active. Active RFID’s have an internal power source such as a battery. This allows the tag to send signals back to the reader, so if I have a RFID on me and it has a battery, I can just send a signal to a reader wherever it is. They can receive and store data, and be read at a further distance than the passive RFID’s. The batteries can only last a short while. But the current batteries in the RFID’s can last for over a hundred years, because of their self-generating power. Ultrawideband (UWB) allows the small battery operated RFID tag to be sensed over fairly wide areas. For instance, GE Aircraft Engines in Ohio has installed five readers in the factory and it covers over 30,000 square feet so they can track everything within that area with only the five readers. That gives you an idea of the distance that can be covered by an RFID tag that might be on you or on equipment.

An RFID held by a pair of tweezers

The readers can transmit over telephone or by internet to computers and they use satellites as well. For example, Digital Angel has signed contracts with satellite providers to transmit their data for military personnel location beacons (PLBs). These beacons use the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system. This system has some 400,000 digital beacons around the world and it’s rising to some 900,000. By the year 2009 they plan to have a GL stationary satellite system that will enable them to find the location and details of any beacon. You may sometimes see these at night; the GO stationary systems can track any beacon. Skiers sometimes use them so that they can be identified, and sailors as well, if they become lost at sea they will be able to be tracked. Anything that has an RFID tag can be tracked by a reader or a computer.

An example of such transmission is a chip sold by Zarlink. This chip is implanted in a person; it tracks problems and if one is detected, it alerts the doctor who uses a two way RF link to interrogate and adjust the implanted device. Semi-passive RFIDs have an internal power source that let them monitor environmental conditions, such as temperature and shock, but they still require RF energy from the reader to respond.

Passive RFID’s do not have a power source but use a signal sent by the scanner to power the microchip circuit to transmit back their stored information. Passive RFID’s are getting very small. Hitachi a few years ago produced a chip (called the mu chip) that was the size of a pencil point; if you take a pencil and put it on a piece of paper you get a little dot. That’s how small they’re getting. In 2007 Hitachi came out with a chip that was even smaller, they call it RFID powder. They are just like the talcum powder you would put on a baby.

Somark Innovations in Jan 10, 2007 announced an invisible RFID ink. This can be applied to cattle, prime cuts of meat, military personnel and it can be read through hair.

I brought along a couple of the larger size chips, and this particular chip I got from Gillette fusion blades. I bought one of the blades and you can see that on one side what looks like a bar code and if you open it up you can see parts of a RFID chip on the back. This one here is from the Gap. One of my daughters went to the Gap; they put the tag directly on the clothing and the instructions just say to remove before washing and wearing. If you put it up to the light you will see the RFID chip inside it. These chips are quite small and can be put on the back of labels. They would not be noticeable in badges or ID cards; they could even be put in the eye of a person, they are that small.

In order for chips to be useful, they have to have a unique product number and because of this, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) started developing some standards. It’s called the AutoID Center. They then passed it on to the AutoID Group within the Uniform Clothes Council. It will assign codes and publish specifications, so if you have a company, government agency, or church you can contact these people and they will give you a set of numbers.

So let’s say there are three or five people in this room wearing the same white hat and each one of them has a chip on it with a different number. We could differentiate everything even if you’re all wearing the same clothes, it doesn’t really matter because everything has a unique number. MIT has the architecture of participation called EPC Global so if you go on Google and type in EPC Global and you will come up with the website they will give you instructions on how to apply and get chips. So if you want to chip yourself, your family, relatives, company or anything like that; you can do it.

It works with people who want to use this technology. One of many companies who sell the chip is called, Technic Imitations. If you have a company and you go to one of their presentations, they will give you books like this that tell you what the chips look like, how they work, the types that are sold, and what the readers look like. They will help you install chips in your company. It’s a very big business and it’s spreading very quickly.

When you use active or passive chips, active chips have advantages when you want to track items or people over longer distances. Soldiers can have active chips so they can be tracked via satellite wherever they might be in the battlefield. You can get one for your car, so you can be tracked if you are on the 407 or something.

Passive ones suffice if you are only interested in tracking over shorter distances. For example, in a sea container coming in from China, every box and every item within the box can have a chip on it. A reader can track all the items as a box passes through it. In a warehouse it is used to ensure the right shipments go to the right places. A man carrying a skid on a forklift can have the goods inside the box verified without even opening it.

They are using the chips to track inventory in order to be able to monitor what items are going where, if the right items are in the truck, etc. The passive chips are being put on devices to ensure they are valid.

There’s a lot of counterfeit drugs being produced and sold over the internet. Viagra is one of the most commonly counterfeited ones although there are many others. To ensure that people get the correct drugs they sometimes put chips on the containers so when you’re buying them you know that you are buying the correct drug.

Chipping farm animals is now required by the government

RFID’s are a great economic help to a company because they reduce theft and loss. They also streamline inventory, reduce turnaround time and handling. They’ve allowed companies to adjust production in response to inventory levels and to respond on demand. That’s why companies are interested, because of these big economic benefits and efficiency.

When you go to Wal-Mart, Best Buy, the U.S. Military and many other agencies around the world, you will see that they are all implementing RFID chips on items and increasingly on people.

The recent growth of the RFID industry has been staggering: From 1955 to 2005, cumulative sales of radio tags totaled 2.4 billion; in 2007 alone, 2.24 billion tags were sold worldwide and analysts project that by 2017 cumulative sales will top 1 trillion–generating more than $25 billion in annual revenues for the industry.

We’re starting to see chips being implemented in credit cards, debit cards and passports, driver’s licenses, health cards, and many other things. Increasingly they are being used to monitor people as well as items. RFID tags embedded into clothes and personal belongings allow people to be tracked and monitored in shopping malls, libraries, museums, sports arenas, elevators, and restrooms. American Express has them on their blue cards. They are announcing plans to place people-tracking readers in stores to track customers movements and observe their behavior. If you bought something with your credit or debit card, they will know what items you bought and if the items were chipped, they will know what you were buying. In this way they will be able to track you.

In 2006, IBM received a patent approval for an invention called, “Identification and tracking of persons using RFID-tagged items.” One stated purpose was to collect information about people that could be “used to monitor the movement of the person through the store or other areas.”

When somebody enters a store a reader “scans all identifiable RFID tags carried on the person,” and correlates the tag information with sales records to determine the individual’s “exact identity.” A device known as a “person tracking unit” which then assigns a tracking number to the shopper “to monitor the movement of the person through the store.”

If I had three readers in this room, I could scan everybody in one second and I would know right away who’s here; so it would scan that quickly. The computers are getting quite sophisticated and capable of doing large numbers of scans at any given time. One company recently announced a computer that reads data transactions at 200 million/second, an incredible number.

Here’s an example of how they are being used in companies; a few oil companies have given their employees smart cards so that they know where they are at any time of the day. This ensures that people do not go where they are not authorized to go. They will see how many times an individual might go to the washroom or outside to have a cigarette; things like that. It allows continuous tracking of people, and so more and more companies are thinking it’s a novel idea.

In early 2007, the American government complained to the Canadian government that they were tracking American contractors who were visiting Canada by placing loonies ($2.00 Canadian coins) with tiny RFID transmitters in their pockets. And a CIS officer when confronted with this said: “Ah, give us a break! You might want to know where the individual was going, what meetings he’s attending, who he’s talking with and everything like that.” So if they wanted they could track people with chipped loonies.

The University of Washington students, faculty and staff are being tracked as they move around the site so the details of where they’ve been, what they’re doing and with whom, will be stored in their database. One of the professors at the University was asked, “Will you check on this student?” so he checked on him and said, “Oh, he’s on the fourth floor just standing outside room 452 and now he’s moving into the classroom.”

In London you can buy a monthly pass to the transit cars that have an RFID on it and if you link the bus pass to a person’s name you can track where this person is on the bus and subway system throughout London, England. Last year the police were getting four requests a month and now they are getting close to 100.

Just last week the London police announced that they were putting RFID chips on all of the 31,000 police in London. Now this may be on their ID card, they did not say if they were going to put them directly on their body, but they were getting chipped; it was published in the Daily Mail. Some of the police were complaining that they “are going to know where we are at any time, we won’t be able to go into a coffee shop and get a donut.” All 31,000 police in London now have RFID’s so if they ever need to stop or control people they can direct 1,000 troops immediately to the scene.

In Southern China they’re implementing RFID readers in the city of Shenzhen to track the movement of citizens; all citizens have an ID card with a chip so they can identify who is in what part of the city at any point in time.

RFID readers in a library

The chips and National ID cards that they are trying to bring in now contain not only a number, but also a person’s work history, education, religion, ethnicity, police record and reproductive history. The United States has been trying to implement the National ID card for a few years now and there are strikes going on in different states as they try to resist this National ID that will identify everyone in the country.

Canada is adding a Real ID to the license plates and we don’t hear anything about it, its being done a lot more secretly than it is in the States where there is a lot of public debate. The increase of the use of RFID chips is going to require a increased rate of the UBF spectrum, as a result in the United States they’re going to stop using the UBF spectrum of the VHF frequency in 2009 and everything is going to go digital. You may have seen that on television in the United States.

Canada is going to do the same thing, they’ll say it still works, and instead of the antenna on your roof you’ll use a black box. The reason they’re doing this is that the UBF and VHF analog frequency are being used for the chips, so they don’t want to overload the chips with television signals, because the chips signals will now be receiving those frequencies.

A friend of mine from Quebec says his cows have a chip embedded under the skin. All farm animals have to be chipped and he says he’s no longer allowed to kill as many cows as he wants. He was given a limit of two cows that he could kill and use only for the farm. All the others had to be sold to particular companies who could control those cows and get food from them. So he could only kill two and the others he had to sell to a supermarket chain.

People are being chipped now. There’s a trend that they’re promoting in the media in terms of chipping people; they’re saying why not chip children for safety, so we can protect them, especially if they’re in the hospital then nobody could steal the newborn babies. Why don’t we chip the sick, then if someone has a heart attack and falls on the floor, we can read the signal in the chip and send someone to help them. We should chip the military so we would be able to know where the soldiers are and if they’re alive. After we could chip people on welfare so we could make sure they’re not cheating the government. Then we can chip all the criminals so that we could control them, and we’ll chip workers because a lot of them goof off at work. Then we’ll chip all the pensioners because they’re just taking money from us; and after that we’ll chip everyone else.

Some 800 hospitals in the United States are now chipping their patients. You can turn it down, but it’s available. Four hospitals in Puerto Rico have put them in the arms of the Alzheimer’s patients, and it only costs about $200 per person.

The Baja Beach Club in Barcelona gets patrons chipped. A BBC reporter went the club and got himself chipped. He said it was like getting a needle in your arm; they just rubbed it with some antiseptic and put a chip in. Because it was fairly small, he said it didn’t hurt too much and he had it inside him so whenever he ordered he would just move his arm and pay for it. The reader on the bar would read the signal and since he had his bank account information on the chip on his arm it would deduct the money from his bank account.

Nigel Gilbert of the Royal Academy of Engineering said that by 2011 you should be able to go on Google and find out where someone is at any time from chips on clothing, in cars, cell phones, and inside many people themselves.

Chips are becoming more and more sophisticated. Nature Magazine reported recently that a drug containing microchips has been developed that will release drugs at the right time and amount. They can put a chip in you and release drugs so you don’t have to take a pill every day. This particular one that they’re selling lasts for over 140 days, you just have to get chipped three times a year with this drug and it releases it every day automatically. We will probably start hearing more about things like this in the near future.

In 2006, LifeScience.com said that European researchers have developed neuro-chips, they’ve coupled together living brain cells in silicone circuits and done a lot of experimentation on rats and snails. An electrical signal from a neuron is recorded in the chips transistors, while the chip’s capitulators stimulate the neurons. They can create neuro-stimulators and use them to alleviate pain and lessen the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease.

The mu chip is only .05 ml in length

There are gastric stimulators that can treat obesity, they would make you feel hungry so you wouldn’t want to eat anymore, it would just be necessary to put a chip in your brain that would connect and send signals. In another study, neuro-chip implants were developed and are being used on violent prisoners. They were implanted with the microchip (but they didn’t know they were implanted), and when the implant was set at 160 megahertz’s all the subjects became lethargic and slept about 22 hours a day. The implants ended all aggression in violent prisoners. Another interesting application is a silicone chip implant that mimics the hippocampus, the area of the brain known for creating memories. If successful, the artificial brain prosthesis could replace its biological counterpart, enabling people who suffer from memory disorders to regain the ability to store new memories. It’s being developed by Professor Berger at the Center for Neural Engineering at the University of Southern California.

They’re working on rats and monkeys, so if applied to humans what this could do is restore your short-term memory which people lose as they get older, or it could replace your existing short-term memory with artificial short-term memory.

Applied Digital Solutions has a Verichip that is compatible with human tissue and can be used on implantable pacemakers or put defibrillators in artificial joints. It can be injected using a syringe and used as a sort of bar code in security applications. That’s seen as one of the easy ways to implement chips in people through injections. They could very easily inject it via a flu shot or a vaccine.

Verichip is working on a glucose microchip that would determine glucose levels. You wouldn’t have to draw blood to monitor glucose level. All you need is to have the doctor read your chip and your information and tell what your blood levels have been for the past month or two.

IBM has demonstrated a tiny device that measures heart rate and is able to sense when a person wearing it is in distress, after which it will call a cell phone for immediate help. The distress signal is sent wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Zarlink has developed the first swallowable camera capsule which uses Zarlink’s RF transmitter to relay real-time images from the gastrointestinal tract. Our MICS (Medical Implant Communication Services) platform is designed with in-body communication systems that will improve patient care, lower healthcare costs, and support new monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Currently the chip uses 100 hair-thin electrodes that sense the electro-magnetic signature of neurons firing in specific areas of the brain in, for example, the area that controls arm movement. The activity is translated into electrically charged signals and are then sent and decoded using a program, which can move either a robotic arm or a computer cursor. According to the Cyberkinetics’ website, three patients have been implanted with the BrainGate system. The company has confirmed that one patient (Matt Nagle) has a spinal cord injury, while another has advanced ALS.

This shows that human thoughts can be converted into radio waves and used by paralyzed people to create movement.

Matt Nagle sends the thoughts to a computer to decipher. He can turn his TV on or off, change channels, and alter the volume. (BBC 2005) He can also move his arms and pick up things.

In addition to real-time analysis of neuron patterns to relay movement, the Braingate array is also capable of recording electrical data for later analysis. A potential use of this feature would be for a neurologist to study seizure patterns in a patient with epilepsy.

Braingate is currently recruiting patients with a range of neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases, so if you want a computer chip in your brain you can just go on the website and volunteer.

What are the problems about these new technologies? Let me just give you a brief explanation. Chips are going to end privacy. There’s a website called Spychips.com operated by Katherine Albrecht; they research the use of RFID’s by different companies. They have been warning people about them because chips that have economic or health data could get that data stolen.

The New York Times in October of 2006 said that any card that doesn’t require swiping (in other words that doesn’t have a chip in it), is vulnerable to un-authorized charges and put people at risk for identity theft. You can buy scanners in electronics stores for $60 or more that can read the information on the chip.

They are finding that once implanted in people, chips can be damaging to our health. For example, the body of a rodent who was tested started rejecting some chips and started a development of cancer. Also there is a danger of viruses; you are all familiar with software viruses on your computers, imagine if you got a virus in your chip that deletes your information in your chip.

If chips can disseminate medicine then they can disseminate other things too; anything put inside a microchip can be activated by a signal. And finally, with this technology, subliminal mind control becomes possible. I went on to Google and did a search on mind control; you might find it interesting to check that yourself. I read one on patents; there are patents that exist for mind control. This is what one states: non-aural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain. This is patent number 5,159,703 1992.

Another explains a device that can be placed in the auditory cortex of the brain. This device allows the following process: someone speaks into a microphone, the microphone then has the sounds coded into microwaves which are sent to the receiver in the brain and the receiver device will transform the microwaves back so that the person’s mind hears the original sounds. In other words, a person with this device in their head will hear whatever the programmers send via microwave signals. (Phillip L. Stoklin took out patent number 4,858,612 on this.)

What do things like this mean to people of faith? You know from the Apocalypse, which is the last book of the Bible, that microchips are unacceptable to God.

Chapter 13, Verses 16-17: “And he (the beast) shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freeman and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Chapter 16, Verse 2: “The first angel poured out his vial upon the earth, and there fell a sore and grievous wound upon men who had the character of the beast; and upon them that adored the image thereof.”

Chapter 20, Verse 4: “And I saw seats; and they sat upon them; and judgment was given unto them; and the souls of them that were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus, and for the word of God, and who had not adored the beast nor his image, nor received his character on their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

If people have chips they will be tracked wherever they are. And there is a reasonable expectation that their bodies will be controlled and manipulated, as this technology is increasingly refined. Their minds will also be manipulated, they can certainly be made or induced to follow whatever people want them to follow. It’s quite conceivable that they could be made to denounce God also.

Patrick Redmond