Deborah Dupre, Before It’s News: Military Secret Lethal Weapon Activated

Please visit Before It’s News to read this vital and necessary-reading article by outstanding investigative journalist and human rights advocate Deborah Dupre, covering the realities of covert RFID microchip and nanochip “neural dust” use on all of humanity today.

chipIf you’ve thought covert microchip implantation today, in 2017–which many are reporting worldwide–is a “conspiracy theory” or a paranoid delusion, as corrupted and ignorant psychiatrists working hand in hand with corrupted Law Enforcement and corrupted Mainstream Media for the corrupt banking and Mil/Intel cartel have been working very hard (for decades) to have you believe, you are ignoring the piles of evidence facing us on this subject. (Articles on this subject at this site continue to be collected here.)

Ms. Dupre delves into this research, featuring the evidence from decades of DARPA research on creating supersoldiers, from “Spychip” author Dr. Katherine Albrecht’s deep knowledge of the RFID tracking industry, from FDA rules and current legislation, and from disclosure on current-day covert targeting and tracking of civilians from William Taylor, a former Marine Corps Investigator active in private investigation. 

Also invaluable are the links here to related articles written earlier by Ms. Dupre who has worked single-handedly for years on the cutting-edge of exposing these covert crimes of targeting, implantation, electronic surveillance, neuro surveillance, mind-control, and non-consensual neuro-experimentation on thousands in America and worldwide–crimes against humanity which are still being ignored or lied-about openly by clearly defunct and complicit corporate media. Making themselves irrelevant in the process obviously–while opening the field for alternative press to step forward.  An example would be this revealing and very recent article by Ms. Dupre featuring Hollywood actor Stephen Shellen: Hollywood Targeted Individual Stephen Shellen Shocking Plea Reverberating Globally

From the opening of Military Secret Lethal Weapon Activated:

“The ultimate covert weapon, that the military’s secret research branch DARPA has been developing for decades, that the Federal Drug Administration approved for use on United States soil, has been quietly deployed across the nation.
This weapon is the ultimate means for remotely torturing targeted individuals for “targeted assassinations,” as approved and signed into law by President Barack Obama, inherited by President Donald Trump. Critics say this weapon is the ultimate secret silent weapon for the demise of the human family, humanity.

Radio-Frequency IDentification, (RFID) is a small electronic device consisting of a small chip and an antenna.

The RFID chip, also called a spy chip, is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data. The antenna, contrary to popular belief, both emits and receives information, even when embedded in the human body. Many chipped targeted individuals experience receiving both injurious psychological messages that are self-destructing and physical attacks that amount to torture due.

Each tiny chip, some now the size of nano particles, can be swallowed or inhaled. They immediately connect the unwitting human through the antenna to electromagnetic energy beamed at it from a reader device – yes, invisibly “beamed.””

Please read the rest of this brilliant article at Before It’s News and please follow and share widely Deborah Dupre’s trailblazing news coverage in this area. More of Ms. Dupre’s critical and essential work for humanity and human rights in this beyond-Orwellian 21st-century will hopefully be highlighted here soon.    


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  1. My name is Kathryn Sorensen & I received a message that lethal
    Military weapons were activated on me April 2017. Would you have any idea who was the individual who made up a story that would have been responsible for this action because it is not true.

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  3. You have reptilians running the planet. The dark side thinks they own you. They take your DNA when you are born and use it for future cloning. Did you know that? They will MILAB/Rape you and you have no justice because everyone is in the hive mind and protects the very thing that raped you. You can’t go to the system because the system itself is evil and take what little you have. Humanity has a very big problem with this technology because it has been made in secret. Hence, your masonic order and everyone is in one it because they want to read your mind. To know if you are a “threat” when you buy groceries. Are you an enemy of the state? You probably are because you walk with DNA that isn’t correct. Talk about discrimination and”be kind” crap that is published by your liberals. That is why parents teach their children to submit to the system because they don’t want their children to be zapped with directed energy weapons. Everyone walks on eggshells because they don’t want to challenge the dark side. They violate your chakra system with frequencies and give you voice of god and tell you to believe in a “god” that will save you. No one is going to save you except you. I learned this very early in life. If you want something done.. you have to do it yourself. So, I speak truth. Everything on this planet is masonic and it is such a disappointment because no human can truly be human. You can’t sleep at night and have organic real dreams without black ops placing some lies into your subconscious or dream state. So, yeah, we have a big problem and it all starts with medical experimentation that has been going on for decades. Start with MK ULTRA and your CIA special people. I know that a big event is on the horizon. It will be our REV 18 special compliments of black ops to play good guy and bad guy and to weaponize space for an outside or inside threat. You inside threat is the system. I see small things like the pedophilia coming to light and the manipulation that goes on. I hope Seth Rich’s information on wikileaks comes to light to show everyone the DNC and the color that it has: Black. This is an artificial slavery that is happening now: YOUR DNA. Beached whales are confused due to this technology and the marine scientist know this. EMR. So, if marine life is having a hard time.. guess what you are next.

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