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Make 2022 the Year to Wise Up and Stand Up: Reject Vaccine Mandates, Reject the Public Health Paradigm, Reject Germ-Creation in the Pandemics-Forever-Plan, Reject Nanobiosensors, Reject the Internet of Bio Nano Things, Reject the “Common Good,” Reject Media/Pharma/Govt Lies-for-Profit, Reject Digital Currencies, Reject Vaxx Passports & Biometric IDs, Reject COVID, Reclaim Your Sovereignty

New Year Note & Caution | Ramola D | Jan 1, 2022

Most don’t need more than that headline to remind us all these are connected. The news coming in on all science and technology and world agenda fronts–which I will continue to cover here–continues to be overwhelming and dreadful.

But in actuality the solution is very simple, as Dean Henderson and Jeff Rense relayed in a recent interview at Rense, and as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. relays in a simple video message (posted below): You have to stand up.

DEAN HENDERSON: Start Saying NO to end this madness/Rense Interview, December 2021

If every one of us made a resolution to get informed, stay informed, and rise out of silence to stand up — to speak out publicly, to write publicly, to say NO publicly, and to act to say NO publicly — disassociate from harm-creating governments, groups, ventures, pursue sovereignty, medical freedom, health freedom ventures — the power of Pharma and tyrants will grind to a full-stop.

Now is the time more than ever to educate others through all means you can find, as online censorship has increased, and as mainstream media continues to lie and to uphold the “pandemic and variants” narrative-from-hell-posing-as-epidemiology-and-public-health without which we would neither know nor care what Fauci, Schwab, Biden, Trump, Newsom, or Baker think about hand-washing and cold-stopping (Media is running this Scamdemic): if you are reading this you are already enlightened, awakened, a seeking soul and a soul with conscience, and you probably already are someone who shares information with others on email, video channels, newsletters, websites.

Caution for 2022: Terrorism in the Name of Public Health Planned to Continue

The news I hope to report in the next few days tells me how dire the situation is, currently, and it also tells me the agenda of those who are already harming millions and billions is entrenched, well-propped-up, and aims shamelessly to continue: in the name of Public Health, the Public Good, the Common Good, extreme tyranny is being planned.

Coronavirus and variants will give way to other fabrications as documents reveal “The Age of Pandemics” is upon us. Whole industries and networks have been built and believe they will continue on the basis of vast human deception.

Desperate to control humans at a physiological, neurological and spiritual level, the agenda to insert nanobiosensors, nanocircuits, nanorobots, nanoantennas into your veins and neurons, organs and brains which began with the chem trails 30 years ago or more and has widened in other ways to intensify currently with vaccines: flu vaccines, meningitis vaccines, COVID vaccines, is supported by an immensely powerful industrial mesh of manufacturers, military, governments, and is not in any danger of giving-up-of-agenda anytime soon: such agendas will not stop by and of themselves.

What they have chosen to do and what indeed is the only thing they can do to push through their insidious plan for human enslavement is to build, continue, and expand the Narrative Warfare run by Media with special expansion of the pathetic Major Narrative underpinning COVID: that dreadful, frightful, dangerous, extreme, pathogenic GERMS of the invisible viral kind are growing out of nowhere (always a bioweapons lab in the background for cover story to be revealed later with much fanfare and contrived finger-pointing) and likely to overwhelm PUBLIC HEALTH year after year and year. The WHO is well-equipped, with binding treaties signed by treasonous official sell-outs from 196 countries, to keep humanity bound to draconian devises of quarantines, isolation, masking and gagging, travel constraints, the UN has rushed in with Biometric Ids, the WEF has installed vaccine passports, and PFIZER MERCK JANSSEN ASTRAZENECA GLAXOSMITHKLINE are tossing champagne back into the wee hours at the well-hoofed array of tests, vaccines, drugs, pills, sprays coming their way.

This is their plan for the future. Humanity, forced to mask and gag, open nostrils and throats forever for gene-editing nasal swabs, sicken, convulse, and die with Graphene Nanotech overload, or just sicken and live a little longer, losing children, parents, grandparents, herded into quarantine camps and isolation camps, losing health, brains, and soul, little by little, jab by jab, variant by variant, booster jab by main jab, will be whittled down into a nanorobotic-farmed lot, docile and placid, hooked up by 5G and 6G to Internets of Nano Bio Brain Lunacy, told what to do, how to do it, when–and certainly no whys explained except with lies.

The social credit system on steroids via linking your veins to your bank account and your every move — to eat a cookie — and every thought — to drop a boulder on your EMF-weapon-wielding-neighbor’s car parked below your window, loaded with stealth microwave weapons (a thought I frequently have, given his murderous behavior, reported often at my Personal Reports, which I can hardly act on given inability to carry boulders, but THOUGHTS are what are being frantically monitored now)– to what will be permitted you (by the Musk/Schwab/Zuckerberger set), in terms of bread-earning, public transport, private transport, mobility, exercise, food, friendship, fitness is headed your way: Minority Report, Harrison Bergeron, Brave New World, 1984–Pre-Crime and Post-Lying: no secrets for you, full-spectrum surveillance for them, and freedom to lie as well, forever (for them).

Celeste Solum has recently penned a tour de force compendium pointing to the plan for human alteration which is already underway, please read and share widely to spread the information:

The time is now therefore to stand up. As RFK Jr. says, pointing out governments never relinquish powers they acquire: Currently, they are coming for our children. Historically, he says, no-one has ever called on children to sacrifice their lives and health for adults, but that indeed is the storyline currently as children are being guilted into taking the lethal vaccine to “save Grandma.” Children will die–as they have started dying already: can we stand back and let this happen? RFK Jr. says, unequivocally:”This is the hill we need to die on.”


I personally think, it’s no longer an answer to, on the grounds of “it’s everyone’s choice to take these vaccines” to remain silent.

You may not be able to convince your family members–brain entrained to vaccinate–but you can help educate others about what these vaccines are really doing to people. If like me you are pretty tired about talking about doom and gloom all day long and pointing to horrors of every kind all around us, please take all the breaks you need and pursue beauty, art, poetry, music, dance, yoga, exercise, fiction, film as much as you like — but please, as I tell myself too, do not give up on the need to stay informed, seek out truth and fact about what is going on, remember other people’s lives depend on it. Telegram is a good source of real news, as also several true-media channels on Brighteon, Bitchute, Odysee, BrandNewTube, Rumble.

The answer, I’m learning, is in consciousness. Intention can change the world, and so can consciousness–we need the Great Awakening to tip over the Great Delusion of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: just help inform others. The Great Awakening needs to grow, it’s not great enough yet. ..

So Ole Dammegard and Mo Anton’s gentle wake up call to the world, from Bali to Denmark, Paris to Christ Church is still very much needed:

OLE DAMMEGARD AND MO ANTON: WAKE UP!/At my Youtube playlist with some Say No/Rise up songs

Be aware also it’s the age of Brain Entrainment: HAARP, GWEN, multitudes of cell towers and antennas along with TV transmissions are being used to send ELFs–very low frequency vibrations at the frequency of brain waves, 0-30 Hz–into your brain and mine on a constant basis (you can see this in that continuous scalar wave ripple which sometimes shows up in clouds). Clifford Carnicom has revealed this in his research, and I have witnessed a 4Hz pulse at periodic intervals show up on an ELF meter which was later stolen out of my house. This means brain modulation and entrainment is being pursued in a very large-scale way: people are being programmed to be passive, to believe the lie of GERM THEORY, the fears whipped up by MEDIA NARRATIVES, and the FALSE DATA, FALSE REPORTS, CRISIS-ACTOR-RUN DRAMA run by Govt figureheads and unqualified “science experts” like Rochelle Walensky and Anthony Fauci who are paid well to lie well–or badly, just lie.

It behooves each and every one of us to re-examine Germ Theory today, to delve into the history of Rockefuller-run Pharma and the science of poisons in vaccines, to share what we find and spread the word to others–especially since Media is maintaining a massive deception worldwide.

Dr. Dawn Amandha Vollmer has a brilliant response to the diabolical brain-entrainers and germophobia-inducing infidels on national TV:


Your One Life, Your One Voice

Curiosity and learning will beat those ELFs coming at you. Communication and intention will raise your dynamism and energy. Empathy and consciousness will help you save the world.

The time has come to recognize — even if your job is in jeopardy because your employer demands a death-dealing-vaccine he/she has no business demanding — your one life and your one voice is needed now, for all of us. You have a special power, a special and unique creativity, a special and unique expression of self which will light your path forward to address this world catastrophe for all of us–in your own small or large way: we don’t know what it is but you do, and this is the moment to reveal it.

The true collective good will be served when each of us stands up to say NO to tyranny. There is NO COLLECTIVE GOOD with self-masking, self-repression, self-denial promoted by armed factions (governments) imposing isolation, poisons, bodily invasion, body modification, behavior control, and wifi brain modulation, which is exactly what the entire COVID scamdemic is all about.

Mandates are not laws. Governments are incorporated and run by corporations. Statutes and codes relate only to corporate employees. Living men and women and children are not boats lost at sea–as the frauds and lies of Maritime Jurisdiction and the Birth Certificate Fraud will have it. If you’re American, please explore Anna von Reitz’s immense body of work and new routes to State National freedom she discourses on openly at State Nationals United/Youtube and annavonreitz.com/paulstramer.net and also at American States Assembly. There is much to explore, learn, and act on, to preserve our humanity, sovereignty, bodily autonomy, and neuro freedom.

Image, courtesy Bob

Happy New Year! And many thanks to all who support my writing and podcasts–I couldn’t do it without you–and I for one don’t plan to stop sharing what I’m learning everyday 🙂 Stay tuned for new podcasts and projects, to be launched soon. Tiny tip from me to others like me who like to write, speak, and candidly speak their minds: Just get started! You’ll find you can keep going once you start.

The answer to extreme repression, terrorism, and stealth assault by powerful armed criminals–as we have it now, worldwide–is not silence and self-censorship but speaking out and finding your most powerful, peace-building, creative expression of self and sharing it freely with the world.

Never mind that One-Eyed and Two-Horned Media is busy ignoring the mass protests worldwide, listen to Five Times August 2021 and know that censorship, repression, and killer vaccines are not going to quell the necessarily-building voice of humanity worldwide:


And here’s the power song by DAZ from the 99.99% to the sadly misled, megalomanic mavens of the New World Disorder, much loved by freedom-fighters on the street and at home:

PS: Please share this especially with people you know who are still reading the New York Times and Washington Post and believing implicitly in their blatant lies. Free to re-post anywhere with linkback.


Make 2022 the year you support this ongoing work of independent investigative research and journalism via Patreon or via Paypal.

Given how extensively I am shadowbanned and deplatformed on social media–more than most, since I expose Manufactured-Target “Counter Terrorism” which persecutes whistleblowers, activists, journalists, natural leaders with 24/7 Microwave/Acoustic/ELF/RFID Weapon Assault (currently being hidden away further by the Havana Syndrome Cover Operation)–I ask everyone to share this information widely on your social media platforms (please download/upload my videos on your channels; re-post my articles, reports, posts, reposts at your websites, with linkback) so all those being deceived by mainstream media may learn the truth and save their children from the harms and planned digital enslavement intended by the non-vaccines, aerosols (chem trails), radiation, and other means of humanity-takeover being used against us.

Media Deceit in Censorship & Lies Conceals Luciferian Transhumanist Techno-Slavery & Genocide Agenda, International Indy Media Panel Finds

Video Post & Link | Ramola D | April 16, 2021

Report 244, recorded Thursday April 15, offers a powerful and candid conversation featuring independent investigative journalists from across the world, working to inform the world on the truth and facts surrounding the vaccine, the virus, the Transhumanist agenda while being deplatformed and censored on major social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook.

Pro-Pandemic, Pro-Vaccine Propaganda is what is being spewed out from mainstream media

Subjects of focus include Media Bias and Media Deception behind the spate of pro-vaccine pro-pandemic propaganda we are seeing across the board from major newspapers and television stations, while “Factcheckers” and “Disinfo” filters supposedly weeding out “conspiracy theorists” and “fake news” and Disinfo are in actuality the Disinfo mavens themselves, essentially advertising and publicity firms for Big Pharma, with corporate ties and connections behind all the supposed “objective journalism” outfits like Poynter’s Institute and Reuters to the Open Source Soros crowd, the Rothschilds, and others from the same understructure billionaire and bloodline cabal trying to destroy the world.

The dangers of mRNA vaccines, the rising numbers of adverse reactions to all the vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson’s & Johnson’s, which include death, blood clots, and paralysis, the hazards of masks, the lies surrounding Germ Theory and viruses and this Coronavirus in particular, the lies around the PCR test, the nasal swab, the lies around health and immunity (the human immune system does not need vaccines!)–all of these are being concealed by the mass deceivers using MSM and rolling out their transhumanist agenda which they see as completely transforming humanity and human life to one of digitized techno enslavement.

The Big Tech social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook–by deplatforming and censoring Truth-Media–are propping up and maintaining false-narratives and lies from the pharmaceutical establishment fronted by the CDC and WHO and published by mainstream media–all the big television networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, PBS, as well as all audio/print media such as NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, et al. In this they are supporting the Techno Genocide and Enslavement agenda and keeping the truth about COVID-19 Warfare & Bioweaponry (Vaccines, Masks, Nasal Swab PCR Tests) from the reading, watching, and listening populace. This is Media Deceit on an unprecedented scale, and takes Operation Mockingbird to a whole new level of Mind Control.

Alternative media is needed now more than ever to speak out and inform and educate all. These and other related subjects are discussed in this groundbreaking new media panel featuring Dean Henderson, Shai Danon, Rob Rubin of Transparent Media Truth, Dr. Ariyana Love, and Ramola D. Please share widely!


Dean Henderson’s books may be found at his Amazon page, and links to many of his recent interviews found here, at this page recording his first interview at Ramola D Reports: Report 206 | Dean Henderson| The Crown’s Long War to Destroy Humanity, Guerilla War in Fighting Back

Dr. Ariyana Love‘s articles may be found at her website blog and at The Liberty Beacon. Two recent Newsbreaks here at Ramola D Reports featured her work: Newsbreak 109: Dr. Ariyana Love Shatters the Myths Around the COVID Psy Op and Newsbreak 111 : Dr. Ariyana Love on Tanzania, Finland, Bossche Letter, Tribunal Verdicts, Positivity

Her recent article calling for a halt to all experimental COVID mRNA vaccines is here: World Public Health Emergency! Stop Big Pharma’s DNA “Vaccine” Experiment!

Shai Danon‘s interviews and talks may be found at his channel Raising the Frequency at his own new open-source media platform for truth-media, Live. Ahava528.com. Shai Danon spoke passionately about what is happening in Israel currently with the rollout of vaccine passports which coerce vaccinations here at Ramola D Reports recently, watch at Brighteon: Newsbreak 113: Shai Danon Describes the Medical Apartheid in Israel, Urges People to Stop Complying

Rob Rubin‘s interviews and hosted round-tables and panels may be found at his community media website Transparent Media Truth and at TMT’s Youtube channel.

The Carnicom Disclosure Project launched at Transparent Media Truth can be found here, and is being covered in print here at ECC with a first article here:

Worldwide Reveal of New, Destructive SynBio”Cross-Domain Bacteria” Linked to Chem Trails, Morgellons, Now in Everyone’s Bodies “Transforming the Human Species”: The Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project Overview

Truth Media Panel | Report 244 | Media Deception and Censorship Conceals Transhumanist Slavery and Genocide Agenda

Posted currently at Bitchute, ECC, Screencast-o-matic:

WATCH AT BITCHUTE: Truth Media Panel, Report 244/Bitchute

WATCH AT SCREENCAST-O-MATIC: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crfD0AVndwu


NOTE TO ALL ALT & INDY MEDIA: We hope to continue these panels to point to the truth and expose the Mainstream Media corruption in publishing and promoting lies. If you would like to be part of a future panel to freely express your mind on these matters, please contact one of us with links to your media sites. My email is ramolad@everydayconcerned.net.

News Panel 19: Audit the Bank of England, Injunct Govts, Halt the Genocidal mRNA Vaccines, Initiate Walk Away Pgms in Police, Set Up Military Tribunals/New Juries in Common Law: End the Criminal Attacks on Humanity by Crown Parasites

Report & Video Post | Ramola D | April 4, 2021

Rooted in a concerned focus on the military with current information from the Pentagon seeking to influence all soldiers and officers to take the Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson & Johnson/Astrazeneca COVID vaccines while adverse events and deaths are piling up at the CDC VAERS database as well as worldwide, News Panel 19 quickly expanded into a focus on the worldwide attacks on the entire civilian and military populace worldwide, within the context of untested, experimental mRNA vaccines which are currently beginning to reveal their lethal effects–with (probably multiples in revealed figures) over 50,000 adverse events and 2250 deaths recorded by March 28 at VAERS.

Professor Dolores Cahill explains how it has been well-known that the way the mRNA vaccines are expected to work is to cause the immune system essentially to turn upon itself and create the cytokine storms often reported –“antibody-dependent enhancement or immune super-priming” — projected to set off cellular firestorms all over the human body “next flu season or in the presence of the coronavirus” leading over a short period of time to organ failure and death.

Governments and media are pushing dangerous mRNA vaccines which are clearly showing us the consequences now of horrific adverse reactions and death.

A good way to think of it, she says, is that “the mRNA is enhancing the disease, making people sick and die in the future over a space of a few weeks, say in the spring of 2022.”

Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events Post mRNA-Vaccines Are a Crime of Malfeasance in Public Office

Professor Dolores cites a precedent-setting study by Greg Wolf, from the American military where vaccines for the military are usually rolled out a year or two ahead of public use. This was a study of 1 in 3 adverse events in healthy soldiers who were given the influenza vaccine “made on dog kidney tissue which may have coronavirus.” In May 2020, she says she referred to this on the Del Bigtree interview, “speaking to the future,” saying that given this knowledge that adverse events were so prolific, it would essentially be a crime against humanity to push the mRNA coronavirus vaccines.

It was known there would be “huge adverse events and deaths”, she says, this is something she called attention to last May, as she called for governments to focus instead on preventive and treatment measures–many of which, like hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc certainly existed–and how what is happening now is essentially criminal.

Professor Dolores Cahill

“Anyone engaged in this, whether they’re in the media, civil service, doctors, or the politicians, it would essentially be a preventable harm, the crime of malfeasance, and malfeasance in public office, and essentially be crimes against humanity to everyone in the world who was forced or coerced or encouraged to take the mRNA coronavirus vaccine.”

“We should have put injunctions on the governments earlier, ” she says, “to halt their focus on mRNA vaccines and focus instead on the preventive and treatment measures we had already. “Now it may be time to set up military tribunals or new juries in common law to halt the criminal rollouts and save humanity. ”

President of the World Doctors Alliance and World Freedom Alliance, Professor Cahill says there are initiatives underway to encourage police to Walk Away (from corrupt criminal orders to suppress the people, keep the businesses shut down, and enforce the unhealthy mask rules from governments ) and stand up for the rights of humanity instead.

She reminds us that under natural law, common law, divine law, we each have inalienable rights to freedom of speech and expression as well as the right to bodily integrity and sanctity, and it is time to call upon those rights.

Military and Civilians Are Both In Danger of Being Whittled Down in Large Numbers From the mRNA Vaccines

Military veterans present at the massive Trafalgar Square rally last summer are well aware of vaccine injury, she says, given the mandated vaccination programs in the military over several decades, and American military also are well aware of the history of using soldiers experimentally for vaccine trials and forcing needless vaccines on them.

US Army Veteran Bob Cabacoff

However now with over 70% of the top brass in the military being compromised, says Bob Cabacoff, an independent researcher and 2-year veteran of the US Army, and with multitudes of “order-followers,” he is afraid the large bulk of the military is going to be wiped out by these vaccines, if action is not taken soon to halt the lethal vaccine rollouts.

“The numbers we are seeing are all wrong, ” he says, “and being kept down for purposes of information control and propaganda.” His concern that military wipeouts in the US and Canada might lead to military supremacy in China and Russia over the US was part of what prompted this news panel to convene on this subject.

Psy Ops and Propaganda are Selling the Lie on Mainstream Media that the mRNA Vaccines Are Good for You & Granny While Thousands are Dying

What we are witnessing in large part with the vaccine campaigns are Psy Ops and propaganda–which veterans familiar with the 77th Brigade and combat-preparation Psy Ops in the Army are familiar with, reminds UK ex-Army Captain Mick Stott, who gave powerful and rousing speeches last year along with Professor Cahill and others; mainstream media is pushing the vaccines along with governments, and so people are not being accurately informed as to the dangers of the vaccines and how they are inevitably going to lead within a couple years to immune system self-destruct and death.

We need to reach people with the truth and the reality of these matters, he says, using strategic methods to hold their attention, while, as Michelle Young points out, the hourglass is running, time is indeed short.

UK Veteran Army Captain Mick Stott

Part of what needs to be done, says Captain Mick Stott, is to hold individual people accountable, to the point where they realize they are not going to be supported by the Force behind them. Efforts are underway in Britain he says to set up Nuremberg-style tribunals where the narrative from governments and the counter-narratives with the factual information will be presented so that the people have the right information,, and more people will awaken and join the side of humanity protecting humanity. He says in Britain efforts to build groups — a “system outside the system” and a group he terms Guardian 300 warriors are underway. He envisions a steady buildout of these new forces of warriors who will go from being considered “outlaws” to the government to champions for humanity, as numbers of people waking up outnumber the current numbers in the police forces. “Unfortunately there will be casualties along the way,” he says, and it seems we are seeing those already, with the vaccine deaths.

It’s Depopulation and Genocide from the Crown Corporation & Agents: We Have to Go After Them, They are Trying to Kill Us All: Vaccine is the Kill Shot

People are waking up all over the world, says Dean Henderson, and that is why they are ramping up the speed at which they are rolling out their genocide measures. And while this is too troubling for some to take in fully, these are indeed depopulation and genocide measures we are seeing — with some people being deceived even as they roll it out.

Again, he says, we are looking at 13 bloodline families, the ones who have persisted since Roman times, who own the New York Federal Reserve, who run the central banks and have infiltrated all governments as well as have extensive presence in the private sector in every industry, be it hospital or prison operations, health insurance, Defense, pharmaceuticals or what have you. These are eugenicist depopulation measures, class-based and oligarchic, in anticipation of a robotics-heavy world where humans would be seen as redundant and unneeded.

Dean Henderson

It is necessary to unearth who is doing this to us and to go after them, says Dean, it is the Crown Corporation, the bloodlines, the Crown agents in the corporations, the monarchies. They are feeding like parasites off all human endeavor, labor, and earnings–they are Nazis operating through the Crown. In America we fought off the kings and monarchs but they have re-entered through infiltration, through the corporations.

“Lockdown is unconstitutional–now we’re headed to Lockstep, the Rockefeller plan.,” he points out. “Freedom of movement is guaranteed by our American Constitution. We fought the Crown–King George, and won our independence in 1776.. .We got to get rid of these monarchies. Now we have all this offshore money — Blackrock, State Street, Capital, Vanguard, FMR Corporation–check out these four companies, they own the top 5 stockholders in every American Fortune 500 corporation — Bank of New York, Mellon…who are these people? It’s the Crown. You cannot trace these people, I did my Masters on this and FOIA requests are denied, so you learn what you learn …but we know for a fact a few families control the wealth of over more than half of the population of the world. “

“And now these billionaire families are coming out of the closet and they are the government, they’re the super-government, they wiped out the idea of voting and democracy and now it’s just: Bill Gates tells you what to do, Anthony Fauci tells you what to do.

The CDC is a private corporation, it’s listed on Dunn & Bradstreet, it’s not a government agency, it is supported by the Gates Foundation, pharmaceutical companies themselves. Fauci is a pharmaceutical salesman–get it? He’s a pharmaceutical salesman.”

In a truly blockbuster expose, Dean speaks also of the “Fake left and the Fake right,” how it’s all the Crown agents using the Left and Right both at different times to advance their agenda, who are not progressive, not conservative, but “some kind of Nazi, programmed, mind-controlled, hive-minded group of people who are not liberal in anything they do, who are not progressive in any of their ideas, and are certainly not tolerant of anyone else’s belief but their own but have been deputized now (to alternately operate within the Conservative and Leftwing fronts)–they’re the Fake Left and Fake Right, Neocon Left, the Neocon Right, they’re all Crown-controlled by these agencies — and SERCO which has security agreements to control very branch of the US Military–every branch, and every Intelligence agency; they have contracts to provide programs and services, sitting in the cat’s bird seat spying on the United States, and that’s a Crown mechanism, the 5-Eyes Alliance which was created by the Crown–and they’ve infiltrated the agencies in Australia and Canada as well; and it’s not the people of the UK, it’s the Crown, it’s the City of London Corporation.”

Describing the control of SERCO over the US Patent Office and the legacy there from the British East India Company whose methods of stealing innovation and entrepreneurship were similar, he says, “These people are vampires and parasites, they’ve been lording it over us for 8000 years, we have the documents to show it, we have the companies: General Electric–Crown Agent, came out of RCA , so did SERCO–put up all the smart meters and LED lighting; RCA’s new radar tech triggered the Spanish flu, as it seems 5G has triggered the current COVD-19.” Depopulation radiation technology, it seems, building out now to 5G and planned 6G.

He also expands on how the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab’s dream of the Fourth Industrial Revolution–bringing in robots and digital enslavement–are all really part of “Hitler’s experiment taken internationally” and the Fourth Reich, and how the mRNA Vaccines are the Kill Shot to make this happen and make Rockefeller Foundation director Edward Deagel’s projections of 89 million in USA by 2025 come true.

The way to deal with this is to cut off the head of the snake, he says, expose the Crown, wipe out all Monarchy, “they have just been barbaric all through time: they taught the Indians how to scalp” — using common law and our own courts, not the British admiralty maritime law under which they operate and which they have used to enslave us.

Independent Audits and Military Tribunals Needed to Immediately Address the Vaccine Fraud, Child Trafficking, Family Court Fraud, Insolvency Court Fraud

Michelle Young agrees, saying they have accelerated their actions against us so much “so I just look at this strategically, because I won every application in a rigged system. The only application I didn’t win–because I had a major case, I went through a divorce, they murdered my husband, and then they unlawfully bankrupted me. The only application I lost was of unlawful bankruptcy where I can prove now documents were forged. And I’m working with the Crime and Fraud Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld where he has gathered — he is ex-military, he cleaned up the corruption in Hong Kong, he’s been fighting the Treasury, the Home Office, he’s now collated 21 files full of forged court documents. That’s how they’re stealing our children, and our assets through their court system which I believe is just a banking court, that’s all it is. So I’m just trying to think of a quick simple way to save as many people as possible — because you know they’re about to force-vaccinate all our children.”

Michelle Young

“These 13 families, through debt-slavery, have controlled this planet for far too long–and do you know something? Rothschilds owns the company Grant-Thornton which has stolen my estate. I have no fear. I’m coming for them. And all those other people in this country on the financial crimes–and who have lost their children, through their unlawful, wicked system, we do not have any fear. And we know exactly what they’ve done, how they’ve done it, and we don’t have time anymore….”

Michelle points to the documented evidence Dean has, the evidence of genocide the doctors like Professor Dolores have, older documents like the Constitution, Bill of Rights that could override the Crown Corporation that law experts she is in touch with (and featured on earlier News Panels here) have, and suggests that military veterans get together and set up a military tribunal to bring key people together, share and collate information and take action for our people, to stop the current enslavement and genocide ongoing.

Michelle makes the point that the system really belongs to us: “These parasites–and Dean’s right, that’s what they are, they are evil parasites–We the People created this world system, it’s our money, our taxpayers’ money and our hard work that’s created this,. It’s very simple: they are few and we are many. We know who they are.” She suggests “we have an independent audit done of every account in this country–which will go right back to who Dean has mentioned on this conversation…and that’s got to be done quickly. We get an independent audit done of all the accounts and show all the Vaccine Fraud, Child Trafficking, the Family Court Fraud, and the Insolvency Court Fraud –and the rest of the genocide these evil monsters have created for We the People.”

Counter the Propaganda, Educate the People, Audit the Bank of England

Further discussions include the mention of Common Law Constables to help people open businesses described by Mick Stott, and mention of the Oathkeepers in the US by Bob Cabacoff as well as a variety of interrelated subjects and topics, including on the science side.

Mick Stott discusses the need of the moment, to counter the propaganda and use strategic methods to educate the people and stop the momentum of fear being disseminated by mainstream media and the parasitic strategists behind them, whose intent, it is becoming increasingly clear, is nothing less than mass genocide. He also discusses the building of a new society built on new forms of currency and energy exchange. (As opposed to forced Kill Shot vaccines, vaccine passports, a social credit system, and digital enslavement, planned by the Fourth Reich, that is.). Dean suggests a great starting point would be to audit the Bank of England.

To listen to the whole groundbreaking conversation and follow up further with the ventures discussed, please watch and share News Panel 19. Anyone who would like to help Michelle Young and Captain Mick Stott and Prof. Dolores Cahill and others set up a military tribunal as discussed or get the Bank of England audit going, please email Michelle at michelle7young@gmail.com:

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News Panel 19 with Professor Dolores Cahill, Captain Mick Stott, Bob Cabacoff, Dean Henderson, Michelle Young, Ramola D

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